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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
Party Time
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£3.71+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 19 February 2018
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on 12 November 2016
Great fun album
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on 2 May 2016
Silly and catchy. If you're in for a smile, this will do it.
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on 1 April 2015
Daughter loves this cd.
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on 16 December 2014
we all love abit of cheese haha :D
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on 7 January 2006
This is the most talentless rubbish I have ever heard. It is an insult to any music and it is atrocious that these talentless people can earn a disproportionate sum of money for doing nothing, while others work hard and earn far less. Pure proof of what our society comes to, if people actually think this is good music and further evidence, if they condone the making of money from this abomination.
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on 11 August 2003
Love them or not, you have to hand it to the Cheeky Girls. Raking in more money than Girls Aloud & One True Voice, they've gone from making the popstars judges fall about laughing to becoming POPSTARS in their own right.
PARTYTIME is the first album from Monica & Gabriela, & they haven't just given us 12 carbon copies of the Cheeky Song- there is a surprisingly diverse collection of songs here....
1: Cheeky Song(Touch My Bum)- Well, we all know this one! This started the twins on their path to fame!
2: Salsa In The Disco- Starts off with a Spanish intro and launches into a fast & furious chorus! Instantly catchy & Latino flavoured.
3: Take Your Shoes Off - the second single. The Cheeky Girls in pure pop style.
4: Get The Party On - this is a take on "chirpy chirpy cheep cheep" Sparkly euro pop in a steps-esque style, this one stays in your head for ages!
5: Celebration - Very disco, very 70's! Could be a future single.
6: Summer Fun - yet another style, this is Monica & Gabriela in a reggae style. Will chill you out & is a perfect summer song.
7: Cheeky Holiday - the girls take on Boney M's tune, and the 3rd single. This one has brilliant ad libs, makes me laugh every time!
8: Micky Blue - back to the classic "cheeky pop" this song is agreat laugh. listen to the lyrics, that tell the story of them falling for the same guy. In the end the girls suggest "pick us both and never mind!" Another one to make you giggle.
9: Hip Hop - yet another style here, trying a pop-hip-hop vibe. Not the most instant track on the album, but still good.
10: Magic - Typical cheeky tune here, similar backing to "take your shoes off" Very Europop!
11: Espangnola Dream - was talked about as being the second single. Typical Cheeky style here, it's the most similar song to "Cheeky Song" on the whole album. Its a catchy one, but l'm glad it wasn't the follow up as it is very similar in style to their first hit.
12: Follow My Star - To finish it off, the girls give us a ballad. If it wasn't for the accents you may not think it was the same group. Very nice song, shows they can be serious. (but we love then when they are having fun as well!)
So, a more diverse album than I was expecting. I was ready for a lot of pop songs filled with the usual cheeky invites to "Sing with us" etc, but the twins experimented with a lot of styles and gave us a varied, album. It all has their cheeky style there though! The ballad is the surprise of the album - it's a little like 2 become 1. Give it a go, and keep it tongue in cheek!
These girls aren't trying to change the face of music forever- they just want you to kick back, let your hair down, take your shoes off and have fun!!!!
Great effort girls!
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on 20 August 2003
I'm going to admit I was astonished on hearing this album. Most of the "artists" to come out of the Popstars phenomena have released albums which are, quite frankly, pitiful - Gareth's "W-w-w-w-w what my heart wants to say" springs to mind, and Girls Aloud idea of covering old classics and renaming them is stale already.
However, it's the underdogs who have triumphed with an album of subtle, yet exhuberant genius. Written off almost immediately by judges as a pair of jokers who couldn't sing, this pair of jokers who can't sing have proved that it's not necessarily a bar on success.
As is often the case, its the songwriting that stands out here - courtesy of the Girls Mum (and future Ivor Novello award winner, if theres any justice). Whether parodying office harassment on the Cheeky Song - "Touch My Bum / This is Life", or the eternal quest for liberation - "Take Your Shoes Off/ And feel the freedom", she quite rightly shows that having English as a second language isn't a hinderance. Move over Lennon and McCartney!
Production values are high too - whether its the bleepy bloopy dance pop of Cheeky Song, the bleepy bloopy dance pop of Get The Party on, or the bleepy bloopy dance pop of Espanalo, there isn't an angle the girls haven't got covered. They even attempt hip-hop on "Hip Hop", and this is probably the reason Destiny's Child have delayed their new album 'til next year - however could they compete?
All in all, a triumphant debut. One simply wonders what lies next for the ladies - it's rumoured that it could be a Radiohead style Kid A diversion.
But it'll probably be bleepy-bloopy dance pop.
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on 9 January 2004
There are more things in life than pleasure. I know this to be true, but Gabriella and Monica Dracula's ( do I detect a hint of Michael Howard's genes in their faces?) latest offering has led me into a fantasy world, to a vocal experience of unsurpassed quality and intimacy that I had never thought possible.
Their rhythmic, pulsating, vibrant, energetic, compelling - and - dare I say it - sexual - chanting to "Touch my bum", have transported me to a heaven to which I have never known an equal.
The gyrating Transylvanian nymphettes lure you into a world of Gothic sexual perversity, whilst remaining pure and undefiled in our teenage-dominated cynical dungeons of depravity.
Our innocent 10-year-olds have indeed found a fountain of inspirational lyrics to assist them in their ultimate quest for an A* GCSE in English. Thank the Lord these girls exist, otherwise our nation of children would be doomed to a rendition of "Tragedy", by Steps or the vocal stylisation of Craig David, singing in the third person ("Craig David wants a Sara Lee Gateau". This is a sign of a schizophrenic personality - singing in the third person.) Calling all parents - buy this for your teenagers now and forestall the schizoid personality. You have been warned.
Things could truly be worse.
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on 29 October 2003
If like me, you are tired of the wholly pretentious and totally unfun music scene at the moment, then you will lap this album up with glee.
The sort of record that gets up the noses of holier-than-thou "serious" music fans and brings humour and glamour back to a world dominated by cliched lip-pierced grungers and po-faced miserable indie dirge makers.
The nearest comparison I can make is to 70's classics Baccara and Boney M. Catchy songs and I for one am a sucker for people singing in broken english. very charming and almost Margarita Pracatan and unlike Radiohead, etc who are oh-so-trendy, this one will have everyone up at a party.
Their mother is a songwriter to give Lennon and Mcartney a ride for their money. More meaningful lyrics than Coldplay and much better to look at!
The CD also has the videos on it. Extra fun. A total pop kitsch classic and the best thing about it is that its not contrived!
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