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on 13 March 2006
The Pink Panther films are terrible, the 'humour' in them is repetitive and treats the watcher as an infant. Its main two jokes are the french accent of the Inspector and his bumbling incompetence, both of which wear far too quickly. I don't know what possessed them to make so many hours using the same two jokes and also what on earth made people watch them. If you are an intelligent film viewer with an even vaguely sharp sense of humour then steer well clear, however, if you are one of those strange people who could watch the same clown for hours repeating the same mindless 'jokes', and remain entertained, then these are the films for you.
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on 28 July 2010
Everything is special about these films, all of them even the postmortem one. The plot is not interesting. It is as empty as empty can be since it is not a thriller but a comedy and it does not pretend to be a thriller. As comedies these films are all of them absolutely superb. The gags, the antics, the absurd funny events are all just as laughable as you may both imagine and hope. And yet these films are a lot more than just comedies. They are in a way very dramatic, but on the side. Chief Inspector Clouzeau is by far one of the best characters I have ever seen in that line and consistent enough to last four films plus a post mortem. The character is so illogical in his logic that you cannot but laugh and laugh and laugh again: he is pathetic. He is an anti-Sherlock-Holmes with the simple logic of doing exactly the reverse of what standard logic would tell you should do. He is an anti-Hercule-Poirot since he is in no way calm and collected. He is looking for trouble, he is creating trouble because trouble brings the wolf out of the wood and then he gets what he wants, the wolf itself generally in an overkill or cosmic catastrophe. In fact Hercule is his assistant. You could think of Colombo and his very special trench coat and sloppiness, but even Colombo is short when compared with Inspector Clouzeau. There used to be a female private eye on TV with a black panther. But she can't compare since our panther is pink, like the famous elephants. Amos Burke is no equal to our hero because Amos was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Murphy is no catch either because that one is beyond the line of standard police work and has to do with plotting and networking and the gangsterism of the next generation that only aims at killing and certainly not at making their bystanders laugh. He can in no way be compared to Miss Marple or whatever other famous private dilettante detective. He is his own and no one else's. But the films without Peter Sellers would not be even worth watching. Peter Sellers himself in his faces, in his antics, in his way of speaking a type of Frenglish that even the characters in "Allo Allo" did not match in spite of all their efforts, in every single element of his acting and behaving he is funny and hilarious, and at the same time touching and sensitive. He has a heart, in spite of all. The music is a marvel and a miracle of film music. It is so perfect that they could not even try to get away from it. The animated credits with the real Pink Panther are in their own style masterpieces. There is no deeper analysis you can do because these films are not deep, and yet. Why is our society so thrilled by such funny comedies making fun of the French policeman, of the French gendarme, of the French detective and inspector? Because I guess in France making fun of their national Chickens has become a national Olympic sport, even in advertising. They have been compared to all kinds of animals and what's more every Frenchy finds that funny, except maybe the Minister of Interior who is responsible for security. But the day when the French Froggies are not able to laugh, or croak, at their cops or coppers, the world will really be finished, incinerated and disposed of. Let's never dream of such a bad ending to the present thriller our lives are.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, University Paris 8 Saint Denis, University Paris 12 Créteil, CEGID
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on 1 December 2003
Return of The Pink Panther is missing for the simple reason that MGM does not have the rights to it. ITC financed the film and still maintains the distribution rights, which surely is not in their best interest to sell off as long as MGM continues to reissue the films. What would have been nice here is to have entered into a one-time joint effort for a comprehensive 40th Anniversary set.
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2008
My Dad had shown me a few of the Pink Panther films when I was little, and when I got The Pink Panther (2006) on DVD, it was only natural that I'd go on and buy this, and I wasn't disapointed.
What you get is 5 Pink Panther films featuring Sellers;
The Pink Panther, stars David Niven as The Phantom, who sets out to steal the Pink Panthern Diamond. It is up to the bumbling Inspector Clouseau to stop him. This film is weaker than some of the others in the series and has a distinct 60's feel to it.
A Shot in the Dark, finds Sellers in the lead role trying to solve a murder. The action and comedy is much stronger than the first film and this is reguarded as one of the better one. It also marked the first appearance of Kato and Inspector Dreyfuss.
The next film is The Pink Panther Strikes again, which technically is the 5th film in the series. In it you find a crazy Dreyfuss trying to take over the world with a laser beam. The plot is very sureal and far fetched, but there is plently of laughs provided along the way.
Revenge of the Pink Panther was Sellers last film and is probably his weakest entry. The script isn't that good. The film starts of strongly where the mafia beleive they have killed Clouseau, but Clouseau goes under cover to find out who wanted to kill him. It's ok, but not as funny as the others.
Trail of the Pink Panther was made as a tribute to Peter Sellers. The start of the film uses old deleted scenes of Sellers. Suprisingly they are used to good affect, to show Clouseau going on a mission and then dissapearing. It is up to a french reporter to track him down. The script is very dire. The only thing that keeps this going is the guest appearances of past characters such as the Phantom.
