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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2004
some albums are great, e.g. 'Rattlesnakes' by Lloyd Cole & the Commotions or 'Hatful of Hollow' by The Smiths. Some are beautiful, e.g. 'Ladies of the Canyon' by Joni Mitchell or 'Fin de Siecle' by The Divine Comedy. Very few albums achieve both beauty AND greatness, e.g. 'Pet Sounds' by The Beach Boys or 'Rubber Soul' by The Beatles are two of these. This album is not as good as Pet Sounds or Rubber Soul - but it's not far off. There are 16 songs here - most of which are of the highest order. 'Vibrate' and 'Natasha' are two examples of the beauty here. 'I don't know what it is' and '14th Street' display Rufus' greatness. I've ordered all of his other albums on the strength of this one. Thanks Rufus - keep it up!
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on 16 May 2005
From the very start of 'Oh What A World' till the last bars of 'Velvet Curtain Rag' I was hooked. This album is just sheer brilliance in a jewel case. I could go on for hours about the vocals, the composition, the lyrics, but I just couldn't do Rufus justice. This is one of these records you have to hear to believe. You can't comment on any kind of music without hearing and owning this.
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on 13 October 2004
To be honest, there isn't much else that I can say about this album that hasn't been already declared in previous reviews on this site, but I thought I would add my two cents to try and help spread the word. Quite simply, 'Want One' is one of the most incredible, rich, beautiful pieces of music I have ever been lucky enough to hear. It is so good that other previous classics, such as Jeff Buckley's 'Grace' and 'Brushfire Fairytales' by Jack Johnson, take on slightly less lustre, have a slight edge taken away from them in comparison. If you like your music heartfelt, humorous and utterly immersed in passion and ideas, then this is the LP for you. Without sounding too gushing, I really cannot think of enough superlatives to capture the depth of enjoyment this music gives me. From the opening 'Oh What A World', with it's simple yet essential melody and the introduction of the familiar Bolero theme towards the end, through the grandiose, epic masterpiece of 'Go Or Go Ahead', the achingly beautiful 'Dinner At Eight' or the ostentatious, opulent '14th Street', this is an album that needs to be owned by anyone who recognises that music should soak the mind, the heart and the soul in emotion - and 'Want One' stirs up such feelings on every single listen. Make Amazon ten pounds richer by buying this album straightaway...
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on 2 August 2005
What can i say, a truly great album (And i don't say this very often). The way Rufus Wainwright composes and performs his songs is a breath of fresh air. There is not a weak song on this album(unlike so many other artists). He manages to bring a style of classical music into a new pop era. With very deep and moving lyrics, from very beautiful songs, energetically rousing songs to compositions that you will touch you on a deep emotional level. If you buy this LP you will not be at all disappointed, if anything i think you will become a fan.
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on 10 June 2004
I bought this on the basis of having heard his name in comparison to the much-missed Elliott Smith and although the quality of songwriting is excellent (as was Smith's), the style and scope of the album's songs are poles apart.
Wainwright's songs are ready built soundtracks - lush orchestral string arrangements, structured songwriting that builds throughout much of the tracks on the album. The opener 'Oh What A World' is a perfect example of this with it's almost bizarre soundscape.
The production of the album is also phenomenal. Many tracks feature rousing arrangements that are joyous and uplifting and life-affirming whilst others feature more traditional songwriting values that many 'critics-fave' bands (Keane being the perfect example) would die to write. In fact, much of the music sounds like said band. However, Wainwright maintains a certain other-worldliness that beautifies his music beyond the slightly MOR Keane.
This does not make it any less accessible to the layman though. 'I Don't Know What It Is', 'Movies Of Myself', 'Go Or Go Ahead' and 'Beautiful Child' could all slip in easily into any daytime radio schedule. Some might think that it's a new Radiohead single such is the similarity of Wainwright's voice to Thom Yorke.
