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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2017
bought as a present
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on 16 October 2003
Anyone who loves the First and Second Series will certainly not be disappointed with the Third - quite to the contrary actually. The Third Series is marked by the same originality, wit and cleverness in conception that has become the trademark of "Coupling". It shows Steve and Susan's relationship flourish into a mature and stable union, nonetheless, we will continue to see Steve's outrageously hilarious "outbursts" at the dinner table, as the battle between the sexes continues. The highlight of the Third Series is undoubtedly the sizzling sexual tension that begins to grow between Sally and Patrick, which will culminate into an exciting finale in the last episode. The Third Series will unquestionably leave you wanting more...
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on 17 May 2004
Take it from someone who used to, kinda, enjoy Friends every now and then: all those who dare to compare Friends and Coupling have no idea what they're talking about! You simply can't compare a lame, pathetic, plain vanilla excuse of a sitcom to a brilliant, racey, inventive, side-splitting rollercoaster of fun. What's funny is that I'm not even British or native English speaker for that matter, so some of the jokes have regretably gotten wasted on me! However, I haven't laughed that hard since Seinfeld (nor I thought I ever would). Needless to say I'm completely addicted, and since my da*n cable provider doesn't carry BBC America, I guess, I'll have to wait until season 4 comes out on DVD. As to American remake of Coupling, all I can say is - please! As one of the reviews on the Internet said, one can't duplicate brilliance. How true!
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on 27 September 2003
You probably need to see series 1 & 2 to get thoroughly grounded on this dysfunctional group's dynamic but then you are in for a treat.
The central theme continues as the guys struggle to comprehend the girls in a series of classic 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' situations. And then there's Jeff...... who knows which planet he's from?
There's continued great use of the parallel view technique, (seen in earlier series) either concurrently with a split screen or the same scene reprised from the other gender's viewpoint. With some beautifully crafted scripts to emphasise the differences this technique adds to the comedy.
Very, very funny. It's 'Friends' with more raunch and more reality
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on 16 December 2003
Is series 3 as funny as the first two? At first I thought not - the situations in the 3rd series are (if possible) even more ludicrous than those in the first two. It is true that the writer does some things with the characters that feel out of line with the way they are in the previous series, but people do change - and anyway, we aren't talking about real people here!
In the end, series 3 does still have a lot of marvellously funny moments, and the characters that previously played second fiddle are brought out more. The extras on the second disc are light (28 minutes) although they do contain some interesting interviews, and there are commentaries on a lot of the episodes (4 or 5) which are worth a listen.
In the end, I think it IS as good as the first two series. The acid test is that it too can be watched several times without getting boring, and for me that says a lot.
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on 13 October 2003
I have to say that I regard the first two series of Coupling as just about the funniest thing that I have seen on TV in years. The third series is much of the same really, but it does not seem to have the freshness of the first two.
For those of you not familiar with the show, it basically follows a group of six people (allegedly based on the writers life and not a rip off of Friends) through their relationship problems. It is in places one of the crudest shows I've seen, but it manages to pull this off without being offensive as it all seems to fit somehow.
All of the gags in series three are pretty much along the same lines as before, though they all feel a little more forced than before. I think some of the problem is that we now know what the characters are likely to say, so it does not surprise when they do. I don't think anyone could have expected Jeff to have told a woman that he has a false leg in series two, but now we know that these are the things he does, we can't be that shocked.
Not that this is a bad DVD, far from it. The first five episodes all contain standout moments, but the last two are noticeable weaker and the overall package suffers as a result. The extras disc is completely pointless as well - I would sooner have just had the shows and no extras for less money.
To sumarise, if you are a Coupling fan, buy it. If you've not seen the program before, checkout series 1 and 2 first.
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on 19 November 2010
Episode titles: Split, Faithless, Unconditional Sex, Remember This, The Freckle The Key And The Couple Who Weren't, The Girl With One Heart, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.

The Coupling gang are back for another hilarious helping of sexual exploration and social humiliation. The third series begins a heartbeat after the end of the last - with Steve (Jack Davenport) and Susan (Sarah Alexander) splitting up - and the entire first episode is conducted in split-screen, each half following one of the sundered couple as they both head to 'The Temple of Women', a beauty salon for Susan, a strip club for Steve...

Episode titles: Split, Faithless, Unconditional Sex, Remember This, The Freckle The Key And The Couple Who Weren't, The Girl With One Heart, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.

Extras include: Selective commentary with Jack Davenport and writer Steven Moffat. Interviews with cast and crew. Outtakes. Unfilmed script extracts.

