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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 4 March 2016
Gives fans of the Second Doctor a whole adventure in Technicolor - the original 60s adventures were in black and white

As always Troughton's performance is perfect. You can see how he inspired Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor
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on 9 May 2009
The Two Doctors is frustrating - it's very nearly great, but falls down on several counts and leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. There are some interesting themes - the hypocrisy of the Doctor's own race, the folly of a scientist playing god, and some uncomfortable stuff about our habits as meat-eaters. Some of these are paid off in a way that is dramatically-satisfying. We also have some great dialogue and characterisation from the marvellous Robert Holmes - he clearly relished writing scenes in which the Doctors bait the Sontarans and puncture their military swagger, and both Shockeye and Chessene are genuinely disturbing characters. Sadly, it is rather too long: large chunks of episodes one and three are clearly padding - which might not have been so apparent if the direction had been less pedestrian. Its other key failing is its badly-handled changes in tone - one moment we are enjoying some light comedy and rollicking action-adventure, the next, we are confronted by something that goes too far in its darkness and sadism. Uneasy viewing that veers between the brilliant and the tedious.
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on 20 February 2011
Wilst investigating unauthorised expierments into time travel aboard space station camera,the second doctor and jamie come under attack from the war-like sontarans...Elsewhere,the sixth doctor and peri also decide to pay a visit to camera.They find the station abandoned,but discover jamie,half-crazed,hiding in the ducting.And he tells them that the doctor has been murdered...
The two doctors was not the first time that two doctor who's had been placed in one episode.john pertwee, patrick troughton and willam hartnell had appeared in a trio for the three doctors in a tenth anniversary special.Also the twentieth anniversary special had stared five different doctors but these two while still brillant were beset with problems in terms of actor availability.i.e willam hartnell stuck on a monitor through out the three doctors and tom baker stuck in a time warp through out the five doctors with clips of shada mixed in.The sole purpose of patrick troughton's involement was to produce a brillant episode of dr who.setting the episode in andalucia, spain gives the episode some much neeeded class and sophistication basically this is in the best two of doctors who episodes from the 1980's alongside the caves of androzani[peter davison] in my opinion.It s a shame really because i really like colin baker as doctor who ,attack of the cybermen,his dalek story and parts of trial of a time lord are'nt that bad really i just think weak stories cheesey props and a loss of intrest in doctor who added to his downfall.The ratings finshed baker off in the end but was he fully to blame?.That's another debate but this is baker's best preformance ever and the spanish countryside and peri,patrick troughton and jamie make this episode one of the best ever!.
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on 24 June 2014
Not really gonna review the serial itself, cause there's better reviews out there on it then I can give. But I enjoyed it, and give some minor praise. :) Got to see Pat Troughton, and Frazer Hines again which was awesome, and the location work was nice to see. Along with the score, which I really enjoyed. The story is little middle of the way, with some rather odd turns, and I agree with most, that the violence and the tone is a little off..but that doesn't make for a bad story, and at the end of the day it all comes down to enjoyment.

