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on 7 May 2017
As a kid, apart from the Terminator movies, the Robocop memorabilia was one of most favourite of all sci-fi action movie series. Paul Verhoeven has got to be one of the best sci-fi movie-makers of all. Another favourite of mine for years was always Starship Troopers which I would also recommend on blu ray.

What this product is which I speak of; is the remastered version of Robocop from dvd's standard editions, to Blu-ray and all of its more upgraded and most brilliant HD viewing and sound performance (if you are lucky and happened to have such tech, this title best enjoyed on large HD widescreen with surround sound turned up, honestly have to say. Worth getting the popcorn and the beer out for, this and the Terminator movies as well within that, far out totally ;-) ). What you get for it; more enhanced quality in literally everything. So if you happened to be a fan of the film, this is one not to be missed in your memorabilia.
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on 4 November 2017
I felt underwhelmed when this was announced as the moment I saw the new cover I felt nothing. To be fair it's not a bad cover, it just isn't the original and I am all about the old school VHS cover which like many others I have adored since it was released back in 1987.

Lets put all that aside and what we have is a excellent remastered Director's Cut with a good bunch of extras. The new remastered treatment is clear to see with plenty of grain removed for fresher clean scenes like never seen before. There are issues here and there but lets remember the first release this had in HD, I think the DVD looked better, that's how poor it was but this more than makes up for it.

Extra's wise we are spoilt. Q&A with the filmmakers from an event in 2012, Making of Robocop, 1987 featurettes, commentary with Paul Verhoeven and writer Ed Neumeir and a lot more to keep you happy. You won't get any better release anytime soon, your money shall be well spent.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 21 June 2014
'Detroit City' is riddle with crime, gangs rule the streets, cops are being taken out.
There is corruption within the system, with no-one able to expose it.
'Alex J Murphy'(Paul Weller) is a well respected officer that has been transferred
to the 'Detroit Police Department' he is teamed up with Officer 'Anne Lewis' (Nancy
Allen) who'll show him the ropes of his new posting.
'Murphy' and 'Lewis' become involved in an incident, which see's 'Murphy' left for
dead by the gang led by arch-villain 'Clarence J Boddicker' (Kurtwood Smith)
The O.C.P have been trying to develop a peace-keeping Cyborg, as yet, not without
it's problems.
A opportunity has arisen for the Organisation, they decide to rebuild the barely alive
cop, part Human-part Robot, in effect a machine that can be programmed to enforce
the rule of law on the streets of 'Detroit' --'Robocop'
Unlike the Cyborgs that have been unsuccessfully tested, Robocop will have the
additional element of a part-machine capable of making decisions the 'Cyborg' couldn't.
Robocop makes an instant impact on the City Streets, Crime-levels are beginning to
fall, but the elements of corruption within the system and it's involvement with the
gang that had all but ended 'Murphy's' life remains in tact.
One thing the O.C.P. have not counted upon is the possibility that 'Murphy/ Robocop
has vague memories of his previous life, 'Robocop' wants revenge against the gang
that had more than contributed to what he has now become.
I have recently watched and reviewed the 2013 version of this 1987 classic, because
I hadn't seen this version for some considerable time, I could not honestly make any
comparisons, the new -version is perfectly watchable and does contain up to date
Special-Effects the 87' movie didn't have access to, however, there is quite a gulf in the
content between the two, this version has much more attitude and a whole lot more action
on-board, along with more graphic violence....not sure this would be given an '18' by the
'Censorship-Board of today, however, as mentioned earlier there is quite a gulf between
the two versions.
An Action-packed Sci-Fi Classic (The 'Cyborg' isn't that good on a stairwell)
Picture Quality --Maybe not the best at times, however a very noticeable upgrade on the
DVD version.
Special Features -
* O and A with filmmakers (2012)
* Flesh and Steel - The Making of Robocop.
* 1987 Featurette - Shooting Robocop and Making Robocop.
* The Boardroom Storybook with Commentary by Animator 'Phil Tippet'
* Deleted Scenes.
* Villains of Old Detroit.
* Special Effects then and now.
* Robocop : Creating a Legend.
* Paul Verhoeven : Easter Egg.
* Commentary with Director 'Paul Verhoeven' - Writer 'Ed Neumeir' and Executive
Producer - 'John Davison'
* Theatrical Trailer.
* T.V. Spot.
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on 18 March 2018
Robocop was a classic near future science fiction film in its day. It looks a bit dated now but has stood the test of time better than most. It is very violent in some parts even now. It has a dark humour running through it which tempers this through out the film. It pits humanity against AI technology so is still relevent today. It’s a must see for sci fi fans and was an influentional film in its day. I enjoyed it but I saw it first time round and enjoyed it then. The only thing against it is the special effects are beginning to date but I am afraid that’s just age. It’s a must see for films of that era and has enough about it to stand the test of time so watch and enjoy.
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on 28 August 2015
A still unsettling distopia that has not lost strenght over the years. All in this film is sick, even when it is pure action: the characters, the settings, the situations convey a constant sense of upcoming apocalypse, and Veroheven proves to be (as he used to) a brave director that can provoke and not be just an excellent entertainer: here state-of-the-art (at those times) special fx, still work now and are not just showing off: probably are the smart way for the director to catch average viewers and make them think about unusual topics, like the fine line between body/mind/technology, and between business and dictatorship.
All in a great entertaining, noir-sci-fi-action-film. One of his specialities.
The blu ray is very good in my opinion
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on 25 March 2014
Whether people love or hate the recent re-boot (I enjoyed it a great deal), what we can at least be thankful for is that it has FINALLY prompted a release of the original classic on Blu-Ray which has stunningly sharp picture and sound and superb special features (unlike the previous 'vanilla' release). A product of its time, it may be (dealing as it did with yuppie-culture and co-operation money grabbing and back-stabbing), but what becomes plainly obvious when watching it again, how little times have changed. Co-operations and governments are still money-grabbing, back-stabbing organisations and the various subjects covered in the 'Media-Break' sections - police death, natural (and other) disasters and looming nuclear threat are all worryingly current. I have a feeling that this film may continue to be 'current' in our lives long after the re-boot is forgotten. And so, to the film itself. It hardly needs a plot re-cap, so let me just say the acting is still great, the action is still great, the music and direction are still great. What more do you need to hear? A product of its time? Certainly, but its time is NOW.
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on 19 June 2016
Don't get me wrong - I love this movie. However I am scoring it down here due to the appalling quality of the video transfer.

