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on 8 October 2015
Plenty of Hollywood bullets (the bad guys never hit), car chases (Jaguars can't catch up with ambulances), fleeing (bad guys never run fast enough or fire when they're only ten yards away), but when the heroine's Jennifer Garner it's kind of hard to resent that. Keep her safe, bad guys, we want to see more of her. And that's pretty much the series. Yes there are plots, sub-plots, character development, but they're really just time fillers. If you want to see an angst ridden (father, boyfriend, fiancé, handler, best friend all emotionally involved) kickass chick running around, this is for you. ps: do yourself a favour and skip the first half hour of S1 E17 Q&A, unless you want a tedious revision of 'origins', her recruitment under the guise of FBI questioning. Budget shortage guys? Ditto S2 E1 with the aggravation factor of an irritating psychologist.
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on 28 March 2015
With Alias soon being removed from Amazon Prime (NOOOO!!!) and seeing some of the off hand dismissals here, thought I'd stick up for this show. It's been over for a while, but it was excellent entertainment benefitting from a committed central performance from Jennifer Garner. She plays Sydney Bristow, double or possibly triple agent at the CIA/SD6/some other covert organisation! Season 1 of Alias was the best. Syd's tortured romance with Vaughn was never that compelling for me and I missed Will and Francie! Yes, that was Bradley Cooper in season 1 when he was young and still slumming it on tv!
The Rambaldi plots, Syd's family, Sloane bad guy/good guy, it all did get a bit far fetched at times, but Garner was superb throughout. She looked kick ass athletic, handled a vast array of disguises, wigs and accents, managed to be a tough as nails but also vulnerable. I also really liked her partnership with Carl Lumbly and her spikey relationship with the excellent Victor Garber as her father Jack.
Alias is never going to be counted as one of the greatest shows ever, but is was well made and damn entertaining.
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on 13 August 2015
Alias explores the confliction of emotion of the human psyche through the metaphor of a double agent. On the surface we are employee's, students, friends and family. Beneath the surface we strive for what we see as right in the world whilst, at the same time, the hooks of our emotions can lead us to unwittingly become part of the negativity of the world.

The fight between these two aspects can change our surface over time. We can become someone else temporarily, if only to fulfil a need or role. Sometimes we change sides, as our perception of the world - and the people in it - changes. Sometimes we are cloned, replicas of ourselves are made in order to do things the real person cannot or will not. At all times we are hiding some aspects of ourselves from others. The truth of our human-ness is that the the full reality of self can never fully be realised at any one time. We all have our aliases.

The reality of a situation is a moment of emotion or belief and not a fact. Perspectives shift, both as people and groups, and the notion of truth flits between the circumstances, ever elusive. The same is true of the people who create these moments. Ultimately, sometimes the truth is best served by wearing a bad wig and a gun, sometimes its a secretary outfit.
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on 12 July 2012
J J Abrams is renowned for both his big and small screen forrays. He gave us two of the best television series ever created, Lost and Fringe and rebooted the Star Trek movie franchise brilliantly. One of his earlier creations was this, Alias, a Bond like series but with a female lead and more twists and turns than labyrinth.
Jennifer Garner plays Sydney Bristow an agent working for what she thinks to be a top secret branch of the CIA, but when she makes a grave mistake and someone she loves is killed as a result the truth is revealed about SD6 (the organisation she thinks is good and a part of the CIA). And so her quest to bring about the end of SD6 who are responsible for her fiancees death. Abrams trademark twist and turns are rife in every single episode and there are enough cliffhagers to leave you open mouthed at the end of virtually every episode. The scripts and stories are very well written, clever and very fast paced. Garner plays Bristow perfectly, not only is she insanely beautiful but she pulls of some awesome stunts. The rest of the cast are equally as good, particularly Ron Rifkin as the the head of SD6, and the man Sydney swears a secret vendetta against.
Each episode is packed with non stop action, taut emotion, gripping storylines and cool gadgets. There are edge of your seat stunts, exotic locations and this show always keeps you guessing. As well as some one off episodes there is an intriguing story arc involving an ancient profit called Rmabaldi who's dangerous inventions are being used by terrorists to bring about chaos. This arc is introduced pretty early on and continues throughout the entire series and makes for some great ideas and viewing. It mixes drama, thriller, crime and elements of science fiction flawlessly.
If you're worried about this being cheesy and dumb then you'd be wrong. This series is just like Abram's Lost and Fringe, it blends quality production values, great actors, gripping storylines and arcs and will no doubt hook your from the pilot. Don't hesitate and do yourself a favour, get this right now. The only problem, and its very small, is the slightly annoying techno music, but this is reduced as the series progresses and is all but gone in the subsequent seasons.
At £10 this is a steal, don't hesitate, you won't be dissapointed. For fans and those interested there are also a plethora of bonus features that include commentaries on many of the episodes, featurettes (makings of) and deleted scenes. It is very well packaged in a pretty sturdy card slip case in which are three regular DVD cases that contain two discs each.
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on 3 January 2009
I came back to Alias after buying the DVDs. It's a series I enjoyed when it was first screened but missed many episodes and this meant that the narratives were often difficult to entangle.

