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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
WWE - Judgement Day 2003 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£16.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 11 August 2008
May 2003,judgement day,the event that deserves memory space due to it featuring the return of the intercontiental title,a special title indeed,some greats have held it,on this night it was back.
The event opened with a six man tag match featuring rhyno,spanky and chris benoit going up against john cena and the f.b.i (chuck and johnny).This match was short but it was fast and effective with no wasted moments,a suitable opener on those grounds.
La resistance went up against test and scott steiner in a match that was really only about starting a new feud within one of the two teams,so on that level the match was worthwhile,on another level it was poor and would have been suited to a televised show and not a pay per view.
A ladder match for the WWE tag team championships featured next as the champs team angle,haas and benjamin went up against eddie guerrero and tajiri.This match featured some great moves and a relentless twisted frenzy of energy and drive.There was some painful moves and all in all it was massively entertaining.
The returning intercontiental championship was up for grabs to the man who won a battle royal,the men who stepped into the ring comprised of lance storm,test,rvd,kane,goldust,christian,booker t and chris jericho.This match was enjoyable and thats all i need say,you will be entertained.
Mr.America,oh,who could it have been,went up against roddy piper next,sean o'haire was at pipers corner and that twerp zach gowan was at hogans,oops,i meant Mr.Americas.This match was terrible and the entire room knew it,move on,nothing to see here.
The world heavyweight championship was contested next as the champ triple h went up against kevin nash,this was a very short title match that seemed to know it was poor and everyone wanted it over as soon as possible,nash made a pigs ear of his moment in the sun here,triple h didnt fare much better.
A fatal fourway for the womans title was up next,wowee,not.
The main event was up next as the WWE championship was dished out,the champ brock went up against the big show in a stretcher match,the first that the company had in 18 years.This match was hyped up but there was a fear it could go wrong but it didnt,in fact it was probably the best stretcher match that i have seen,both men battled like starving lions and gave their all,the ending was sensational as the crowd threatened to lift the roof off,a good main event.
I think 2.5 stars is fitting,do you agree?
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on 20 May 2017
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on 3 January 2015
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on 24 October 2013
it was a gd game what i buyed for my kids to play and give me pleace and quite now
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on 10 January 2011
I have to admit, that I really loved WWE Judgment Day 2003 from start to finish.

I mean nearly every single match was exciting to see, especially the main event for the WWE championship between the Big Show, who had the opportunity of going against Brock Lesnar, in a stretcher match. Especially loved the finish, where Lesnar placed Big Show on a stretcher that was placed on a forklift, to where Lesnar drove the forklift over the yellow line to retain the WWE championship. 4/5

Kevin Nash had a opportunity at Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship, where two former friends were out for a fight, which eventually ended up with the match ending in a disqualification. But Kevin Nash wasn't through with his opponent e.g. Triple H. Nash took Triple H to the RAW announcers table and placed him through it, with the Jackknife power bomb. 4/5

There was funny segments involving Stone Cold and Eric Bischoff, where it was Stone Cold's first night as CO GM of RAW, with Eric Bischoff spending the night with Austin in his special headquarters. With Austin offering Bischoff beer, pizza, burgers and all sorts, it was really funny.

Overall I have to admit that WWE Judgment Day 2003 is now one of my most favourite pay-per-views of the year 2003.

I am also going to say also that the PPV contained an awesome tag team ladder match for the WWE Tag Team titles, where Eddie Guererro won the WWE Tag Team titles with partner Tajiri.
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on 10 October 2007
his came as a good surprise for me, I mean so many people have commented this being a bad event, but it was really good.

As the show began, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out & said that he would be on the top of the fans watching the show from his Skybox. He then gives Tazz a beer then leaves off through the crowd as the show begins.

