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on 21 April 2004
Like Michael Jackson and Madonna, Duran Duran benefited from MTV as muchas MTV benefited from them. In the 1980s, they were the premier videoband, specializing in high concept music clips that represented the excessand decadence of that decade. By today's standards, many of their videosmay seem cheesy and dated, but they brilliantly captured the essence ofDuran Duran and the new romantic movement to which they belonged. Finally,the videos of their hits are compiled on this DVD, and it's alreadygetting complaints from many fans. To them, I say: CALM DOWN. Of course,it'd be great to have a DVD featuring ALL of their music videos, but thatwasn't the intent or concept behind "Greatest." Capitol/EMI wanted to do a"Greatest" DVD collection with the same tracklisting of the "Greatest" CD(with two exceptions: this collection has a video to "The Chauffeur" and"Burning the Ground," which are not featured on the CD). Fans have alsocomplained that the hidden bonus features are very difficult to access,and they're right. I spent several minutes clicking my remote to navigatemy way towards certain interviews and extended videos and ended up quitefrustrated. However, if you go to the band's official website and go tothe "Ask Katy" section, you'll find a list of helpful tips to get to thebonus features. Trust me, it's easier than you think. Some of the hiddenfeatures include an 18 minute version of "New Moon on Monday," an extendedversion of "Wild Boys," a club video of "Planet Earth" (this one inparticular is a hoot), and other promo clips dating as far back as theearly 1980s. While I would have liked a DVD featuring omitted videos like"Careless Memories," "Meet El Presidente," and "Lonely in Your Nightmare,"I'm still pleased that I grabbed "Greatest." Yes, the price is a bitsteep, but the videos bring back lots of welcome 1980s memories, and thebonus features are fun to watch once you're able to find them.
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on 9 December 2003
As for the difficulty of finding the extras, here's what you do if you, like me, have no patience to navigate through the DVD. Hit the "Stop" button twice on your player and simply enter the track number of whatever you want to see. Why bother going on an "easter egg hunt"?
• Go to Union of the Snake on the sub menu, hit the left arrow key, press play or enter on your remote and view the Dancing on the Valentine version.
• Once you have played the first default version of New Moon on Monday, reselecting the video gives you a different version. Similarly, reselecting the uncensored Girls on Film reveals an alternate ending. Ditto Wild Boys for another version.
• Enter Le Galerie de Duran by clicking the 'A' in the word 'GREATEST' on the main menu. This pulls up a gallery featuring the group's album covers and singles sleeves.
When the Planet Earth single sleeve is enlarged, go to the bottom single sleeve (Girls on Film) and press the left arrow button. This takes you to a ''hot spot.'' Press play or enter.
• On the Girls on Film (Short Censored Version) clip, click to enlarge the sleeve. Go to the Play screen icon and press remote's play/enter.
• A Day in the Life featurette is available by highlighting the third single sleeve down while an album sleeve is enlarged. Hit right arrow key and then play/enter.
• While the Seven and the Ragged Tiger sleeve is enlarged, press the up arrow key, then play/enter to hear the band discuss the 1983 LP.
• Watch bandmates chat about the Wild Boys clip by pressing the up arrow key next to the screen's Play icon when its sleeve is enlarged. Hit play/enter. The group's John and Andy Taylor discuss the 007 View to a Kill clip, too. While on that sleeve, go to the Play icon, hit the right arrow, press play/enter.
• On the second DVD, enter Le Galerie as on the first disc. To see the Liberty album's press kit, highlight that album's sleeve, slide to the left top single sleeve and press the up arrow key, then play/enter. Also, enlarge the Serious single sleeve, go to its parent album Liberty and press the right arrow key, then play/enter.
• Enlarge the Come Undone sleeve. Go to Play icon, press left arrow key, then play/enter.
- Planet Earth (Club Version)
- A Day In The Life featurette
- Girls On Film (long uncensored version - alternate ending)
- Girls On Film (short censored version)
- Nick and Simon discuss the recording and production of the album Seven
& The Ragged Tiger
- Union of the Snake (Dancing On The Valentine version)
- New Moon On Monday (Movie Version)
- New Moon On Monday (Edit Master # 1)
- New Moon On Monday (Edit Master # 2)
- New Moon On Monday (Video version for Top Of the Pops)
- Interview by Paul Gambaccini with Roger, Andy and Simon about Wild
- Wild Boys (Long Arena Version)
- Interview by Paul Gambaccini with John, Andy about A View To A Kill
- Liberty album EPK featuring interviews with John, Nick, Simon, Warren & Sterling, rehearsal footage and the Violence of Summer video
- Serious – 3 Alternate edits on a split screen/multi angle feature
- The Wedding Album – UK Television Commercial
- Come Undone (Censored version)
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on 16 October 2003
Having purchased the VHS version of Greatest four years ago, I waited patiently for the DVD version to be released closely behind it.
Four years later and my patience has been rewarded!!
Duran have always been pioneers of the video age, and have paid great attention to detail, whether it be their videos, music or fashion.
The DVD brings so much more to the songs, giving a much crisper/brighter appearance to both sound and vision.
My only gripe is the hidden items on the disk. I must have spent in the region of an hour trying to work out where the 'easter eggs' are located. This resulted in me having no alternative but going to the official web-site to find further details.
Ultimately, all these extras are all well and good, but sometimes divert the end-users attention away from the great videos.