The third series of Coupling takes fans of the BBC's comedy of sex, manners and modern relationships into new realms of engaging surrealism, leaving those irritating comparisons with "Friends" trailing in its wake. The men are constantly in pursuit of a basic grasp of the "emotional things" that make women behave the way they do. The women analyse everything to death. But thanks to Steven Moffat`s scripts, tighter and quirkier than ever, these characters are living, breathing human beings rather than cynical ciphers for comedy stereotypes.
The performances are as strong as you'd expect from an established team, with actors such as Jack Davenport (the ever-perplexed Steve), Ben Miles (unreconstructed chauvinist Patrick), Sarah Alexander (dryly intelligent Susan) and Kate Isitt (neurotic Sally) wearing their roles like second skins. But in the surreal stakes, it's Richard Coyle as Jeff, wondering aloud what happens to jelly after women have finished wrestling in it, and Gina Bellman as Jane, musing on the importance of a first snog in identifying what men like to eat, who really raise the laughter levels. All things considered, this is superior comedy for all thirtysomethings-genuine and putative.

Episode 01: Split
Very interesting episode, which brings more focus on the story, instead of bringing one laughter after another, and I pretty much liked it. It even was genius of the producers to keep the split screen on until the end of the episode, which made it not only special for Coupling, but for a TV series in general. You practically saw here two episodes in one, and you don't get that all day. And the story was just perfect to bring the split screen into the episode.
Other than that, a few moments were a bit ridiculous and to roll eyes with, especially when Jeff found his high school crush in the strip club again. The short talk they had was rather awkward tha funny. And I think the writers could have done more with the girls in the saloon - I didn't even watch to the right or lower side of the picture, because I didn't have one single second of interest in watching the girls making themselves beautiful.
Anyway, good season opener... 8/10

Episode 02: Faithless
Hilarious episode in one part, ridiculous as always in another part. Again, I couldn't begin anything with Jane's plot, but I was finding myself laughing through Jeff's plot with Wilma (Emilia Fox). And since Jeff is not really a guy, who hits on women that strong, I am wondering about how the hell did he manage to have two women on his side now. With Julia (Lou Gish) still being his girlfriend, he goes out on a date with Wilma, who is even hotter, and he doesn't even know how to do all those things. How she talked about her boyfriend being in Australia was hilarious and how Jeff reacted to all of this was even more hilarious in many moments.
And Jane? Well, she doesn't know anything about religions and God and still tries to hit on a Christian. Not really funny for me, but it is already known that I am having a problem with her. 7.5/10

Episode 03: Unconditional Sex
The episode was good, but I thought it would be more hilarious, since it only had Jeff and Wilma, and the writers didn't even focus on the other characters very much. There was one big problem I had with the episode: Jeff was way over the top in this episode, and this time even more than usual. The whole situation in Jeff's apartment with Wilma and the "dead" girl was mostly ridiculous and a moment to roll eyes with than seriously hilarious. Yeah, I found myself laughing, but I couldn't see this scene as very hilarious. It just was a bit too creepy for me.
The little side plot with Susan and Steve was alright. It is nice that the writers bring a bit more story into their relationship, even though they are not in the center of the story. I just wished that the writers could have done this for all the characters and not just 50 percent of the cast. 7.5/10

Sex life can be dangerous, especially for Jeff

Episode 04: Remember This
Interesting episode, and probably the truest episode so far this season, which goes a way of having a real relationship instead of sex-themed storylines. I liked the Patrick/Sally couple, and I would have wished that they would come together some time. And I liked how the writers didn't try to keep the episode much hilarious - sure, the whole flashback sequences with Patrick not realizing the ugly woman and Sally not remembering what really happened was funny as hell, but these scenes were more important for the character development than letting the audience laugh like hell.
And I have to say that the moment in the video store was the best in this episode and probably the best scene in the season. It was nothing than just a little romantic storyline, with two characters wanting to have a relationship, but realizing that they failed in previous attempts. That was a pretty sweet moment. 8.5/10

Episode 05: The Freckle, The Key And The Couple Who Weren't
Hilarious episode. I wouldn't have thought that the third series would be funny, too, after the second lost some steam. But this time the writers didn't really know how to bring the two storylines into the episode, since both of them were happening at the same time. It looked a bit awkward, when the episode was jumping back and forth, having some new material for one story, until it jumps over to the other one. Maybe it would have been better to do it like the other episodes: First one story, then the other. I didn't even need "superhero" Jeff running into the pub with the mask on his face with him not realizing it. Jane's new date, the whole freckle thing and the Patrick/Sally sequel were already good enough for an own story, while /Jeff/Julia/Joe (Marc Bannerman) was another story, which could have stood on its own. And damn, Joe was a creepy guy, when he told nothing about what he's doing and when he was looking out of the window.
The last moment was interesting: The writers should have done the Patrick/Sally story way earlier; a serialized "relationship or not" would have made the series in its second series way better. 8.5/10

