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3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2015
Not a bad low-budget monster film. No memorable performances, music not a classic score, monsters are absolutely 5 star. If this were one of those films that restricts it's monsters' screen-time it would be worthless, but you're treated to loads of wonderful creations, as well as gore by the bucket load.
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on 24 November 2006
This is a real cult classic and a must for fans of eighties monster movies.The movie was actually filmed under the title alien factor however this started a legal dispute as there was already an alienfactor film releasesed almost ten years earlier this meant the film was not released until 1993 even though production started in 1987, directed by Ted.A Bohus who wrote and directed the 1980's cult classic Deadly Spawn the movie was also known as deadly spawn 2 this name was not used however probably because it has nothing to do with deadly spawn apart from both films featuring aliens that have a tendency to eat people.Metamophosis is definetly one of my favourite lowbudget sci-fi gore fests.
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on 20 January 2009
Originally beginning it's life as 'The Deadly Spawn 2' (The Deadly Spawn being another low to no budget monster masterpiece) Metamorphosis is lovely sticky creature feature with some weak dialog, but fantastic beasties and awesome animatronic effects. Obviously garnering a larger budget than The Deadly Spawn the creators of this little gem chose to go large with every element of this loose fitting sequel, and boy did it pan out. If you love your Creature Features with a fair amount of gore, and some really inventive beasties the likes of which you won't see in anything else, then I suggest you grab a hold of Metamorphosis and enjoy the ride.

- Awesome monsters - I may have mentioned it more than enough already but they are old school, icky looking, non CGI, cool.
- The metamorphosis in question is nasty and again features some brilliant make up effect.
- A great b-movie blast where the bad acting doesn't detract too badly from the overall, over the top, production and provides a good giggle at times.

- The acting, it's bad - it's b-movie cheese and it is what it is, and that is funny as heck.
- The main monster - though massively impressive - looks slightly too phallic at times for comfort! oo-er!

A relatively low budget gem where all the money has been sunk into creature and make-up effects making it a complete blast even if the acting is almost unpalatable at time, but hey what are you expecting here?
Love your creature features? then grab this now! Not too stoked by the prospect of crazy beasties munching on some bad actors? Still give it a chance for the right price - you may be pleasantly surprised!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 November 2012
Oh my lord, I can't believe the rating system here only goes as low as 1 star. I was hoping to give this ridiculous pile of trash a heavy minus but I guess thats life.

Where to start? Well, this was originally supposed to be a sequel to the 1983 low budget classic 'The deadly spawn' which for its meagre budget, was an exceptional advertisement on how to make a horror movie with a few pennies.

Deadly spawn had decent acing (for a bunch of nobodies) good direction, a decent if slightly simple plot and a brilliantly put together monster, not to mention bucket loads of gore.
This supposed 'sequel' is amazing, it has none of that.

The acting is excruciatingly poor, (I've done better acting trying to bunk a day off of work and failed) the script is unbelievably bad to the point of ridiculam and the rubber 'hand puppet' monster and childlike stop motion effects provide more cringes at how poor they are than scares. There's some blob monster that honestly looks as if it is being pushed around on a stick, I mean, c'mon.

The ending of the films just looks like they completely ran out of cash. Everything is done in stop motion and very poor stop motion at that. It's so bad it makes the special effects in Jason and the Argonaughts look good.

The acting, oh wow! I have seen a lot of films with cringeworthy and downright poor acting but this defies belief. I have never seen acting this bad in anything and I mean that sincerely.

I can't say I have ever seen a horror movie quite this bad and I consider myself a fairly tolerant person. Some films are so poor that they become laughably enjoyable or mildly entertaining and then there's this, which is just downright painful. The thing that makes it worse, is that the film had a budget of near $3m almost ten times that of its predecessor. and yet despite being made 7 years later (when effects have supposedly improved), this makes 'The deadly spawn' look like Avatar.

Anybody giving this film more that one star either has some connection to the films makers/actors, or they are extremely easily pleased.

If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life, then avoid this at all costs, however, if you decide to watch it someday, please purchase a pack of razor blades to accompany the viewing. Trust me, you'll thank me for them.
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on 2 May 2016
Ted a bohus makes another superb film the effects are amazing good story
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