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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 15 December 2003
The DVD edition of this Yang style Tai Chi video is so amazing. It is organized in a very simple and scholarly way, but the teaching inside is very deep and thorough.
It starts right at the very basics for beginners and gives you an excellent overview of the art of Tai Chi. The setting is a formal training studio. The video contains all the things you would learn in a Tai Chi Class from the basic stances and fundamental postures, to the entire form instructed and performed in complete detail by Dr. Yang.
There is an enhanced content button you can click on at any time to get the detailed analysis and instruction of every one of the movements. He even demonstrates some Chin Na grappling hidden in the postures of the form.
Not only is the entire thing subtitled, which is really helpful, but there are additional content subtitles, between the narration, in case you're interested in knowing more. It is over four hours long, including an excerpt of a Tai Chi Theory lecture by Dr. Yang, where he clearly explains the roots of Taiji Philosophy and Tai Chi as a martial art. This lecture alone makes the DVD worth getting.
There are also additional sections which explain Taiji Qigong (Chi Kung) internal energy training, and Taiji Fa Jin, which is the 'emission of internal power.'
The music is beautiful Classical Chinese and suits Master Yang nicely. I see this DVD as a very important document for transmitting the true essence of Taiji, both in its Classical form, and as a living, modern art.
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on 11 November 2004
As someone who has only been learning Tai Chi for about 6 months, I found this DVD fascinating.
Everyone has different abilities and perspectives, but as a beginner, I haven't found the moving instruction very useful at all. Dr. Yang is clearly an extremely skilled teacher and I wouldn't dream of being critical on a personal level. It's just that I haven't been able to follow the movements AT ALL. The form in this DVD is EXTREMELY STYLISH and Dr. Yang has a very supple body and his limbs and joints are well used to the Tai Chi. He stays VERY grounded and low to the floor and he is able to stretch and move with great freedom. I can't reach many of the positions that he attains and so I find myself lost and unsure whether I am following or moving properly. I fact, it really just makes me feel inept and a bit useless... which is disappointing and thus a major chi blockage!!
For learning the form, this DVD is not for beginners. You need experience and some tuition from a teacher before you start trying to follow the DVD... I'm 100% sure that in time this aspect of the DVD will become very useful for me. Just not right now.
The included lecture is extremely interesting and I'd buy it just for that!! Also, the QiGong is fantastic!! I use the QiGong parts of the DVD much more and these provide an excellent tuition. Truly brilliant.
Another excellent aspect of the DVD is the way in which all the movements of the form are backed-up with verbal explanations. Very interesting and useful to listen to these to gain a deeper understanding of what's going on.
In fact, the whole DVD is excellent... my main criticism is that I can't follow the form. Maybe that's my own fault... maybe its not... probably a bit of both. Well worth the purchase though... I don't regret buying it because Tai Chi is a long-term thing and I have little doubt that I will evetually come to the form section with a different perspective. Hence the four stars.
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on 30 August 2006
I was astounded at the amount of information this DVD gives. The lecture on Taji was informative and took you through step by step the background of Taji. You may need the subtitles for this lecture, but it really opens up the chinese system and shows the viewer that this really is a science in itself. The Tajiquan was explained clearly and presicely, even to the point where the video showed you when to breath and how long to breath for. The Qi Gong was invaluable to me, and the DVD helped me to sustain a good practice each day. However the Tajiquan was difficult to follow.

The main problem with the Tajiquan was the switch of camera angles and the fact that the picture was from the frontal view. In most Tajiquan classes you are shown how the move should look posturally from the front and sides and then, when you go throught the sequence, the teacher turns their back to you so you can mirror their movements. Really you need to be able to mirror his performance so you can create a good practice for yourself. This doesn't happen with this DVD. You easily get confused with your left and right, throw in a camera angle change and you really get lost.

My suggestion would be to film the whole lot from behind with a static wide angle camera and superimpose this on the screen in the top left hand corner. Just doing this simple thing would have made this Tajiquan DVD just as good as have a personal tutor in your home. However, unfortunately it falls short due to this.

I must stress though that Dr Yang Jwing Ming teaches ten times better than my local teacher, if he brought out a DVD that people could mirror movements from - lots of people could learn Tajiquan, and learn it well, without a class. He leaves no detail out of the practice and he really wants you to get the most from the Classical Tajiquan practice, it's just a shame that they missed the mark.
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on 29 July 2015
The perfect accompaniment from the relevant book by Jwing-Ming Dr. Yang.
All involved - brilliant and incandescent about their duties, not least, offering this DVD for sale, and I know what I'm writing about!

