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on 7 June 2017
This movie is still a brilliant movie and although the DVD was Un damaged, the casing was smashed and broke pieces of when I opened it to retain the DVD
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 April 2013
The first Charlie's Angels film, starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui, was a success, therefore it got the inevitable sequel. However, despite much promotion from the studio, it picked up more than its fair share of harsh criticism, turning it into a bit of a `flop.'

Personally, I really enjoyed it. Yes, it's daft. Yes, it's cheesy. And, yes, some scenes look more like they belong in an advert for shampoo. But, at the end of the day, it's pretty harmless fun. Before you watch it, you just have to sit down with the biggest pinch of salt you've ever taken to get the most out of it.

The phrase `in real life' isn't needed when watching Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Nothing here is applicable to real life. Three wafer thin women kick the hell out of numerous muscular men (and Demi Moore) without coming away with a scratch. Stupid. But stupid fun. It never tries to take itself seriously, with its playful use of daft sound effects and numerous sexual innuendos. It's about as true to life as a Roger Moore James Bond film (of which I'm also a huge fan!).

Men will doubtless have the added bonus of watching three Hollywood women in a range of `flattering' and most revealing costumes. Maybe the producers of the film will try to make us believe that this is some sort of `feminist' movie with powerful women beating up men. Hmm, that's one I won't dare to even try to debate!

Ultimately, think of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle as a life-action cartoon, as it's more cartoonish than real. If you think you can do that, you'll probably enjoy it. If you're all for realistic, gritty, dark action, then you're probably better off with something like The Bourne Identity, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, or Daniel Craig's Bond reboot.

