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on 17 November 2005
We bought this phone set from Amazon at Xmas 2004, so we've had it nearly a year. We've generally been delighted - having recently "acquired" a new baby, the ability to answer the phone wherever we happen to be has been a real bonus.
Battery life is fine, we exercise the batteries by not leaving the phone on the charger, and we get a week on a charge; the address book works, the display's fine, Caller ID works, hands-free speakerphone mode works, range is excellent, certainly all around our garden is fine.
There are a few small niggles.
As others have noted, the volume is probably the biggest bugbear. We're forty-year-olds with OK hearing, and on full volume it's just loud enough. I would not recommend this phone to anyone who needs (either because of hearing loss or because of a noisy environment) a loud phone. Hands-free is fine, it's just the ear-speaker that has the problem.
The address book is probably the other main annoyance. It works fine, but the data is held in the phone, not the base station, so sync'ing is a pain. There's a function to let you transfer all the numbers from one phone to the other - yippee - but it does *exactly* that - transfers all the numbers, even the ones that are already there! So then you get duplicates (or worse) in the second phone, and have to delete them all by hand. Sigh. How hard would it have been to get this right?
Now BT provide Caller ID for free, the ability of the phone to (a) let you know who's calling and (b) store incoming numbers in the address book, is really handy.
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on 29 March 2005
As phones go these are fairly expensive. The build quality is very good, and the phones get plus points for the following:
1. Ability to use the clearly audible (for you and your correspondent) speakerphone means that you can still work hands-free. The range of the speakerphone is qute impressive (I've been able to hear and be heard at the other end of a large room);
2. The handsets have a very good look and feel;
3. There are multiple ringtones, and the volume is good on both handsets;
4. The ability to synch the handsets and store useful numbers works well;
5. I don't need these as walkie-talkies, but I have tried this facility and it works well (good range again);
6. The manual is clear and well written.
I haven't come across any bad points yet. The phones are genuinely very similar to mobile phones, and people used to these devices will be up and running in no time. If you want to now who's calling, you will have to sign up to the BT Caller ID service (£1.50 per month at time of writing), so be warned if you wish to use this.
All-in-all a very good set of phones. The extra handset and charger are invaluable. These phones prove that you get what you pay for, and I have no complaints about what I have purchased.
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on 6 December 2015
Great product
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on 3 June 2004
After trying a number of cheaper detc phones I am so glad I eventually purchased the Panasonic KX-TCD517 E from Amazon Marketplace. First the phone is nothing short of excellent, easy to use, and of good quality. Like a previous reviewer this phone gives you all you want and while not the cheapest it works really well in all respects. As for Amazon Marketplace, the phone was supplied by Teleconcepts, and it was delivered within 24 hours. If all suppliers took customer service and delivery as serious as Amazon and Teleconcepts the world would be a better place. Well done the both of you. You have revived my faith in customer service.
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on 2 October 2004
Have been looking for a new cordless phone and digital ansaphone for ages and nothing really compared to my last one.
Then I bought this Panasonic KX-TCD 517ES DECT.
Keep giving myself a pat on the back... love it!!!
I particularly like the caller ID facility, and the fact that if you are on the phone and someone else calls, the ansaphone picks up the message and beeps to say a message has been left as well as it being shown on the screen. The text message service works well too.
All in all...... a great product..... looks good, sounds good, reliable, great features, 2nd handset......
What more needs to be said....
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on 15 November 2005
I have lived with a pair of these phones for several months. They are simplicity itself to use and so far have been totally reliable. The seem to have every feature I could possibly wish for. I can't think what the makers could do to make them better! If you are hesitating over whether or not to buy them - hesitate no more!
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on 11 November 2003
Panosonic Model Number KX-TCD 517 ES DECT Cordless phone with answer machine, additional handset and charger in metallic silver.
This was a replacement for our primary domestic corded phone.
What do you get?
Two handsets, a main base unit, a second base unit, two transformers, two belt clips, one telephone cable and four rechargable AAA batteries.
The initial setup.
Couldn’t be easier. Install the batteries in the handsets. At appropriate locations connect the base units to the mains with the transformers. Leave for 30 minutes to let the batteries gain some charge and then connect the main base unit to the telephone wall socket with the telephone cable. The phones now work and you dont’t need to refer to the instructions to make that first call.
The manual.
Easy enough to follow for the technically disinclined but since the phones work more or less out of the box you can do as much, or as little, additional setup as you want and as your confidence grows you can of course explore the more obscure menu driven functions. There are enough fun and obscure features to keep the more technically minded amongst us amused for serveral hours. (You will need to enable caller id before you can use all the features)
Using the phone.
The design, feel, functions, range, display and sound quality are all as you would expect from a unit of this price. Feature access is simple and intuitive.
Why choose this phone.
For me it was being able to clip the phone to my belt and use a headset for those long conference calls.
The ability to sync the address book between handsets and the base unit. (Handset to base unit is on page 25, handset to handset is on page 67 of the manual)
The built in speaker phones that let you listen to those infuriating customer service menu options and make selections at the same time.
Remote access to all answer phone functions from any touch tone phone.
Conference calling with the built in speaker phone.
