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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 December 2015
This satirical BBC news panel show has been a fixture of my Friday night television viewing for as long as they can remember, it's just so good. If you are unfamiliar with the programme's format, 'Have I Got News For You' basically grills a group of well-known celebrity contestants on the week's top stories and news, with a different presenter each time. The real beauty of it, is that nothing is scripted, and by having a different host every week, the individual brings their own personality to the proceedings, ensuring that each week's episode is different, and never dull.

On the first DVD of this two-disc collection, there are four complete episodes from the show, which are slightly extended from the original broadcast, including the famous one with London Mayor Boris Johnson, which is also presented as a double-length version (on the second disc). This is then followed by an hour of short clips, which feature other various presenters as diverse as Paul Merton, Anne Robinson, John Sergeant, Jeremey Clarkson, Charlotte Church, and Charles Kennedy.

As well as ''The Full Boris'', the second DVD contains some other very good bonus material, including specially recorded interviews with guest hosts Bruce Forsyth and William Hague, who reflect on their experiences of the programme and how they became involved. There is also another of this with the show's regulars Ian Hislop and Paul Merton. Both of these are extras are humorous, and insightful.

'Have I Got News For You' has become something of a national institution, and quite rightly so. I'd advise you buy this DVD, and you'll be able to enjoy the top-notch satire over and over.
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on 10 August 2005
This is possibly the best satire television programme in the world, and now it is here on DVD. When Angus Deayton was infamously fired from the hosting of this show, I was deeply saddened along with many other HIGNFY fans. However, the post Deayton episodes are as good as ever, with the added fresh qualities that other comedic quiz shows fail to achieve. The only quarrel that I do have is that the (side splitting) Boris Johnson episode is shown here twice: Once as the version that went out on television, and again as the full, unedited version. It would make more sense to me to just put the unedited version in and perhaps show an alternative episode it its place. The content of the show is fantastic, and the guests shown are excellent, ranging from Charles Kennedy to Martin Clunes, to Charlotte Church. The diversity of each presenter brings an unexpected angle to each episode and makes the post-Deayton HIGNFY as good as, if not better, than before.
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on 24 May 2004
There's little else to be said about this great DVD that hasn't already been covered in earleir reviews, except to advise you to listen carefully during Bruce Forsyth's show, (the funniest of the lot and I don't care what anyone else says,) and specifically during the Iraqi most-wanted cards section, for the member of the audience so conversant in the rules of 'Play Your Cards Right' that he advises Paul Merton to "Freeze!" when the cards land him in a particulatly tricky position.
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on 28 June 2004
We now live in the USA and are therefore deprived of good TV. I was delighted when my husband got both of these DVDs for me and I almost( literally) fall out of my chair laughing when I watch them!
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on 22 January 2004
OK, this is meant to be about the various guest hosts HIGNFY had after Angus Deayton's swift departure, but in all honesty there is only one star here. OK, Bruce Forsyth's edition was good fun (particularly as Ian Hislop clearly didn't know what on Earth was going on as Brucie ripped through his catchphrases), but really it's Boris Johnson that reigns supreme.
The hour long version of Boris's show is a joy to behold, and is more than capable of producing tears of laughter no matter how many times you see it. Unlike the other shows on the DVD, it matters not one bit that the news stories are all well out of date, as Johnson blunders through like a bull in a china shop, managing to making a royal cock-up of absolutely everything he is asked to do.
Surprisingly, there's very little new in terms of actual "maerial" in The Full Boris - ie no extra rounds that were cut and very few extra questions. What you get instead is longer versions of all the chit-chat between the cast, coupled with Boris's ever more surreal decent into insanity. The golden moments for me are where the producers speak to Boris via his earpiece, causing him to halt in mid-sentance, glaze over, and bawl "What's that? Ah, right. I see" and such like; always remaining completely oblivious to the fact that nobody else has a clue what's going on.
In all honesty, it was the release of "The Full Boris" that made me go out and buy a DVD player. I was desperate to see it, and it did not disappoint one bit. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life. The only downer is that, as well as the quite interesting extras (Merton & Hislop discussing the guest hosts, Merton & Johnson discussing the show), it would have been nice to include some clips of Boris's many golden moments when he appeared as a guest, rather than a host.
Of course, Boris hosted a second edition of HIGNFY not long after the DVD was released. Arguably, this was even funnier than the the first, and I desperately hope we see an uncut version of this before too long.
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on 24 July 2014
Not sure whether this review will be very useful seeing that I am a big fan of this show. However, the more people watch ‘Have I got News For You I’ the better. If you are not familiar with HIGNFY I would recommend to first look at some more recent episodes (including the one where Paul Merton is baffled by the internet hit about Fenton the Dog – ‘Why do people think that was entertaining!?!’ – or the one where Ian Hislop finally gets a chance to grill former Blair-advisor Alastair – ‘I am not a bully. I am robust’ – Campbell. Also Marcus Brigstocke’s analysis of posh people called William is a good introduction). However, if you know the series but have missed these episodes, I can only strongly recommend them. Although the shows on this DVD date from a while back (and though the program focusses mainly on current events), time has been very gently to it - making all episodes and the extra material still much more than watchable and extremely funny.