This is a fast paced series of thrillers telling the story of a young woman trained as an intelligence agent who has to realise that she is working in a world where there are no truths. She believes she is working for the CIA but then learns she is not. Her fiance is murdered and she has to build her relationship with her father who workis in the same profession whilst undertaking a series of dangerous missions.

The pace and energy of each episode is admirable and what really stands out for me is the quality of Jennifer Garner's acting. We never question her characterisation or the motives for her actions. The writers take the time to explore her relationships with her friends and to show how they are affected by her world and how she strives to protect them from the world she works in.

The series starts with great energy and speed, some of the later episodes flag slightly but the conclusion of the series makes you want to get hold of series 2 quickly.
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on 11 February 2015
Thank you so much for bringing the whole Alias seasons to Amazon prime, I love you Amazon. Alias rocks I watched episodes years ago but missed some, I now have the chance to watch them all. I am so happy right now. If you have not watched Alias you are in for a treat its ridiculous and silly in lots of places but exciting and gripping in most. Jennifer Garner is fantastic as Sidney Bristow normal by day spy by night. I don't watch regular tv so when you give prime users access to shows like this it is totally appreciate.
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on 15 September 2016
It's the best TV show I've ever seen!!!.
Jennifer Garner is fantastic as Sydney Bristow. I didn't know about this show until this year, and I just found it perfect all over.
Season 1 five stars!
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on 16 February 2014
Cracking series following Sydney Bristow, who unknowlngly signed up for a rogue agency thinking she was working for the CIA, this is a gripping series which will have you on the edge of your seat, and the twists and turns in the plot in a way only J J Abrams can do. You will not be disappointed. [If you didn't want to buy this set you can watch all 5 series free on watchseries.eu.]
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on 27 May 2004
This is the first review I've ever written! Should have been writing my MA essay, but a friend kept going on about ALIAS, so I ordered it, & I was sorry I put the dvd on, as the study was forgotten big time! I ended up watching the whole series 1 in 3 nights, which surprised me as I thought it wouldn't be my cup-of-tea.
What can I say, funny, sad, kickass action with subtle undertones. Being a romantic, I just can't wait for series 2 as I'm dying to see Syd & Vaughan together!
Why did I along with half the population miss this series? It's just soooo good. Hope you enjoy!
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on 22 February 2015
I LOVE this show. I am now watching Seasons 1-5 for the THIRD time, because it's still just as good as it was the first time round. Even though I can remember a lot of the denouements, I still find it fascinating how the plot and characters become ever-more complex, and, actually, believable. It's brilliantly acted and the locations are stunning. In addition, the plots don't take the easy way out, either. Some of the missions go badly, so in that sense it's not at all like a victory narrative, where the goodies win everything and the baddies lose everything. It's far more subtle than that. Give it a go. You won't be disappointed!
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