Conference calling using the handsets.
I also liked the use of standard AAA rechargeable batteries (NiMH, 700mAh capacity, cheap and easy to replace) and the Page function which lasts for 60 seconds and gives you a sporting chance of tracking down a handset thats gone AWOL.
Unlikely to be used (by me) but interesting functions are call recording at the double press of a button, walkie talkie between handsets with a range of 300 meters, intercom between handsets (not really sure what differentiates intercom and walkie talkie) and memo alarm (read alarm clock or egg timer).
And so far I’ve resisted the temptation to configure the phone to flash red and play Symphony No 5 in C minor when the mother-in-law calls. (Reasonably safe of course because she should never be here to hear it!)
I keep confusing the OK button with the Go Back button. (Old dogs and new tricks)
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on 14 July 2006
I purchased this Panasonic DECT twin pack directly from Panasonic in 2004 and initially was very impressed with all the exciting features. However, after several months I was getting increasly annoyed by the amount of callers informing me that the reception was "breaking-up" or "I had gone all metalic" or "was I calling from my mobile?" Panasonic quickly replaced the phones for me without any fuss but the same problem remains and I feel uncomfortable in contacting Panasonic again.

Many people, according to your reviews seem very satisfied with these top-of-the-range phones so I wonder if this is a "faulty batch" problem?

I have tried looking for a similar set of phones but I have not found any that match the specifications of this Panasonic model. However, I do not think that I would trust buying a high spec Panasonic DECT again.
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on 23 January 2005
First off I would have to say that I have been very pleased with this phone. It has a certain wow factor the first time you switch it on. The large LCD display glows blue and is easy to read with its legible graphics, as too are the green illuminated keys. It looks more like a moblie then a home phone. The hand unit itself is nicely rounded and sits comfortably in the hand. As soon as you pick it up you can tell that it is a well made product.
Getting started is easy and the well illustrated operating instructions manual is almost 100 pages long (all English) and is simple enough to follow. Anyone used to navigating their way around a mobile phone, video recorder or digital watch should have no problems understanding this phone. Most of it is pretty intuitive and you should be able to get up and running without resorting to the manual which is only really required for the more advanced and less used features.
Battery life is very good. The technical specifications quote 120 hours in standby mode but I managed to get 188 hours on my first 7 hour charge. Although it's not possible to overcharge the batteries (according to the manual) it is nevertheless recommended that to maximise the life of the batteries you should only charge them when the low power indicator starts flashing (from this point it takes 7 hours to recharge - the indicator light at the top left corner of the handset will change from red to green when fully charged). Because of this I rarely place the phones in their cradles and tend to leave them on the coffee table and desk like a remote control. Even when the main handset was placed inside a cupboard it was still able to receive incoming calls and to store them on the answering machine.
One thing I have noticed and agree with another reviewer on is that the volume on the second hand set is too low even when set on maximum which is rather disappointing considering the price. I think that Panasonic need to tweak this a bit. Thankfully the built-in answer phone speaker in each handset is much louder and can be used for hands free calls.
There have been some concerns from others regarding the phone's compatibility with coexisting on an ADSL broadband connection and indeed this did cause me to pause before placing an order. All I can say based on my own experience is that I have encountered no problems whatsoever. My Broadband connection is with BT Yahoo and I use the ADSL microfilters supplied with the welcome kit.
Phone numbers entered into the phone's 200 number address book are not automatically copied to the second handset. However, it is possible to copy either the full address book or just one contact from one phone to another whilst in intercom mode. This then gives you the best of both worlds: individual address books if phones are used for different members of the family or duplicate address books if you just plan to have one downstairs and one upstairs.
For those who like to play around with ring tones this phone offers 15 polyphonic choices ranging from various bells to music excerpts. They are all clear enough but I'm quite content with the default setting ( I have a pet hate for mobile ringtones).
As always with Amazon the whole ordering/delivery experience was quick and painless. From ordering to receiving took 4 days (and this was just after Christmas) with delivery to my place of work by Securicor Omega. If only all Internet companies were this slick.
In summing up I would have to say that this is an excellent phone in every respect (except volume on handset 2) and that the feature set offers just about everything you could usefully want (minus gimmicks like wallpaper or games). Some of the features on offer do require you to subscribe to caller ID but Panasonic provide you with a free 3 month subscription to try out the service. Okay the phone is not the cheapest but like most things in this world you get what you pay for. If you think you have a need for the features it offers then you might like to consider placing this phone on your short list.
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on 21 January 2006
2 phones in pack - one with base including answer machine (no buttons), the other with smaller charger base. The phones have superb clarity, excellent features, and are easy to use.
Both phones have a great speakerphone and a 2.5mm headset jack to use with headset (I use Plantronics M170 over the head version and the volume is perfect). Using the phone regularly (to your ear) is quieter even at loudest volume.
They are easy to program by following the simple manual step by step. There are lots of excellent features, e.g., the phone will change color, ring differently and even call out who is calling for different callers (you need to program the base and have caller id), and the intercom is very useful. The LCD lights up blue and shows who's called, and if there are messages.
Overall the quality of the phone is outstanding and I would recommend this phone set for both professional business use and for personal use.
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