Note: added kudos for the film-makers for getting Bruce Willis assassinated by his ex wife - made me chuckle anyway!
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on 26 March 2004
This is not meant to be a serious piece of film making just a bit of fun. The girls look fantastic and watch out for an amazing looking Robert Patrick as a bad guy.
Perfect for entertainment without having to think too much.
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on 29 July 2004
I loved Chralies Angels 2, some bits were OTT but the majority of stunts and kick-ass divas were great!!
One to watch with your mates, or with your bloke if you don't mind him dribbling at Diaz, Barrymore, and Lui!!
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on 28 July 2004
Let's get one thing straight before we go on: Charlie's Angels is a Popcorn Movie. It's a sweet dose of saccharine-rich eye-candy with a side order of custardy clichés. It's fun. There are no efforts being made to achieve success at the Oscars, no desire to make it big at Cannes. It's not trying make big political points or wave its opinions in your face. It's not presenting the audience with a philosophical poser. Like its previous iteration it's simply about high-quality low-concept thrills, and on this premise Full Throttle totally, brilliantly, delivers.
From the word go we are well and truly in what Director McG refers to as 'AngelWorld', the make-believe land where three sexy young femmes are an unstoppable force against all-those-who-seek-to-do-wrong. This time they face ex-Angel Madison Lee (Moore) who is trying her hardest to build her own evil empire, stealing the two witness protection scheme rings and enlisting the help of several bands of wrong do-ers to aid her. Okay, so the plot is as silly as they come, but that in itself is a joy and to be honest it doesn't matter at all. The film leaps effortlessly from action sequence to action sequence (claims that McG is a ex-MTV madman are unfounded), with well timed and edited intervals in between. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the plot, but its impossible not to be swept up in the frenetic pace of it all.
It's also hard not to keep summing up Full Throttle in glib-hyphenated-soundbites, such is the enthusiasm with which it's been created and the feeling it leaves you with. One sequence sees Natalie (Diaz) performing an impromptu dance routine whilst out on a date with boyfriend Pete (Luke Wilson), strutting her stuff with the crowd around her and giving a knowing half-wink to the camera. Naturally enough the piece ends with her falling into his arms.
The soundtrack aids the riotous action on-screen, with no less than three tracks by The Prodigy (Breathe, Firestarter and the superbly ept Smack Your Bitch Up) and even the appearance of Electric Six's Danger! High Voltage! There are of course a large selection of disco choons- cringe-worthy "classics" that raise a laugh when they come on. These aren't just laid on like party pieces, though, they are knowingly placed by a skilled director. And say what you want about his career jump, he certainly knows how to make a brilliant looking picture.
Upon its release, people were quick to criticise this film on the grounds that it's unrealistic. Of course it is. But since when did that matter? Just as Neo is in The Matrix, the Angels are in Angelworld, a conceit that works perfectly well when you think about it (if you care to). Charlies Angels 2 dares to give the real audience - those who watch the film to be entertained, rather than to gain their 'right-to-reply' - what they want. In this world, it seems, people can't be happy with anything, not least a well-executed summer film.
Still, more fool them eh? Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is everything you could want from a popcorn-munching-bubblegum-escapism-girls-in-pig-tails-summer-blockbuster. Et plus. The DVD features a glorious film print, an excellent commentary from helmer McG and some short featurettes.
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on 7 June 2004
You're walking down the sidewalk, minding your own business, when you hear the squeal of tires and the dreadful sound of metal hitting metal at high velocity. Yes, it's a car accident. You look over, and see two cars joined at the fender, smoke billowing out of both engines. Sirens start wailing and lights start flashing. You really have somewhere to be, something better to do, but you can't pull yourself away. Somebody could be dead in there! We're all attracted to blood, even when we are sickened by it.
I felt that way two weeks ago, when I turned on Movie Central and saw that Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle was on. I meant to just leave it on and read my book while my wife did whatever she was doing on the computer. But I found myself constantly looking up, and finally just put the book down. Much like the above mentioned wreck, I was sickened yet fascinated. Also like the above accident, it was sort of neat to see the explosions but I wasn't happy with myself afterward for staying and observing it.
I will give the movie credit for one thing. It takes you by the throat at the beginning and says "don't expect any semblance of realism in the following 105 minutes. You won't be getting any. Take my advice, or you'll be even more disappointed." After finally letting me down (my throat still hurts), I was equipped to watch it without engaging any brain cells whatsoever. It was amazing. I tried to take a poll afterwards, but all of the cells were out for the night (there was a sign on the door that said "since you won't be using us tonight, we'll be down at the pub"). The movie does this by having a completely impossible sequence where a helicopter starts up and takes off as it's falling off of a dam (face-down). It does a neat 90 degree turn, just as it's about to hit the water, and flies away. And that's the most believable thing in the movie!
The plot, what there is of it, is about a rogue Angel trying to sell an encrypted list of FBI witness protection people to the highest bidder. It's no spoiler that Moore is the bad gal in this one, as the marketing of the movie trumpeted the fact. Our three Angels begin the movie by rescuing Ray Carter from North Korea, and then being tasked with finding out who killed the other person who has a key to the encryption. There are a couple of "twists" that are seen miles away, and Moore gets to be super-threatening (showing how evil she is by double-crossing somebody and blowing them away).
While it's a thin plot, it's also incoherent, held together by the barest of bikini straps as we are led from one soft-core male fantasy to another. In one sequence, in order to get a valuable key and security card from a dock worker, the Angels do a long involved strip-tease. I didn't time it, but I would guess the sequence took almost five minutes. As a full-blooded male, I can't say I was that disappointed, but it's a good thing my brain cells were off getting drunk, because they would have rebelled otherwise. It's obvious that the three ladies were just having fun with this flick, and perhaps this scene just let them be the exhibitionist they always wanted to be.
Barrymore's character also gets a little bit of angst, as we find out that she was on the list for something that happened years ago. She quits the team and heads of to Mexico, where she has a vision of one of the earlier Angels (Jacqueline Smith, who doesn't look too bad, but you have to wonder what she would look like without the soft-focus lens) that prompts her to come back into the fold. I thought it was a nice homage back to the original series, and something that the first movie could have used, but oh well. The other characters don't get much to do other than fight and look beautiful. They're all given love-interests, but there's no chemistry between them. Liu's character is given an English father, which could have been interesting if anything had been done with it. However, that wouldn't do in a popcorn movie like this one, so instead we get a Three's Company rip-off that's painful to watch. Thankfully, both scenes are pretty short.
Moore is interesting, however. She treats it like the fluff role it is, but she gives it just enough bite to wish that she had killed off the other three and taken over the agency herself. She lights up the screen whenever she's on, and it's probably her best role in a while. The other actor who acquits himself well is Bernie Mac. He brings a lot of fun to the picture, and I loved his "Black Irish" exchange with one of the dock workers. I found his presence completely implausible, especially with the reference to the previous Bosley (Bill Murray), but I loved the way Mac portrayed his character. There is an homage to Murray's not being around, but it would been nice to include the other previous Bosley from the series in the homage. Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.
Everybody else either chews the scenery with relish or just has a blast without exercising any of their acting chops. The action is frenetic and well-choreographed, and there's something to be said for watching beautiful women kick a bunch of guys' butts, so the movie has that as well. However, the above compliments encompass the only good things in this movie. If you happen to stumble across it during your movie travels, and you can't find anything else to watch, then you may be rewarded. But c'mon. There's got to be some yard work to do or something.
David Roy
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on 15 November 2003
'Full Throttle' embraces better stunts than the first Charlie's Angels, in addition to better laughs and a whole new kick bum dance routine from Natalie (Miss Diaz), which is now becoming an anticipated groove in the box office flick.
As a relaxing remedy, food and drink usually have presence when I watch a film. Unfortunately 'Full Throttle' barely gives you time to digest the snowball of stunts which are so breath-taking even a glimpse away from the screen to reach for the popcorn would cause non-stop choking. I really cannot remember a better 10-minute opening sequence full of hard-hitting action events since 'Indian Jones The Temple Of Doom.' The visual effects team from the Matrix will surely feel embarrassed by the sheer efforts of this film.
The plot. Who needs one? No really. This time the angels investigate a series of murders that occur due to the possession of some vital wedding rings that hold confidential identity information. As usual they use their clever disguises to fool high authorities and law enforcers in order to unravel the mysterious deaths that are occurring. An ex-boyfriend of Dylan (Drew Barrymore) gets a suspicious release from prison despite having a life sentence for a murder, which consequently was witnessed by Dylan several years in the past. Crispin Glover plays the Thin man, who has an obsession with pulling peoples hair out and then sniffing it. Madison (Demi Moore) is the ex-Charlie's angel who is overwhelming idolised by her successors Alex (Lucy Liu), Dylan and Natalie.
The ex-boyfriend, the thin man and Madison become prime suspects for the murders and with the release of her ex-boyfriend, Dylan decides that it would be best if she left the angels because she could be putting her two best friends lives at risk. Alex's father (John Cleese) steals the show with his unexpected arrival. Unaware that his daughter is actually a special agent is led to believe that Alex works in a hospital. Later, Alex's film star boyfriend Jason (Matt Le Blanc) spills the beans to her father making him think that his daughter is actually a prostitute and not a nurse after all.
You have 105 minutes of enthralling action; three young sexy ladies strutting their stuff in direct homage to MC Hammer; beautifully choreographed acrobats and martial arts and above all - really cool motorbike stunt races! You will laugh your socks off!
Things to look out for: - P!nk whose acting is surprisingly worse than her singing; who would have guessed? A quick cameo shot of an elderly Bruce Willis. Matt Le Blanc still playing nothing other than his usual Joey character...how predictable!
Nothing but good fun.... how could you refuse!
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on 18 May 2014
There is an odd appeal to the first Charlie's Angels movie. It's big, dumb, loud and yet it knows what it is, and has an awful lot of fun during it's runtime. The second film is bigger, dumber and louder but sadly not as fun.

