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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2009
I have to agree with the 1st reviewer here , what is Amazon doing giving a brief review about a different movie ?. Ignore the Amazon comments as they bear no relation to this movie whatsoever !.
This is a 1959 film starring Kenneth Moore as William Blood who sees a women at a train station. Then falls in love with her but he has odd abilitys such as not feeling pain , worry or even to become ill. He thought he was also immune to women but he finds that he's anything but. He is being used as a human Lab rat as the scientists want to send him to the moon. But this is still no cure for Love and the girl Polly also can't bear to be apart from William. This is a madcap sci-fi comedy that is fun and heartwarming at the same time.
The special features include a press pack PDF and three image galleries,
It runs for 95 minutes in total.
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on 18 June 2004
This touching, gentle film marks Reese Witherspoon's impressive film debut. "The Man in the Moon" did not make the impact it should have done on the public, probably because it came out at the same time as "My Girl", which starred big names (Macaulay Culkin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Ayckroyd). The films are slightly similar but the child actors in "Moon" far outshine the simpering affectedness of Chlumsky and Culkin in "My Girl" and it's a shame that Witherspoon's talent took longer to be discovered.
Set in 1950s Louisiana, this is a film about first crushes and true love; about the difficulties of parenthood and sibling rivalry; about when friendship teeters on the line of something deeper; about love and heartbreak. Danni, a tomboy headstrong 14 year old, feels overshadowed by her beautiful sister Maureen, but the relationship they have is close. When a new neighbour, Court Foster (sensitively played by Jason London) moves in, sisterly ties are tested. Danni moves from fantasy crushes on Elvis to her first real love; Maureen finds in Court the passion which has been missing from her previous relationships; and the Trant parents watch helplessly as their daughters grow up and apart, before being forced to come together in the face of tragedy.
Beautifully directed, the film can occasionally jolt the viewer when they least expect it (Danni's whipping, Marie's discovery in the field). I have only given it 4 stars rather than 5 because I feel the score by James Newton Howard (coincidentally he also wrote the music for 'My Girl'!) is rather cliched and sickly-sweet.
The cast is superb, even the smallest characters are well-played and beautifully drawn (Court's troublesome younger brothers, the old lady in church) and several generations of stories told in approximately one and a half hours. "The Man in the Moon" works on many different levels and is a film to be treasured.
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on 15 January 2003
This poignant story is one of the most beautiful coming of age portraits ever filmed. It is set in rural Louisiana during the 1950's and is beautifully photographed and filled with love and tenderness. The focal point of director Robert Mulligan's (To Kill a Mockingbird, Summer of '42) story is a very young Reese Witherspoon in a role that should have made her a household name. This story of first love and the tragedy that follows will touch you in a way you'll remember for a long time.
Sam Waterson is perfect as the gentle and kind husband and father Matthew who knows his two daughters are growing up faster than he can blink and has another one on the way. Tess Harper has another fine turn as his loving wife Abigail. There is a sweet and peaceful feel to this film that gets into your heart slowly in much the same manner as "The Spitfire Grill". It is that good.
Dani (Reese Witherspoon) is the spunky but tender hearted younger sister who is beginning to cross the waters from kid to young woman at 14. Her adolescent crush on Elvis changes to something real when 17 year old Court Foster (Jason London) enters the picture. They both like to swim in the lake and become something more than friends but something less than a couple. Their relationship is handled in such a sweet and thoughtful manner you find youself embracing this film with your heart early on.
But as much as Court cares about her she is to young for him and when chance brings he and her older sister Maureen (Emily Wakefield) together nature takes it's course and someone's heart is bound to break. This is a good and loving family and Dani and her older sister Maureen are close. They bicker as sisters do but Dani secretly worships Maureen and wants to be like her. Maureen loves Dani just as much but can't pass up the love of her life no matter how hard she might try.
Court is also prtrayed as a very decent kid with the weight of the world on his shoulders who is trying to do the right thing and still be happy. Everthing about this feels real as there are no good guys and bad guys, just a truthful portrait of young love and growing up. Witherspoon is amazing and you can truly feel her heart breaking as she begins to disappear, only her memories of the lake and her first kiss to comfort her.
