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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2014
This is a much better transfer than the previous blu-ray release.
Same length also though it says Director's Cut.
Also one of the best sci-fi movies of the 80's that have more than quotable lines and memorable characters.

Special Features :-

Q&A with the filmmakers inc, Paul Verhoeven, Peter Weller & Nancy Allen- 2012 - 42mins
Flesh and Steel - The making of Robocop - 37mins
1987 featurette - shooting Robocop - 8min
1987 featurette - making Robocop - 8mins
The boardroom - storyboard with commentary by animator Phil Tippet - 6min
Deleted scenes - 3mins
Villains of old Detroit - 17mins
Special effects - then and now - 18mins
Robocop - creating a legend - 21mins
Paul Verhoeven - easter egg - 1min
Audio commentary with Director Paul Verhoeven, Writer Ed Neumeier and Executive Producer Jon Davison
Theatrical trailer
TV Spot

The Q&A was interesting and the villains of old Detroit has new interviews with the likes of
Kurtwood Smith reminiscing about the filming in the summer of 1986.
Can really recommend this version for a top level upgrade.
I'd buy that for a dollar!!!
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on 1 February 2014
The image quality is fantastic, the restoration is outstanding and the sound quality (DTS HD) is faultless throughout.

There are some nice extra features, including retrospective interviews, trailers and so on.

A worthy addition to any sci-fi movie fan's collection.
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on 4 March 2014
I'm sure I'm not the only one that has bought this movie more times that I'd care to admit, from VHS,, Criterion DVD, blu ray, remastered blu ray and various DVD and blu ray steelbook versions.

The remastered blu ray steelbook has attracted some justified criticism for the artwork. But overall this is a delightful release. The remastered blu ray isn't perfect, but this is an old fairly low budget movie; the remastered version makes your older blu ray look dark and muddy. The audio is 5.1 DTS HD; purists may actually prefer the older blu ray's 4.0 soundtrack that mimicks the theatrical dolby surround mix.

This is the 'unrated' version of the movie - and it is region free, so international buyers can buy without fear of disc/player incompatibility.

There was a limited edition steelbook of the older blu ray; its difficult to find now. Overall this is the version of the movie to buy. You have a great remaster of an iconic movie packaged in a very nice steelbook (with some questionable artwork).
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on 4 October 2015
Love this movie but I've had too delete it and just stick with my bluray as this Amazon digital movie is faulty explosions show up like bright green and it was downloaded in full hd dount purchase this... the bluray is great the Amazon download is not. so save yourself the hastle and get the disc plus you get all the extras too
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'Detroit City' is riddle with crime, gangs rule the streets, cops are being taken out.
There is corruption within the system, with no-one able to expose it.
'Alex J Murphy'(Paul Weller) is a well respected officer that has been transferred
to the 'Detroit Police Department' he is teamed up with Officer 'Anne Lewis' (Nancy
Allen) who'll show him the ropes of his new posting.
'Murphy' and 'Lewis' become involved in an incident, which see's 'Murphy' left for
dead by the gang led by arch-villain 'Clarence J Boddicker' (Kurtwood Smith)
The O.C.P have been trying to develop a peace-keeping Cyborg, as yet, not without
it's problems.
A opportunity has arisen for the Organisation, they decide to rebuild the barely alive
cop, part Human-part Robot, in effect a machine that can be programmed to enforce
the rule of law on the streets of 'Detroit' --'Robocop'
Unlike the Cyborgs that have been unsuccessfully tested, Robocop will have the
additional element of a part-machine capable of making decisions the 'Cyborg' couldn't.
Robocop makes an instant impact on the City Streets, Crime-levels are beginning to
fall, but the elements of corruption within the system and it's involvement with the
gang that had all but ended 'Murphy's' life remains in tact.
One thing the O.C.P. have not counted upon is the possibility that 'Murphy/ Robocop
has vague memories of his previous life, 'Robocop' wants revenge against the gang
that had more than contributed to what he has now become.
I have recently watched and reviewed the 2013 version of this 1987 classic, because
I hadn't seen this version for some considerable time, I could not honestly make any
comparisons, the new -version is perfectly watchable and does contain up to date
Special-Effects the 87' movie didn't have access to, however, there is quite a gulf in the
content between the two, this version has much more attitude and a whole lot more action
on-board, along with more graphic violence....not sure this would be given an '18' by the
'Censorship-Board of today, however, as mentioned earlier there is quite a gulf between
the two versions.
An Action-packed Sci-Fi Classic (The 'Cyborg' isn't that good on a stairwell)
Picture Quality --Maybe not the best at times, however a very noticeable upgrade on the
DVD version.
Special Features -
* O and A with filmmakers (2012)
* Flesh and Steel - The Making of Robocop.
* 1987 Featurette - Shooting Robocop and Making Robocop.
* The Boardroom Storybook with Commentary by Animator 'Phil Tippet'
* Deleted Scenes.
* Villains of Old Detroit.
* Special Effects then and now.
* Robocop : Creating a Legend.
* Paul Verhoeven : Easter Egg.
* Commentary with Director 'Paul Verhoeven' - Writer 'Ed Neumeir' and Executive
Producer - 'John Davison'
* Theatrical Trailer.
* T.V. Spot.
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on 24 March 2014
The picture has been completely cleaned for this hi def release and all the hard work has paid off, the film looks stunning and still holds up against much more modern fare... Justifiably a classic...
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on 4 January 2011
Forget the inferior sequels and concentrate on this. After two and a bit decades, Verhoeven's brutal masterpiece still retains its visceral power, from Murphy's still shocking excecution scene to an unfortunate lackey who has '20 seconds to comply', Robocop just doesn't put a foot wrong. The film's satirical edge coupled with it's outrageous black comedy make it perhaps the best Judge Dredd film never made. Its a shame then that it unfairly gets described as a terminator clone, when it has so much more to offer, specifically Peter Weller's poignant almost birdlike performance as the reconstructed cop and Kurtwood Smith's Hugely quotable Himmler lookalike Clarence Boddicker. In an age when it seems everything is ripe for reinvention and a remake, its hard to imagine anyone surpassing the assured brilliance of this film, It should be lauded much in the same way as 2001 or Bladerunner.
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on 3 June 2004
RoboCop first burst onto cinema screens when I was just twelve years old, and 18-rated movies had all the allure of adult freedom. Of course, like many other such films, including Arnold Schwarzenegger's output at the time, the violence and swearing which earns the rating is probably of less interest to grown-ups. What impresses me now is it's lean, tight editing (easily rivalling 'Die Hard' or 'Speed'), tongue-in-cheek, though sometimes brutal humour, and simple scenario of heroism vanquishing gleeful criminality, corporate greed destroyed from the inside, and human personality winning over blankly efficient technology.

