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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 October 2003
The Strokes made it very hard for themselves when they unleashed 'Is This It?' into the music world - 'cos they set themselves an unenviable task of having to progress from the blueprint with the follow up. Its been a while since The Strokes released anything and therefore there has been an obvious air of excitement among their fans(me being 1 of them)about what to expect and when?....WHEN?
Well, when it arrives what is it like? In a word....Good. Is it better than 'Is This It?..no. Is it different to 'Is this It?..yes..and no.
Room on Fire frustrates me a little. They left one producer because they felt the mixing procedures being used were over polished and not capturing the rawness that they like in recording- and went back to the original master to see if he could help them create something of equal+ genius of 'Is This It?'.....The Result?- something that is left feeling over polished at times. The vocals are distant for the majority of the songs and sometimes in-audible. Band-wise the boys are as technically brilliant as ever but the quietness of the vocals will disappoint hardcore Strokes fans.
Not to say, this is a bad record..Its not..it's bl**dy good but due to the quality of their first release..i wanted the impossible..a follow up that would substitute 'Is This It' to the cd shelf- and that ain't gonna happen.....yet. Its early days of listening, mind. When i see the boys perform this album live - i'm sure i'll change my mind(fingers x'd)
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on 2 October 2003
Two years after is this it(the best debut since definitely maybe) the strokes r back.11 songs that clock in at just under 34 mins and every one just as brilliant as you wanted them to be.Although very similar to their classic debut the sound is much larger and more ambitious.The album as a whole is a bit slowed down compared to their first even the live fave Ze-newie re-named as between love and hate has had much of its fast rockier sound replaced with a laid back feel.The album starts so fast ur on to track 4 (the single the very blondie influenced 12-51)before u can even draw a breath.then its the absolutely rocking you talk too much(a highlight of the bands live sets for the last yr),for me though the real surprise and def one of the highlights is the excellent Under control-a new sound for the strokes their first proper love song and the first not to come at u at 100 mph where the band show their sound is more than it first seemed .Where the band excel though is when they rock out like on the final two tracks The way it is and I cant win both heard on their tours last yr.As soon as the album finishes u will want to go straight back to track one and just like with their first their is no album this yr that can even come close.The masters r back so until the next great rock band emerges enjoy the current one.still the best so buy it NOW.
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on 3 October 2003
With the risk to sound as cliché I would say that "this album is just a continuation of their previous work". My guess is that I don't think it will be as succesful as their previous album due to the fact that the first one was a very original master piece, this one is not going to cause that original impact in all of us. Though there is some kind of originality in a couple of their new songs were they introduce a kind of nice cosmic guitar sound which I don't recall was used in their previous album.
Anyway I think we want to hear to the strokes that's why you will buy this album. If we wanted to listen something different then we will need to wait until the next strong indie movement cames up. If you liked the first one, then buy this album, you will not feel dissapointed, the rithm, the sound and the band feels just like in "is this it".
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on 4 January 2004
The difficult second album has long been a stumbling block for many of rock n' roll's saviours, so the question on my lips was; "Can 'The Strokes' follow up 'Is this it'?"
Thankfully, the answer is yes. While they could never hope to top their debut album, (Hence only 4 stars) 'The Strokes' still rock. They can still put together some of the best riffs and melodies in music today, Julian Casablancas still sings a bit like Lou Reed and that guitarist (Albert Hammond) still looks like Bolton's Ivan Campo.
The one and only criticism, occasionally the guitars are in danger of drowning out the vocals, but that is a small criticism. Long may the second best rock band in the world continue ('The White Stripes' obviously being the best).
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on 10 October 2004
After listening to Room on Fire for the first time you start to believe that the band lost their greatness the day Is This It? was released. But in true music stylin' and profilin' The Strokes still play to the best of their ability and obviously it's amazing. 12:51 is easily the best song on the album, with the band's i can't be bothered feel to the songs you feel that you listening make it that great album. I can't believe i haven't bought this earlier! I recommend RCA records send a copy to every person in the world of Room On Fire!
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on 10 November 2015
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on 15 February 2004
While the first album was a breath of fresh air when released this album seems lazy in comparison, in terms of musical progression the Strokes seem to have stayed stuck firmly to the same musical formula of " Is this It?", . If your looking for the killer New York sound then try out either The Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Fever To Tell" or "Echoes" by The Rapture
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on 19 June 2004
Having got this album around two weeks ago there has been nothing else in my CD player, i love it! Initially i thort it was ok but now it is the daddy! I can't think of a poor song on the album. I would recommend this ablbum to anyone because its fantastic, exceptional tracks include 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11! The only thing i was dissappointed was the length of the album
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on 28 December 2003
At first like many i thought this album was drab apart from '12:51' and 'Meet me in the bathroom' but i now cant get it off my speakers. It is one of the most entertaining albums of 2003. The highlights being 'You talk way too much' and 'The end has no end'. I think i actually prefere this album to 'Is this it' but not by much. In short if you liked 'Is this it' you will like this, it is essentially the same.
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on 3 November 2003
The consensus is that this album should be approached with excitement and apprehension: both approaches being down to the fact that 'Is this It' was so great.
'Room On Fire' isn't radically different to their classic debut, but it is better overall. The reason for this is that the songs, whilst less readily appealing (and thus why many people, on first listen, are disappointed), prove deeply rewarding on re-visits. 'Is this It', God bless it, was overflowing with instantly catchy tunes. It is only until the closing trio of this album that the band opens its arms and lets rip with good old-fashioned, rock'n'roll ear candy.
There are catchy songs before the last three - 'Reptilia' is pure hard rock adrenaline; 'Between Love and Hate' is the most ridiculously camp thing they've ever done. But songs like 'Automatic Stop' and 'You Talk Way Too Much' are less so, and require a little patience on the part of the listener. And they are well worth it, believe me. We all appreciate the easily digestible pop gems, but the less straightforward (but hardly complicated) ones often are the ones with the most depth and maturity. 'Under Control' is arguably the best song here. Yes it's a ballad, but hardly 'very non-Strokes' as it features a melody full of the aching, wistful emotion that made 'Trying Your Luck' one of the highlights of the last album. And its well placed too, leading as it does into the closing trio and thus balancing the album perfectly.
This is quite simply the album of the year by the best band around right now.
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