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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2017
This film makes no sense
Why on earth would the strides move into Myers old place
Somewhat tempting fate
Druids controlling Michael becaue of some star constellation and the CIA wanting to control a serial killer
Jamie having his baby
Why why why
There was a reason why carpenter made season of the witch different to the first two
To stop poor sequels like this
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on 10 September 2007
It's been mentioned in the other reviews so i shall get it out of the way early, the bootleg producer's cut of this movie is superior by a large margin, the druid subplot is much better handled, the ending is a vast improvement and the characters feel more rounded. But until Dimension feel the need to milk some more cash from the franchise and release it officially this version is what we have.
Attempting to be both a continuation of the plot from Halloween 4 & 5 as well as a new story Curse maybe tries to take on more than it can chew, the Jamie Lloyd character from the previous films is dismissed much to early and Dr Loomis seems to be pushed to the sidelines (both these problems are solved in the alternate cut), of the newly introduced characters only Paul Rudd's Tommy Doyle has any real substance, Rudd brings a nice quiet mania to the role. Another big sticking point is the new motive for Michael's killing, giving the silent slasher from Haddonfield this rather convoluted back story takes away a lot of the terror the original film imbued Michael and for a horror film this is a big problem.
I understand that problems with director Chappelle and failing health meant that Donald Pleasence seems relegated to bit player in this one, but i still felt the character deserved a better send off, despite this Pleasence still commands any scene he appears in and will always be as much a part of the series as Michael.
Of course it's not all bad, the cinematography is top notch, Alan Howarth's redone score is effective, returning Myer's performer George Wilbur is a good Shape and the mask looks better than it did in the previous films also some well lit tightly edited kill sequences are most effective, in fact for a casual fan, this is an entertaining shocker but it could have been so much more and maybe then we wouldn't have had the horror-lite H20 as Halloween 6 effectively buried the series and demanded it be overhauled.
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on 5 August 2002
OK, you all know the plot. Halloween is coming and so is homicidal masked madman Michael Myers, ready to carve up more than pumpkins. After disapearing at the end of H5 (with Jamie Loyd), it starts off with a ritual being performed on Jamies baby in which the symbol of the thorn is carved on its chest. Jamie gets the baby and escapes, with Myers hot on her trail. After 15yrs (Halloween 5) Halloween has been banned in Haddonfield so a bunch of students try to ressurect it. The one bad thing about this film are its sub plots (The Thorn curse, The "Evil" Man In Black) which can sometimes be confusing.
For Hardcore Halloween fans this film may disapoint, For gore hounds - there's plenty of neck braking, eye gouging, gutting and throat slicing, all done in the bloodiest way.
The final half an hour is really suspensful and exciting. Also this is Donald Pleasence's last film (sadly).
All In All : A Good, Scary film.
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on 14 June 2001
This is quite a good horror film, but it disappoints me in that it is not a good movie in terms of the Halloween series.This is the weakest of the Michael Myers movies, suffering from a dodgy script.It left too many things unanswered, like why the group in the film wanted Michael Myers and the baby and what was the purpose of the intended operation on the baby ? Also Donald Pleasance lacked a commanding presence as Dr Loomis which he had shown in previous movies in the series, he looked too old and frail(not through any fault of his own) to still be chasing such a maniac and he looked too poorly to even be starring in a movie.However what brings this up beyond being just another average horror movie is the menacing and lurking presence of Michael Myers, who once again proves why he is the king of movie maniacs.Whoever played him deserves 10 out of 10.Myers dispatches people in the most gruesome and grizzly ways possible, one instance however I feel is a bit far fetched(see the electrocution scene), but other than that the killings only add quality to the film.So overall this is not a bad horror movie, but it is by no means a classic, like Halloween's 1,2,and H20.Its worth getting to make your ownn decision, verdicts on the quality of this film are mixed.I for one like it and recommend it if you are a fan of the Halloween series or just a horror buff.
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on 4 July 2000
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers gets bad reveiws but it is a great film. Michael Myers kills Jamie Lloyde and is now after her baby. Tommy Doyle (the boy Laurie Strode babysat for in the first film) has to protect the baby from the evil one. The second best in the series. Many people hate this film because of it's weird but unique story line but I would much rather have Michael kill for Thorn (see the movie) than just because he plain feels like it (kind of like Jason in the Friday 13th films). Ignore the bad reveiws. I love this well crafted sequel.
