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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2004
I got this for christmas and I still am playing it now. Before I got this I had Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance. I thought it was brilliant the only down side being it wasn't that long. Heroes brings a more in-depth story-line which I loved. The great thing about this game is that you have to use tactics and strategy to defeat the bosses. Unlike Dark Alliance when it was just straight in and kill. The game is not repetitive in my view and the ability to learn special spells/attacks brings more to it. The weapons are fab. Another great thing is that you have to collect 20 Soul Shards in the game to boost your best weapon. Its really great. I hope they bring out a sequel.
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on 24 March 2005
I got this after finishing Baldurs Gate 2 because I wanted something similar. This is excellent and, I think, a bit harder because it doesn't have so much armour and suchlike to buy. You can't make your character better or recall back to the shop and its save point quite so easily so have to be better than in the BGDA games. It is much easier to look at than BGDA and you have the zoom in zoom out to help you. It lost the final star because there isn't much replay value, the story being the same with all characters but all the other aspects make this a very good game for the money. I am a 44 year old woman who has done most of the RPGs on all three consoles and think this is as good as many of the others I have played.
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on 29 November 2003
If you liked Baldurs Gate Dark alliance then you'll love this! There are some improvements namely that you can now zoom in and out and there are no jumping sections (if you played BGDA you'll know the bit I mean). The cut scenes that happen at various points are fantastic, the beholder being my favourate! The levels are huge and so well detailed. Be warned however, this is no RPG - its an arcade style hack em up just like BGDA. Various options are available to customise the characters but the only choices worth taking are those that make your hero tougher and hit harder/faster. Can't wait till BGDA2 Q1 2004.
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on 13 June 2005
Well I read the reviews and onething that wasn't really mentioned was the ability to get your friends round and sit there for hours on end shouting at each other to get their butts in gear (all in fun though). The majority of multi player games out there are competitive and this is pure co-operative. Hours of fun in the Rpg catagory. Please buy this games and force them to make more.
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on 4 October 2012
This is an old game now, and if you are interested in the single-player experience, you should stay away from this (old graphics, old gameplay, old everything), BUT if you are interested in co-op... this is one of the best games you can get!
I played this game for hours and hours with my partner, and it's great fun. You come to identify with your character, its strengths and weaknesses, and you play as a team leveraging on each character's advantages.
I also love that the gameplay is simple enough to not require reading the manual, but rich enough to be interesting. For example, your characters have a wide array of spells to acquire as you progress through the game, and you need to decide which ones are most useful to defeat the foes your facing each time. The story is interesting enough, although mostly linear, with little possibility of changing path.
If you are looking for a good co-op game, get this game!
My only disappointment is that there have been no games like it since this one and BGDA2... It's all online multiplayer these days.
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on 14 March 2004
This game is ok on average but it is not something that will blow you away. I enjoyed it while i played it once but it has no real replay value. The strange thing about this game is that you can start a new adventure with an existing high level character but even in higher difficulty level the weapons, armor, experience poinds etc. are the same. It is not like diablo 2 for example.
I found the graphics of the game to be very good. The textures are very detailed (and you can notice than by zooming in maximum)the world you expolore is interesting especially in the end of the game. The worlds graphics are very good but the character models really sucks. They seem to be fat and ugly. They cannot be compared with dark alliance's. In addition the game is a bit longer than dark alliance 1.
In conclusion it is a good action-rpg that i personally enjoyed it more than baldurs gate:dark alliance 1. But if you can, go for dark alliance 2;)
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on 5 January 2004
This game is a fantastic hack and slash, it really comes into its own with 4 player coop, the xbox copes well with the 4 of you and the 20 bad guys and all the arrows spells and swords that go with it.
The character progression is very good, allowing you to develop for exmple; your mage into more of a melee fighter or you rogue into an archer or a melee ninja, there are several ways to advance the characters.
I have just completed the game with my girlfriend and a couple of my mates and we were all gripped through the entire game, we got about 45-50 hours of play out of the game which is considerably more than dark alliance but were still disapointed it all had to end, i could play it forever.
more please.
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on 15 February 2010
If you're reading this, the chances are that you have either played the Baldur's Gate (PC) games or 'Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (1 and 2) on the Xbox and you liked them so much that you are trying to find other games which are similar. For the PC RPG fans this game (like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance) will be a bit of a disappointment because it much more closely resembles the PC 'Diablo' games.