Buy it.

Both dvd and accompanying book.
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on 21 April 2004
I've seen a number of other videos offering instruction in various styles of martial arts and Tai Chi specifically. This one stands above them all for the quality of the production and the way the DVD is put together.
There is a great wealth of information on this DVD. There is a short lecture on theory, a number of loosening up and warming up exercises, Taiji Qigong exercises, and of course the full Yang style long form. Everything has chapter stops and you can skip to the section you want quickly and easily from the DVD menu.
The long form doesn't dwell excessively on any individual movement which allows you to practice along with it, but if you want more detail on how a movement is performed, you can hit 'Enter' on your DVD remote when the yin yang symbol is on the screen to get in depth instruction on the current movement being demonstrated. In that way it manages to offer the best of both worlds.
All in all this DVD stands well above any other Tai Chi instructional video I've seen.
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on 19 January 2004
I began practicing T'ai Chi fifteen years ago. My first teacher was trained from childhood in China, then Taiwan, in the strict classical Yang Long Form. I began studying with him years later in a major U.S. city -- still Yang Long Form, still classical approach. That was a magical time, a magical experience that will be a part of me for the rest of my life.
Periodic long-distance moves have since interrupted my study several times, but these have also required me to study with teachers of quite a few T'ai Chi styles and levels of expertise. Some were more fun, some more "practical," some much more "martial" in approach, and some were sadly "lightweight."
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming's video is truly "the real deal." From the first frame of his performance of the entire Form, I was instantly transported back to my first Teacher's class: not only is the sequence of postures and connecting movements EXACTLY the same as where I began, but the "spirit" and "feel" of T'ai Chi is also the same as it was then. With the wide range of styles and emphases in my classes since, I'd nearly forgotten how "pure" and powerful the classical Yang form truly is!
Other reviews here have accurately described and appropriately praised the comprehensive contents and unsurpassed structure of this wonderful video that is at once a marvelous teaching tool and a true archival record of this ancient art.
I'll summarize my opinion this way:
If you EVER outgrow this DVD, please produce one of your own, so we can all study with you!
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on 2 August 2006
As an instructional Video to aid the beginner in learning the Yang style Tai Chi sequence this DVD fails or at the very best is very hard to use.

The main Tai Chi sequence is shown in real time with a button on the screen to allow the user to get an in-depth analysis of the posture. Unfortunately instead of this analysis being a step by step break down of each posture by the instructor, it consists of a still picture of the posture along with an announcer reading the scrolling text which has analysis of how the move could be used in self defense (excellent) and a description of how the posture is performed.

This makes the DVD little better than the book it was obviously derived from and in some respects worse as the book is likely to have intermediate pictures as a visual clue on how the posture is to be performed.

I bought this DVD to learn how to do the sequence and get an understanding of the martial applications of the postures. I have been unable to learn the sequence from the DVD. Once I have learnt the sequence I shall go back to the DVD to get the insight on the martial applications of the moves which this DVD does give.
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on 4 February 2013
If you are "new" to Tai chi then you might find this DVD a bit deep and confusing to follow at first. The presentation is OK but at times a little laborious. There is no doubt that Dr Yang is a fantastic source of knowledge for the arts of Tai Chi and chi gung etc and this comes across very well in the DVD. There are several parts to the DVD all showing and explaining the theory and application of the contents within including a lecture to a group about the origins of the theory and art. Useful is the yin/yang symbol which appears throughout and when clicked changes to static photo's with a commentary on what you should be doing and why you are doing it. All in all I would recommend this DVD for the student who at least has a basic understanding or experience of maybe doing Yang short form otherwise the movements may become overwhelming. For the more experienced, seeing the movements of Long form done in the original style format can only enhance your training.
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on 11 April 2013
Dr Yang Jwing Ming dvd on Tai Chi Chuan is a perfect companion to his best selling book on Tai Chi Chuan and it is by far the best book on Tai Chi Chuan i have come across and i would very highly recommend Dr Yang Jwing Ming to everyone, if you are very serious about Tai Chi Chuan than would i recommend this book with the dvd , forget about the other authors on tai chi
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on 29 April 2013
Loved this. I couldnt do as it said but I'm trying. As it's very instructive I can keep going back to it and try again
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