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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2004
This game is without a doubt the best of the battlefield series and challenges for one of the most fun PC games I have played. The sheer depth of it makes for an enthralling experience and while it requires a high spec machine to run in it's full graphical entirety the lag problems that plagued BF1942 seem to have been almost totally removed.
On writing this I have an AMD Athlon with 512meg of RAM and a GeForce 2. I can run this game (admittedly with low graphics settings) without getting any lag whatsoever so if you have a better machine then you are in luck.
The number of bots available has been reduced to 64 but you hardly notice this as you egt caught up in the atmosphere of the war. I cannot explain how exciting it is when you crawl through the brush, undetected and suddenly you hear the thud of Vietnamese rotors.
Tactics play a big part in this game and stealth is very important if you wish to live. It's not like BF1942 where you can blast your way through the japanese army, even on the easiest settings if you don't take cover when you're under fire you will die VERY quickly.
I really cannot praise this game enough and I advise anyone who enjoyed the first installments of BF to purchase it. I myself am buying a new graphics card just to run this game and PES3 and if your computer can't run this game then I would suggest that you upgrade too.
Your country needs YOU to buy this game.............wait......wrong war
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on 28 February 2005
I waited several months before getting this game on account of the mixed reviews it received, but now I wish I hadnt waited so long! I got it at Christmas along with HL2 and Joint Ops:Escalation and to give you an idea of how it fares I play this virtually every night and the others have barely had a look in.
I'll admit I was a big fan of BF1942 and this is basically a revamp of that game set in a different context. The graphics are more detailed and richer but its not a massive leap forward. The gamplay however is fantastic... if you're a fan of Apocalypse Now / Platoon and the like then you'll appreciate the opportunity to skim over a hot LZ in a huey, blasting away out of the doorway to the sounds of "Fortunate Son".
The maps are well thought out without plenty of room to hide if your a sniper, without there being the huge expanses you get in Joint Ops. The base designs, vehicle placement etc lead to some great to-and-fro battles, and with the orginal 60s soundtrack pouring out of the tanks and helis as they go past, it really is immersive.
Some of the early reviews mentioned unbalanced weapons, but that seems to have been evened out with later patches. The US forces still have the best weapons combos IMHO, but the NVA has a few tricks too - a decent SAM and boobytraps come to mind, and it doesnt seem too one sided to me. Nevertheless the one gripe I have is the helis, which carry too much ammo and seem virtually immune to small arms fire - they can often be seen endlessly flying round-and-round the spawn points blasting everyone as they spawn. As a result the top scorers are ALWAYS the heli pilots who ALWAYS have at least 5 times the kill rates of everyone else. It can get frustrating, but there it is.. ;-)
Overall a great, great multiplayer game, well worth the money.
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on 3 June 2004
Out of all the Battlefield products made, Battlefield Vietnam stands out as the best of them.
BFV is simply awesome. All the things which were begged for mods like Desert Combat which weren't possible on the game's engine, have been implemented into BFV's brand new, graphically polished engine. Features like shooting personal weapons out of vehicles. In-game music. Timers for flag capture. It's all in there.
The graphics are a huge improvement to BF1942. BF1942's never were bad, but BFV's graphics are just incredible. Even on low settings, the presentation of the game is brilliant: the dense foliage (which you can now use for cover); the details on the helos and jets; cockpits; and the weapon animation is just outstanding. Watching yourself reload an M-16 or M60 is a pleasure. Unlike the problems BF and DC faced, you can actually see yourself pull back the clip and place a fresh magazine inside your weapon. Amazing.
The sound, which I've always regarded as one of BF's best departments, has soared to new levels. Anyone to criticise the addition of a new radio for vehicles - listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival's Fortunate Son whilst screaming over a beach in an F4 Phantom, or blasting Ride Of the Valkyries to everyone below whilst piloting a Huey as part of the air cavalry - is just not worth taking the time to listen to. Jefferson Airplane, Bobby Fuller Four's "I Fought The Law", Deep Purple, The Kinks, and everyone's favourite, "War (What Is It Good For?)". Not to mention you can customize and choose your own radio tracks by placing MP3s in the "My Music" folder.
"Stars and Bars Radio" blasts out of the speakers at your airbase, and on street maps you get Vietnamese propaganda ("Your pilots have abandoned you GI." God that gets on your nerves.) However, if it all gets too much for you, you can always pull out your weapon and blow up the speakers to put an end to it all. Ricochets are incredible. Listening to the sound of an AK bullet zipping over the grass blades and then emitting that dull sound as it pierces the trunk of that tree behind you, or the terrifying sound of napalm as it incinerates your team's outpost, is just amazing.
