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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 17 October 2003
Yes!, Kylie's back with an amazing and stunning new album. The first track "Slow" will be sure a worldwide smash. It is a great song, full of mistery, it will find you dancing and then thinking, this song has a mistery feeling on its back!. I hope this will be the chance for Kylie fans to see her in these lands, since she is a mega idol after the Fever release.
Go for Kylie then!
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on 21 November 2003
As a Kylie fan, I tried, I really tried to like this album. Sorry Kylie, but this is well below par. A big thumbs down.
'Pop Kylie' becomes 'Pap Kylie'.
The signs were there from the beginning. The poor opening single Slow and the really naff album artwork. I should have guessed!
Even the video to Slow is sub-standard.
Ok, so the single made number one, but it's no CGYOOMH or Spinning Around. Whatever she released as new material was going to make nbr 1 with the kind of following she has. Any old tripe makes number one these days with a little marketing hype (eg Fatman Scoop).
Having enjoyed the last album so much, I waited with anticipation for the new one, pre-ordering it before it's release.
I've listened to it right the way through half a dozen times now and just can't get into this album. With the exception of two tracks (Red Blooded Woman and Loving Days), the rest just have me itching to press the 'skip' button.
I think a judge of a good song is whether you're humming or singing it long after it's stopped playing. I can't imagine anyone singing to themselves any of the songs on this collection, as the tracks are all so forgettable. You certainly won't hear anyone performing them at a a kareoke! There's not a catchy hook in sight. Even her voice begins to grate on this album. Something I've never even considered before. The voice just doesn't suit the backing tracks. It isn't strong enough for this kind of thing.
I can't fault her for experimenting, but surely that could be done on the odd b-side, not a whole album's worth!
I can't help but think this will be in the £6.99 Bargain Bin very soon along with other disasters like the Spice Girls' Forever album (yes it's on a par with that one - it's that bad!)
Kylie, go back to what you're good at. Let's hope this album is the only flop you have.
My copy of the album is available for sale, second-hand (as new of course!) from the amazon marketplace if anyone's interested!
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on 2 December 2003
shes back and shes hotter than ever, kylie reminds us why shes the queen of pop with her new album. its different with songs ranging from disco funk to sexy ballads, and its a must for any kylie fans. its one of her best albums yet, and is definately as good as her previous hit album fever.I highly recommend it!!
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on 7 November 2003
Some people have been fans of Kylie Minogue since 1988. I'm one of those people. I've remained loyal through all of the unfashionable periods in her career, when even admitting you were a fan would lead you to being ridiculed. And then she got big again. 'Light Years' was a pinnacle in kitsch disco pop, and the follow-up, 'Fever' is a pop dance classic.
'Body Language' is none of those things. The songs are 80's hip-pop, a genre recently explored by sibling Dannii. Problem is, when Dannii ventured into it, she remembered to leave in hooks and melodies. Kylie has plainly forgotten. 'Loving Days' is easily the best track, but sounds highly inspired by Madonna's 'Frozen'. The rest is Prince-lite R&B hip-pop and virtually instantly forgettable.
PWL Kylie fans, Light Years Kylie fans, Impossible Princess Kylie fans and Fever Kylie fans are all set to be incredibly disappointed.
It'll sell well in week one because it's Kylie, but for the Kylie traditionalists, pass this disaster of an album up and buy Holly Valance's 'State Of Mind' instead.
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on 12 January 2004
Don't get me wrong I love the majority of Kylie Minogue's back catalogue (maybe barring the early cheese stuff but from 1994 onwards she perfected pop music) but 'Body Language', although different from what many people are doing at the moment, falls flat on it's face.
The album is based around an electronica kind of vibe - similar to that of Goldfrapp's latest offering 'Black Cherry'.
Of course, it does seem in pop music lately no one is taking risks and playing it safe with upbeat happy songs and Kylie's image fits the sexiness needed for the tracks but unfortunately, the tracks are just not strong enough.
The album does have it's moments like in the slick lead single 'Slow', the sexy, brash 'Secret (Take You Home)' where Kylie tries some rapping to a better extent than that of Madonna's 'American Life' rap. 'Red Blooded Woman' is a track which mixes the best of 'Fever' and the style of 'Body Language' and is destined to be massive when released.
'Loving Days' is a steamy, sexy electro ballad which stands out like a sore thumb!
