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on 7 July 2015
I'm very uncertain as to whether or not this is a valid complaint. The back of this DVD box, as well as every other in this 2-disc Red Dwarf DVD series, mentions that it features a collector's booklet. I opened my copy, and found the booklet wasn't there. Rather, there was a disc on each side of the inside cover, instead of having two on top of each other like the others are.
So I'm uncertain if this is a valid complaint since it mentioned the collector's book, or if it's simply a version that doesn't feature it. Either way, be careful when buying, this may not be what you expected.
Despite that, the DVD itself is of fine quality. The episodes are as hilarious as ever, the bonus features are fantastic and extensive, the easter eggs are fun, and above all else, it's Red Dwarf. What more do you need?
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on 14 October 2011
WARNING!! Review May contain spoilers...

Series IV of Red Dwarf is the best of the lot (as of 2011). It has everything you want from Red Dwarf. It has a Curry Monster!!! It has the first appearence of Ace Rimmer!!! Still following the exploits of the curry loving who just happens to be the last human being alive, space hobo Dave Lister (again played to perfection by Craig Charles), the hologram of his dead bunk mate and verbal sparring partner Arnold Judas Rimmer (Chris Barrie), Danny John-Jules's vain Cat, Robert Llewellyn as the android Kryten and the senile computer Holly (Hattie Hayridge).

The Series doesen't stray from excellence, starting with Camille, where Kryten meets his one true love (played by Llewellyn's actual wife), DNA, where Kryten becomes human and the crew accidently unleash the coolest monster in the universe and the Holly centred (sort of) episode White Hole, which allows Hayridge to really shine as said computer. Series IV is, without a doubt, the best Series of Red Dwarf you could want.

Camille 9/10
DNA 10/10
Justice 10/10
White Hole 10/10
Dimension Jump 10/10
Meltdown 10/10

Overall: 10/10
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VINE VOICEon 13 April 2007
One of the best series of the great 'Red Dwarf', this follows on where 3 left off by supplying the fans with another strong selection of episodes and simply great comedy. Things kick off with 'Camille', an excellent opener which has the most brilliantly bizarre spoof of 'Casablanca' ever seen. Also, the scene where Rimmer and Kryten both think Camille is two different 'types' of woman is probably my favourite in the entire series, "Camille looks like your sister-in-law? What happened, was she involved in some kind of horrific car accident...?!" Just smeg-tastic! Things carry on superbly with DNA, with the crew being hunted by Lister's mutated curry and get even better with the brilliant episode 'Justice' where Rimmer is accused of second-degree murder, owing to his guilt over the deaths of the original Red Dwarf crew. So well played, particularly Kryten's court 'defence' of Rimmer, Lister bringing Rimmer a book to while away his eight consecutive life sentences and Cat helping Lister out in his fight against a rogue simulant (damn that justice field!)

The second half of the series, however, is a bit more patchy and might have encouraged me to drop my rating to four stars if it weren't for the immeasurable episode 'Dimension Jump'. One of the best Red Dwarfs ever, it first introduces us to Ace Rimmer, the original Rimmer's charming and heroic alter-ego from a parallel universe. This boasts far too many good scenes to list entirely, though Captain Bongo's (Rob Llewellyn freed from Kryten's latex) proposal of 'lunch' to Ace still has my sides splitting, no matter how often I watch it! Rimmer's seething resentment of his successful self is also a joy to behold. However, 'White Hole' and 'Meltdown' aren't the best episodes ever made, though they have their moments. 'White Hole' labours a bit over the 'planet-potting' storyline but still contains some cracking lines (think Rimmer's diatribe on the legendary hero, Captain Oates) while 'Meltdown' is a disappointingly weak end to a great series, though good value in itself, if only for Winnie The Pooh's execution!

Still, a series worthy of the full five stars and an essential addition to any fan's 'Red Dwarf' collection.
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on 19 June 2014
I love Red Dwarf, all of it even the dodgy 1st two series which had effects that less convincing than those used in the Original Star Trek show which was made in the 1960s. However; the show isn't about special effects it's about the writing, the truley briliantly funny writing. This show has more great quotes than that Shakespear dude. The Cast is without weakness and as it went on even the look of the show became almost quite good.

I have all 8 of the original series. I chose to review this one because it's my favourite but it was a difficult call as they are all brilliant.
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on 15 May 2014
While this fourth series of the cult Sci-Fi sitcom Red Dwarf isn't as strong at the terrific third series, it is still a very strong entry in the show and features some truly great moments including Lister trying to teach Kryten to lie in the episode episode 'Camille.' It's also great to see Robert Llewellyn out of costume and play a human version of Kryten in the episode 'DNA' and the introduction of Rimmer's alter ego Ace in 'Dimension Jump' gives the audience a great chance for fans to see Chris Barrie in a different light.
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on 8 November 2017
I absolutely love the show as it brings back memories but I was rather disappointed when I opened the case to find the Collector's booklet missing! I have bought every series on DVD but series 3, 4 and 6 don't have the booklet in them for some reason!
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on 11 January 2016
As others as said, Series 4 seems to slightly dip compared to the mighty Series 3, the series when the show was truly at its zenith. However, still much to enjoy. Only really disappointing aspect of the DVD for me is the rather poor digital transfer. I know the DVD came out in 2004 and the early tv series' were recorded onto tape but I seem to recall Red Dwarf 3 being pristine, perhaps I'm mistaken? I'll have A/B the two series.
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on 12 February 2018
Some great escapades in the series. The banter is great between the characters and the introduction of "Arnie" is probably the series highlight. Would have given 5 star but I find the final episode a bit "tired".
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on 31 August 2008
This series is worth seeing just for the look on Listers face when a genetically altered Kryten (altered into a human being) hands him a double polaroid of his newly acquired "re-charge socket" and asks "Is this normal?" I don't know what was actually on the photos, but Craig Charles looks genuinely stunned.

The series was going from strength to strength at this point. The writing was genius, the acting superb and the scrapes the characters got into were hilarious.

As with all the other Red Dwarf DVDs the extras are as brilliant as the series itself, good documentries, lots of smeg ups and Chris Barries impression of Kenneth Williams is brilliant.
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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2015
Highly original and very funny sci-fi comedy.

Some absolutlely hilarious moments - most involving Chris Barrie as the hapless Rimmer.

Well writtena and acted.

A classic comedy which is well worth watching again.
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