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on 9 March 2017
Brilliant thank you very quick delivery 5 stars i would definitely by from you again.
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VINE VOICEon 12 February 2004
While many people were writing the x-files off, after the move to California, and so many critics saying that we had seen the best of one of the greatest TV shows ever, season 7 although not one of the better seasons I thought was nevertheless a very good series indeed.
Yes I do have to agree that the story arcs on what had gone before had lost its way, but I think this is more that they had run the course rather than the so called mythology episodes had gotten a little thin. However the x-files are more than just about Alien conspiracies and Mulders lost sister (which has now been put to bed in this series) but the x-files are also about the other weird goings on in the world and just flying saucers, and I think the last 2 series has produced some of the best single part x files to date, inparticular in season 7 we have Millenium and Hungry, which for me are 2 of the best episodes of the x files ever and certainly for a long time, ok we might not have the superb episodes such as the cliffing hanging end to series 4 (redux)and the begining of series 5 but the individual episodes stand out to all that have gone before and are a tribute to the writers for being able to still churn out such terrific epsisodes, I would have given the Series 7 a 5 star rating, but for the dreary end to the sixth extinction, following on from the cliffhanger from season 6 the first epsiode of series 7 was just as good, but the way it was finished was like toothache, as Mulder lay infected by a virus turned on by an alien artifact that had landed,(second episode of season 7) and the painful dreams Mulder was having, while he was abducted by cancer man and used for testing, was honestly the most boring thing I had ever watched.
But the single episodes soon picked up speed as nealry every episode was fascinating bringing in much needed new aspects of things and changes that are made for the next 2 seasons, such as the episode the amazing maleeni, an extremly cleverly written episode which left you guessing as to who and what although at a very mildhearted pace, which again I found refreshing.
All in all, not everybody liked the season, but for one I enjoyed it as much as some and more than previous seasons of what has been a terrific show for nine long and happy years.
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on 25 August 2000
From the first episode Hungry till (the first eps. from the "Requiem" Trilogy) Requiem, ya just can't stop watching this giant season. In my opinion, this is the 3rd best season in the X-Files history, after season 1 and season 6, and everybody who didn't see this season in original, must buy this! Of course, also in this season there are some episodes which are under the standard level of the X-Files eps (namely "The Sixth Extinction I and II" and "Fight Club"), but there are some of the greatest episodes, which've ever been shot.
These are: "all things" (it's the first episode written and directed by Gillian Anderson; what appeals me so much was that there were some of the greatest quotes ever spoken in all of the seasons and of course Gillian Anderson, who in my opinion deserved an award for the best actress in series),
"Hungry" (also in this episode was a great actor [here it was not GA : - )]. It was Chad E. Donella, played the hungry guy Rob Roberts. This unhappiness, which this character Rob Roberts had, really goes inside of ya and sometimes you really get a goose-flesh, because Rob is a tragedy person. Can't describe this ep, you really have to see, what I'm trying to tell ya.)
"Hollywood A.D" (of course also this ep. Must be seen by every fan! David Duchovny wrote and directed this episode; it was his second time and like his first episode there are quite good quotes in and he directed it, in my opinion, like a real profi. Just see it!)
"Requiem" (and of course the cliffhanger to the 8th and maybe [or better hopefully] last season of the X-Files. Chris Carter really know how to make the waiting to the next season hard enough for us.
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on 17 November 2001
After watching Season Seven on Sky, I was filled with disgust - how could one of the greatest sci-fi/horror/thriller series turn into a mish-mash of poorly executed comedy sketches? But after viewing the season on BBC, I realised I was rather too hasty.
Yes, there is quite a lot of quirky comedy, the best examples being "Hollywood A.D.", "The Goldberg Variation", "Je souhite" and the extremely clever "The Amazing Maleeni". Despite the comedy, the stories are really enjoyable and provide a refreshing change. However, "Fight Club" is too over-the-top.
But fear not! There are still some amazing X-Files cases, and "Orison", "Millenium", "Hungry" and "Theef" easily match the best episodes from Seasons 1-4. "Chimera", despite trying hard, left me feeling bored.