On the other hand, if you played and loved Dark Alliance (and perhaps the very similar 'Champions Of Norrath' on the PS2) then Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes is exactly the same kind of action-RPG with the same 3D isometric look-down viewpoint as in the other games. One nice touch here is that you can zoom the camera quite close in on the characters - when you do, you'll see that the character models are really nicely detailed. However, you'll usually play the game with the view zoomed out to its widest extent so you can see incoming attackers while they are still a dozen or so strides away.

If you have played the other console games mentioned above you will find that the scenery and graphics in Heroes are noticeably less slick or varied, and a bit more monotonous than those in the other games. However, the game redeems itself in other ways - I find that the ratio of found treasure to the prices of items in the shops is extremely well balanced, especially on a two player run through. Another nice touch is the addition of a 'give' action in the inventory screens so you can pass an item you hold straight to another player.

Unfortunately the money picked up by each character is retained by them, not pooled, and can't be passed from character to character like items can, so the best strategy when playing multiplayer is to nominate one player as the 'banker' to collect all money found. When a very expensive item becomes available in the shops, the banker can buy it and pass it to whichever player needs it. If everybody just picks up what they can, no single individual will have enough money to buy any of the really powerful items when they are needed.

Unlike the other games (where item collection requires a button press), Heroes makes it a little bit too easy to acquire objects because you pick them up just by walking over them. This means that you go around unwittingly attracting items like a magnet, and you often won't realise you've picked up a significant item until you look through your inventory some time later. So check often.

The available characters are limited to a choice from four preset characters - there is a convenient backstory to explain why this is so - basically, the four characters defeated The Obligatory Dark Lord years before but were all killed in the final seconds (The dying moments, you might say) of the battle - but the evil one is back, and so the faithful four have risen to fight him once more. This paves the way for an interesting game item group, the 'Ancestral weapons'. Each player carries the mighty weapon he wielded when he originally died. Like the resurrected characters, these weapons are initially weak shades of their former selves and easily outclassed by various weapons that you can find or buy early on in the game - however, there are 'soul shards', some well hidden, scattered throughout the game - the more of these you find, the more powerful your ancestral weapon becomes.

The two non-meleé characters (rogue and magic-user) are probably best reserved for the second (or third or fourth) player in multiplayer games, although even these characters can eventually aspire to wear plate armour, something which wouldn't happen in authentic D&D. The rogue's remit is much weakened by the superabundance of keys for opening chests with, making one of his primary roles more or less redundant. For a single player game the Fighter or Cleric are probably the wisest and certainly easiest choices.

There are numerous well-rendered cutscenes throughout the game, many of them serving as a rather unnerving introduction to the boss you're about to fight, and some of the boss battles need a bit of working out before you arrive at a winning strategy. The bosses are many, varied and interesting.

The game's only weakness (aside from the relatively indifferent quality of the scenery) is that it feels a bit on the short side compared to Dark Alliance and Champions Of Norrath - but if you've already finished those games, then you will definitely enjoy whiling away a few more hours with Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes.
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on 24 November 2003
Well i played Baldurs Gate at a mates and after that i had to buy the second, the i realised it wasnt out till 2004 !
Anyway, saw this and thought id give it a try, must say that it is just as good as Baldurs Gate if not better ! Great game so much to do and 4 players ? Niiiice :)
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on 3 January 2012
This is a typical hack and slash game. And that is almost always fun. Beside from that its nice to play a game which take you back to the good old days with ADD.

Me and my eight year old son has played this game alot and both he and I find it fun - but as there aint much for the brain cells to do it only get four stars from me :-)
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