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on 24 July 2007
Problem: I had a good quality DVD player plugged into the TV via a SCART socket; I received a cheap DVD recorder; but the TV had no spare SCART socket.

Unplugging one SCART cable from the TV & plugging in the other every time I wanted to switch between the recorder and the player was fiddly & tedious.

Solution: (after reading reviews of a large number of switching systems, cheap or otherwise) I ordered the Hama Scart Switch Box for its reputation for simplicity, effectiveness & reliability. It came. The two small pages of operating instructions tell you clearly everything you need to know. All I had to do was (i) plug the SCART cable from the TV into the TV/MONITOR socket on the little Hama box, (ii) plug the recorder SCART cable into the A/VCR 1 socket on the box, and (iii) plug the player into the B/VCR 2 socket, and my problem was solved. (The box itself does not require its own power supply - it's just a mechanical switching system.)

Result: I simply either (i) press button A on the Hama box when I want to use the DVD recorder, or (ii) press button B if I want to change to the DVD player.

(The box has various other fancy capabilities - it has three SCART input sockets, RCA sockets for your HiFi, facilities for copying from one source to another, etc. - but I have had no need to try them yet.)
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on 13 October 2008
This Little box does fill a much needed gap in the market and, as far as picture quality is concerned, there are no problems. The device has efficient swithing of RGB and non RGB inputs, but I found that using my DVD player, which has a slightly lower sound output than the SKY box there there was a noticable buzz on the sound which varied according to picture content......this was also noticable to a lesser extent on the SKY box. I should add that this was using very high quality screened cables throughout, and that there was no such buzz noticable when the feed was connected directly to the TV. I suspect that there could be a lack of screening within the box causing this, but it was sufficiently annoying for me to bring it to the attention of other purchasers.Hama Scart Switch Box AV-100S, Silver
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on 7 January 2007
If you have a TV with SCART sockets, but there aren't enough to connect all your equipment, this Hama unit might solve the problem.

I bought one of these Hama switchers in early 2006. I had a DVD player and a Freeview set-top-box, both of which needed to be connected to an RGB-enabled SCART socket on the back of my TV to ensure best picture quality. (It's a standard TV that I've had for some years, so without Component or HDMI connections, RGB's the next best option.) The problem was that my TV had only one SCART socket that was RGB-enabled. Enter the Hama AV-100S. This unit supports RGB, whereas some SCART switching boxes don't (so you'd end up watching the lowest quality composite signal, even if you've selected RGB on your DVD player).

So now both my DVD player and Freeview box are connected to the Hama switcher, and at the press of a button I can choose which of these to watch on my TV via the TV's only RGB-enabled SCART socket. Problem solved! And better still, although the Hama unit does not have it's own power supply, I can see no noticeable drop in picture quality or brightness by connecting the equipment via this unit (as opposed to connecting them directly to the TV).

Note that the switching on this Hama unit is manual, i.e. you need to get up and press one of the buttons on it, as it won't switch by itself. Also, this unit doesn't include any SCART leads, so you'll probably need to get one or two of those as well (preferably "fully wired" - many of the cheaper SCART leads don't connect all 21 pins between the two SCART plugs at either end of the cable).

In summary, I'd say the Hama AV-100S is a high-quality, sensibly-priced unit that solves the problem of not enough SCART sockets far better than other SCART switching boxes.

P.S. This Hama switcher has additional useful functions, though since I don't use them I haven't commented on them. And at the time of writing this review, the Amazon price for this Hama unit is around £10. That's a bargain considering I paid double that!
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on 29 August 2008
Iv'e been searching for a decent RGB scart block for a good part of a decade and finally I stumbled upon this, Wow it works with no picture degradation at all and best of all it has two sets of audio outputs as well which is great for linking all of my equipment through my little 30Watt 2.1 speakers. Fantastic now my Xbox 360, Gamecube and Dreamcast all look and sound great and in full RGB picture quality and all I have to do to use a different devices is press a button, amazing for 10 quid.

Just Bare in mind that this Scart switcher only has 3 inputs as one is the output socket, So you will need to buy a Scart to link it to your TV, I'd recomend using a Belkin pure AV Scart with this as they are brilliant cables (OFC, fully wired and quad shielding). But trust me I'm a perfectionist and I really can't find anything wrong with this product, So if you want the best of Standard def buy this it's a great little problem solver.
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on 18 January 2007
For years I have had trouble with SCART switch boxs either reading two channels at once or breaking within a few months. This item is perfect for my needs and its so simple even my 3 year old niece can use it.
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on 24 March 2008
It's worth buying just for the fact that it allows you to plug 3 devices into 1 scart socket, which is handy when RGB scart comes in to play. Unfortunately most TVs despite having 2 or 3 scart sockets, only have 1 RGB scart socket. The difference between regular scart and RGB scart is night and day.

The other obvious benefit is that (barring RGB output) if you only have 1 or 2 scart sockets, this gives you and extra 1 or 2.

I originally had a switchless scart block, which can be hit and miss depending on your equipment. For example my images became really dull using the switchless block and it wasn't until later when I discovered the reason for this is that even when it is switched off (or more specifically, in standby), the Wii still gives off a black RGB scart signal, and so the Wii's standby signal was getting mixed with the DVD player, causing it to seem dull. This meant having to unplug the Wii, which kind of defeats the objective of having a multi socket.

I've got this sat on top of my amp, which means it's easy to get at. It also means that if I want to connect anything else for a while, I can do so without lugging the TV out (which is appreciated, because it's a 36" CRT that weighs 90KG!).

A great buy. Even if you have enough scart sockets, it's worth buying this to enable all your kit to run in RGB, since most TVs only have 1 RGB scart socket. Just a shame they don't appear to make a 5 socket version.
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on 15 October 2009
Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this product and returned it for a refund. It was cheaply made and the lack of adequate screening made it very susceptible to noise interference. I would therefore not recommend this product for serious use as the quality is not up to spec.
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on 10 February 2010
Rummaging around the backs of DVD, Video units etc. every time you want to change connection set-ups can be very irritating - especially when scart plugs are prone to popping out with the least bit of movement!
This unit certainly solved all of those problems for us. Basically, all of the connections which are tucked away at the back of units, become accessible on this one box. Plus, two sockets can be linked by the simple push of a button for recording purposes, ie. recording from a video player to DVD.
Since we bought it, we haven't needed to manually re-connect a scart cable once and there is no noticeable loss in sound or picture quality.
A small price to pay for not having any more hassle with cables etc. We're well pleased with this!
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on 18 January 2010
Although it has a rather light feel to it the picture quality is good, when it works. But I find that the buttons have to be 'wiggled' sometimes to get the picture steady.
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on 7 January 2010
I had my TV fitted to the wall and connected to a sky box and DVD player hidden behind in a cupboard. The leads are all fed through the cavity wall so to connect a video player would have mean't dismantling everything to connect the scart lead. I bought this product and just re-arranged one of the existing scarts and added the video. It was simple and very effective and as i only watch a few old family video recordings through it, selecting the button when required is not a problem, so it was ideal for me. However i would recommend an automatic box which requires a power supply if i was going to be switching between all three on a regular basis.
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