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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

on 24 May 2005
Live albums are a strange breed. I'm rarely a fan unless it gives another insight into the musical talents of the artist, like Phoenix.
This is very different. Up close and personal with Jeff, it takes Grace and makes it beautifully acoustic. I found myself appreciating it even more, and really enjoying the small monologues which adds more atmosphere that 5,000 people cheering ever would.
The crowd have little chats with Jeff, and he shares some wonderful improv music.
I won't give "highlights" of the album, because there are many and I believe everyone finds different things make them tick with Jeff Buckley. I listened to this after Grace, and I'd probably recommend you do the same. But if you loved Grace this is a perfect addition to the legend.
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on 1 April 2012
I just recently got this CD after a little mishap where I didn't get it, but it arrived and I'm very thankful.

This double CD contains a ten minute DVD which isn't exactly something to praise; there is little footage of him playing, the interview is extremely short and there's generally not really anything about it.

The little booklet is, however, wonderful. Three people have written words about Jeff as they knew him and talks about what he did in his café days. It's both intriguing and interesting.

The whole audio side of this purchase is the best of all of it. This was between his signing and the release of Grace. He plays with the audience, has a ton of covers (in which he makes them his own songs) and you can feel the talent seeping out of him. It's not all perfect, but I suppose that it gives a very fitting image of how it would be to go see him in New York.

All in all, this is WONDERFUL.
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on 10 March 2004
I'm not gonna waste time... If you're a fan of Jeff Buckley - buy this album... you will not regret it. If you're not a fan, but are curious what all the fuss is about... buy it, you'll get your answer, and more !!
Reviews are a waste of time - I can only give you my opinion.. which may, or may not be the same as you dear reader! So I can only tell you about my experience with this cd...
I've had the Grace album for some years now, I never tire of hearing tracks like Last Goodbye and Lover, You Should Have Come Over. So purchasing this cd was an easy choice, and hearing it for the first time made the decision so right. I can only echo a previous reviewers comments.. Find some time, away from everyone else, get into a darkened room, put this cd on and lose yourself for a couple of hours.
...and if you've only got 10 minutes - listen to Hallelujah... well, it's too good for words !!
Buy it.
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on 6 June 2010
For me this is the essential Jeff Buckley. It's amazing how he utilises the guitar to create melody, rhythm, bass and atmosphere all at once. Here, "Live at Sin E", he produces new music that penetrates instantly - totally getting his original compositions across to what must have been a stunned audience.

The versions of "Grace", "Mojo Pin" and "Lover.." showcased on this CD are essential alternatives to those included on the "Grace" album. They demonstrate that the studio record for which he is most remembered (great though it may be) is really just a finely produced replication of what Jeff had already achieved "live and in the moment" with only his voice, his guitar and whatever it was inside him that enabled him to soar to such emotional heights.

Though his own songs were great, he really excelled when it came to cover versions. Here, his readings of "Calling You" and "If You Knew" are both heart-rending and beautiful. The epic renditions of "Sweet Thing" and "Hallelujah" make one wonder what he might have achieved if he had lived on to maturity. His truly stunning take on "Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin" is simply jaw-dropping in its beauty, vulnerability and feeling - I love the way Jeff makes his guitar sound like the merry-go-round described in the song.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this album is the fact that Jeff sounds so youthful and positive and happy in the banter in which he engages between songs - an endearing counterpoint to the mournful nature of many of the tracks. It just makes one wish that this amazing musician was still around. Still, it's great that these recordings were preserved so that everyone may experience the purity and soulful beauty of this man's music.
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on 19 January 2004
What a wonderful piece of work. It was recorded in 1993 at a small café in Greenwich Village where Buckley had a regular solo slot; just him and his guitar. At the time this material had been recorded he had just been signed up by Columbia and was on the way to recording "Grace". A few of the tracks have been released previously on an EP, but this is a beautifully packaged double CD and bonus DVD (interview and a few songs).
The songs include many from "Grace" as well as covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison and others. If "Grace" was an impressive debut, these stripped-down recordings reveal just what a gifted singer and guitarist was; there is a Pakistani song called Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hal by "his Elvis" Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (never heard of him) which has to be heard to believed. Just as entertaining are the interludes between the songs, where Buckley displays an astonishing verbal and musical wit - his Miles Davis pastiche and the CBGB's musical chairs song are laugh-out-loud funny and display an effortless talent that isn't often seen (I would put Damon Gough in the same bracket). He comes across as a genuinely lovable down-to-earth guy. It's a damn shame he died so young. A great talent lost.
Highly recommended!
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on 23 March 2010
This expanded version of Live at Sin-e is one of the 3 essential Jeff Buckley releases, alongside Grace and the Live in Chicago DVD. The sound is top quality as it was recorded, albeit as a 4 track ep, for commercial release unlike the other posthumous live albums. The packaging follows the original and is tastefully done, with a booklet containing rare photos. The DVD however, is a waste of space and may as well not be included.

