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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 August 2003
Skid Row - One of the greatest bands in my opinion, really defined what kind of sound I liked, and together with Guns N' Roses and other bands of that sort got me addicted to rock/metal.
Now their back.....No Bach which to be honest is a loss to the album, his voice to me is just one of the finest around, and of course if you take him out, then the songs do miss it. However, what you have here is such a good album, not just a new album but a new direction/sound and mentality. Solinger provides awesome lyrics, and on the track Thick is the Skin, does show his vocal range. The album is filled with sweet guitar hooks mixed in with distorted guitars in pure skid row style, and of course twiddly guitar solos.
It's different to the other albums, I've listened to it once, and to be honest I think that it's fantastic, it's just good quality rock/metal music, with great lyrics, guitars and hooks, which today is rare to find :)
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on 13 February 2004
One of the last 80's rock/metal bands to make it into the mainstream before Grunge hit the alternative world - Skid Row reunited in 2000 without Sebastian Bach and hired Johnny Solinger as their new lead singer. Die hard fans may have felt extremely skeptical. However after securing a slot on the Kiss farewell tour and now releasing this surprisingly strong collection of songs there is little doubt that Solinger can handle the position. Skid Row have significantly updated their sound from the 80's hair metal of their humble beginnings to that of; flamboyant, yet stripped down alternative metal circa 2000.
Songs like; 'New Generation' develope and demonstrate the old and new styles they have adopted so well: Especially in conjunction with the new vocalist's powerful and palatable voice. There should be little concern regarding the Sebastian Bach's replacement. He offers a formidable and attractive vocal.
The likes of; 'Born A Beggar' & 'Ghost' hark back to the larger than life songs of the late 80's with its twinkling verses and strong chorus of: 'Lying alone in the bed we made, watching headlights on the shade' - creating a veritable new breed of rock ballad for the new millennium. However tracks like; 'Swallow Me' sound like the hard, melodic rock of Disturbed and their ilk. There are plenty of solos in attendance here, yet they are more a method of song punctuation than a song structure base.
'Thick Is The Skin' beautifully reminds the listener of the metal roots of this band with the huge chugging riffs and shout out chorus; connoting tattoos, testosterone and Jack Daniels. This is a very powerful song full of catchy hooks and a real sense of metallic fun. Perfectly structured to last the optimum amount of time - This is what the Lost Prophets were attempting to do with; 'Burn Burn'.
'The last train is leaving; there is nothing more that I can say' - from; 'See You Around' once again harkens back to their roots, with the melodic and haunting music and Bon Jovi style chorus. Skid Row are the band who could bring the ballad back to modern alternative metal. Another example of their talent to mix the heavy and the deeply melodic would be the highly contrasting rock sound of; 'I Remember You Two' when compared to the moving, part acoustic song; 'One Light'.
While; 'Down From The Underground' is perhaps a little dreary compared to much of the album it is still above par. Picking favourites from this album is like - asking an MP 'which one of these twelve equally expensive high class prostitutes would you tonight, Sir?' Well my friends, now you can have all twelve of these perky young ladies and feel just as ravaged and dirty as any government minister. Thick Skin is an essential record and one of the highlights of last year's release calendar.
Standout Tracks: 'Swallow Me (The Real You)', 'Thick Is The Skin' & 'Mouth Of Voodoo'.
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on 21 January 2004
I first heard THICK IS THE SKIN on the internet and thought "God damn, this is good". At that point, I realised that Seb Bach quite obviously was no longer a member! Still, when Vince Neil left Motley Crue, they still managed to release a damn good album. Anyway, this album is BRILLIANT! VERY heavy in parts, quite grungy in other parts and theres even a ballad in there somewhere! Worth getting if you can get over the fact that Seb Bach aint screaming your speakers to pieces.
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on 17 November 2003
Fantastic return by one of the best rock bands of the 90s. The new singer they've recruited is excellent and the songs (as usual given the writers involved) are very strong. My particular favourites are 'Born a beggar' a song that shows life through a dog's eyes, 'Thick is the skin' and the new punk version of 'I remember you'.
The first track has a bit of a Marilyn Manson feel to it whilst the rest are more familiar rock/metal offerings. There are several very loud songs ('Hittin' a wall', 'Thick is the skin', etc) and a couple of softer ballads. The rockier numbers work best as although the ballads are good they can't quite match 'Wasted Time', 'In a darkened room' or 'I remember you' from previous albums.
I've just seen them live in Glasgow and they rocked. The hunger for fresh success was very evident.
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on 5 December 2003
Complete disapointment for me, this isn't Skid Row... this is mid 30 year old men trying to be teenage angst alternative "rock" wheres the guitar work and power vocals?! they butchered 1989's "I Remember You" as a punk cover and the songs are all over the shop, one song sounds like some horrid Marilyn Manson song another like some crappy pop punk trash that The Calling might come up with and who ever hired the new lead singer and drummer should have there head examined. He's nothing on Seb and to be honest I'm glad Mr. bach left!
Stick with Seb and the old stuff, or try Sebastian Bach solo project, I really want to like this album I really really do, but I can't, it's horrible and badly produced and presented, I only just managed to put up with Subhuman Race, but sorry... this aint for true rockers it's more of an album that people who beleive rock n roll should "evolve" sell out more like it... Rachel Bolan needs a boot up the behind for doing this.
Skid Row - Ace
Slave To The Grind - Ace
Subhuman Race - Meh
Thickskin - Uhuh, no way. This ain't Skid Row.
To sum it all up..."Where did I put my receipt!?"
It's only my opinion, but I advise you listen to this album before you even consider paying money for it, especially if your expecting something along the lines of the early stuff as there is absolutely nothing in common... Not very rock n' roll, I was truly truly angry with this neanderthal offering.
Excuse angry negativity but this album really did disapoint as Skid Row are one of my favourite bands of all time. You may love it! But I hate it!
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on 11 April 2004
A great album from a great band. I have seen them live only a couple of times and the tracks from this album are even better live. I only have one reservation and that is the re-grooved version of I remember you - great song but I wasn't so keen on the punk version on this album. The rest of the album however was great - I'm glad that we can still see bands sticking to good rock music just like Skid Row do with this one. If you are a rock music fan of any kind buy this album - you'd be mad not to have it in your collection.
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on 14 September 2003
Wow!! Skid Row are back Minus mr Bach which is a shame, but to be honest this album doesnt Sound any Worse with his Absense, Some of the Tracks on here are too Good to worry about who is the better front man.. Buy It !! If only for the track "I remember you too"
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on 7 March 2014
even without sebastian bach skid row still are a force to be reconed with this album is proof of that.all of the songs are good and sound like the old skid row highly reccomended
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on 21 September 2016
All I can say it has some good song's on it but to be honest I've only played two or three times its one of those cds what stay's on the shelf maybe one day ill review it again.
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on 2 July 2016
What. Great album to listen to
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