The gameplay, well, do I need to say more? Jump in a MiG-21 and unleash a hail of bullets into that F4 Phantom advancing towards your base. Whip up the rotors of a Huey or CH-47 Chinook and drop a chain to airlift one of your team-mates to safety (by pressing and holding the ALT-FIRE button while in a Chinook or Huey you can airlift friendly vehicles - this takes practice though). Or even if you want to go on foot, or by river, you have heavily-armed PBR patrol boats, stealthy Vietnamese Sampans and a whole load of weapons at your arsenal, such as the AK-47, the M-16 Assault Rifle, M-16 w/scope, the SA-7 Heat Seeker missile, RPGs, LAWs, Bouncing Betty traps and everyone's favourite - the knife, is back. Everything you could imagine from the Vietnam era is here.
The classes have been completely redesigned. 4 to choose from - Assault, Heavy Assault, Engineer and Sniper, but this time each class possesses an alternative kit, so you have a possible 8 kits to choose from. Also add the ability to customize your appearance in-game and you have something to keep everyone happy. These kits and appearances change depending on whether you're the Army, Marines, Special Forces, Viet Cong, North Vietnamese or South Vietnamese, which vary each map.
The maps, however, are admittedly smaller than in BF1942 or any of the mods. There are basically 3 map variants: Air, Jungle and Street/Urban. Maps such as Operation Flaming Dart (my personal favourite) bring aero-naval combat to attention, whereas the Ho Chi Minh Trail offers jungle, land-based combat.
Single Player is still a bit of a let-down for the Battlefield series, but as continuously emphasised, this is a MULTI-PLAYER GAME. No matter what difficulty setting or team ratio you set the AI to, there is nothing to match playing online and co-operating with real people. I must say though, I have noticed a definite improvement to the AI. It's not perfect, but bots can now fly helos, and if you increase the difficulty to 100%, they can give you a seriously hard time. They can also respond to some of the radio commands. Use single-player (for some reason campaign has been removed, there is just co-op/instant battle available now) to practise and get a feel for the new vehicles and weapons available to you.
Here's my PC:
AMD Athlon XP 1800 1.5GHz processor
ATI Radeon 9000 64MB graphics card
So as you can see, I have nothing special, but with a bit of tweaking, I can play on High settings on 1024x768 resolution. It has to be said: you do need a high-spec PC to get the most out of BFV, it demands good hardware, at the minimum a 1.2 GHz processor, 256MB RAM and a 64MB graphics card - this should run the game ok on low settings. Broadband is highly recommended for playing online.
So in conclusion....Battlefield Vietnam is one hell of a game. Having seen what the community did with BF1942 - the mod potential of BFV is going to be IMMENSE. Even this is a good enough reason to buy the game. Without doubt there are fixes which need to be implemented to iron out the bugs (an inevitability to the BF series), but these will come along within the next few months, just check the official site for updates. The M60/LAW combination has already been sorted out with the 1.01 patch - the next one is going to add new helicopters! Keep an eye out for it!
Battlefield Vietnam is an ace game. Do NOT miss out. Meanwhile, I'm heading back to give Charlie his wake-up call....who's with me?
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on 12 April 2005
It is an absolutely fantastic game, known for its amazing gameplay and is by far the best multiplayer game ever!!! However, i recommend that you have broadband before buying this game as it could be quite laggy without. Since i bought this game i have never got bored of it, and that is quite an achievement as i get bored of games quite easily and quite quickly. To sum it up in one word: outstanding!!!
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on 18 October 2004
After playing this game for 7 months- since it release i can give an accurate review of it. Im a hardened battlefield gamer, and ever since I played a battlefield 1942 demo at a mates, I had to get Vietnam. I was hooked from the first minute and was amazed at the vast array of vehicles and weapons at your very fingertips, and the amazing gameplay.
It is a 1st person shooter set in the battlefields of vietnam. The point of the game is to capture all the flags and get the opposing teams tickets down to zero.
You can play as either the Viet Cong or the US marines in the battle against communism and capitalism, and you can play as a heavy weapons/anti tank player which allows you to have an RPG rocket launcher, heat seeker for viet cong and for the US a LAW rocket launcher or a grenade launcher. These weapons are realy cool and just wait and see yourself blast a viet cong 50 foot into the air!. Or you can be a sniper, a mechanic- which means you can fix and destroy vehicles ,or a normal soldier equipped with a machine gun and grenades. All weapons are from the 1960-70 time and all hisorically accurate.
