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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 23 January 2017
With Busted's recent surprise comeback, I searched for my old copy of their self-titled debut album from 2002, and to my surprise, I found that the old record still held up very well after all these years. I'd completely forgotten how good it was, and have been listening to it a lot lately.

These four London lads were always better than you're average male British pop band, because they wrote their own songs, and played their own instruments. There was nothing really manufactured about them, and although their sound and lyrics were obviously geared towards the teenage market, I think that older music fans have got to give them respect for their aforementioned talents.

Almost a greatest hits album, and indeed, in my opinion, the best of their singles are on all here, 'Busted' contains so many anthems for my generation, the humorous 'Year 3000' (check out the music video and you'll see that, despite the lyrics, a hell of a lot has changed!), the relatable quirky gem which was their debut single 'That's What I Go to School For', and who hasn't had a crush on one of their teachers?, the upbeat number one hit 'You Said No', and the slower, much melodic 'Sleeping with the Light On'. The latter isn't the only mature track on offer, just listen to the yearning ballad 'Losing You' (a big it clearly missed), the reasonably deep 'Psycho Girl', and the even deeper 'Without You' (a massive contrast to 'Year 3000'!), and you might find yourself realising that they were a bit more versatile and deep than their teen-fan reputation would suggest.

I honestly can't say that this album, which sold in excess of 1,180,000 copies in the UK, has any fillers, because each track is well worth the time spend listening to it. This is guitar-driven pop-rock music at it's finest, and right up there with the likes of Scouting for Girls, Bowling for Soup, Good Charlotte, and of course McFly. Busted are a little of bit of my childhood, but when I rate their first album five stars, it isn't down to any nostalgia filter, it's because I honestly believe that it is worth nothing less. Don't let their old image fool you, and check out their early material with an open mind.
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on 16 April 2013
When Busted hit the scene in late 2002 nobody had ever seen the like and I don't believe anybody will ever see the like of them again! The sound and the attitude of this band was what made them unique and back then they were the coolest band I could ever imagine and the 1st band I ever loved. When their debut single What I go to school for was released in September, reaching number 3 in the U.K charts girls went wild and most guys pretended they didn't like them. An interesting fact about the band is that they were the first band to have the Guinness world record for having their singles chart in ascending order; Year 3000 went to number 2 and You said no went to number1!

The album cover and artwork reflects the band's name with the images being centred around being arrested or 'busted' as it were. The front cover has them standing in front of a height chart and inside they've had mug shots taken and their thankyou's are part of their police files, which I think is smart. The lyrics are set out with artwork/sketches drawn around it reflecting the school theme and accentuating it. There are also a couple of cool pictures in the centre of the booklet with Matt on a skateboard and on the back, strangely the guys riding a shopping trolley!

These may be good-looking boys whose main fan base was targeted at girls but Busted write their own songs and play their own instruments and that is something to be appreciated with this so called `manufactured boy band'. The boys did have help writing from men called Steve Robson and John Mclaughlin on 8 out of the 13 songs here.

The albums kicks off with the debut single What I go to school for; a unique piece of pop punk about a boy's obsession with his school teacher and straight away you're aware that these guys are young - Charlie 17 and Matt and James 19 when this was released! I don't mean that in terms of songwriting because it's great, just the subject matter reflects their youth. The song starts off with quite romantic lyrics from Charlie and then changes atmosphere when Matt comes in all attitude about the lustful side of this infatuation. The chorus is brilliant catchy pop music. Humorously the bridge informs us that this boy gets with his school teacher and they go away together! You said no, which is my all-time favourite Busted song, is the heaviest on the album and is a pop-rock anthem! The guitar sound is much more at the helm than for most of the album and the sing-a-long chorus is brilliant. The subject matter once again is quite teenage with the guy asking a girl to dance with him at a disco and her saying "no" and him being humiliated. Charlie Simpson's story about how he 'crashed and burned' in front of a girl was the inspiration for this song and I also quite adore that phrase. Britney is of course about the 1 and only Britney Spears. A long time ago back in 2002 when this song was written Britney was a girl who was well worth writing about because she was the sexiest woman alive, whereas now this song seems somewhat dated. It's about lusting after Britney and also borders on obsession. The bridge sung by Matt has a very early Britney Spears feel to it which I think is smart. Losing you alters the tone altogether, slowing things down and is quite a mature ballad pop tune. Year 3000 takes us back to the pop anthems with a sing-along chorus, and a futuristic feel to it, inspired by James' obsession with the movie 'Back to the future', I also noticed a reference sung by Matt taken from 'Total recall'. Psycho girl again slows things down again and is a ballad sounding tune about a crazy girlfriend. All the way is self-explanatory about a guy wanting to go with a girl but she keeps letting him down. It's one of my least favourite, but does have a catchy chorus.