All in all a good selection of films. It would have got 5 stars if it included the other Pink Panther films, especially since it is called the Pink Panther Film Collection.
The films that are missing are Inspector Clouseau, which stars Alan Arkin, The Return of the Pink Panther, Sellers return to the role, Curse of the Pink Panther, a direct follow on from Trail of the Pink PAnther featuring a new detectivez and the Son of the Pink Panther.
The films without Sellers aren't as good as the others, but are still part of the series and should be included. They can be bought on DVD seperatly though.
Worth a buy!
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on 6 January 2004
I agree with the other reviewers about the missing classic "Return of the Pink Panther". My children bought me the set as they thought it was the complete set.You can only imagine my dissappointment when we realised the best panther film was missing. Is there a reason for this? Was it produced by another Studio? What makes it worse is I cant get the Return of the Pink Panther on DvD anywhere and this ultimately leaves a bad taste with this collection.
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on 20 November 2003
At last, I thought, the complete Pink Panther box set available to enjoy on DVD! I should have read more closely! This is not the complete set (and does not state that it is) as the Return of the Pink Panther is missing. I had presumed that when the box set was finally released it would contain all of the movies in this classic comedy series but alas one is missing. Oh well, I shall continue to enjoy that one on VHS for now. As for the films that are included... A triumph... This humour continues to age like a fine wine and I loved every minute. Enjoy!
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VINE VOICEon 3 May 2005
Three things in life to avoid at all costs:
1) People whose ulterior motives cost you a stack of money (solicitors and accountants, for starters)
2) Cynical sequels of classic films made for absolutely no good reason whatsoever (viz: remake of the Pink Panter starring Steve Martin and Kevin Kline in roles made famous by Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom.)
3) Revisiting cherished films long after you first saw them.
Sadly, much of the Pink Panther oeuvre falls into the third category. Don't get me wrong, it's a huge pleasure to see this collection (albeit lackinng one critical component), particularly when it's been beautifully packaged with a range of documentaries and 6 PP cartoons (much to the delight of my kids!)
But it's like betraying your memory. It's never quite the same again as that moment of joy when you saw Sellers and his brilliant Wisdom-esque slapstick routine as the incomparable Inspector Clouseau.
In retrospect, the latter films seem well over the top and to have dated even more quickly than the first batch. Of these features, Shot in the Dark survives best, by virtue of being the best scripted and best executed. Sellers may have hated it, but he was little short of inspired throughout. Lom and Bert Kwouk in their respective first outings both succeed by virtue of being fresh and funny, where later their routines seemed as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. Notice the loving wit as Edwards has laced the films with nods to other films, including Some Like it Hot.
The other problem is, knowing as we now do the extent of Sellers' melancholy and lifelong search for a personal identity, it's easy to read echoes into the Pink Panther films, especially in view of the love-hate relationship between director and star. To his credit, Blake Edwards is very honest and open about the creative tension between the two in interviews recorded here, and maybe the films would not have been the same if the two had got on like a house on fire. The long gap in the series was caused by the seemingly inevitable decline in Sellers's fortunes to the point where he had to return to the Pink Panther to make a quick buck. Nonetheless,
I'd love to give these films five stars out of five, but ultimately they are films of their time and not genuine 5* all-time classics. But for all their flaws, you can't argue that the package now represents genuine value for money. Buy and try, but don't be too sad with the results.
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on 9 February 2004
Like everyone else I was disappointed to find that the Return of the Pink Panther was left out of this (you will find the explanation for this in another review). The Return is one of the better films (who can forget the sequence involving Clouseau's bungled break-in to Lady Litton's hotel room?) and I prize my VHS copy. Nevertheless this set is still worth buying - the quality of the DVDs is good and the packaging imaginative.
For me this is not a series but rather two groups of films: The Pink Panther and Shot in the Dark which have a definite 60's feel to them and then the three '70s films (the absent "Return", "Strikes Again" and Revenge") which are essentially a vehicle for Sellers in various costumes. The Trail of the Pink Panther is hopelessly disjointed and simply an embarrassment - it should really have been scrapped and certainly not made part of this collection (interesting/sad fact - it was David Niven's last film - he was rapidly succumbing to Motor Neurone Disease at the time and all his lines had to be dubbed as his voice was so weak).
Despite all this there are some classic moments, not least in "Strikes Again" with Clouseau's attempt to get into the castle where the mad Dreyfuss is holed up (the muttered "swine moat!" as a soaked Clouseau pulls himself once more out of the moat gets me every time) and the tooth pulling sequence in the same film.
Don't take these films too seriously as they don't stand up to much criticism. Despite dodgy scripts Sellers' brilliance shows through, albeit in a series of glimpses.
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on 26 June 2013
This was money wasted. I put it on my plyer and it will not play. I would like to have known that these discs would not play in the USA.
money wasted. Will not even play on my DVD player. I get a message saying that none of thediscs will play in this region.
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on 10 July 2013
I wanted this dvd as my children wanted to see all the films ,alas when i recieved it the dvds were not in order so now i have to o throuh the whole set to find the film that was first .Was not impressed.
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