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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 18 March 2016
Not that great:

Now that so many folk are content with downloading their music, the rest of us who prefer 'physical media' can pick up good condition used cds of material we fancy trying out very cheaply indeed: I paid one pound sixty five pence for DIRTY HITS, including postage.

VERDICT after two plays: starts of promisingly enough, with some Screamedelica tracks, and the well-known Rocks, and these efforts are fine, with half-decent tunes at the core: but once this gets to the more electronic stuff, the quality dips dramatically: others like the Prodigy , Leftfield and even the darker Depeche Mode put over far more atmospheric sounds than the pretentious tosh heard here, which lacks proper melodic stucture or cutting-edge sonics.

Gillespies' weak vocals are fine when covered up with the earlier Gospel-tinged Screamedelica stuff, but his vocals are not complemented with the purely electronic sounds.

One of my favorite Scream songs is 'Country Girl' which sadly must have been released after this collection, is not present here, which is a bit of a loss: personally I already have this on another disk so all is fine there.

Terrible graphics in the artwork dept: what looks like eyes and analogue tape. Just tacky.

The final track, Autobahn 66, is OK though, there was a tune of sorts in there.

But overall, this is a 'so what?' serving.
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on 15 August 2015
Bought for another, not my kind of music, but he's happy.
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on 10 December 2015
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VINE VOICEon 28 July 2004
Primal Scream? Greatest Hits? About time. A band with a discography like Gillespie's gang deserve to have something landmark to make a little bit more money on the side.
However, I'm not sure this compilation is entirely appropriate. What are these for? New, curious fans of course (and the die-hards who have to own everything). But when a band like Primal Scream have experimented and changed direction as much as they have, it is difficult to make a cohesive record to represent it all.
So how do they go about it? Firstly, there is nothing from the band's first two indie albums. It wasnt AMAZING stuff but surely that five years should be given a bit of recognition? Then came Screamadelica (utter QUALITY) represented here by four songs. Personally I would have swapped 'Come Together' for 'Slip Inside This House' but maybe thats just me. From acid-trip Scream we go to groovy-funk Scream which is a feasible a subtle transistion (just about) with a suitable selection of the 3 best songs from that album. However, just when you were getting in the groove of things we hit the tracks of Vanishing Point which was a fine album but what 'Burning Wheel' and 'Long Life' are doing there I dont know (what about 'Stuka', 'Medication' and 'Motorhead'?)
The remainder of the album is devoted to militaristic techno-mega-war-rock albums which has the good tracks but equally some weak ones like 'Shoot Speed\Kill Light', 'Deep Heat...' and 'Autobahn 66'.
Commercial singles have never really been Primal Scream's thing and can therefore make a Greatest Hits selection a difficult task. Whilst none of the songs here are really bad, there could have been some better choices. The remixes are actually really good which makes a change but that is really for the already involved Primal Scream fan.
So what are you newbies going to do then? This should be an ideal introduction to one of the coolest bands of the past decade but I would instead recommend you Screamdelica and XTRMNTR, followed by their supporting albums like Evil Heat and Vanishing Point. In terms of value for money, for £10 you should be able to get both of the key albums if you shop around. This is just my humble opinion though... if you want Dirty Hits so bad, then go for it because whilst its not all great, all of the great tracks are included.
The choice is yours. Make sure you take one though, dont ignore Primal Scream!
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on 24 September 2007
Until I bought this album, I didn't own any Primal Scream music. Now I am wondering why? This is great even on first listen and I am surprised how many tracks I recognise. Although they are clearly influenced by many genres from the Stones to the Happy Mondays, the sound is sufficiently their own not to write them off as a copycat band. In fact the tracks that echo the Stones point to where Mick and the boys should have evolved to.
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on 17 September 2008
Why have they no tracks from their first two albums or any early singles from the mid eighties,they had some decent songs from that period.Part of the bands history seems to have been overlooked.
Screamadelica was a great album,one of few from the first indie-rave era that had substance and all their albums are worthwhile even if they do take a pick and mix approach to music from the past few decades.I still find them a modern sounding band in comparison to the stone roses museum or the oasis o.a.p home.
On investigation it seems there is another compilation called More Dirty Hits (a japanese version) that has some earlier tracks on it.This seems quite common,interesting tracks only turning up on hard to get or expensive imports,why,why,why?
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on 11 January 2004
'Dirty Hits' is a great introduction to the uninitiated. Not a bad song in sight, although in my view, two discs could have easily been filled with original material rather than remixes of songs already present. As the album itself is not all singles, there could have been some great b-sides thrown in, such as 'The Hammond Connection' or 'When The Kingdom Comes.' My other criticism is that the band's early singles and first two albums have been totally ignored. Whilst the band themselves may not rate this material that highly, it is part of their history and revered by many of their fans. The album could have benefitted from representing this period, especially as several of the very early tracks, such as the cult classic 'Velicity Girl' is no longer in print. From a promotional perspective, it would also help empohesize the fact that the band seem to have something for everyone up their collective sleeve, demonstrating a wider scope of genres and influences, such as the jangly guitars from 1987's 'Sonic Flower Groove' or the punk rock of 1989's eponymous release. Having said all this, the record's a steal at a tenner, especially for the double edition. Every music fan should familiarise themselves with tracks such as 'Loaded' and 'Come Together.' Despite my views on the tracks excluded this is definitely worth a sniff.
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on 3 November 2003
Loads of fantastic tracks, 2CDs - for less than £10??!!
This compilation album, has many of the great Scream songs and also a load of remixes you may not have heard. All neatly together in one box.
As far as compilations go, it's good value for money, though if you want enough music to lock yourself in your room for six months without listening to another band - you'll probably need a copy of Screamadelica too.
The album really highlights how The 'Scream have progressed and changed their sound over the years and is a great summary of a fantastic band - worth smashing the antique piggy bank for.
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on 11 December 2012
I am so pleased to add this excellent Album to my music collection, a great compilation of Primal Scream tracks, they know for sure how to create such a brilliant Rocking sound. Love every note! Despite only recently listening to Primal Scream, i have since added so much more of their material to my collection. As always, a top quality purchase! A truly brilliant Album! THANKS!
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on 21 July 2013
It is a best of style album so it is mainly hits and a couple of less well known songs. Primal Scream is a crossover between indi and dance. It may appeal to someone who likes Happy Mondays, it takes me back to the nineties with with the hats and sunglasses. It is quite a light album, with a couple of darker songs.
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