Sleeping with the light on is a ballad-type pop song with a catchy chorus. Dawson's geek is a highlight, always being a favourite, and 1 of the best. It's incredibly upbeat and is the fastest song, about a guy obsessed with the show 'Dawson's creek' and how much the boys despise him for it. It's a very humorous and catchy pop-punk tune. When day turns into night is probably the most mature song on the album with a slower sound which is incredibly effective, especially with the mournful string section at the middle 8. Everything I knew is a Matt-led tune about a relationship turned sour with a very catchy sound and a great upbeat chorus. Without you is written by Simpson and is a slow moody ballad with his vocals only. Track 13 (unlisted) is a mysterious guitar piece lasting just 18 seconds. Loser kid is a perfect end to the record and definitely a standout song about how their lives were compared to how people treated them when they became famous. The whole song is strong but the middle 8 is just magic and takes you to another place. The chorus and bridge both refer to Miss Mackenzie, reminiscent of a previous song.

These teenagers are talented songwriters, musicians and singers and with their varying vocal ranges and songwriting techniques they work perfectly together. I think that if any other variable had happened for this band then they wouldn't have been as good as they were. I seldom listen to this album nowadays but in my early teens this album was the bomb! It's a piece of music history.
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on 16 November 2002
This album is really good! there is a variety of songs, from the catchy upbeat dawsons geek to the deep and ballard-y without you (which is sung by the gorgeous charlie!). These guys sure know how to write good songs. some of the lyrics arent all that clever or anything, but they work well and they seem to be more about fun anyway! I love all the songs on this album, but my favs are track 2- 'crash & burn' (about a guy being rejected in front of all his mates), track 3- a clever track about Britne spears (i guess thats pretty obvious really, but you'll see what i mean), track 5 - 'year 3000' such a funny song, i think its gonna be their next single! track 9 - 'dawsons geek' - i really wish i could see the guy this song is about! track 11 - an up-beat love song - sounds kinda weird but its really good! and the list goes on. The enhanced CD gives you some lyrics and the video for 'what i go to school for' amongst other things. A top album - which hasnt left my CD player since i got it!
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on 25 July 2003
There is many things wrong with this album, well everything actually. The lyrics are terrible, the music isn't very inventive, and while the 'artists' take many vain stabs at being humourous, they are quite simply not. (And them just to name a few). Yes, Busted are just another wannabe boy band.
The target audience is so very limited (8-14 year old girls) and it can't give anything that other bands cannot, it doesn't have that edge, it is completely generic. If people want punk, they should look to bands such as Green Day, Blink 182, If they want pop they should go to Westlife and Girls Aloud. Busted need to step back and take a look at great bands such as Oasis, Stereophonics, the mighty U2 and Coldplay if they are serious about challenging for the UK crown but I can't see that happening. 1/5
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on 30 July 2003
Lets get this straight from the start, Busted will never set the world of music on fire. Their sound is a heavily watered down version of blink 182 post dude ranch. But what Busted do have on their side is an array of incredibly catchy pop songs. Starting with what I think is the best pop single of the last 10 years, " What I go to school for," this album has very few weak points. Main vocallist Charlie has a voice that would be well suited for a rock band which complements the two other's boy band sounding vocals nicely. This is best typified on "Crash and Burn" and "Dawson's Geek". Other stand out tracks are "Britney", "Everything I Knew" and the suprisingly good balled "Losing you". Obviously on an album like this there will be a few shockers and these come in the form of "When day turns into night" and the laughable "Psycho Girl". When it comes down to it Busted are not a band who should be taken too seriously (as they would probably vouch for themselves) and admitedly some of their lyrics are slightly dodgy but this in my mind is a superb pop album which is awesome to sing along to.
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on 26 April 2004
I'm not a teenager, but I love the humour in busted's Lyrics so much thatI've started buying singles again.
The albums (both of them) areexcellent and you be pleased to have them in your collection.
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on 6 December 2003
What can I say, honestly? Well honestly this band has been created in order to capitalise on the Pop Punk/Punk Rock phenomenon currently sweeping the country, a major record company’s response is to generate a "Punk Rock" band with Boy Band members. Extracting more money from there target audience. A few years ago The Ataris released a CD called Anywhere But Here, track 16, Four Chord wonder, the lyrics run as follows, "'I've got a little plan, so listen up. We could write a four chord wonder, and make a million bucks!' No need to mention names ‘cause you know who you are. Take word of my advice or I'll break your guitar!". So fitting I think! I prefer music with evoking chord progressions and meaningful lyrics! Busted however don’t seem to be able to achieve either of these. The chord progressions they run with have been driven into the ground by hundreds of bands before them! This is not music! This is manufactured drivel, in the same way you can have pasta at a restaurant and have the full flavour, or bung a ready meal into a microwave and get a cheep replacement. Unfortunately the majority of people who will buy this haven’t ever experienced the fuller flavour of a real punk rock band, and are still surviving on ready meals. People buying this album are listening to it, calling themselves “Punk rockers” and going off to clubs playing alternative music and just sitting in the corner wondering what on earth they are listening to! If you want to listen to punk rock music and get into the punk rock scene allow me to point you in the right direction, stay away from this and head off towards bands such as; The Ataris, Rufio, Millencollin, Relient K, Junction 18, Yellowcard, MxPx, Mest, Pulley, Over It and The Early November. Not “Busted” as they like to be called!
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on 26 September 2017
The very 1st Album from Busted. When they burst onto the radio amd music channels everywhere with their school boy penned song for their teacher.
A very pop punk sound, think Blink with more fun and a bit of Brit Cheese whuch we all secretly love.
But ignoring the cheese and listening to the record as a whole.

