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on 6 May 2008
Bad blood 1997 was very good,bad blood 2003 and 2004 were average and this was the worst of all if you must ask me which is the worst,if you must.
The event started with a poor match,the tag team of rodney mack and chrisnowski,two men who were pretty green as single wrestlers and even greener as a tag team went up against the dudley boyz who were having a little row or two going into this match,this wasnt a good match and was designed to give the rookies a tag team push which didnt really take off,but as i said,this wasnt that great,no chemistry or desire and the crowd fell down with them.
Scott steiner went up against test now in a match where the winner got stacey keibler as manager,you know when you can tell a match can be mad,well i knew this would and it was,it was rotten to the core,so bad i called for mercy,i wanted it over,thankfully someone heard my pleas and it ended quickly enough.
A pretty poor intercontiental match followed,the champ christian going up against booker T,this match was only designed to add fuel to their feud and in no way to resolve it,neither man did themselves credit here in a numbing match that shamed both men who are so much better than this.
The world tag team championship was defended next as the champs kane and rvd went up against la resistance in a match that was pretty good,wwe folklore will not look kindly upon la resistance but they played their part here in a good contest.
Next up was a very good match with hype dating back to their wcw days,goldberg going up againt chris jericho,i found this a great contest and a hype that was mainly matched,good and solid and pleasing.
Next up was ric flair against shawn michaels,this was an excellent match with a superb ending,toe to toe wrestling with a good pace and in ring chemistry,very good indeed.
Ah yes,i forgot the red neck triathlon between austin and bischoff was a farce and in bad taste and a real time killer,i didnt go for it so i will say no more.
The main event followed,hell in a cell,triple h against kevin nash,i think this match as much as anything showcased what many have said,that kevin nash was lucky to be a wwe champion years ago and to carry the company on his shoulders,his time with wcw in nwo was a success but thats because of their attitude,as a wrestler there isnt much to him and here in a cell triple h had to help him along,blood flowed and the contest wasnt bad but it wasnt without faults,far from it,a solid enough ending to a primarily average match,a poor enough event,two stars.
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on 7 April 2008
The previous reviews are all glittering but I had a different view of Bad Blood 2003

1.Dudley Boyz vs Rodney Mack & Chris Nowinski (4/10)
This match was surprisingly decent for an opener on a RAW only PPV. Nowinski is not made for wrestling however and Rodney Mack fights the battle himself. The match picks up in the middle but a slow and really bad ending.

Scott Steiner vs Test (5/10)
The winner of this match would win Stacy Keiblers managerial services. Test wasted so much time taunting Stacy that it got slow, the only times it picked up were when Steiner pulled off some of his famous suplexes etc. A pretty good ending though, watch this match for Stacy if anything.

Christain vs Booker T Intercontinental Title (3/10)
Absolutely dire. This match went by as slow as a week inside the jail, with time wasting and a very poor ending. This had potential to be a brilliant match

RVD & Kane vs La Resistance World Tag Team Title (6/10)
This match was decent, some high points due to the combo of a high flyer and a powerhouse wrestler.Some real wrestling here.

Goldberg vs Chris Jericho (10/10)
My match of the night on this PPV. A nice little feud video at the beginning with some brilliant wrestling moves and a shocking twist in the middle.

Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair (7/10)

I didn't think much of this match to begin with due to the short lived feud video. Some brilliant wrestling but ruined by a short and sharp ending with no build up at all.

Red Neck Triathlon Steve Austin vs Eric Bischoff (0/10)
This is featured throughout the whole PPV instead of just one "match" A series of stupid, gimmick events such as a burping contest, pie eating contest and singing contest. Definately a filler, and it annoyed me because I had to keep pressing fast forward. This ruins the PPV.

Hell in a cell Kevin Nash vs Triple H World Heavyweight Title (9/10)
Bearing in mind the score given to this match was purely based on the stipulation. A decent feud video to begin with, Mick Foley as guest referee who gets involved more times than Kevin Nash. Some decent wrestling but the only thing stopping the match from being stale would be the varying use of weapons which shocks in some parts. A little disappointing as they did not venture outside of the cell.

All in all, buy this if you're looking for a cheap deal and a couple of good matches but this PPV was very slow and filled with gimmicks.
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on 12 February 2015
Was what I expected for what I payed ...
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on 28 June 2015
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on 16 December 2014
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on 8 November 2014
Bad Blood came live from Houston, Texas June 15th 2003, a good opener between the Dudley's and Nowinski & Rodney mack, a good ic title match between christian and Booker T. The stuff between Bischoff & Austin was highly entertaining, Goldberg and Jericho put on a pretty solid match, a decent tag title match between RVD/Kane & LA Restistance, Flair & HBK wrestled a solid match and the Hell In a Cell Match was good between HHH & Nash with Mick Foley as the Ref, Overall a solid ppv that's worth the watch and the dvd is packed with great extras and stuff from Sunday night heat and pre/post match interviews as well.
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on 10 October 2007
his wasn't really a bad PPV even though it was second PPV of 2003 {The last Raw PPV was Insurrextion}.