The girls are still charming in their lead roles but Bernie Mac is a poor replacement for Bill Murray. The plot is irrelevant but the set pieces it leads to are mostly dull. There's just nothing that stands out about the movie.

Quite mediocre indeed.
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2003
Charlies Angels was exactly what it said on the tin - showy, fast paced and vacuous. CA 2 is basically a re-tread - the same 'we know this is badbut what the hell they pay us anyway' performances from Diaz, Liu and Barrymore (who also produced), the same dizzying camera work, and the same rotten attempts at pastiche (it was Mission Impossible in the first film, this time we have a CSI parody foisted upon us). Also returning from the first film is a pointless and deeply mystifying cameo from Crispin Glover. Sadly Bill Murray who carried the original film does not reprise his role as Bosley (they waste Bernie Mac instead) after reported disquiet from Murray on the set of the original (and who could blame him).
I could bore you with the plot - some nonsense about the Witness Protection program - but lets not bother, as it is really quite depressing. The girls are still stunning - and there are some really quite diverting scenes for fourteen year old boys that would not have been out of place in one of those late night Channel 5 films - but everyone else is simply appalling with special mention for the Ex- Mrs Bruce Willis reaching brand new lows in an already dismal career. For fans of the original series (if such creatures really exist) there is a an appearance from one of the original Angels (Jacqueline Smith) but it is so turgid and utterly ludicrous I suggest you avert your eyes.
The SFX look cheap and nasty - which is no doubt because they were, and the set piece on a bike track looks as though it could have been filmed in the eighties with the minimum of effort. I suppose if they were going for the theme of 'hopeless', they do at least keep this going for almost all elements of the film. The camera work is as in the first film like a bad pop promo, lots of slo-mo footage and camera angles so bizarre you at times wonder whether the camera man has fallen over.
No self-respecting film fan should purchase this film - in fact lets all start a petition to stop anybody hiring McG for anything in the future - for it is he that must shoulder the ultimate blame for this second helping of a film so bad that even Michael Winner would have been embarrassed.
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on 14 October 2004
Even at a 60% price reduction you are being ripped off with this movie. Now, I loved the first film and was eager to see this one. The reviews for it had been poor, but seemed to say that it was more of the same, so I bought it as soon as it came out on DVD. Big mistake.
This is a film that is extremely hard to sit through. The whole thing is a mess, and it is hard to follow exactly what is going on. It is just a loose collection of action set-pieces that push wire fighting beyond the realms of the Matrix into the realms of the absurd. Gravity doesn't exist in the world of the Angels. Nor does time.
It might sound unbelievable, but even the scenes of the Angels shaking their booties in the numerous (suposedly erotic) dance sequences are so un-sexy. How Mc G managed that I will never know. That fact is more unbeliveable than this films wire fighting. And don't get me started on the heavily reconstructed Demi Moore.
If you have not seen this film but still feel tempted to buy it, rent it first, you will save yourself money.
It is not even "so bad it is good", it is just bad, plain bad.
Please people do not buy this film.
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