FIRST MATCH- JOHN CENA & F.B.I {JOHNNY STAMBOOLI & CHUCK PALUMBO W/ NUNZIO} VS. CHRIS BENOIT, RHYNO & SPANKY {BRIAN KENDRICK} IN A 6-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH Before the match, Cena makes a very good rap about himself & the F.B.I. Even though this match was only 4 minutes, it was fast-paced & contained great wrestling from all 6 competitors. After a double-team by F.B.I, Spanky gets pinned as John Cena & the F.B.I have won this match. 5/10

SECOND MATCH- LA RESISITANCE {SYLVAN GRENIER & RENE DUPREE} VS. SCOTT STEINER & TEST W/ STACY KEIBLER Surprisingly this was an okay tag team match, which came as a surprise to me as Test & Scott Steiner are real bad wrestlers. Test accidentally hits Steiner with the Big Boot, which leads to La Resistance nailing their double-team move for the victory in their first PPV appearance. 5/10

THIRD MATCH- EDDIE GUERRERO & TAJIRI VS. WORLD'S GREATEST TAG TEAM {SHELTON BENJAMIN & CHARLIE HAAS} IN A TAG TEAM LADDER MATCH FOR THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Tajiri was taking up Chavo's spot as he was injured. The best match so far, & easily the match of the night. While Eddie is climbing up the ladder, Benjamin tries to intervene, but Tajiri nails him with the Green Mist as Eddie Guerrero grabs the belt to become the WWE Tag Team Champion with Tajiri. 6/10

FOURTH MATCH- SABLE VS. TORRIE Wilson IN A BIKINI CONTEST SPECIAL GUEST: TAZZ I had to fast forward this one because it was a bit to roud as my sister was watching. Great hot bikinis, but a waste of time in my opinion, Torrie is hot. Torrie wins then gives Sable a kiss on the lips, then leaves. 3/10

FIFTH MATCH- OVER THE TOP ROPE BATTLE ROYAL FOR THE VACANT WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP Superstars in this match is Booker T, Kane, Goldust, Chris Jericho, Christian, Rob Van Dam, Test, Val Venis & Lance Storm. I like battle royals, & this one was really good & entertaining. Booker T eliminates Christian, but the referee was down, so Christian enters the ring, nails Booker T with the IC title, the throws Booker T out of the ring as the referee sees it & Christian is the new WWE Intercontinental Champion. 5/10

SIXTH MATCH- MR. America W/ ZACH GOWEN VS. ROWDY RODDY PIPER W/ SEAN 'O' HAIRE Before the match, Mr. America introduces Zach Gowen to watch his match from ringside. Very boring match, it takes some interference from Sean 'O' Haire to try & build the pace of the match a bit. Sean 'O' Haire accidentally nails Roddy Piper with a steel pipe, which leads Mr. America to a leg drop for the win, while Zach Gowen stops Mr. McMahon from interfering. 3/10

SEVENTH MATCH- TRIPLE H W/ RIC FLAIR VS. KEVIN NASH W/ SHAWN MICHAELS FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Before the match, Michaels & Flair brawled all the way to the back, leaving Nash & HHH to fight in the ring one on one. I was expecting more from this match because it was for the World title, but it was more of a brawl rather than a wrestling match. HHH hits the referee with a sledgehammer, making him disqualified. After the match, Nash goes berserk & Jacknife Powerbombs HHH through the Raw announce table. 3/10

EIGHT MATCH- JAZZ W/ THEODORE LONG VS. VICTORIA W/ STEVEN RICHARDS VS. JACQUELINE VS. TRISH STRATUS Another boring match with Divas in it. It's like watching two single Diva matches. Jazz wins after a DDT on Jacqueline for the win & to retain her WWE Women's Championship. 3/10

NINTH MATCH- BROCK LESNAR VS. BIG SHOW IN A STRETCHER MATCH FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Great & acceptable main event as Brock Lesnar topples down the Big Show in this grueling fight. The real highlights off the match is when Brock Lesnar drives a forklift through the arena, & Rey Mysterio interfering during the match. Brock Lesnar nails an F-5 on Big Show then puts him on a stretcher high in the air with a forklift past a yellow line to win & retain his WWE Championship. 5/10