More experimental episodes really help to diversify the season - namely "First-Person Shooter", "X-Cops", "En Ami" and "all things". "FPS" is one episode that divides opinion - personally, I think its quite good, and something very different - a case involving videogames rather than mythology. "X-Cops", a skit of US TV show "Cops" is wonderfully satirical, yet retains the elements of a classic x-files case. "En Ami" (written by Cigarette Smoking Man) and "all things" (written and directed by Gillian Anderson) provide a change of pace. They develop the characters of CSM and Scully much further than before, and feature plenty of interesting ideas.
The real disappointment has to be the "Closure" two-parter. After all the twisted plot-lines revolving around Samantha Mulder, cloning and abductions, it seems she was kidnapped then transported to heaven by spirits. Nice idea (I suppose), but it didn't answer enough questions.
It's not the show it once was, but Season Seven brings together experimental episodes, quirky comedy and serious x-file cases to great effect. It's the myhtology that lets it down.
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on 20 October 2000
This was without a doubt one of my fave seasons of the X-Files. There were the wonderful episodes written by cast members (David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and William B Davis) which really showed how they can go beyond their acting capability and do it well! Episodes like the cliff hanger Requiem and two parters The Sixth Extinction/Amor Fati and Sein Und Zeit/Closure were not only shippy but answered many previously unsolved questions regarding the show's mythology arc. Theef and Hungry, to name but a few, were episodes which upheld the show's original reputation of chilling mysteries and spooky stories. This season highlights especially well how the relationship between Mulder and Scully has developed over the past 7 years.
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on 14 March 2004
An all round great season made better as it's the last 'real' full X-Files season, as season 8 sees the disappearence of Mulder. Stand out episodes include All Things, a fabulously gorgeous and intelligent episode written by and diricted by Gillian, finally giving Scully a chance to choose the life she leads, a very important character development. The Amazing Maleeni sees some very funny and intelligent moments. X-Cops is a great spoof documentary giving some light hearted relief. Hungry is a classic monster of the week episode about eating brains. The Sixth Extinction, Amor Fati, Millennium, Rush, The Goldberg Variation, Orison, Je Souhaite and Requiem are the other standouts, whilst Hollywood AD is the only disapointing episode with only a few worthwhile moments.
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on 17 October 2000
The seventh season of The X-Files is now widely accepted to be the poorest of the 7 seasons the show has produced. That said precisley because it was so lame, with occasional flickers of brilliance in X-Cops and Theef amongst a few others, the whole project has gone back to the drawing board and will re-emerge invigorated, with new characters stories and ideas. We hope. In the meantime if you're a fan buy this - you can't afford to miss a season just because it's the lamest yet (I still loved most of it), and if you're not... well even Amazon's reduced price may be a bit much for this one.
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on 12 September 2011
I've seen all episodes of the X Files but I'd forgotten how much I love them until I started getting the dvd sets. Season 7 is one of the "lighter" seasons, more episodes are funnier than in other seasons. But there are true-to-form episodes as well, and no matter the episode, each one is still like a mini movie. I recommend this set to all diehard xphiles, and for people just discovering the series I would say start at the beginning with season one. The first season sets up the rest of the series in terms of history and characters, and you're set.
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on 30 December 2000
I think this season is just as good as all the others. The actors know their characters and can afford to make fun of them every now and then, which I personally think is great. Besides, the worst XF eps are usually the envy of any other sci-fi series so what is everyone complaining about? If you don't like it anymore, go watch some crappy Clueless-inspired sitcom would-be sci-fi series like Buffy. Oh, and "All Things" is a gem. Just wanted to correct that in the Amazon-review ...Season 7 is great!
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on 29 January 2016
This completes my collection. Despite watching it years and years ago I still sometimes get a chill from it. The first series was incredible and I remember I was doing a college course where the tutor decided we started early and finished early to be home to watch that series. It did not end there as I watch all the series when I could and they all had a quality continuing throughout.
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