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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 August 2005
I was bought this game as a present and when i saw it in my hands i was a bit disappointed.
After playing it for about an hour i realised what a really clever game this is and i was hooked.
I got this and Doom 3 at the same time and played this all the way through. It has great pick up and play appeal - perfect for a quick 30 minute session before work.
The character voicing is great and the commandos dont seem to repeat the speech patterns - this i find a big plus as there is nothing more annoying than hearing the same speech over and over. A problem with most footie games.
It is a game where you can use your head as you can direct the other 3 commandos to undertake tasks ie. Sniper cover or plant explosives. This means you have to be really be aware of your surroundings and squad.
There are so many great things about this game including the Graphics, but my favourite has to be the sound effects and speech.
If you are a Star Wars fan you probably have already got this, if not, definately consider it.
If you are not a Star War fan, still consider this as it is a great Squad based FPS.
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on 18 April 2005
I bought republic commando on the basis that i am not a huge star wars fan and i was looking for something different. This game brings alot to the table to compete with the tactical FPS games around. I would say that it does not incorperate too man aspects of the command based FPS game but it does for fill enough to make it a good game. From the Ash soundtrack to the foley aspects of the character movement this game makes you feel as if you were right in their i often lost myself with headphones on for hours. This game includes multiple weapons from an infinate lazer pistol to a enemy rocket turret. A feature that i found really brings into concept the amout on thought gone into the game is you melee attack. If for instance you are armed with a rifle then your character in close combat can use his retracting blade from his fist. Often this brings your enemy to his knees and covers your visor in their insides which is then removed by a laser on ur suit. I would say that this is defenatly worth purchasing even if you like the star wars films or not. This game has alot of detail and will give even the most experienced gamer a good time.
Hope this has helped you.
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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2005
An elite team of Clone Commandos fight in three extensive engagements during the Clone Wars. They participate in the Battle of Geonosis (at the end of Episode II), attempt to recover a ghost ship (a year into the Clone Wars) and finally aid the Wookiee resistance in fighting the Confederacy on Kashyyyk (set within the events of Episode III).
All other considerations aside, this is a good first-person shooter, with atmospheric environments and intensive gameplay. Added to this is the wonder of your squad. You can instantly give them orders (to set up sniping positions or man a turret), choosing what to do based on tactical considerations, giving a more thought-orientated level to the gameplay. Also, the squad's artificial intelligence is exceptional and, more often than not, you'll find that the squad is better than you are! The graphics are of a very high quality, making the most of the Xbox's capabilities and the controls are easy to master (particularly if you've got 'Halo' experience). A few other assorted good points are the humour generated by your squad's various characters, the chance to be a clone baby (using the fire button to wiggle your chubby little arms!), the very realistically created night-vision mode, an interesting approach to the weapons (your rifle, sniper and grenade launcher are all the same gun, with you pulling off or attatching bits to suit), an ending that (although anticlimatic in terms of the game) really gets you in the mood for seeing 'Revenge Of The Sith', an appearance by the new villain General Grievous (and his double-hard Droid bodyguards) and finally, Wookiees. Lots of Wookiees.
Although the campaign settings are huge, with lots of sublevels, I would have liked more than just three environments (Geonosis, Republic Assault Ship, Kashyyyk) for a bit more variety. As mentioned above, the end doesn't really complete the story as well as it should, seeming more a trailer for Episode III than a proper game ending. Finally, the range of secondary weapons you can pick up is pretty limited and more often than not you'll just use your rifle's three settings because of that.
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on 16 March 2005
It's not quite as pretty as Halo 2 (but still very good: just different) or as complex as Rainbow 6... but it captures all the intensity of the former with the knowledge that you just can't survive without your squad!
The squad commands are so simple and yet make SUCH a difference to your chances of victory.
Team AI is great and they can even revive each other.
Picture this: I'm approaching the main door into the enemy base. We spot a SBD (super battle droid) and I order one man to take up a sniper position while another goes to a grenadier spot.
They start firing only to find 2 turrets high up on the walls. I take out the turrets and move around the local cover and find a whole squad of droids + another SBD coming my way.
I get through them and round the corner but find I'm taking fire from 2 more SBDs + other "grunts".
I notice that my sniper is down and I recall everyone else from their spots to follow me (with ONE button press...) while chucking a grenade into the fray.
One SBD goes down and I just manage to order my men to concentrate fire on the other before I am incapacitated.
As I lie on the floor I look up at the SBD with blurred vision. I could order them to revive me right now but risk losing my 2 remaining men as they are now low on health too.
I wait a few crucial seconds until I see the SBD go down then give the order to revive.
After the initial disorientation, I'm back in the action to mop up the remaining droids.
We pause for breath and a health refill... and realise we're still only partway through the first mission!!!
There are numerous other situations like this: it may be linear but the action makes it feel like it isn't.
There's some great touches to immerse you in the game world: everyone mentions the visor and how blood/oil is wiped off it, but they don't tell you that it actually obscures your view until it's gone.
There's also other neat effects like static appearing when certain enemies are near, or a "wibble-wobble" thermal effect when walking through a steamy ventilation pipe.
I haven't got Xbox Live but take it from me, the single player is worth it!
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on 14 June 2013
A joy to play but painfully short. You take control of the leader of an elite clone squad sent in to do various missions which builds up to some serious climactic battles.