The game also features a soundtrack that you can play in the various vehicles that you can pilot. Imagine driving in a sherman tank with 'dont you want somebody to love' by jefferson airplane blasting out accross the killing fields of 'nam.
but this is what seperates this game from most others. For the Us you can pilot:
ATC- river troop transport
Corsair- bomber
Assault Helicopter (huey gunship)
Transport Helicopter
M110- mobile artilery
M113- armoured personel carryer
MUTT- jeep with mounted heat seeker
Patton- tank
PBR- river support
Phantom air fighter
BM21- truck with missiles
BTR 60- amphibious APC
Mi 8- assult and troop carryer
Mi 8 Cargo - mobile spawn point
MiG-17- heavy but nimble bomber/fighter
MiG-21- light quick fighter- fastest plane
PT-76- amphibious tank
T-54-heavy tank
UAZ 469- jeep with mounted machine gun
Scooter- what can I say, its fun! beep beep!
ZSU 57 2- flak weapon, I h8 IT !!
The array of weapons of either side is formidible and also Ea has added an array of realy cool features such as mobile spawn points- tunnels, pungi sticks, mines, c4 and even a blowtorch!
There are some points though that could have been improved on. There could have/should have been an online leaderboard which I heard will feature in EA's next battlefield release for PC- battlfield 2, but sadly does not appear in batrlefield vietnam.
Also sometimes the 'capture the flag' objectives get a little tedious sometimes.The main problem is NEVER EVEN CONSIDER GETTING THIS GAME for the single player. I played it five minutes and got bored. This game is perhaps the best multiplayer game ive seen in a while and ive seen a few.
If you have good internet connection dont hesitate in getting this game. Im proud to own it. If you dont think long and hard and read other reviews about single player battlefield.
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on 24 March 2004
I agree with a lot of the other reviewers who say this is very similar to Battlefield 1942, but I think the key point to remember is that it’s a SEQUEL.
Looking at it as a separate game, I’d easily give it 5 Stars. It has everything many people want from a game: immersive and adaptive play, graphically beautiful, well balanced, surprisingly bug free (I've not fallen through any scenery yet!) and, most importantly, a hell of a lot of fun!
The ‘gimmicks’ like tank lifts and booby traps are actually more then after production “bolt on” ideas in a vain attempt to bring something new to the table; they are integral parts of play. Also, the new “3D” map overlay is a wonderful idea that falls into the category of “Why’s no one else thought of that?” Its not a huge deal, but once you’ve used it you’ll wish you had it in other FPS games. Also, the ability to alter your player model gives a vast improvement online, where in small games no two players look alike. A small touch, but it gives the game a huge refined feel.
It is worth mentioning that a full level/modification creation kit ships with the game, so in a few months expect to see some new game play appearing in mod form. This ease of moding is sure to give birth to a large amount of extended game play in a few months time.
Finally, that soundtrack! Whilst BF1942 (damn it, there goes my “separate game” approach) had 2 fantastic tracks, BFV goes a hundred miles further with era defining songs. There is nothing like playing Erwin Starr’s “War” as you drive towards an enemy tank on a scooter (yes, you can do that!), and the fact that people outside the vehicle can not only hear it, but the pitch and volume bends realistically depending on the movement on where you are heading! It’s just another one of those little features that makes a big impact.
Ok, it’s not the revolution that BF1942 was, but that’s because BF1942 WAS the revolution. This is the renovation, and if you want BF1942 with some incredible changes to play, awesome music, prettier graphics and some damned fantastic innovations, then Battlefield Vietnam is certainly something you’ll love.
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on 1 May 2004
What a great game I have heard a lot of negative views about this game and decided to check it out for myself, I am glad I did now.
I am running a AMD Thunderbird 1000MHZ with 1GB SDRAM 133 and ATI Radeon 9200 SE 128MB.
I have no problems with speed issues the load time is average for a game of this type.
This game is aimed towards the online gamer but I also enjoyed the single player levels.
You are able to choose from a large range of weapons and vehicles and artillery pieces so you can create some realistic attacks when you play online, If you enjoy first person shooters that are realistic this game is a must.
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on 18 March 2004
It's out at last. End the speculation - here is the lowdown: EA have refined this game beyond the previous editions of BF1942. Particularly good are the new vegetation and weapons / vehicle models - superior to their BF1942 predecessors (Secret Weapons set a good blueprint - BV exceeds it.)
