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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 18 June 2017
100% pure magic.
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on 28 July 2017
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on 18 August 2008
Great DVD except for the missing Innuendo videos including the title track, Headlong etc. I decided to get this DVD after having Greatest Flix I & II on Video CD since 1994 only to find the aforementioned videos replaced with others. I'm sure there was room to put them on this otherwise great DVD, let's hope that there will be a Greatest Video Hits 3 including them along with the videos from Made In Heaven.
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on 14 May 2004
Well, what can I say, being a BIG fan of the foursome!
This DVD is great, with all the classic videos from the 80's and some I have never seen, the amusing "I Want To Break Free" video is priceless (I still can't believe it was Roger's idea and not Freddy's!). The best video has to be "Breakthru" with the band steaming through the countryside on the "Miracle Express". The Scandal video is quite interesting and a very underated track at that from "The Miracle" album!
All the videos and in excellent condition now and the sound quality alone is astonishing, it sounds good just in plain ol' stereo! The transfer has been done well.
One Vision is a gem and the band look like they enjoyed making the song and it's good to see they're not taking themselves too seriously in the video!
The documentaries are good too, giving much insight into the making of "The Works" and "A Kind Of Magic". The "One Vision" documentary is particularly good showing the making of the track.
Also the live material shows Queen proving that they can cut it live as well as in the studio, check out the live performance of "Staying Power"!
In my opinion, Queen really did make a "breakthru" in the 1980's making some of the best, catchiest and well known tracks of their career and these videos capture the essence of this perfectly! This DVD is fantastic value for money and including the second DVD you get a total of 21 Queen videos! WOW that'a bargain in it's self!
If you are a fan, you would do yourself a great dis-service not to get this, and if you're not, check it out, you may be converted!
I haven't purchased the first DVD but after this I will and now it's roll on Queen - Greatest Video Hits 3!
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on 11 November 2003
This is a wonderful DVD!
The sound is absulutely amazing and brilliant. I'm a Queen fan since 1979, but I did hear new bits and pieces in songs I played maybe a thousand times on Vinyl and CD!!
These 5.1 dts remixes are superb! And the bonus material is stunning as well.
This is a must have for any rock fan, not to speak of Queen fans.
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on 29 November 2004
The only complaint I have about this DVD is that the irresistible
combination of witty, inventive, diverse music videos and three
hours of bonus features (interviews, documentaries, concert footage) has completely spoiled me for the dvd's being put out
by other artists!
I didn't watch much MTV growing up, so most of the videos were
completely new to me. In the utterly beguiling and aptly named "A
kind of magic" an elegantly caped magician (Freddie Mercury) takes over a grand old Victorian playhouse and transforms the
three indigent gentlemen (Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon) sheltering within into a rock band. Next up is "I want it all", an insistent, pounding manifesto of impatient entitlement. 1984's(!)"Radio ga-ga" is an ambitious spectacle
that intercuts footage from the classic film "Metropolis" with shots of the guys navigating a futuristic cityscape in a flying
car and leading a large rally in a raised fist, double handclap
salute that was immediately requisitioned by concert attendees
"Las palabras de amour" is Brian's gracious gracias
to Latin America for their unwavering support of Queen from the
earliest days to the present. And the justly celebrated video
for John's exhilaratingly adaptable "I want to break free" offers
the band in deliciously droll drag. Roger accomplishes the nigh
impossible by upstaging Freddie(gasp!) as a schoolgirl Lolita. The middle section has Freddie channeling Nijinsky with some
alarmingly underfed ballet dancers.
Brian's hauntingly beautiful and ethereal paean to undying love,"Who wants to live forever?" becomes a beautiful and
ethereal Queen video. Hundreds of wavering candles give it the look of an invisible cathedral.
"It's a hard life" is a misleadingly downbeat title
for a splendid life and love affirming ballad sung by Mercury with his customary strength and lyric sensibility. In their audio commentary Roger and Brian are ruefully diplomatic about
the lavishly opulent video, but I rather like it. There are distinct echoes of the classic 1964 film "Masque of the Red Death", itself a stylish homage to Ingmar Bergman. And Freddie
treats us to a devilishly impenitent grin at the end.
I absolutely love "Hammer to fall", a mesmerizing,
excoriating, take no prisoners warning bell of impending doom.
The lighting rig (a Queen trademark) is gorgeous,-at times the
band seems bathed in golden fire. This video looks as good as it
sounds, which is saying a lot.
"Invisible man" has Queen popping out of a kid's video game to perform in his room. Where can I get that game? Some interesting camerawork on a circling dolly. "Breakthru"
has them in a Keatonesque vein jamming on top of a speeding train. This was no back projection trickery, they really DID it.
