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on 14 September 2014
I am very satisfied.
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on 27 August 2011
This is the 2nd set I have purchased, not that anythiong was wrong with the first one. I originally bought one around 15-20 years ago and still have everything that all work as they should. I tend to only use it for stir fry but could be used for deep frying as had a draining rack. So why the 2nd set, well when my nephew had it on his wedding list, I just knew this was the set to have. Forget all those non stick pans, they loose there properties after a while and once this has been seasoned it does become non stick with use. Do read care of product as it is not stainless steel so does need a thin coat of oil after use, but it makes it look prestine by doing so. The fact that the spatula is built for the wok is also a god send which can only be explained by using it.

Go to your local chinese take away, they will all be using this style of wok...
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on 13 July 2012
I have to admit that after the first use of the wok I was scared that I would never use it again!!! Then, I read the reviews here, explaining that this is NOT a non-stick wok!!! I had to clean and season the wok and now it is good to go! Every time I use it, the result is great and I am really glad I didn't throw it away!!!

Some tips on the cleaning and seasoning!!!
Before the first use of the wok, you have to wash it and scrab the protecting film (I didn't do this part the first time!).

Then you have to season the wok. What I did is the following:
I left the wok heat very well (around 15 min.), then tested with some drops of water, when the drops are 'dancing' the wok is warm enough for the next step that is put some vegetable oil on a paper or something and pass over the surface. After that, leave it on low heat for some time (5 min.) and the wok is ready!!! After this procedure, the wok will turn black and nothing will stick on it!

Also, after use, you will just need to clean it with warm water and don't forget to dry it right away!!!

I really enjoy using this wok and I would suggest to everyone buying it because it is also very cheap!!!
Enjoy your wok and cook away!!!!
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on 6 January 2015
This has got to be the worst wok I've ever owned... I've been cooking for nearly 40 years & have owned a number of woks but this one is dreadful... After using it, it needs to be washed & oiled as usual but even after the oiling, when I come to use it the next time, it's covered in rust & so I then have to clean it again but the food has an awful metallic taste... Why Ken Hom has put his name to these, I'll never know? I'd suggest to anyone to pay a bit extra & go for a non-stick one
review image
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on 29 March 2017
Don't waste your money like I did. The money I spent on this set of trash is literally money thrown down the drain cos it totally burned my food each time and imparted a chemical-plastic taste to it such that I cannot use it. What a waste! What a dishonest man!
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on 10 November 2014
It looked ok in the picture so I decided to give it a go but I am very disappointed. I have used it only once and despite of using the plastic spatula covered with some rubber I found it quite scratched (!!!) and noticed some discolouration on the lid ( black/grey patches). Initially, I wanted to return it but I got too busy to do so. My advice would be to pay a few quid more and buy something of decent quality.
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on 20 January 2010
Been using it for over a year, works great but you gotta take care of it. Make sure you'll "burn" it after every use or it will cover with rusty bits.But food does't stick to it, great for cooking, good size-just managed to dent the cover a few times-but I've dropped it a few times :) Spatula that came with it is great, right shape but never used any other gadgets that came with it....yet . Recommended.
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on 11 September 2010
I am not unhappy with the purchase but the quality is a bit on the light side. The Wok and lid are OK. The turner is completely useless - flimsy and easily bent (I threw it away). Don't get excited about the recipe book - it is just cookware instructions put 2 recipes. Subsequent to using this I went down a local Asian food supply - they had authentic woks, lids, skimmers & bamboo cleaners (that was £1) - all authentic, cheap & industrial strength. I tooled up for about the same price. I frequently cook for 8 people so having two Woks is OK. My advice - go to your local Chinatown to buy this!
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on 20 May 2010
I got this wok because I was fed up with my old non-stick wok. The non-stick kept peeling off and mingling with the stir-fry. This is a traditional wok that relies on high temperatutres to stop food sticking. I can only presume the reviewer who returned theirs has got their products mixed up, as this is NOT a non-stick wok.

Its a very nice wok though. Can't say I used all the other gadgets it comes with, but as a wok it is great.
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on 4 December 2011
I found it hard to find a wok without the usual black/grey teflon-type coating, so i was pleased when i saw this one. Unfortunately though, it seems to have a thin filmy layer of what is supposed to be some sort of non-stick coating. The first time i used the wok a strange smell was emitted (presumably into my food - luckily I'm not to precious about stuff like that, so I ate my meal anyhow!), and on washing the wok, I saw that in the bottom area of the wok of this film had actually been scraped off (had i known this I probably wouldnt have eaten the food!). So...I scrubbed away at the wok with a metal scratchy thing, to take this coating right off. Now the wok is FINE, although it is neccesary to wash immediately after using and rub over with oil - standard practice for woks anyhow I believe. The rack is great for draining things such as coated tofu or battered things

Perfectly good wok - shame about the non-stick stuff!
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