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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2003
I first came across Jamie on BBC's "Parkinson" show. I heard that there was a new album out and that Parkinson himself was plugging it. I was intrigued.
When I got the album and played it, I was delighted. There is no part of the album that disappints. In an era of manufactured acts and bad covers, this is an excellent fusion of 'old standards' and new compositions, all given Jamie's unique styling.
He has an amazing talent as a performer and composer, and is photogenic.
Anyone who loves music will find something to please on this album. Select a track to fit your mood or sit back, relax and enjoy the music of Jamie Cullum.
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on 8 October 2003
I've heard the songs on this album already (via download pre-order) and can honestly say that I haven't heard such a refreshing album in years. First things first, Jamie Cullum has an incredible voice - ecstatic one minute and heartbreakingly intimate the next. For me, his performances of Blame it on My Youth, or But For Now bring tears to my eyes. And his version of I Get A Kick Out Of You has more energy and drive than any I've heard before.
His piano playing is really exciting. One thing is for certain, that boy can swing and he knows when to leave space too.
The album is part standards, part covers (he does a brilliant version of Jeff Buckley's Lover You Should Have Come Over) and part originals. And it's here where Jamie sets himself above his peers. He's not afraid to stray from the standard American songbook and his own songs are some of the strongest on the album. All At Sea is particularly good.
The variety on the album is really refreshing and no doubt reflects Jamie's many influences. It's just really exciting to hear someone with obvious talent, well recorded and singing great tunes. Already my candidate for album of the year.
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Easy listening is right. This is one to relax by.
I got this CD as a birthday gift from one of my best friends. (Ironically, I had just turned 33, so nothing doing with Twentysomething). She told me this was her favourite CD. Rightly so.
Most of the numbers on this CD are covers of well-known, older songs. To hear Jamie Cullum do a make-over of Singing in the Rain is a bit strange at first. After all, it is a song that has been covered a lot of times, in many different ways. But rather than attempting to do it differently, and thereby stand out, Jamie does a wonderfully warm Sinatra-like version, that is surprisingly Jamie.
In I could Have Danced All Night, Jamie does another beautiful cover, bringing in rythm to underline the song's theme.
In All At Sea, he does something similar, expressing the theme of the song in the music itself. The piano intro makes me feel, every time again, right at sea. Now that is the art in artist.
I have this as one of my favourite car CDs, and anyone who happens to ride along is stunned by the easy listening Jamie provides. The CD is a great gift idea, according to some who have already received it from me :-)
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on 14 November 2003
I had never been a fan of the jazz/swing genre unitl hearing Jamie Cullum on Parkinson. Since then I have been hooked! TwentySomething has matured in my cd player, on the first hearing it sounds a lot less colourful than his previous album Pointless Nostalgic but listen again and you can hear how he has added an extra depth to his music. His voice is probably that of the best male vocalist in the music scene at the moment. He adds a new lease of life to the genre with songs like TwentySomething allowing his music to take on a charming persona, this album is fantastic, as is the artist behind it!
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VINE VOICEon 3 November 2003
Another great album from an impressive young talent. Following hot on the heels of Peter Cincotti, Jamie Cullum is another mature, assured performer who has managed to combine a fresh and imaginative approach to jazz with some real "payout" moments. And a Brit to boot! Like her or loathe her, the commercial success of Diana Krall is certainly bringing jazz and swing, albeit of a joe public-friendly nature, back into fashion.