It will take even more than a tragedy to bring Dani and Maureen back together and it is the wise and gentle father who takes Dani fishing and talks to her in a way every father hopes he will talk to his daughter under similar circumstances. Everyone is wonderful in this fine film and I am amazed it is not more widely known. It is truly something special.
I can not reveal what happens in the last part of this film but at the beginning we find Dani and Maureen talking on their front porch about 'The Man in the Moon'. Their mother always told them when they were young to tell their troubles to 'The Man on the Moon' and just keep talking untill they were all gone. Both Dani and Maureen discover when things are bleakest that 'The Man in the Moon' is truly each other.
This film is warm, sweet, and heartrending. It is a wonderful find and different from just about anything else you will see on the subject matter. It is a film you'll want to own and watch over and over. Pick this one up today....
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on 16 February 2014
A wonderfully evocative coming of age film that makes you feel as if you're living in the gentle countryside of 1950s Louisiana and experiencing the sunshine and the storms (both literal and emotional). Watch this on a dark evening with no interruptions, so you can let yourself fall into a dreamlike state and be transported to another place, another time.
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on 10 March 2015
I love Reese, with or without a spoon, cos she's gorgeous but she's not in this film!
I love Kenneth More and luckily he is!
I remember seeing this film on telly as a child and thinking it was great so i thought I'd buy it to expand my Kenneth More collection. It's in the great KM tradition of quaintness and doesn't disappoint. It's an Ealing comedy in all but name so it is no surprise that the great Basil Dearden is in the directorial chair. Recommended to fans of both Ealing and More.
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on 7 March 2011
Kenneth More plays a man who makes a living from undergoing various tests, treatments and other such "niceities"; in effect, he is a human "guinea-pig". However, the trouble with him is he never catches any of the ailments he is supposed to, doesn't suffer seasickness and, in point of fact, is totally useless to those who are trying to find cures for these problems. Even sleeping outdoors in a field doesn't give him so much as a sneeze!

He is pursuaded to sign up for the very latest endurance tests: to become an astronaut! At first, he isn't actually told precisely what it is he is going to be doing and, being the carefree young man that he is, nothing bothers him. He can stand any amount of temperature extremes, even what would usually be a fatal "G-force". His Russian colleagues aren't too pleased and do what they can to sabotage him. He still remains completely untouchable until, that is, he meets a beautiful young woman and falls in love! ACHOOOOO!

A rather tongue-in-cheek look at the influence of women on men which shouldn't upset the ardent feminists too much; it is, after all, just good fun!
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on 3 January 2011
amazing film, just love the 1950's sifi and with being a british film it even better, kenneth moore at his best, british hummer no american rubbish
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on 20 September 2003
I was spurred on to buy this DVD because I vaguely remembered seeing it as a child and loving it! The film tells the story of two sisters and their lives in Louisiana in the 1950's. Set against a backdrop of cute western towns and coutryside the story is rife with heartbreak, heartache, death and birth. If a little clichéd, viewers should look beyond that to a beautiful portrayal of family love and trust that will eventually prevail. Reese Witherspoon is a great as the quirky and intelligent Dani, and Jason London is a nice bit of eye-candy for those who want it! Give this film a try because it is, dare I say it, very "nice". But do be prepared to cry if you are sensitive!
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on 2 September 2012
I bought this film as i am a huge Reese Witherspoon fan and i was very impressed and moved by this film. At just 14 years old Reese Witherspoon proved what an amazing actress she is. The rest of the cast all give excellent performances as well but this really is Reese Witherspoon's film. Jason London is very sexy and the female viewer will definitley enjoy watching him topless for 80% of his time onscreen. In a nutshell this is the kind of movie they dont make anymore, a beautiful drama with a powerful story that does not have any swearing, violence or graphic sex scenes.
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on 9 March 2000
Reese Witherspoon makes her screen debut as Dani a fifteen year old girl in the throws of her first love in 1950's America. The scenery is beautiful, Reese is superb as the sarcastic teen and the rest of the cast compliment her performance perfectly. This is one of my favourites!
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