The DVD contains four episodes (presented by Boris Johnson, Martin Clunes, William Hague and Bruce Forsyth), an extended version of the Boris episode and a compilation of highlights from other shows. Martin Clunes is probably one of the best all time presenters of HIGNFY. His timing is just perfect and his love to laugh draws you in from the start. The episode with former Minister Hague starts off a bit stiff but works great in the end – although the European Rapid Reaction Force will come to haunt Mr. Hague a few years later. Talking about Europe, this DVD contains a brilliant rant by Ian Hislop about the European Union and the attempt to write a constitution – afterwards smartly re-used by Paul Merton. In a more surrealistic episode Bruce Forsyth turns HIGNFY into a real game show – much to the joy of Paul while an initial reluctant Ian even gets competitive during the final round. I do not think that the Boris Johnson episode needs an introduction. Everything you can expect. To conclude, great show, great buy.
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on 11 February 2011
Following on from Angus Deayton's igniminous departure from the show in 2002 after a scandal the show carried on but had a guest presenter every week which turned out to be a very popular move.

This is Volume 1 of The Best of these Guest Presenters and it contains a few few full length episodes including the uncut Boris Johnson (Pre Mayor of London)episode which is very, very funny.

The highlight of the DVD for myself was the 168 minute compilation of the best jokes and quips and if you like HIGNFY then you'll love this DVD.
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VINE VOICEon 12 March 2004
When Angus Deayton, was sacked from his job as host of this show, the producers did not hire a replacement, but employed a new guest presenter each week. This two-disc set contains material from those two series.
Disc one contains the shows featuring Boris Johnson, Bruce Forsythe, Martin Clunes and William Hague as guest presenters in their entirety, plus a selection of bits from the shows featuring the others, including Hugh Dennis, Charles Kennedy, Anne Robinson, Charlotte Church and John Sargeant. These shows are largely as they were broadcast, but with a few cut lines left in.
Disc two contains the extras. The main extra is the full recording of the Boris Johnson show before it was edited down to 30 minutes, including the re-takes after the end of the show. This is very much the highlight of the whole package and for most people will be the main reason to want to see it. There is also an informal chat with Boris, filmed on the set of Room 101 after recording of that show, where Boris talks to Paul Merton about how he felt his episode if HIGNFY went. There is then a short film where William Hague and Bruce Forsythe talk about their experiences presenting the show, and the final extra is a conversation between Paul Merton and Ian Hislop, where they talk about all the guest presenters the show had in the last two series.
This DVD would be well-received as a gift, but maybe not something people are likely to be buy for thenselves - quiz shows are not traditionally good candidates for video retail, and topical quiz shows even less so, also, anyone with cable or satellite TV will see most of these shows if they leave their set on UK Gold long enough.
Having said that, there is material on this set which was not broadcast and will not be found on UK Gold, and its very watchable - you just have to decide whether it will bear repeat viewings.
One final thought to cheer us all up: at least while Boris Johnson was recording his show, that was a couple of hours when he wasn't helping to run the country!
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on 9 February 2010
Watched first disc as soon as I received it. Never stopped laughing out loud the whole way through. I had never seen any of this previously on T.V. Boris Johnson was hilarious. Loved Bruce Forsyth and the way in which his quiz shows were used much to the chagrin of regulars Paul and Ian (all in good fun though!!) Impressed with the way William Hague coped with his role as presenter and the banter from Paul Merton (all in good fun again!!) Loved Martin Clunes as presenter (why doesn't he do it again? cos he is a natural for the job) He was very funny. Fun from Glenda Jackson and Ruby Wax as guest panellists as well. Plus bits and pieces from previous shows with different presenters and a few out takes. I would have preferred it if these "bits and pieces" had been replaced with another full show with just one presenter but I still give this 5 out of 5. All in all a thoroughly entertaining DVD. I like the way that throughout this DVD all the panellists seem to enjoy themselves on the show. I was sorry when the DVD ended but I still have the 2nd disc to watch!! As I said....Wonderful stuff.
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on 8 March 2004
14 years, the same format, the same three (then two) people and the same rounds. Not even Countdown is this good. After the departure of Angus, many thought that the show would go downhill (as it did when Paul Merton left in 1996), but the show bounced back from scandal. Angus' final episode with Paul Merton and Ian Hislop reading the newspaper that broke the story and seeing his face drop was classic. But the DVD is better than that. Tory MP Boris showed his usual lovably pompous self, with a long speech spelling out the problems with Labour and finishing with the line "and you will find, there is another party willing to take up the reigns of government", only for the four contestants to shout in unison "what, the Liberals?". He managed to get coconuts, kick Blair's butt and offer a round showing rabbit behaviour. My favourite bit still remains Charles Kennedy's stunning put down of Ian Hislop "that's alright...I don't read your lousy publication anyway" If you find the show even moderately amusing, then this DVD will have you staying in every Friday night for the duration of the program.
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