It's not a particularly difficult game but some areas will leave you incredibly frustrated (THE BRIDGE!). You can issue commands for your squad to do different tasks, such as; focus fire on one enemy, heal themselves or set up explosives (to name a few). Each squad member has a unique personality and you really bond with them as you perform the missions. They all each have different abilities such as one is 'the sniper', but the problem here is that they all can snipe and the credited sniper doesn't have any unique talent boost to help him snipe faster or better. I understand they all need to be able to pick up where a brother left off, but they (Lucasarts) took the time to create some interesting characters but didn't utilize them properly when it came to gameplay. However that's just me.

It's worth your money (just don't pay over £5-6 for it)and will have dedicated Star Wars fans jumping into Battlefront just for the hell of it.

If it were longer and if the squad had specific talent boosts then this game would have definitely earned 5 stars.
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on 6 March 2005
In order for this game to be successful it has to have something that sets it apart or improves upon the other FPS/team squad games on the market; notably Halo, Full Spectrum Warrior etc. And I believe it does just that! Firstly, it's a Star Wars game with 'most' of the trimmings! There is not a single lightsaber in sight nor any force powers to master. It's simply point, shoot, detonate and command. The number of weapons usable is small, but the Commando's main weapon can be altered to form an assault rifle, grenade launcher, and sniper rifle. In addition, there is a handgun that packs a punch and never runs out of ammo. There are also projectile weapons such as a kind of shotgun and mini-gun, and of course the Wookie bowcaster.
The commandos HUD is also an interesting feature of the game. Custom changes can be made to it so it shows a level of detail that the player prefers. There's also a 'windshield' wiper that cleans off the gore from the enemies that get splattered up close!
The voice-overs are also top notch. The game has Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett, Attack of the Clones) as your character (three-eight), and he is perfectly complemented by the other characters - the in-fighting banter can be quite amusing at times.
The graphics are also very impressive, with large areas and textures to suit them. The lighting and shadowing is done perfectly, and reflective surfaces look entirely real!
And now I come to what I feel is one of it's best features - the music! We have the perfect John Williams score with additional music sounding at times like a Maori war chant, and it comes at the perfect times right when the battles are becoming intense. It really makes the game special!
Finally, I'll address the team itself. Issuing orders is very simple and becomes almost automatic once you've been playing the game. It's based on a simple point and click interface when an in-game situation is appropriate, i.e. sending one of your team members behind cover to act as a sniper. However, if you're not careful you could accidently send one of your team right into the enemy, but luckily this doesn't occur often. In addition, the game is only over if yourself (in FPS mode) or all of your team is incapacitated.
All in all, this is a great game that has something to offer Star Wars, FPS, strategy and team squad fans alike. And note, when you reach the end, you're left wondering exactly what the ending has to do with Star Wars III!?!
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on 27 August 2016
An amazing game that puts you in the boots of a clone down on the battlefield. Squad mechanics are easy and fun to use. Gunplay is varied between guns and weapon modes, all feeling unique and enjoyable. The whole experience is tactical and awesome.
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on 28 March 2005
THIS game is definitely the bees knees, a combination of halo with control settings from ghost recon to carry out actions such as splicing computers or placing explosives. What more could you ask for...wookies too? Yep they are too and help you in missions,and are much larger than Chewie for some reason,maybe he smoked as a wee lad.Only (small) nit-pick is that it could have been a tad longer but builds on the anticipation towards Revenge of the Sith.Get this game!!!
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on 5 September 2005
Refreshing squad based shooter, taking all the best features from previous titles in this genre and bringing them all together into the star wars universe to produce a really enjoyable and rewarding game experience.
You control your squad with simple point and click orders,and when not under your instruction they carry on with the mission with impressive a.i.
Also there are plenty of auto saved checkpoints which are useful when things aren't going so well and when you only want to play for a short time.
The graphics and sound track are very good with a resonable storyline and a thoroughly enjoyable shoot em' up.
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on 11 June 2006
This game is pretty good. The graphics are good, the gameplay is smooth and the weapons are cool. It follows 4 elite clone troopers and follows the storyline vaguely. The HUDs are very cool. The screen is as if you are seeing out of the visors and if you get shot a lot your visor cracks or if you kill an enemy at close range, blood splats against the visor. This then gets cleared by a white line that comes across the screen.This game is pretty good. If i had played on it before at a friends house i would have got it. Get this if you like star wars.
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