As a design, RoboCop himself is an icon, still featuring in videogames long after the end of the film franchise, but it's the constant internal presence of murdered cop Murphy which makes the character memorable and eventually overwhelms the machine half entirely. The opposititon of Murphy's wronged family man and the cackling lout Clarence Boddicker and his cohorts may strike modern viewers as stereotypical, even dangerously simplistic, but latterday action adventures are often so bogged down with pointless introspection and ruminative psychobabble that the last thing they do is entertain. It has to be said that the director Paul Verhoeven is as unsubtle as he's ever been here, and certain scenes of the movie, in particular the killing of Murphy and rival law enforcer ED-209's fatal malfunction, are violent enough to shock. The original cinema and video releases featured cut-down versions of these scenes, and it's amazing how the addition of just a few seconds can make a moment so much more unsettling.

Those who have never seen this movie don't need telling that the special effects will never dazzle in the way that modern, CGI-heavy releases do. But I for one prefer the concrete presence of latex modelled effects seen in movies which pre-date the visual revolutions of Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park. Go back and watch John Carpenter's claustrophobic classic 'The Thing': the sticky, gungey quality of its hand modelled gore, reflecting the light as naturally and solidly as the actors, has a stomach churning presence that glassy, textureless, holographic computer modelling can't (yet) hope to match. Compare it to the once awesome visuals of 'The Lawnmower Man' and decide which one now looks the more quaint. In the case of RoboCop, the straight-shooting storyline and scuzzy environments of Delta City are better served by its technical limitations. Even at the time of its release it was a fairly low-budget affair, with the largest chunk of spending going to the RoboCop costume itself.

Although I actually own the plush 'RoboCop Trilogy' package, it's this much cheaper single movie DVD that I recommend. The excellent 'making of' featurette and cinema trailers remain present, and I've only watched the inferior follow-up twice (the terrible third movie, absent of leading actor Peter Weller even less). The fact that the other two movies in the trilogy set do not come with any documenatary features should make your choice all the more clear. Spend the £20+ difference on 'Total Recall' and the special edition of 'The Terminator', and you'll have three great reasons why eighties sci-fi was so often a great thrill ride.
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on 2 February 2014
Fantastic improvement over the last Blu-ray release. Picture Quality is amazing and the extra bonus features are vast. Loved every minute of this new 2014 Remastered Director's Cut. 10/10
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on 1 February 2010
Robocop is simply one of the greatest and most memorable Sci-fi movies ever made - few people know that this is actually a low budget movie and was made under great stress and difficulty; yet the final result is astonishing. The film has many layers and more depth to it than at first glance as it in fact makes for a humoristic satire of America.
And the film has not aged a single year! Coming back to it for a rewatch after many years, I was expecting to see with my now matured eyes a clunky corney looking Robocop - but no way, jose! The design of the Robocop suit, if you want to call it that, is simply awesome. You look at it as one might look at a prototype model of some new sports car from Lotus or Ferrari. And the Robotic miming of Peter Weller is spot on.
One of the greatest, most memorable simply unmissable movies of all time. A cult Classic!!!
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