I have watched on the Fire TV, PS3 and iPhone and it is just plain unwatchable. In fact I will be calling Amazon as I want a refund.

Bright and shadow areas are showing yellow blocks. The blue grid that shows Robocop focusing on items in the lab turns purple. There are blue blotchy blocks all over the place.

The picture is unwatchable.
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on 6 February 2017
This classic movie from the 80s is essentially an old-fashioned tale of good versus evil. And it is a tale told bloodily, and with gusto. The good guys aren't infallible super-beings - despite appearances - but the bad guys are irredeemably, horribly, repulsively bad. There's a bit of cliché going on here, and despite giving the hero a bit of a back story, none of the characters is really anything more than two-dimensional. But that doesn't really matter - this is a wonderful way spend a bit of time watching the baddies get what's coming to them.
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on 4 October 2015
Love this movie but I've had too delete it and just stick with my bluray as this Amazon digital movie is faulty explosions show up like bright green and it was downloaded in full hd dount purchase this... the bluray is great the Amazon download is not. so save yourself the hastle and get the disc plus you get all the extras too
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VINE VOICEon 28 February 2010
The Blu Ray version of this classic movie is a bit of a mixed bag. The opening low def TV news channel sequences don't really set a good mark for a blu ray and in truth i was worried that this film would be in the "awful transfer section" of the blu ray bargain bin.

Im happy to say its not all doom and gloom. The majority of the movie is vibrant and looks good on blu ray and the HD multi channel sound was good.

Back on the flip side Some scenes appear a little grainy and the "what robocop sees" scenes are shown from behind a the multi line 1987 impression of what his display would be like, along with the news/advert scenes "poor quality broadcasts" which are in stark contrast to much of the rest of the movie.

I feel the blu ray makes these difference in picture quality far more extreme than previous media types, although far from perfect it is the best version around at this time. If the usual cash in on Anniversaries kicks in this movies next land mark date won't be till 2012 should they decide to remaster it for a 25 year role out.

Film scores 5/5

In comparrison to recently made blu ray releases
Picture quality 3/5
Sound Quality 4/5

Im sure some folks will disagree with me but having watched the trilogy DVD release in both standard and upscaled for comparison on the scenes i felt where weak in the blu-ray and the blu ray wins the day for me.
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