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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2004
Ill Nino's second album, "Confession," is a much more personal album than their debut. Combining metal and Latin influences (I know this sounds strange, but trust me it works), this band has successfully produced melodic, heavy and beautiful songs. While I feel this is their most personal work, I don't like it as much as their previous album, "Revolution Revolucion." However, it's a treat to see that they didn't recycle that album and have come out with a newer and different sound while still maintaining a dark and heavy approach.
This is a really talented band on the metal scene, as they take their music to different levels. Their sound is very unique and they never sound like they're repeating the same old thing over and over again. The lead singer knows how to growl and sing with the best of them, and the guitars are absolutely amazing. What it all comes down to is that Ill Nino is a band with extremely talented people. It's clear that these guys always have different ideas going around, and they use that to their advantage.
People who are more familiar with their debut may be a little let down by this album, as it isn't nearly as heavy. Don't get me wrong, the album is still very heavy, just not as much as "Revolution Revolucion." I really love the sound of this album and was not let down, although I can't honestly say that I prefer this album over the previous one. I can pretty much listen to the whole CD in its entirety, but I find myself skipping to my favourites rather than just letting the entire album play all the way through for the most part. The only downside of this album is that I don't find it has that punch or intensity as their first release, and it's not because of the different sound.
Despite that, I still think it's a great album. My favourite songs are "te amo... I hate you," "how can I live," "unframed," "letting go," "two," "cleansing," "re-birth," "this time's for real," and "when it cuts." The one song I really dislike is "numb." It doesn't fit in with the rest of the album, and I always find myself skipping over it. In time, I may grow to like it. It has happened in the past. I just don't like the song right now. Other than that, I enjoy the rest of the songs.
"Confession" is a fine album from a group that has once again shown great promise. There's a lot of growth within this album, even though I feel that it isn't as powerful or as memorable as their debut. Ill Nino knows how to make great music and I look forward to seeing what they have planned next. If you're a fan of Ill Nino, then this is something to check out. If you haven't heard Ill Nino yet, then I strongly suggest picking up a copy of "Revolution Revolucion" and then checking out "Confession." Not a bad effort, if you ask me. I hope to see further progress from them in the near future. -Michael Crane
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on 29 October 2003
Now don't get me wrong here, just because I've given this album 3*'s doesn't mean i hate it. Quite the opposite in fact, I'm very much enjoying it. The problem I have towards it is that it isn't as good as the Nino's previous effort 'Revolution / Revolucion'.
It opens fantastically with the blistering pairing of 'Te Amo...I Hate You' which harks back to the days of listening to 'No Murder' and 'Rip Out Your Eyes' on the previous album. And then 'Two (Vaya Con Dios)' which, again, has similarities to 'No Murder'. But after that, until the truly excellent anthemic single 'How Can I Live' and possible future live favourite 'When It Cuts' it all goes a bit samey. I'm not sure what it is but there's something lacking here, maybe its a big breakdown or perhaps more screaming is needed, I'm not too sure.
In conclusion, I cannot wait to see the new stuff showcased live, because I really do like it, I just wish it could have been as refreshing as 'Revolution / Revolucion' and less radio friendly.
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on 26 November 2003
This new release from Ill Nino has been eagerly awaited for almost a year and it does not disappoint, but it amazes to the most high. A total MUST HAVE for all metal fans who want a unique latin twist in their music. This record has something for everyone. From the extreme but melodic, South American style riffs throughout the album, to the softer, yet exciting latin flavas that ease the music down to a more relaxing notch. Anyone who loved Revolucíon Revolution will also love this record as it mixes the old Ill Nino with a new, more mature Ill Nino. From the aggressive polyrhythms of 'Te Amo I hate you' to the emotional flavas of 'Unframed', this C.D. will be in your stereo for a long while. You WILL enjoy it.......
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on 21 April 2006
ill nino had the tribal influences,they had a latino style and they knew how to let go and rock when needed,this their second album just didnt have enough of the afforementioned attributes and as a result it sounds old before its time and can be filed under average nu metal which didnt seem likely after their encouraging and pretty rampant debut,this is the safe 2nd album if you like,but it fails to sparkle despite some good songwriting and good songs.