Although the tracklisting features a large amount of "monologue" this gives you a good impression of what it must have been like to see Jeff in this tiny venue with his random remarks and spontaneous snippets of the Doors and Nirvana songs. This is something which the original 4 track ep does not achieve. The undoubted highlight, for me at least, is his cover of Van Morrison's The Way Young Lovers Do, which clocks in at an impressive 9 and a half minutes.

Overall, this is an essential album and document of one of the most talented performers ever. Jeff sounds like he's in his element and the performance is effortless throughout.

Very highly recommended
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The cover for this 'album' says it all, really. Contrived as some may find it, the coffee marked, handwritten artwork is an honest representation of what is raw, unpolished, and at times frustrating but nevertheless always mesmerising.

There is often a huge difference between live, and recorded music - anyone who has attended gigs of newly released album material will identify with this - but here we have a bridge between the two, and what a gem it is. The coffe-shop noises give a dressed-down edge to Buckley's performance, and are just enough to encourage us to close our eyes, and melt into his performance. Move between tracks and you get a good selection of songs - see, for example, 'If you see her...' and 'Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai' - but listen to the whole recording and you are part of a beautiful and exciting exploration in sound.

Buckley might reprimand the recording of this concert, but for those who were not privileged enough to see the real thing, this CD compilation offers a fascinating alternative.
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on 4 November 2003
The crisp sound quality and purity of Jeffs multi-octave voice combine to make this an essential purchase to any fan.
Initially I was sceptical when I heard of its release as I thought it was just going to consist of badly put together scraps of fuzzy outtakes and poem recitals. This couldn't be further from the truth, from track one you sense the freshness of the sound with his voice sounding even better than on Grace and MysteryWhiteBoy.
I read somewhere once that Jeff never performed the same song the same twice. The versions he gives here are more inventive than the ones on MWB and a million miles different to the Grace originals. The diverse covers are breathtaking too and showcase his ability to make a song his own.
This album achieves perfection with my only concern being why it took so long to complile and release.
Why not have a cheap relaxing night in?- Pour yourself a large drink, lie back and absorb the greatest collection of live songs ever.
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on 26 September 2003
If you have ever been under the illusion that Jeff Buckley was a 'tortured angel' I'd urge you to buy this record. You will not only discover music at its purist but also discover a boy who could have well been amongst your best friends. Sure he had talents in UNBELIEVABLE quantity and plenty of stuff to cry about but here, in Sin-e, where he was most at home with those talents he is full of energy, life, wit and childishness. The latter by no means being a put-down. On no other CD do we get the opportunity to 'experience' Jeff: his musical passions, his extrodinary talents and his wonderful, fresh personality. The music is breathtaking and its easy to forget that it is just one boy, a white t-shirt and a guitar in the corner of a coffee shop. Bands today have little hope of reaching such dynamics that Jeff manages all by himself. Its is an extrodinarily unique album a must for ANYONE. And if your thinking of picking up a guitar and are wondering where to go, this is all the inspiration you need.
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on 9 October 2010
Live at sin-e legacy edition is a fantastically enjoyable album for any Buckley fanatic. I would not reccomend it as a starting point for a new fan, or someone who has only heard the singles, but for anyone who has discovered and fallen in love with Grace, and Sketches, this album is certainly the next step.

The whole album is just Jeff and his Electric Guitar (a fender telecaster through a fender amp on clean with some reverb) for 2 cd's, and it shows him totally relaxed, performing the music that he has personally chosen, that he loved, and that was influencing him pre-grace. There is plenty of Jeff chatting to the audience too, and you can catch his goofy yet confident personality shining through as he banters and jokes with his listeners.

Unlike Grace and Sketches, this album is not an intense listen, it is very laid back, perfect as a backdrop with a strong intimate-jazz feel. This is truly Jeff's music at it's bare bones, where he is the only one in the creative driving seat, and it is wonderful to hear him doing what he loved before such a small audience in the early days.
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