With the good though, comes the bad - and on this album it's BAD! 'Promises', 'After Dark' and 'Sweet Music' are DIRE! Also, lyrically throughout the albums duration it's as if the lyrics were written for a teenage star rather than a woman in her mid 30's.
Fair play to Kylie for trying something new - but she should either take some tips from Alison Goldfrapp and try the electro pop route again or move forward into newer musical echelons.
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on 29 November 2006
I notice a number of 'fans' have claimed this album is a grower. Well, I've just listened to it again for the first time for ages and I can definitely say it's as awful as it was three years ago when it put a stop to Kylie's temporary comeback. There simply aren't any tunes. The only half-decent songs are 'Still Standing' and 'Red Blooded Woman' - everything else is terrible. Kylie's attempts to create an r'n'b sound are totally unconvincing and fail spectacularly, partly due to the lack of melodies and partly due to her nasal voice which sounds worse than ever here. Her "rapping" is the most embarrassing thing I've ever heard. A total flop in every sense.
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on 3 December 2003
I became a Kylie fan after listening to her first American release in over a decade "Fever." The album is disco-pop and it was instantly likeable and MANY Americans (hear that Capitol Records) liked what they heard. Kylie (or her record company) must realize to break into the American market is to play up your strengths. "Fever" presented her wonderfully, as for "Body Language" it's a bad attempt for higher record sales here in the states.
The only track which is instantly likeable is the first track "Slow" which plays on her sexy image with her limited but seductive vocals and the slow groove of the tune. The rest of the album is forgettable and shows her as being a transparent vocalist as some horrible American singers like Ashanti or Britney Spears. The track "Red Blooded Woman" is absolutely horrible since anyone from Britney or any other singer's voice could be perceived in singing the tune. “After Dark” is an okay track since the music is not bogging down Minogue’s vocals, but it is just okay. R&B is not Minogue's forte and when the album is released Americans will crave the singer we became familiar with her previous release.
I concur that American radio is VERY selective when playing music on the radio, but this album will be rejected from radio quickly as “Slow” is being rejected from radio. Radio here I think is quite stupid as “Slow” should be topping the charts instead of being played if it is requested. The rest of the album does start to grow on a person after a few listens, but there is no good enough track to follow up "Slow" as a single. Kylie please don't allow this to be your last release in America, but go back to dance-pop, that's how you'll keep American fans and increase record sales in the long run. The R&B fixation here in the states will be brief, as always we go right back to good pop!
I applaud Minogue for testing the waters and trying to go into different types of music, but R&B is not it her strength. Overall, I was disappointed in importing this album, the only solution I could give to fix this release for at least American audiences is to remix some of the tracks as dance-pop or house tunes and strip some of the sound effects which plague most of the album.
If I could give the album 2 1/2 stars I would, but there is no option of Amazon.
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on 20 November 2003
I enjoyed Kylie's dance hits before and was eager to get this CD. Well this is not the type of music that made me of fan. She went from energetic dance music to slow pop. Anyone that enjoys the older Britney Spears and Christian Aguliara music will love this. All the songs are very unorginal and slow paced. Im sure many fans will enjoy it but if your not into slow unoriginal pop just move by.
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on 30 September 2003
Well darlings, I've heard Slow. And I bet you're dying to know what I thought? Well, I'll tell you then.
For the first 5 seconds, I thought "oh dear - what the hells this" I can't describe the first few bars other than electronic tones. But then she comes in saying "Knew you'd be here tonight, so put my best dress on, boy I was so right." It's slutty, it's halfway between sung and spoken, and it's carried off excellently.
It's about the same tempo as Madonna's Music, not dancey, but not a ballad. It's a real "Neon Nights" groove, and I can see us getting dirrty on the dancefloor to this one!! The beat is kinda lazy in a hypnotic way. I do like the song now, but a mate a work, also a big Kylie fan says it's like a good Dannii Minogue tune, so making this a mediocre Kylie song.
It won't go down as the best thing she's done, and certainly isn't gonna eclipse Can't Get You Out Of My Head, but the girls done good, damn good!!
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on 20 December 2003
It's as if Ms. Minogue felt sorry for all the unemployed song writers/producers she knew in the 80's and gave them each a turn on her newest release.
Bubble gum pop, not sexy club grooving.
I wanted to love this CD, but came away disappointed.
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