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on 23 November 2013
While the first two series were very simple in terms of set production, the third series really steps things up, introducing a great improvement in the quality. Also, after the success of Kryten as a guest star in the second series, the writers decided to bring him back as a regular character, which really also helped the series go on to greater things. It's a shame that Norman Lovett left after the second series, but Hattie Hayridge does a decent job as a female version of Holly.

The third series features some of the best episodes of the entire series, including Backwards where the crew find themselves in a dimensions where everything happens in reverse; and Marooned where Lister and Rimmer are left stuck on Star Bug after crashing on a deserted planet while Kryten and Cat attempt to rescue them. Marooned is probably my favourite episode of Red Dwarf as the moments between Lister and Rimmer rank among the funniest of the entire series.
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on 26 December 2012
Having bought the basic series 1-8 box set some time ago (so that I could introduce Red Dwarf to my teenage daughters to this glorious series!) but half regretting it because it's lacking any extras. So now I am starting to collect the more detailed individual series sets so that I can get the extras I've always thought that series 3-6 were the best - although that's doing a huge disservice to series 1 and 2 because they were funnier than they are often given credit for - and then I'll go back and get 1 and 2 afterwards. So that's why series 3 is the first individual box set I bought, and I wasn't disappointed - and you won't be either! Believe me, the extras make the box set worthwhile on their own, even without watching the brilliant episodes themselves! Fantastic cast commentaries (where the cast are clearly having a ball with each other) which are amazingly detailed, considering they did all the cast commentaries years after they actually made the episodes, and in many cases were re-watching the episode themselves for the first time in years! Also included are some excellent interviews and documentary-type productions which are very interesting; I learnt loads about the background to the show and the series I had no idea about from the on on this box set! So if you love Red Dwarf, you will love this DVD - buy it today!
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on 14 October 2011
WARNING!! Review May contain spoilers...

Red Dwarf's first two Series were good. Series III is better. With a new shuttle ship named Starbug replacing Series II's Blue Midget, Series III finally allowed the crew alot more time away from the eponymous ship, and establish itself as a Sci-Fi series and not just a Sitcom, whilst still keeping the jokes coming. With the introduction of Robert Llewellyn as Kryten (the character appeared in the Series II opener, played by David Ross), the Series hit comedy gold and the other new comer, Hattie Hayridge replacing Norman Lovett for the role of the senile computer Holly, stiull providing a lot of Deadpan humour, despite getting less screen time then the original. Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules reprise their roles as the space bum Dave Lister, the wound-too-tight hologram of his dead bunkmate Arnold Rimmer and the creature evolved from the ships Cat, who is still as vain as ever, respectfully.

The Series takes them to a Backwards reality (literally), an Ice Planet and Back in Time, the Series is better for the changes. Well worth a look in if your a fan of the genre, Series III never fails to satisfy.

Backwards 10/10
Marooned 10/10
Polymorph 10/10
Bodyswap 8/10
Timeslides 9/10
The Last Day 10/10

Overall: 10/10
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on 8 November 2017
I was excited when I received my dvd's as I love the show but I was rather disappointed when I opened the case to find the Collector's Booklet which is mentioned on back cover was actually missing! I found the same problem with Series 4 and 6 too!
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on 31 August 2008
The first two series of Red Dwarf were absolutely brilliant, but I have to say, this is the series where it really began to pick up steam and hurtle to being one of the best comedies ever made. The introduction of Robert Llewllyn as Kryten was a stroke of genius by the writers. Hattie Hayridge takes over the reins as Holly and, although arguably not as good as the orginal Holly, is superb in the role. The set had been up-dated, as had Rimmers uniform (even if it did make him look like something out of Thunderbirds), the series is much more polished than the first two and had obviously had a severe budget boost.

Again, there's bucket loads of extras (why the BBC can't seem to treat any other comedy like this I really don't know). Again, a MUST HAVE DVD for anyone.
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VINE VOICEon 31 October 2003
This was the series in which Red Dwarf went from cult show to popular hit. The cast were well settled and a plot had been established – but in the best traditions of cult sci-fi, the writers Grant and Naylor could not see a future for it so dumped it in favour of an entirely new one. So out with the old - grey sets be gone – and in with the new; Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) is established as a new main character, and Hattie Hayridge replaces the excellent Norman Lovett (whose deadpan Holly was the highlight of the previous series – no one could announce an emergency quite as well) and there is some character development of the existing regulars. The Cat is just as self-obsessed, Lister is slightly less disgusting (his clothes look like they may have seen a washing machine at some point), but joy of joys Chris Barrie is at his nose flaring best as Arnold Judas Rimmer, at who’s expense the audience can extract maximum fun.
Every episode from series 3 is a corker – in fact ‘Polymorph’ is often voted as the fan’s favourite, but for me the real treasure here is the superb ‘Backwards’ where to get to see a pub brawl entirely in reverse (a technique later used in an advertising campaign).
Both this and series four were to prove the highlights of this comedy series simply because they managed to combine the best effects they could afford, great characters and sharp writing – something that could not be sustained (particularly when Rob Grant stopped co-writing) which is a shame. As a fan I hope that some that it can return to this standard for the rumoured film version.
Given the excellent packages so far for these DVD releases the standard of extras should be high once again.
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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2015
Despite its budgetry constraints this third series was absolutely wonderful with stunning, wacky story lines and hilarious wit.