after a while the album loses its edge to mediocrity and you cant help but wish they had pushed the envelope further when the moment presented itself,this could have been the album that brought ill nino to the forefront of the scene,instead it pushed them back into the shadows and as we know nu metal is a dirty word around these parts.

it isnt all bad though,album opener te amo...i hate you is an encouraging opener filled to the brim with passion and,,err,well just plain rocking moments,how can i live loses its appeal quickly as its a ropey number while unframed is a solid if not spectacular piece of songwriting,its pretty much in the style of one good song,one poor and that aint worthy of anymore than 3 stars,maybe thats too generous but there has always been something likeable about ill nino
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on 16 October 2003
I can't believe how the media are slating this album. It must be pretty hard for them to top Revolution... but they've done a good job. So people are bitching that they haven't evolved in their sound but so what? If they'd gone more melodic or whatever, everyone would accuse them of being "sell outs" and changing their sound to get more popular/airplay (just like so many people have done with Spineshank)
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on 20 October 2003
people have been slagging this album off! why? i agree that some of the songs are not as heavy as people may like but thats not a bad thing really. there are some cracking songs such as te amo.... i hate you which will knock the socks off anyone listening! not as heavy and fast as the debut album but i promise that ill nino fans and others for that matter will like it
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on 14 October 2003
well...what can i say..dont believe what you hear about this album....just buy it instead. I recently learned that Ill Ninoe have been join by the EX-Machine head guitarist, so theres a nother reason to buy this darn CD ! driiiiving tribal drums, chugging riffs, and brilliant vocals, theres nothing left to say other than BUY THIS CD !!! (and every AFI CD you can find)
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on 7 October 2003
After first buying revolution/revolucion, i knew i had heard a band who would do well for themselves. Since then i've been desperate to get my hands on their sophomore record, and als finally it came under the title, 'Confession'. Ill Niño have brought back that brutal aggression and unique latino melodies that brought me to love them. The opening track, Te Amo...I Hate You' delivers a kick in the teeth with its hard thrash intro from the guitarists and unbelivable beats from Dave Chavaari and Danny Couto which bring the whole song to a controlled frenzy with the help of Cristian Machado's amazing voice! From 'Te Amo...I Hate You' to 'Unframed', another masterpiece from the boys which tests Machado's vocal skills to the brink from deep screaming to mellowed singing, to songs like 'Numb' with latin acoustics which bring a whole new depth to Ill Nino's sound. If you were a fan of revolution/revolucion then i advise strongly getting this album. It is a slight change in tempo from R/R but i guarantee you will not be disappointed!
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on 30 December 2003
It truly is a fantastic album. The first 5 songs really pulled me in. I think that the fact that I really didn't expect it to be that great and that I bought this one before ill Nino's first one; Revolution/Revolucion meant that I had no huge expectations and so I enjoyed this album even more. From the middle to the end, I felt it got a bit empty and slow, but the pace picked up again slightly.
But I look at the album as a whole and it really stands out from a lot of the other metal albums I have. The songs that stood out for me were; Two, Unframed, Cleansing, Lifeless life, When it cuts, Re-birth and Have you ever... is simply one of the best 'metal ballads' i've ever heard in my life so far. (No Joke) It's weird cause I never paid much attention to Have you ever... at first, but the more I listened to it, the more I fell in love with it. It's so moving and I really related to so many of the songs on this album.
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on 7 October 2003
ill nino confession slated by those with out ears for the real talent, confeion i the boy third album i believe and it is everything that i believe it to be, christians vocals certainly if anything have improved and the lyric writing isn't far off that either, with their filthy heavy guitar riffs and the beautiful combination of christians spanish lyrics on the add bonus spanih track make this album worth having, then there i the excellant second track 'how can i live?' taking from the freddy v jason movie/soundtrack, te amo .......i hate you. these tracks prove to you that ill nino have far from losing touch and as if all that weren't enough, Ill~Nino are now joined by the awesome Ahrue luster of ex machinehead. If this isn't enough reasons to buy the album then there is something wrong with you!
Ill~Nino confesion, it rules and it's out now!
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