In closing, this is an outstanding 'album'. It seems a rarity to me nowadays that i stumble across anything (particularly from the often poor US singer-songwriter scene) that doesn't have me skipping through the tracks in an impatient fashion. This however feels satisfying, complete and is up there with the best stuff to come out of America in the last 10 years...think along the lines of Lambchop, Elliott Smith, the newer Grandaddy stuff and of course, our very own Shack (the Head Brothers. If any of those pop up in your collection, then this really ought to before long too.
PS His old man's not bad either...
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on 25 December 2003
I have all rufus' albums, I hoped want one would be good, believe me this is one of the rare occasions where any expectation is surpassed and crushed. This is the only album I can expect listening to in 5 years, the last time I thought that was with Grace by Jeff Buckley,that was 8 years ago and I still can't live without it.
Rufus I don't want one if anything is half as good as this I want many more.
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on 8 October 2004
I cannot summon the words to describe how amazing and completely life-affirming this album is. I would run out of superlatives. I genuinely think I could hold a conversation all day about this album. I have a fairly eclectic music taste and own many many albums, but this just puts almost any other album I've ever heard to shame. I say this now, it is PERFECT.
I could go on and on and on and write a paragraph containing words like 'breathtaking' 'magnificent' 'mindblowing' and 'beautiful' for each song, but really you just need to buy it.... I would pay just to experience Track 6, i genuinely feel incredible sorrow for anyone who has never heard go or go ahead... its just the most amazing song i've ever heard, its my very favourite song of all time. It starts quite slowly and then explodes with some of the most beautiful lyrics of all time
"I'll never know.. what you have other eyeeeeeees.."
I'm getting excited just thinking about it, when that song finishes its the same feeling as when you step of a rollercoaster, just completely exhilerating, if i was of a different disposition i'd cry every time i heard it. which is like 4 times a day every day for months now. I think i'm obsessed, panic sets in when i get to 3 tracks from the end. argh. YOU WONT REGRET THIS PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!!! GO NOW !!!!!!! BUYIT!!!!!
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on 2 January 2006
This is a fantastic album, full of wonderful harmonies, amusing and clever lyrics, and a voice!
If you appreciate well written music about certain topics that are "out there" and some that are just very realistic and at times very moving, buy it. It's wonderful.
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on 21 May 2005
This is so good words cannot do it justice, but I will humbly try.
I've been listening to this album non-stop for three weeks and it just gets better and better. It's infected me somehow and all I can hear are various songs from it, randomly playing a soundtrack to my life. I find myself tearful at times, apparently for no reason, but I think it's because Rufus Wainwright has delivered a masterpiece that has touched me in a way that I never thought possible for a piece of music.
Thank you Rufus, I have never heard anything better and I'll be happy if I never do.
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on 24 May 2012
Until recently, i had never heard a Rufus Wainwright album ( saw him on Graham Norton, performing " Out Of The Game ", title track from new album ) Liked the song, and decided to buy the album, and check out his back catalogue.
Listened to samples on Amazon, and Want One, caught my immediate attention. Since receiving yesterday, i've had this cd on constant play. I'd already say it's in my all time top 10 favourite cd's.
It's just brilliant from first note to last ! Each song exceptional, taking you on an emotional journey, from joy to sadness, to anything inbetween. I'm a huge Billy Joel fan, and each time i hear the ballads / slower songs on this cd, i think of Billy's music. BJ, is one of the great lyricists of all time, and Rufus has his own imaginitive unique style too.
I can't recommend this cd enough ! Everyone should own a copy...if you're thinking you'd like to spend £5.00 on a cd, then you could do no wrong by buying this...because the payback would be permanent joy & pleasure ! Absolutely wonderful !! ( " Dinner At Eight " makes me cry...BEAUTIFUL !! )
PS " Out Of The Game " is a great album too, in a very similar vein to " Want One "...but Rufus, would be very hard pushed, to ever beat this effort !
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