At the time it was a risky series to put out but its success proves the producers right.

A wonderful fresh approach to comedy.

And Rimmer...... perfect.
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on 2 December 2003
This is really where it's at for DVD releases of TV programmes. You get six episodes of one of the best seasons of Red Dwarf, commentaries on all of them plus a bonus disk packed with a wide variety of extras. The series is very funny and can be watched again and again, and the bonuses - while the quality is also variable - are interesting, including interviews with all the principal people involved, documentaries, trailers, music and Hattie's video diary from a convention.
It's really a shame that many other series are released without anything like this amount of care. To cap it all, the price is very reasonable too! Go forth and buy.
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on 1 December 2003
Well, I was wrong when I reviewed the second Series DVD. I predicted a downturn in quantity and quality of bonus material (More on which later) but was proved wronger than a wrong thing that has answered a question incorrectly.
The episodes themselves? Well, this science fiction sit-com certainly steps up a gear in the sit-com bit. Some of the most fondly remembered episodes are contained in this series, and we easily get behind the new members of the cast. They weren't pointed out as 'new' by the characters in the series, they were simply accepted as normal. An idea that seems to work. 'Marooned' is by far my favourite episode of this series.
With Disc one, we get a nice animated introduction to the menus, and a decent-ish menu again. Subtitles and cast commentary come packaged with the episodes. Why is Craig's character forever eating on set? What is the snow made of? A large proportion of the commentary is dedicated to extracting the mickey from Kryten's accent (as well as some silence while they listen to their own favourite lines), but on the whole the commentary is quite interesting.
The decision to up the number of chapter points from 7 to 9... well... mixed thoughts. With only seven, they would all comfortably fit on one menu page. Now we have to flip 'back' and 'next' between the two pages. I suppose if you want to watch certain parts more than others you will like this change, but I prefer the whole episodes to individual segments. But that's just me.
Moving on to the second 'bonus' disc, we are immediately (Well, after the opening intro) presented with one of the key features: brand-new interviews on episodes and the series in general. Definitely offers insights not only into the behaviour of the cast and crew, but also into how episodes are conceived, filmed and produced. These also come with subtitles. From here on though, we have a small problem. And the review title changes to "It hasn't worked"
On some dvd players (mine included), the menu for the Bonus Material either doesn't work at all or repeats the background track each time you select a new option ("Your Kryten seriee... Your Kryten Seriee..."). BBC worldwide have owned up to this problem. I tried it again on my PS2, and it worked after some initial persuasion. Through the weblink on the dvd, you can find out how to complain. Back to the review though...
Once again, the staples of isolated music cues, raw FX footage, deleted scenes and outtakes are present and correct. The original trailers were only 'archived by a dedicated fan', one of which ironically invites us to buy Red Dwarf on video. The entire episode of 'Backwards' is brought to us backwards. It's hard to say whether this is good or bad. I only really want to watch the brawl or listen to certain lines ("What a poor sad life he's got!" etc) thus rendering most of the recording irrelevant. We also get a montage of lines about food and the cast and crew remember their set designer in a well-put-together tribute.
Finally, the other bits. If you've bought the previous 2 series in this format, you will notice that when this box is aligned with the others, the spine logo starts to look a lot more impressive. We also get the collectors booklet with little tidbits not covered elsewhere on the discs. We also get pictures on the discs. As for the hidden 'Easter Eggs', trying to find them will cause you no end of trouble. Unless you are lucky. Or you find out from someone who has found them. Like me, for instance. Oh, and no doubt about the colour of the box covers. Definitely green.
Summing up, if you only buy this for the episodes, then you will not be disappointed. If you like the extra features that demand playing and re-playing, you will most likely not be disappointed. Point dropped for the incompatibility.
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on 20 January 2008
Some situation comedies live or die by their inventiveness ... and Red Dwarf is certainly one such.

The problem with many is that the inventiveness "fails" as one series becomes two, then three, then five, etc. With Red Dwarf this simply doesn't happen. I have got eight series of this sitcom on DVD (and this review applies to, and will be submitted on, all eight) and the eigth is every bit as superb as the first.

I unhesitatingly recommend Red Dwarf to all.
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