Now for the real reason I am typing this review--I'm Canadian, and the US/Canadian release of this story has been out of print for a number of years now, and as a result, the prices are ridiculous. As of posting this review the lowest price on is $238.99 for an "acceptable" used copy. And $289.99 for a new copy, on, with a low of $148.99 for another "acceptable" used one. I paid around 27 dollars for a new copy, and 36 for a cheap multi-region dvd player, also new. If you are looking to buy this serial and live in the US or Canada, this is the way to do it. It may not fit with the other titles in your Doctor Who collection, but aesthetics alone are not worth buying an inferior product, for (at the lowest) over 5 times the price. Dooon't do it.
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on 22 January 2005
Is there a Doctor in the house? Yes, there are two actually, but there's still no hope of breathing any life into this mess of a story.
The story itself is convoluted nonsense (not a good start). There are plot threads left lying all over the place and doesn't take long until you lose any interest whatsoever. At one point the Doctor is overwhelmed by the impending cosmic disaster (the Time Lords greatest fear apparently), and it's never mentioned again. No explanation was given as to why Jamie was lurking underground, rasping and wheezing and attacking Peri!
As had been mentioned before - no real reason (or benefit) for the Spanish location. It may as well have been set in Swansea.
The Sontarans were almost superfluous and very poorly realised. Given how menacing they looked in previous stories, it was just an all too familiar result of poor production values. When the Doctor and Peri were on the station, supposedly getting "cooked" - there was no impression of heat at all. Someone dampen their faces, or put a haze over the picture!!
Poor Pat Troughton and Frazer Hines. They must have wondered what on earth they had come back to. They were so wasted and out of character that they were shadows of what they should have been.
On a positive note, it was nice to see Jacqueline Pearce again - she alone gets this disaster two stars from me.
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on 19 November 2004
Having had the Three Doctors getting together to save Gallifrey and the Five Doctors save it again, why not have the Second and Sixth Doctors get together to, well, not for any particular reason, just save the Galaxies from the rampages of the Sontarans and the Androgum.
The Second Doctor is asked by the Time Lords to stop the Nine Planets Research Station from continuing their experiments into time travel. However, the head of the Station has other ideas and in alliance with the Sontarans and his chief of staff, the enhanced Adrogum Chesnai and their attack was launched when the Doctor arrived. Jamie was left for dead aboard the station, with the rest of the research teams all killed.
The Sixth Doctor and Peri turn up a while later to find the computer very uncooperative. In the process, they find Jamie who tells them he had seen his Doctor murdered, which understandably worries the Sixth Doctor. But it as all a con, aimed at framing the Time Lords for the destruction of the station.
They track the Second Doctor to present day Spain where the Sontarans and androgums had taken over a deserted villa in order to make their vile experiments on the Second Doctor for they are looking for the Time Lords secrets of Time Travel. Meantime, the androgum cook takes a hankering for human flesh.
The Second Doctor is converted to an androgum in an attempt to get the secret out of him but the cook rebels against his mistress and 'rescues' the changed Doctor so he can take him on an eating spree to Seville. After eating out the Restaurant, the androgum are less than happy to be presented with the bill and the manager is stabbed to death.
This is one of the more violent Doctor Who stories - not only for the death of the hapless Oscar, but in the way the Sontarans planned to trick the androgum and the way in which they were double crossed in turn, being melted by the acid attack. The death of Shockeye, the androgum cook, although maybe deserved, was also overdone. Jacqueline Pearce as Chesnai reprises the sort of role she played as Servilan in _Blake's Seven_
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on 11 July 2007
The Two Doctors was a highlight of Doctor Who's classic 22nd series. It featured the surprise return of the 2nd Doctor Who, played as always by the lovely Patrick Troughton, who we discovered had grey hair (his previous stories were black and white.) Also back are the Sontarans, one of the top 10 monsters in the history of the show and as evil as ever here. The other thing the story is famous for is that it was filmed in Spain. This adds a real touch of class to the proceedings and the visuals are sumptuous, brilliantly directed by veteran Peter Moffatt. The creepy way he introduces the Sontarans is startling but effective. Special mention must go to John Stratton, who relishes the role of Shockeye, the main baddy of the piece. Mr Stratton establishes himself as one of the best villians ever to grace a Doctor Who story and his scenes are filled with tension. Colin Baker is well into his stride now and fills the screen with ease, even when he comes face to face with his former self (although that is no disrespect to Patrick Troughton, who is as wonderful as ever.) A real gem, this is one you will not want to miss. If you liked the new series, then I would say it compares very favourably with the likes of 'New Earth'. Wonderful.
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on 18 November 2003
Well, What can I say? A very disappointing purchase. Admittedly the 2 disc set is very well presented and looks the part, but it really doesn't make up for the fact that this is one of (if not THE ) worst DVD releases to date for Doctor Who.
The story should be great, featuring as it does two Doctors and the Sontarans, and the "amazing" fact that it was shot partly in Spain... so what! None of it gels together, both Doctors are wasted, the Sonatarans are also hardly involved in the story rendering them pointless, and the episodes are way too long for the thinly spread story, making it all very, very dull, with no sense of urgency or danger at any point. A lack of incidental music also adds to the lack of atmosphere, making it seem that we are watching a taped rehearsal or run-through.
Okay, so you can't change the story, but maybe the extras on the 2nd disc will make up for it? Dream on. The documentaries about how they found the locations ( in Spain, incredibly ) and the lousy video of raw location footage ( very very poor quality ) are tedious, and given that you've just watched one of the longest, dullest stories in the show's history, you'd be better off reaching for another DVD entirely. Production manager Gary Downie has nothing of interest to offer, though obviously feels that its a chance to blow his own trumpet, and is as interesting as someone else's holiday snaps.
The single redeeming feature is the chance to see the Jim'll Fix it with Colin Baker and Janet Fielding, which awkwardly has better production values than The Two Doctors, though does feature the disappointing Sontarans from the same story...
You be the judge, but in hindsight ANY of the other Who DVD's are more worthwhile than this one......
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on 10 May 2013
Nice to see Pat again. He's always so watchable.