The main menu, album photo gallery and PC areas of the disk have been expertly constructed, and only add to the high standard of the DVD.
Whether you're a long time fan, or have recently 'seen the light', you have to buy this!!
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on 25 September 2003
The success of Duran Duran and the music video format are inextricably linked, going back to the launch of MTV, some 20 years ago. Duran Duran unleashed the incredible power of this new medium when they became the first band to create videos that were more like mini-movies than promotional music clips. Duran Duran shunned blue screens and smoke machines for the mis-en-scene of exotic locations and extravagant sets. "Rio," "Wild Boys," and "Hungry Like The Wolf" were as much adventure films as a vehicle for the music. The success of their videos and the universal appeal of the songs that they wrote made Duran Duran international superstars and established MTV as the purveyor of cultural cool.
These videos, and more, will be available on DVD when Capitol Records releases Duran Duran The Greatest DVD video anthology. The 2-DVD collection brings together all the videos from Duran Duran's years with EMI and Capitol records (1981-1994). Every video from their debut "Planet Earth" to "Come Undone" is included, along with uncensored versions, alternate cuts and select press interviews.
Every Duran Duran video was an epic visual romp through the styles, fashions and sounds of the time, from the new-wave synth riffs of "The Chauffer" to the innovative acid house beats of "All She Wants Is," or the epic balladry of "Ordinary World." Also included on the collection are the now legendary uncensored versions of "Girls On Film" and "Come Undone."
This DVD also contains extras with alternate versions of the videos marked * along with interview footage, EPK's, La Galerie De Duran and a DVD-ROM section.
DVD 1: 1. Planet Earth * / 2. Girls On Film (long uncensored version) * / 3. The Chauffeur / 4. Hungry Like The Wolf / 5. Save A Prayer / 6. Rio / 7. Is There Something I Should Know? / 8. Union Of The Snake * / 9. New Moon On Monday (E.P. version) * / 10. The Reflex / 11. Wild Boys (7" edit version) * / 12. A View To A Kill
DVD 2: 1. Notorious / 2. Skin Trade / 3. I Don't Want Your Love / 4. All She Wants Is / 5. Serious * / 6. Burning The Ground / 7. Ordinary World / 8. Come Undone (uncensored version) * / 9. Electric Barbarella
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on 27 January 2003
Well what can I say. This collection really sums up the group from Birmingham UK who stormed the world of pop from the early to mid eighties. From Planet Earth to Come Undone their ablilty to constantly stay ahead of the video game was impeccable. None of the videos look outdated even today. From Roger Taylor on the drums to Andy Taylor strumming away. The Reflex is probably my favourite video due to the visual content. Hungry Like the Wolf looks like a trailer to Raiders of the Lost Ark and Rio oh Rio resembles a Martini advert. Moving onto the early nineties Ordinary World is a return to a fantastic emphasis placed on the surroundings which really adds a real touch to the song itself. Despite the fact whether you think DD are a real band or a enigma you will enjoy this collection of music videos.
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on 17 August 2011
This Duran Duran DVD has 21 videos. The highlights for me are The Chauffeur, Serious and Burning the Ground. I spent years trying to find Burning the Ground just to hear it and couldn't find it. Now I have it on this DVD which is great. Brilliant videos and very good music by a successful but under rated band. The only drawback to the DVD is the awkward menu screens and the fact they haven't included all of their music videos, although all the famous ones are included.
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on 20 July 2016
As music dvd's go, there is so much stuff missed out. They need to do another up to date copy with ALL the videos and not skip things out like 'Meet el presidente', or 'Do you beleive in Shame'.
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on 27 April 2004
i'm quite a young duran duran fan, i saw them on the BRITS when they gottheir life time achievement award (which they truly deserved) and decidedto take a risk and buy the greatest album. since then, i have createdquite a collection of memorabelia, including the dvd and can recommend itto anyone in two minds. my friends at school all think i'm mad, but havingseen this dvd, they don't know what they're missing! it combines the verybest songs with some real gems in the extras. the dvd-rom section isfantastic, and the videos are spectacular (as ever!). the ability to watchboth the censored and uncensored is clever, so as not to offend anyone.it's quite spectacular that even today duran duran can appeal to teenagerslike myself. i give the dvd, and the album 10/10 and hope many more peoplewill buy it and rekindle their love for the classics which shaped themodern music industry!
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on 6 November 2003
Though well worth purchasing, and essential to any Duran collection, what's remarkable about it is what's missing: about ten videos would have rounded this out to have every Duran video in one collection. But for some reason, "Careless Memories", "My Own Way", "Meet El Presidente", "Do You Believe In Shame", "Violence Of Summer", "Breath After Breath", "White Lines" and "Perfect Day" are not included here, which is unfortunate. I can understand the last two being omitted due to potential copyright clearance problems, but what about the rest? Not to mention the additional videos from the first Video LP they did in 1983: "Waiting For The Nightboat" and "Lonely In Your Nightmare". In this way, it's a real letdown. The hidden menus, too, are an annoyance. But overall, it's a solid set.
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Charting Duran Durans video history ,from the early Sci/Fi Romantic dreamscape of Planet earth, through the mega (extended) production of Wild boys, walk through beautiful gardens with Simon Nick, John and Warren in Ordinary World. Watch the mischevious Trio get their hands burnt with Electric Barbarella. 21 videos in all, Brilliance.
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