Some fun sounds and feel good songs, like Britney, All The Way and Dawson's Geek, not taking themselves seriously, very 00's American comedy movie feel about it.

Then you get other tracks like Losing You, When Day Turns Into Night and Without You which very easily could have been big hits, had they been released. They are vocally brilliant, especially from Charlie Simpson, who had vocal talent way beyond his years when recording this when he was only 17/18 years of age.

Overall a good mixed bag and was on constant loop through my Busted obsessed teenage years.
I'm ignoring the 1 star reviews as the majority are just complaints about packaging and postage, broken cd cases and not the actual album itself.
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on 2 December 2003
There is absolutly no meaning to these lyrics. Possibly the worst band I have ever heard, people like this should not aloud to make music. With bands like this around decent bands will never get heard thanks to the '12 year old girl' audience buying their CD's.
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on 4 September 2003
Busted By Busted. Let’s get one thing straight before we start. This C.D isn’t going to set the world alight. If you’re looking for hardcore rock on this album, you’ll be extremely disappointed. If you’re looking for that, go into a music shop, buy Nevermind by Nirvana and go home to the self-indulgent, monotonic mutterings of Kurt Cobain and the like. If you’re looking for Pop music with a twist, however, this could indeed be the C.D. for you.
Busted are three teenage guys. They’re not remarkable lookers and they don’t dress smartly. They dress like most teenage boys- down with only the slightest care of their appearance. What makes Busted different from all the other pop bands out there at the moment? Well, they appear to play instruments, they write their own songs and they know how to have a good time when they’re on stage, jumping around without a care in the world. And unlike the obviously manufactured tosh, Busted know what their facial muscles are for. To smile, laugh and generally enjoy themselves.
So, the C.D. is it any good? Busted is indeed a very good debut album. It sounds well produced and it manages to capture the essence of being a teenager extremely well. From being turned down by the person you dig (Crash and Burn) to the evitable, nearly psychotic crush on a celebrity (Britney)- it’s all here. Most things the average person experienced as a teenager have been captured within the fun, light hearted appeal of Busted’s songs. O.K. so no-one’s been to the Year 3000 but that’s got to be taken with a pinch of salt.
The stand-out tracks are the more serious ones, ‘Sleeping With The Light On’ and ‘When Day Turns Into Night’ The latter is a very basic song, comprising of just a few instruments but the formula works very well. The outcome is a very beautiful but emotionally sounding song at the same time. ‘Sleeping With The Light On’ is a bit more rocked up than the aforementioned song but it’s not really counted as a slow song. Especially after hearing the trendy rocked-up mix, I remain of the opinion that it’s not a song you can slow dance to. Out of the two versions, the album version is a better bet. It’s not as commercialised and it’s got more of an acoustic feel to it.
One thing that lets the album down, though, is the ballads. Busted are all about jumping around on stage and generally having a good time. Not sitting on stools, swaying to the music a la Westlife. Except for the two stand out tracks, the ballads are of a poor quality and show up the flaws in the singers voices, Matt Jay in particular. He’s alright practically shouting on songs such as ‘Dawson’s Geek’ and ‘Crash And Burn’ but trying to be soulful on ‘Losing You’? It’s not a good sound for him.
So Busted by Busted. Is it worth buying? Yep, it’s a C.D. worth parting from your money with. Busted connect really well with their audience through their songs and still manage to sound tongue in cheek about everything. Because of this, Busted maintain an air of cheekiness and therefore realism. They don’t seem like your average pop stars, they feel like someone you know, like the boy next door or the class clown. If they just lose the dull ballads (Please... Even Westlife have gone up-tempo now!) and replace it with slow but less serious songs, they could be onto something big. Very big. The new Madness? It’s a pretty big comparison to make but in the future, maybe. Just maybe.
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