"The Miracle" is another hopeful and optimistic Freddie penned
ode, and the video is a quirkily irresistible gem, with twelve year old lookalikes uncannily impersonating Queen. The real band
emerge for the final verse and play alongside their "clones".
"Under pressure" has Queen, David Bowie and Nosferatu in
an unforgettable triptych, and "Princes of the universe" incorporates exciting scenes from the film "Highlander". The denouement has a claymore-brandishing Chris Lambert stepping out of the movie to interact with the band on a vast sound stage.
The communally composed opus "One vision", inspired by
Queen's legendary Live Aid triumph, is the centerpiece of "Video Hits II", just as "Bohemian Rhapsody" was for the first collection.It's a relentless, seething, sense-stirring invocation
of universal brotherhood. And since Disc Two gives us both a thirty minute "Making of..." documentary and an extended double length version of the video, we actually get three visions of
"One vision", which is perfectly fine by me.
Buy and enjoy.
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on 17 February 2004
this is a truly awesome dvd. if your a fan of queens music you cannot go wrong here. plenty of great hits that never end but are never tiring. i bought this disc because i like queen alot and also because it had DTS-ES 6.1 24/96 encoding for fantastic sound. it really pays off.....if you have the appropriatly meaty sound system to really do this disc justice. the remastering is noticably better and clearer and much much stronger than the cd's. picture quality is also great. if you love the bands music or just want something to really put your home cinema to the test then this will do the trick. buy with confidence. :)
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on 7 March 2004
Every morning at some god forsaken hour I drag myself out of bed for school, stagger upstairs and put this in the DVD player and WOW! I listen/watch this Dvd everyday (which is very sad I admit) and it's a very good thing we don't have any close neighbours because the sound quailty on this is house shaking amazing! The videos are brilliant and some of their songs I had not heard of before I got this and now have become firm favourites. The Dvd contains some good videos - I want to break free is an amusing if slightly strange video, Scandal and Invisible man are great for the catchyness and there are some classics such as One vision, Radio Ga Ga, Princes of the universe and so many more I get dizzy! Even if you aren't a big queen fan (shame on you!) buy this Dvd - the showmanship of this dvd is hard to top - from laughter (I want to break free) to sadness (who wants to live forever) with bits of amazing music thrown in for good measure - buy, buy, buy - you won't regret it but the people you live with will!
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on 7 November 2003
anyway this Dvd is a must have for any Queen fan...That legendary rock band that changed the world with it's music, this dvd contains all of the videos from the 80's era from the Hot space album to The miracle although it dosen't contain any videos from the Innuendo album as it said in the synposis hopefully we'll get to see them when the GVH3 dvd is released in the future anyways back to the main subject this dvd is great as i said wonderful videos and disc2 has ALOT of UNSEEN FOOTAGE and interviews with the late Freddie mercury along with never released before videos such as Backchat, calling all girls, and Staying power live and remasterd from the magnificent Milton Keynes concert let's hope that this means that this concert will see the light soooooon on dvd.
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on 7 November 2003
I'm not really a big QUEEN fan, but I do know great music when I here it! I was fortunate enough to see them perform live in Dublin many moons ago. For your info I know a tiny weeee bit about music.. I have approx 60 music dvds, 59 multi channel discs (sacd & dvda) blah blah blah blah blah..... in my collection, a few are Queen dvds and yes they do sound good.
Trust me, i've collected a few duds in my time but that was way before I discovered Amazon and their great customer review system! (I don't work for Amazon, I just like their site).

This latest offering from QUEEN: 'Greatest Hits 2 dvd' is very special, honestly it just blew me away!! I sat with a smile on my face for the rest of the evening, without doubt this is my multi/channel Heaven!!
The DTS 96/24 mix is beautiful, absolutely crystal clear and stunning!!
I honestly felt that I was there with the band in the studio.
Yet again DTS has proven itself to be a far more superior sound format than that of 5.1 Dolby Digital! I genuinely cannot overstate enough how good this disc sounds.

The video transfer is also very good, taking into consideration just how long ago it was produced!
If you like Queen, buy this now! Its your duty! If your not really a big fan, but appreciate great music then I urge you to include this as part of your collection. You won't regret it!
It can also serve as a fantastic demo disc to show off your surround sound system!
Again I take my hat off to the engineers who worked on this fine mix, you have done an awsome job!! Thankyou!!
Hey.. I've only mentioned disc one here, disc two has so many extras, its just fantastic! Too many to mention!
To me, this is, without doubt the best sounding disc that I have ever purchased!
OH! just one last point! I have always found the reviews on this Website to be fairly accurate, enabling me to pick sensibly and not squander my hard earned cash! But just take a good look at all the other reviews (before and after mine) re this QUEEN Hits 2 dvd. As time goes by, I bet you they are all FIVE STAR Ratings from start to finish...... and mmm...... I wonder why?...........
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