Otherwise it's more of the same - I can't really see any major improvements to graphics, and gameplay didn't need to be better in my opinion, although single player AI is actually even more crap than its predeccessor. More than ever before, DON'T buy this for single player only, I guarantee you will throw your PC out the window within an hour.
The one big improvement over Desert Combat is that helicopters are much easier to fly. Even a numpty like me, who generally avoids helicopters like the plague in DC for fear of crashing and killing myself and the 6 buddies inside (oops!) found hovering, strafing and directional control much easier with the mouse.
13 maps, especially the Marines Beach assault at Da Nang and the jungle map of Dak To are excellent. (Although the Hue one just feels like Stalingrad with palm trees). Most of the maps are historically based (Ia Drang Valley, Khe Sanh, Hue) but wisely steer clear of all the controversy surrounding the real war (there's no civilians to get wasted by friendly fire, for example). Fans of Vietcong will be pleased to know there are no tunnels in BV!
F4 Phantoms, A7 Corsair (carrier-launched attack plane), MiG-21s and the Hueys will keep the airheads happy, and the fast PBR riverboat is great fun, with double 50cal MGs. If you liked the versatility of the Medic from BF1942, well bad luck, there isn't one in BV, while the new engineer class with mortar (US) or booby traps (NVA) makes for some fun encounters. Tanks are a bit limited on the US side - just the Patton, M551 & M113 APC; but the NVA get the T54, PT76 (like a BMP from DC) and the ZSU antiaircraft tank plus the Truck-mounted rocket launcher and artillery guns to make up for their lack of aircraft.
It is the versatility of helicopters, and their ability to pick up some boats and vehicles that is the real novelty. US get two types of Huey and a Chinook, and the NVA get the Mi-8 (from DC). For a wicked airborne platform, try picking up the M110 howitzer with a Chinook and using it as an aerial artillery platform (yes you can fire it in mid air! This is a bug I'm sure they will get rid of at the first patch, but absolutely crackin fun for now!!)
The reason this gets 5 stars (after all, its pretty much the same game only prettier and with different vehicles)is the soundtrack. It is fantastic, awesome, what can I say? Original tracks by Deep Purple, Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane and Hendrix provide a brilliant authentic soundtrack. Crashing in over the waves in a Huey to Ride of the Valkyries (a la Apocalypse Now) ain't half bad either.
Worth £22.50? Hell yes! Buy it and join the online community. War is Hell! But Battlefield Vietnam is Heaven. BUY IT!!
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on 1 April 2004
Well its here and I have been playing it since day of release.
The updated BF engine is good and the graphical tweaks add to the atmosphere, one thing the original game & DC lack is foliage - in BF:V theres plenty, you can be 6 foot from an enemy and stumble upon them hiding with a sniper rifle unleash your knife and stab them in the back. Great fun.
There are a few weapon unbalances that need resolving but some mini mods are addressing this problem prior to EA/DICE releasing the official patches.
Helicopters are easier to fly compared to DC and flying into battle with "ride of the valkryies" blaring is awesome, hovering over flag your troops jump out is a satisfying experience.
Very much an online team game and for me is the best of the crop at the minute.
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VINE VOICEon 22 April 2004
Battlefield Vietnam was never going to be the breakthrough smash that was 1942 and thus feels a bit like a mere expansion than an entirely new game but to clear up all the confusion: THIS IS NOT A MOD! You are once again plonked in the middle of some rather bitter fighting, only this time deep in the Vietnamese jungle. The singleplayer is good for getting used to the controls and practicing at the most basic level but is ruined by the dire AI. Broadband is seriously advised for the multiplayer but it provides much more entertainment. It is online that the game really takes off as you battle in one of 4 different skins (basic infantry, engineer, heavy artillery, sniper) to take control of the most flag points. The diversity of the two sides (American Allies/Vietcong) and the new 24 vehicles that one can commandeer add to the pleasing feeling.
Graphically, Vietnam isn't a huge step on from 1942, but it does look nice and doesn't need a hugely powerful PC to run nicely at high resolution. But the main thing you will notice first is the wonderful soundtrack. With songs by CCR and Jefferson Airplane this is one game that is most pleasing upon the ear, and the radio function for vehicles is a welcome addition. Basically, Vietnam is a blast to play (no pun intended) and can provide a short, sweet spree or a longer, bullet riddle fest. Either way, Vietnam is a good way to pass one's time if you have a half decent internet connection as you really will get annoyed quickly with the singleplayer.
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