Somewhere in here was a good idea, possibly somewhere before JNT started messing about with it. I think the good idea might have been the Androgums, but I could be wrong. In a script that seems to be virtually made of bad ideas, it is hard to be sure. There's a limit to how much stuff you can add to a thing before the thing stops working.

There are some good actors in it, but the script is a pudding and the direction is lumpen. Jacqueline Pearce was lovely as Servalan, but in this she's another villainous lady, and this time wearing a wig. Maybe if they'd wanted Servalan in Dr Who, the thing to do might have been to put Servalan in Dr Who, and possibly Avon, which would have been better use of Paul Darrow than that he was put to in Timelash; I understand Terry Nation had been thinking of using the Daleks in Blake's 7, and I think it just might have worked.

And the Time Lords are sending a Second Doctor to sort out Dastari because... No, hang on, the Time Lords were introduced in the Scond Doctor's last story... never mind, apparently it's all explained in the novel, and it's nice to see Pat again. Shame there isn't a bit more of him.

The scenery is nice, and the chase around Seville looks fun, and there's Oscar Botcherby's restaurant and... Oh, poor Oscar.

What was the point of him again?

Oh yes, the Second Doctor is now part-Androgum and he and Shockeye (some kind of Salmon, isn't it?) go off on a jaunt, that's jolly funny to watch, very Vaudeville. Nice to see Pat again...

And there's Sontarans in it, ah, good, yes, Sontarans, and they're a good head taller than they used to be, so they've lost that squat sense of contained power, and look a bit, well, elongated, and apparently Coronic Acid kills them (never knew that) and it just so happens there's some knocking about. Lucky that.

And there's a homicidal computer, that's good for a bit of padding when there's flip all else to fill the second twenty minutes. And Seville looks nice, and it's nice to see Pat again.

So no, I don't like this one much, there's one plot element too many (Androgums or Sontarans, but not both), not enough of Pat, and the Sontarans look wrong, and the Androgums don't look sufficiently inhuman (and there's not enough of them), and `Ooh look at lovely Seville' gets used as a distraction from narrative shortcomings a bit too often.

If Robert Holmes seriously expected to turn the Dr Who viewing public over to vegetarianism, he needed finer instruments than this with which to do it.
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on 21 November 2014
Great to see Patrick come back for a final salute to his Doctor Who Career in this fantastic 3 part episode "The Two Doctors", Colin and Patrick work very well side by side on camera as the one Doctor, I really enjoyed this viewing
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