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on 22 September 2010
HALLOWEEN VI arrived in 1995 after the rather lame HALLOWEEN V disappointed fans in 1989. Unfortunately, here in the UK, HALLOWEEN VI went straight to video and missed out on a full theatrical release. This is a real shame as in my opinion this is one of the best sequels in this successful series.
HALLOWEEN VI is full of top notch action sequences and some genuinely scary moments.
Joe Chappelle directs with an obvious flare for this genre, and many of the scenes
remind me of the original film, and the music by Alan Howarth is superb. The cast is excellent and we even get veteran TV & FILM Actress Kim Darby!!
This particular entry in the series is notorious as the version we got to see in 1995 was chopped by the producers. If you can get hold of the infamous "producers cut", the ply and storyline will make far much sense. I am very surprised that a full release has still not surfaced in shops yet?
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on 14 April 2004
this halloween film is one of the best in the series, only because jamie has a baby doesnt change it at all... and it does tell us who's baby it is, it's michael myers' baby. and i bet you're thingin WHAT?? well wot happened is DR.Wynn injects michael into jamie and she has a baby, now michael wants the child.
he kills jamie on the way along with a load of other people including her mothers(laurie strode) family. this is excellent with an appearance of tommy doyle(the boy laurie strode was baby sitting on the first halloween).
in this halloween night we find out that michael is actually controlled by the 'thorn' which is a sign of demons which brings death to thousands of people and in this case it being michael myers. i am not the only one who thinks this is the best even mustapha akkad and john carpenter say this is the most chilling and best in the series. i am a really big fan and i love every one in the series. ignore all of the bad reviews this is an excellent movie and is the scariest one... and as for one of the reviews above halloween 4 and 5 are excellent too and they do have a purpose only because jamie lee curtis (laurie strode) isnt in it doesnt make it a bad movie... the worst is halloween 3 - season of the witch, this is because it has NOTHING at all to do with michael myers or him killing on halloween night.
and also only because DR. sam loomis(donald pleasence) is old in this movie and doesnt really appear much he still makes an excellent improvement on this movie... i am upset that jamie died too but i still loved this movie and so should you, and if you were a true halloween fan you should see that this is one of the best just like the directors and i, so just buy this movie and see what you think of it for yourself.
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on 1 January 2004
I know nearly every review posted over the internet,have critised this 6th installment of the halloween and series,by suggesting theyve taken it too far,but for the true fans of Michael Mayers,this sequel is a real treat,for starters,you learn stuff,that you didnt know before about him,like the way he is controlled by a certain symbol that only appears at Halloween and also who was that person that let Myers out of Jail,in the 5th installement? you'll soon know upon purchase of this one.
The killings are as gory as ever,and the storyline? well its pretty much the same as the others in the series,i wouldnt reccomend this to someone whos never seen any Halloween films before,but for true die hard fans,who have got 1-5 and H20/resseurection too,this is well worth adding to your collection.
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on 6 December 2003
Having read several reviews, which in the main don't recommend the film at all, I was reluctant to buy this. However, having bought all the others in the series I decided to bite the bullet and buy it, and to be honest I don’t think its that bad, not bad at all, in fact I preferred it to Resurrection. That said I can’t say I was keen on the idea that Mr Myers had in fact been controlled and protected by 'Druid' like characters all these years. I think Michael Myers was far more menacing when there was no explanation as to why he did his stuff. The storyline does go off at a tangent somewhat and the ending is a little like a damp squib but it’s not a bad film overall and certainly not as bad as other reviews here would have you believe.
Worth a watch if you’re a fan of the series.
The DVD itself has a good atmospheric picture quality and the sound quality is good enough.
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on 29 September 2003
Brilliant film! Although the original can't be topped, as John Carpenter is the horror master! This film sees Michael Myers return to Haddonfield for the fifth time and it's still exciting. Myers returns to his childhood home only to discover relations of Lauries foster parents have moved in! Myers carves his way through. Killing many. This is one of the best films in the series.
I just can't get enough of Halloween! I can't wait for the release of the DVD on <27th October> I'll be first in line to buy it! Thanks for reading! Hope this review was helpfull!
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