A very good event, with most of the matches being excellent, while others being let downs. But still a very good event as Raw & Smackdown prove that combined they produce good events.
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VINE VOICEon 24 July 2003
Judgement day was a decent Pay-per-view. It was an event that brought back the greatest mid-card title of all time, the Intercontinental championship. The winner would be decided through an 8 man battle royal. Rob Van Dam, Christian, Goldust, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Kane and Test all took part in the battle since they were all former IC champions on RAW (except Booker T). We also saw a stretcher match, ladder match and one hell of a great bikini contest!
Here are my reviews:
6 man tag:
Chris Benoit, Rhyno & "Spanky" Brian Kendrick Vs. John Cena, Chuck Pulumbo & Johnny Stamboli (W/ Nunzio) 7/10
Great fast-paced opener. Too bad it was made short.
La Resistance Vs. Scott Steiner & Test (W/ Stacey Keibler) 6/10
Nothing more than an average match. Test and Steiner had a feud over Stacey after this.
WWE Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match:
Charlie Haas & Charlton Benjiman Vs Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri 10/10
Awesome match! Best of the night by far. Chavo Guerrero was injured in a house show and was replaced by Tajiri.
Womens Championship
Jazz (W/ Theodore Long) Vs. Trish Startus Vs. Victoria (W/ Stevie Richards) Vs. Jaquiline 7/10
Decent womens match.
Return of the Intercontinental Title
8 man battle royal 7/10
Decent battle. The ending is really original. The wrong man won but the return of the title is what's important.
Bikini Contest
Torrie Wilson Vs. Sable 9/10
Bikinis? More like dental floss! (My apoligies to the ladies for degrading women.)
World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H (W/ Ric Flair) Vs. Kevin Nash (W/ Shawn Michaels) 5/10
As I feared, Nash dragging the match and Triple H doing his usual screw job. At least the brawl afterwards was good.
WWE Championship
Stretcher Match:
Brock Lesner Vs. Big Show 8/10
A good enough main event. Big Show has proved for once he ain't completely useless. This was the 1st stretcher match in WWE for 17 years.
Judgement Day was a PPV with it's good matches and it's bad matches. Re-instating the IC title shows that the company is listening to the fans and is thinking long term. Not long after this, Smackdown was given the U.S Championship.
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on 5 February 2004
Hot on the heels of a spectacular Wrestlemania and a star-studded Backlash, Judgment Day 2003 was never going to be an easy pay-per-view to present. With Austin discovering he was no longer able to wrestle, Goldberg out with a short-term injury, Angle in rehab from a neck operation and the Rock on his way back to Hollywood, bookers had little to choose from in the form of main event talent. This pay-per-view was about the WWE making the most of what was available, and I don't think they did so badly.
The opening match was a six-man tag. The FBI vs Benoit, Rhyno and Spanky was a frustrating affair, as the match wasn't given enough time. I can understand match-makers reluctance to give too much time to wrestlers who have spent a lot of time away from the spotlight (Polumbo), or wrestlers who are making their WWE pay-per-view debut (Spanky, Nunzio and Stamboli) however, with a little more faith this match could have been a decent encounter. This match only served to further the FBI's heel persona.
The second match was a fairly dull encounter between La Resistance and Test/Steiner. This match was here to serve a storyline development and accelerate the unhappy alliance of Test and Scott Steiner into a feud, over Stacy Kiebler. Expect what you would normally expect from a Scott Steiner match for this one.
Then comes the ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The scheduled match is Team Angle vs Los Guererros, but Chavo had sustained an injury, so taking his place is Yoshihiro Tajiri. This is a very good match, complete with corny Mexican promo beforehand. An impressive showing from a still rather inexperienced Team Angle.
Next is the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal, including Val Venis (returning under his old gimmick after being sacked by Eric Bischoff), Kane, Christian, Jericho, Booker T, Van Dam, Goldust and Test. It was a good idea to bring back the Intercontinental Title, and also a good way to get Austin over as Raw co general manager. Good exchanges between Christian, Jericho and Booker, an entertaining match.
A bikini challenge then takes place between Sable and Torrie Wilson, what this is doing on a wrestling pay-per-view I'm not sure. This was mildly entertaining none the less, for Tazz's and Lawler's reaction.
