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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Terminal Spirit Disease
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 2 August 2014
Very good
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on 24 December 2000
A true masterpiece. This album marked the definitive change in "At The Gates'" sound. The departure from earlier album stylings to single note riffing. This sound became a trademark for the Gothenburg scene and is so amazing by virtue of the fact that it allows the songs to be totally melodic and yet remain as heavy as any other you care to mention. The live tracks consist of material from their 3 earlier albums and further illustrate this evolution. At The Gates' latest and unfortunately last album;- "Slaughter of the soul" is commonly thought of as the bands ultimate album. But remember that "Terminal Spirit Disease" pioneered the breakthrough and is, at the very least, an equal to the classic that was - "Slaughter of the Soul". A.T.G. - R.I.P.
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on 27 September 2004
There's only a few studio tracks on this release, but, as with everything At The Gates released, it was good. The quality of the live tracks was good too, and they didn't detract from the release.
If you haven't got any At The Gates, then this isn't the best place to start, try their best album, Slaughter of the Soul.
As with the rest of their catalogue, it's all melodic swedish death metal. This isn't melodic in the Arch Enemy sense of the word, or the In Flames sense either. It'sdefinately still death metal, with just a hint of thrash. You may have heard the Bjorler brothers now playing in the Haunted, and Adrain Erlandsson is now in Cradle Of Filth, and Tomas (Tompa) Lindberg has done many things since, including the Crown and Lock Up. His vocal style is very un-death metal as it's quite high, but it fitted with the dry and brittle, but biting and low-end riffage. The drumming is definately old school, as there is less of an emphasis on blastbeats and more on the sort of style that Death made famous with their first three albums.
Mainly one for completists and fans of At The Gates, but a good release nonetheless...
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on 26 February 2002
Prior to the massive success of Slaughter Of The Soul, that would prove to be the band's swansong, At The Gates returned with album number three in May 1994, Terminal Spirit Disease. The production has improved significantly in the nine months since Terminal... and With Fear...., and therefore Tomas Lindberg's unique vocals are more audible than before. There are some super tracks on here, notably The Swarm, Terminal Spirit Disease and The Beautiful Wound. The one obvious complaint is the album's brevity, it's far too short. But the recent mid price box reissue, featuring some extra live tracks and B-sides, makes it worthyour money.
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on 11 March 2005
This ain't really my thing I'm more into bands like converge or dillinger escape plan but a lot of my friends were going on and on about this 'melodic death' thing and eventually I decided to get me some. Everyone recommended Clayman by In Flames. I got it and was quite disappointed it was all soft dribble and very un-death. So I took it back and got this instead. This was definitely more what I was looking for. Its got some harrowing melodies but without compromising the overall intensity. Its cool coz songs like terminal spirit disease and the beautiful wound show that, as well as going for all out thrash, At The Gates also have a fantastic sense of groove as well
If u like At The Gates then u should check out Darkest Hour as they're very similar (and pretty damn good too)
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on 5 January 2005
When I first heard At The Gates it was on the full length Burning Darkness opus. this, despite being made up of half studio and live tracks is a massive leap forward from With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness. The first track with its violin/cello introduction conjures up bleak visions of desolated wastelands. The second track opens with a bludgeoning guitar riff and the words "can you feel the pain I feel?" screamed by Tomas and the listener knows he means it. The other tracks have less impact but are just as good. The tracks are good but perhaps don't match up to the rest of the album.
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one of the most awesome death/thrash metal albums i've ever heard a must for any collection
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on 7 January 2005
This may seem like heresy but these older albums are much deeper and have a far greater impact than Slaughter Of The Soul.
Go to [...] for 1 minute samples from both Terminal Spirit Disease and Slaughter Of The Soul.
If you like melodic death metal for the reason that I do, as in melody for melancholy and beauty, while the brutality is for the hatred then go with this rather than the bland Slaughter of The Soul. When I got slaughter I thought "Wow, this is hellaciously not as amazing as everyone says..."
SoTS made hardly any impact on me- whenever I think of an ATG riff it always comes from the earlier works (Unless it is under a serpent sun... which is the finest song on SoTS). While slaughter isn't really rubbish it just left me with the horrible feeling that so many "indiviuals" could have such a connection with the entirely non perfect album.
This and previous releases are inspired compositions.
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