Episode 06: The Girl With One Heart
It was a good episode, but it showed again that the writers are writing a bit over the top, when it comes to Jeff. His behavior during the dinner was just too much and even for a guy like Jeff completely out of place. He couldn't even stop talking, though any guy would have realized that he is talking too much. But the rest of the dinner kinda reminded me of the dinner in "Inferno", and we even had a speech from Steve, defending the honor of men once again - but this time not really that funny, though it was completely the truth. Again.
The little "lesbian" scene in the toilet was great, though I expected a bit more, when Jeff was suddenly in the toilet and saw Jennifer (Emma Pierson). Instead he found his honor and was out of the toilet pretty fast for his standards.
Other than that Jane's story was of course ridiculous again (I really can't stand her in the series) and the writers didn't really do much with the jealousy story between Patrick and Sally. Only Sally was kinda jealous, but Patrick? 7.5/10

Episode 07: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Interesting season finale, but unfortunately Jeff didn't get a proper send-off in his last episode. The writers rather gave him a beginning storyline with the moment he had with Jane. And especially at the ending, when James (Lloyd Owen) came back, while Jane was extremely happy not to be pregnant, which could mean that their relationship is over. I'm kinda sad that this was the last episode with Jeff - I will miss him.
Other than that, Steve's masturbation speech to Susan was hilarious, as well as Jeff and Patrick revealing themselves, when Susan came. Or the laughing nurse. Sally's and Patrick's little story at the end as nice, and it looks like they finally found each other. The Spiderman dance couldn't be more awkward (for Steve) and I loved Sally's happy face. The pregnancy story throughout the episode was okay, but a bit ridiculous. The girls could have tested themselves right afterwards and not waiting for, like, years. 8/10
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on 10 August 2003
Ok, first of all, Series 3 isn't released yet...but is out in September, the reason I am writing this review is because I have seen the entire series on the bbc, so i can encourage you to buy it when it is released. The eagerly awaited 3rd series is nearly ready for release and it is continuing in its real-life situation/funny real life way that can happen to us all. Writer Stephen Moffat continues his success in writing this huge UK hit sitcom, and does not fail to impress here either. With Steve and Susan split, he has cleverly written 'two scripts' following the life of the two (surrounded by the other characters' into one episode. This is a new thing for UK comedy but works extremely well and just improves its funnyness. This is another GREAT BUY-MUST BUY situation and will keep you laughing untill your head nearly does fall off with laughter. After watching the thrid series, i found myself not being able to wait for the next -> yes the next series, series 4 will begin shooting later this year and come to our screens around 2004. Again this is a great buy, but won't make much sense unless you have seen the other two series'. Although it doesn't take much getting used to, this is a great sitcom, and something all people should experience.
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on 26 January 2010
The third series of the charming British sitcom sharpens its pencil with more daring dramas and maintains a high level f sharp physical humour and depiction of what really happens in dating and relationships.

The climax to the second series made series 3 a must watch and the episode pans around Steve and Susan and a simple phone call that is intelligently equipped with exquisite timing and an underlining feeling of drama regarding their relationship. Whilst more serious than previous episodes this still provokes the ideology of coupling and still has a high threshold for barging sex and booze jokes that will have adult viewers joining in.

The next two episodes continue with its faithful and commitment concepts as show scripter Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) dives deeper into the fabrications of commitment, which had not been really executed before. Here there is a high intensity in which is at dinner with his attractive colleague which where some comedies may dive into an over drive of hyperbole emotions, this settles into a humorous two way cut as the rest of the gang eavesdrop via mobile. One particular interruption from Jane is the highlight of the entire show.

Once more Jeff is a sensation as the dopey typical office worker. Richard Coyle generates a clever masked innocence. Another great section comes when he arrives in the bar unaware of the mask on his face, spelling numerous interpretations from the gang.

A development in this series stirs between two other key characters to the spider-man theme that has many laughs and once more the double barrelled stories have great notions of meanings for the characters and viewers.

This has shifted into a more dramatic and soap styled sitcom but after two freelance episode stories this was an inevitable move and a necessity to keep the show moving forward which it does do and though the expectancy and uniqueness have taken a backseat do not be disheartened as there is still numerous stories and comedy to enjoy.

This certainly boasts the greatest moments from the entire show and if you need another reason to view this show how about this?

This is funnier than Two Pints, more blunt than Friends and has a free balancing uncaring vibe it beats Will and Grace.

This truly is a great enjoyable show

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on 1 October 2003
Sitcoms normally have a brief shelf-life before they become stale and boring, but this is not the case with Coupling (series 3). Steve Moffat keep up the momentum with his sharp and insightful writing - and seemingly has the grasp of both the male and female attitudes to relationships. "Unconditional Sex" must become a classic episode when Jeff agrees to meet up with a female co-worker from the office. He is already "seeing" Julia, so gets help from his friends by means of a concealed mobile telephone. Jeff squirms wonderfully as the predatory female co-worker closes off every avenue of escape.
Each of the seven episodes on the DVD are excellent. The second disc contains interviews with the stars of the show and a number of out-takes - although I could not see the point of the so-called "Unfilmed Script Extracts."
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