Not one for the purists, but certainly an album which bursts with freshness and vitality, and which deserves to sell like hot cakes.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2004
I couldnt deside weither to give this album 2 stars or 3 stars after all Jamie Cullum's Twenty Something is occasionally inspired but is mainly fairly dull and drab. I agree with most of the critics (who seem to love him) that his voice is very distinctive, and the twists on familiar songs are somewhat intresting, but I still cant help feeling dissapointed, this album has been very well publisised and has been a big hit with everyone that i know, this caused very high expectations for this album which it does not meet. Please dont take this the wrong way though, there really are some very good songs on this album and indeed the good songs seem to out weigh the bad ones. For me the three high lights of the C.D are All at sea, Singing in the rain and These are the days, I like these because they stand out more than any other song on here. Singing In The Rain is especially good because Jamie Cullum puts a whole new twist on such a familiar song, that most people have heard about 1000 over, however i like all at sea and these are the days for completely diffrnt reasons as they have hardly been heard by anyone. These two tracks are very memorable and they stick in your head for days. I dont class myself as a very Jazz loving person but i could sit through most of the tracks on this album, but after 14 tracks of original songs and copies you do get a slightly bad taste in your mouth, as its fairly repetative and not very lively and bouncy.
Over all this album is easy to listen to and is very well produced, there is really no questioning that Jamie Cullum is extremely talented and obviously has a real passion for Jazz and the type of music that he plays. Lets not forget as well that he is a brilliant piano player. but just dont expect to much from this. Its been very well publisised and the critics have been singing his praises but its not as good as all that. Buy it but just have to high expectations of it.
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on 30 December 2003
Jazz style music isn't usually my kind of 'thing' to be honest and when I first came across Jamie on the Royal Variety show, I was truly mesmerised by his voice, it's so unique and full of emotion and fits the songs perfectly.
Although the album is a split personality of covers and Jamie's material, Jamie shows when he writes a song, he writes a SUPERB song. Most evident in the brilliant title track with a wonderful jumpy piano riff and catchy lyrics.
'All At Sea' is another example of his incredible song writing talent.
Aswell as being able to write a brilliant song he also makes other musicians songs his own especially on the cover of Jimi Hendrix's 'Wind Cries Mary' and Frank Sinatra's 'Singing In The Rain', he brings a new sap of life to them.
Overall a highly enjoyable album for jazz fans and possibly fans of pop who are willing to listen with an open mind. I recommend this album highly, one of 2003's best releases by far.
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on 12 February 2004
I loved Jamie Cullum's first album, so I did not hesitate in buying the sequel. His music is inspiring, it highlights the passion so missed in modern music. Amazingly, the songs written by Jamie and his brother, Ben, do not clash against the old classics of the album as amateur-like, indeed, they act as further demonstrations of their talent. It is clear that everyone involved in the production of the music has attempted to keep it 'real' as possible, and that familar spine-tingling feeling of a live gig is kept alive by the warmth and crispness of the sound. The fact that all the songs were recorded live, with a minimal amount of editing, also supports this.
My only criticisms would be with reference to the packaging (and so are not really criticisms of the artist). In comparision to his last album, the style has been influenced heavily by 'pop'. The white and bright blue really put me off - superficial I know! - but I really would have prefered something slightly more..'moody'.
The disgraceful colouring aside, this is a must buy. Jamie is sure to be a complete success in promoting jazz and I look forward to future releases.
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on 17 February 2004
Although I've never been a massive fan of traditional Jazz, I heard a few snippets from this album on the radio and had to buy it. It did not disappoint.
I work from home and must listen to this album 2 or 3 times a day. This guy has a fantastic voice and although some of the songs are covers, he certainly couldn't be classed of not making them his own.
I understand how traditionalists may frown on Cullum's attempt at diversifying "Jazz Standards", but surely this is what Jazz and music as a whole is all about. Since buying this, I have gone on to buy his first offering - Pointless Nostalgic, and also managed to grab some tickets for his gig in Hammersmith in June.
There are very few people in the modern music world who make me sit up and listen as most of the time, the same old monotonous drivel is piped over the air waves, but Jamie Cullum's Twentysomething is certainly something different.
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on 27 January 2004
This album was completely refreshing, it's great to finally hear something different from all the poppy manufactured acts. Twentysomething made me appreciate music which I haven't took much interest before and is a great chill out opportunity! I am now an avid Jamie fan and I can't wait until his tour in February!!!
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