Then comes the World Heavyweight Championship match, Triple H vs Kevin Nash. A better match than most expected, but still not an amazing match, with a predictable ending. It does however, make a good build-up to their hell in a cell match at the consecutive pay-per-view, Raw's Bad Blood. Kevin Nash is considered by many to be past his prime, and you can gather this from the crowd reaction to the supposed baby face.
The four-way Women's Title match is next, and is a good encounter. Women's wrestling has come a long way in the past two to three years, and this match is a prime example.
The Main Event is the Stretcher Match between the Big Show and Brock Lesnar. And a very enertaining one it is. Even though we have seen these two go at it numerous times before this, Brock Lesnar shows us why he is considered the Main Event talent he is by working a great match with the Big Show. There are some great moments in this no disqualification match, Lesnar carrying Show with a forklift is an amazing sight.
Overall, not a bad effort from WWE, especially when considering they use upper mid-carders sparingly in the tag match at the start (Benoit) and in the Battle Royal (Jericho, Booker). The running feud between Austin and Bichoff makes for great between match entertainment as well.
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on 10 July 2004
Judgment Day 2003 was held in Flair Country! In Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina. There were 8 matches. They were:
1: 6 Man Tag Team Match
Chris Benoit, Rhyno and Spanky VS. John Cena, Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Paulumbo
Didn't last long. Not even 4 minutes. But still okay. 6/10
2: La Resistance VS. Scott Steiner and Test
Just an average tag team match. This was building up to the Scott Steiner/Test match at Bad Blood. 6/10
3: Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Angle (Champions) VS. Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri
Things got better with this match. A great Ladder Match even though Team Angle aren't that good with ladders. 8.5/10
4: Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho VS. Christian VS. Booker T VS. Kane VS. Rob Van Dam VS. Goldust VS. Lance Storm VS. Test VS. Val Venis
Everyone gets eliminated quickly, leaving the final four. The ending is good. 8/10
5: Mr. America VS. Roddy Piper
Hulk Hogan in a mask? What were the writers thinking? Anyhoo, this was quite short. "Mr. America"'s first match. 7/10
6: World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H (Champion) VS. Kevin Nash
A lot of matches on this PPV weren't as long as I thought they would be. These two would go on to have a brutal Hell In A Cell Match the next month. The ending wasn't that good. 8/10
7: Fatal 4 Way Match for the Women's Championship
Jazz (Champion) VS. Trish Stratus VS. Victoria VS. Jacqueline
This wasn't a bad match. Seeing that there were four women in the match, there were quite a lot of things happening at once. 8/10
8: Stretcher Match for the WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar (Champion) VS. Big Show
This match was advertised as being "brutal and barbaric". It was quite a high-impact match. This was definately match of the night. 9.5/10
Overall, a good PPV. There were a few not-so-good matches, but apart from that, Judgment Day 2003 is a good buy.
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on 7 January 2004
The main event is the main reason to buy this but here's the review.
6 Man tag. FBI & John Cena vs Spanky, Rhyno and Chris Benoit. 5/10. This could've been awesome but they were given 3 mins! And it had 3 main eventers in it too. The wrong team wins.
Tag Match. La Resistance vs Test & Scott Steiner. 6/10 This was average at best but was rather lame.
Tag Team Ladder Match Team Angle vs Eddie Gurrero & Tajiri 8/10. Now it gets good and all 4 men do pretty well considering Tajiri had only hours notice. All men hit good moves and take great abuse in this one.
Intercontinental Title Battle Royal. 7/10 They brought it back with a contriversal ending.
Bikini Challenge Torrie Wilson vs Sable. 8/10 Puppies!!!!!!!!
Sorry but need I say more.
HHH vs Kevin Nash 7/10. Good spots but short and ruined by a predictable crap ending.
Fatal 4 Way Womens Title. Jazz vs Victoria vs Jackie vs Trish 7/10. Jazz is ugly but the rest I'll still say PUPPIES!!!!. They all hit some good spots though.
Stretcher Match Brock Lesnar vs Big Show. 10/10 Some may say I am being generous but I like No DQ matches and Big Show is able to produce a decent match. Very unusual but funny ending and alot of brutality.
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