FIRST MATCH- DUDLEY BOYS VS. RODNEY MACK & CHRISTOPHER NOWINSKI W/ THEODORE LONG Pretty bad match to start the night. Rodney Mack & Christopher Nowinski get the win in this tag team match. 2/10

SECOND MATCH- BOOKER T VS. Christian FOR THE WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP Again these two can seriously put on a good match but if Booker T can seriously win. Christian wins after a roll-up on Booker T using the ropes to get the win & retain his WWE IC title. 4/10

THIRD MATCH- SCOTT STEINER VS. TEST WINNER GETS STACY'S MANAGERAL SERVICES Not a bad match between these two men as it is great to see Steiner finally getting the win. Steiner wins after a Pumphandle Slam. 3/10

FOURTH MATCH- ROB VAN DAM & KANE VS. LA RESISTANCE FOR THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Good tag team match, it was definitely better than their previous encounter at Insurrextion. Unfortunately La Resisitance win to become the new World Tag Team Champions. 5/10

FIFTH MATCH- GOLDBERG VS. CHRIS JERICHO Okay brawl between these two men as Jericho hurts Goldberg's shoulders during the match & works on them trying to wear Goldberg down. But to no avail Goldberg fights back, nails a Spear, followed by a Jackhammer to get the hard fought win. 4/10

SIXTH MATCH- RIC FLAIR VS. SHAWN MICHAELS Believe it or not, the match between these two legends definitely pulls out a good match. The best highlight of the match is when Michaels nailed a flying elbow on Flair through a table {I was surprised that Michaels didn't get disqualified}. After Michaels was nearly about to get the win, Randy Orton interferes & nails an RKO on Michaels, then gets Ric Flair, puts him on Michaels for the cover as Flair gets the 3 count to get the huge win against Michaels. 5/10

SEVENTH MATCH- TRIPLE H VS. KEVIN NASH IN A HELL IN A CELL MATCH FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE: MICK FOLEY Not the best Hell In A Cell match I watched but it was still alright. Both men were busted open, but HHH survived the brutal battle & nailed a Pedigree on Nash for the 3 count & to get the win to retain his World Heavyweight Championship in this brutal match. 5/10

This wasn't really a bad Raw PPV as it is the second of 2003. Most of the matches were dragged down a bit but the Flair-Michaels battle & the Hell In A Cell match made the PPV pretty good & better.
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on 14 September 2003
An excellent event again from the wwe. But the 1st mathc was vry poor dudleys vs rodney mack n chris nowinski i reeli didnt enjoy it and it ended stupidly! 5/10 Then it was test vs steiner in which i thought was an excellent match. A gr8 end u neva no hus is guna win. 8/10 Booker T then meets Christian 4 the I.C. Title.Its a good match with sum very good spots spoilt by the ending 7/10 Kane n RVD then meet La Resistance 4 the tag titles. An ok match tht neva reeli got goin. A nice end tho 2 set up a nice feud. 7.5/10 Goldberg meets y2j in an excellent match in which goldberg takes a nasty bump. Crowd neva reeli got in 2 it but i enjoyd it alot. 8.5/10 Next legend meet legend michaels vs flair. These men make an excellent match in a very short amount of time. There are some excellent sports in this match and sum nice interferences. But only critiscm is ric flair is 2 slow still a 8.5/10 tho. Then the main event a huge main event for the heavyweight title. Nash meets hhh with special ref mick foley in a hell in a cell match. Sone excellent weapon use in this match some of the best i hav seen. Nfoley still knows how 2 take bumps n chair shots bring him back bring him back !!!!!!!! fantastic match 9.5/10 A gr8 event worth buyin !!!!!!!
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on 10 September 2007
Rodney mack and Christopher Nowinski Vs. The Dudely Boys 4.5/10

Not the classic match up for the dudely but they did carry the newbiew very well.

Scott Stenier Vs. Test 5/10

Don't know what was so bad with this match for me it was a great powerhouse match not the greatest but still very good.

Booker T Vs. Christian (Intercontinetal Championship Match) 7.5/10

Short and sweet

La Résistance Vs. Kane And R.V.D 8/10

Good tag match right length of time.

Goldberg Vs. Chrsi Jericho 7.5/10

Interesting style of wrestling very ground base and very entertaning.

Shawn Michaels Vs. Ric Flair 9/10

Secound best match of the night the classic weak ending but dosen't affect the match

Triple H Vs. Kevin Nash Hell In The Cell 10/10

The on'y reason people gave bad reviews was because this match did'nt end on the top of the cage which is sad because this was and awesome match up and the crowd seemed to enjoy so this was an instant classic

Ton of Extra's Including Bonus Matches Interviews and Promos

Worth your money if under a tenner
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on 5 March 2008
Christopher Nowinski and Rodney Mack vs The Dudley Boyz 6/10

Winner gets Stacy Keibler's Managerial Services
Scott Steiner vs Test 6/10

Intercontinental Title Match
Booker T vs Christian 5/10

World Tag Team Title Match
La Resistance (Sylvian Grenier and Renee Dupree) vs Rob Van Dam and Kane 7/10

Goldberg vs Chris Jericho 8/10

Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels 8/10

World Heavyweight Title Hell in a Cell Match
Triple H vs Kevin Nash: Guest Referee Mick Foley 7/10
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