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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 15 August 2003
I've only listened to the album twice so far (only received it a couple of days ago) and first impressions are that this is the album he's been trying to make for the last 5 years (from Jeffs perspective, not necesarilly the fans!). The album holds together really well as a whole and the modern mix sounds are much more convincing (thanks to the likes of Apollo 440). For old Beck fans it may be a bit dissapointing in that there are not many solos as such, and I personally think his tone sounds like it was recorded straight to desk, give me the sound of a class A valve amp any day. But that aside, it's an excellent album, brutal in places, tender in others.There's also no really obvious stand out tracks, but that's not a bad thing, it show's consitency throughout the album, and I think it'll prove to be a real grower, which is a lot more satisfying in the long run. Previous critism that there's few chord changes are meaningless, you may as well say Miles Davis's So What or Bitches Brew are rubbish for the same reasons. It's got nothing to do with a lack of imagination in dance music, Jazz players have been fooling around with modal tunes for half century now.
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on 18 September 2003
Up front I want to say that I've always been a bit suspicious of the reputation this man carries. I've heard plenty Beck material but never really wanted to go back for more. I've played guitar for 25 years and I like a wide variety of styles, from Vai and Satch to SRV, Santana and Chris Rea.
So, to the album. After only one spin, suddenly it's all clear. I reckon this stuff easily surpasses EVERYTHING I've ever heard. Beck manages to encompass all my preferred guitar tastes and styles and still come up with something new and unexpected. There's a wealth of great tones, textures and flourishes here, probably more than most guitarists manage in a whole career. Beck isn't a technical virtuoso (or chooses not to let it show) but injects everything with amazing amounts of unique feel and bags of style.
Approach this album with an open ear and an open mind, you won't be disappointed. I'd give it six stars if I could...
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on 30 June 2004
My introduction to Jeff Beck's amazing guitar playing came when he guested on Roger Waters' Amused To Death album : I was seriously impressed.
You Had It Coming was my first Jeff Beck album purchase, and whilst the playing was once again excellent the album failed to completely hook me : perhaps because it is simply too short an album ?
Having seen him perform live at Warwick Arts Centre last Sunday with the amazing Jan Hammer on keyboards (my jaw was left drooping at times at the sparring between Jeff and Jan's playing), I decided to buy this latest album.
Jeff is a different matter altogether to You Had It Coming. Yes, in some senses it is once again a "weird" collection of musical styles, but this time around I was instantly hooked : plenty of fairly quiet sections where his finger-picking technique quite simply makes me wish the track lasted half an hour longer !
Perhaps one of the problems with Jeff Beck's work is he makes it all sound so easy... just try to pick up a guitar and emulate his unique style !
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on 27 September 2003
Jeff Beck’s a rarity! A fully paid-up member of the 60’s rock guitar aristocracy, he has always been at least one step ahead of the pack. Never content to mark time or rehash old ideas, Beck had hardly finished drawing up the blueprint for 70’s hard rock and metal when he was off into fusion hyperspace with Jan Hammer. And always, whether working on his own projects or playing hired gun for the likes of Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner or Mick Jagger, Jeff NEVER sounds like anyone but himself!! Anyway, that was then! So where do we find his restless spirit in this new century? Deep in techno territory, totally immersed in sounds normally associated with under 25s and not only sounding completely at home but obviously having a blast!
More in the vein of "You had it coming" than "Who Else?" this one floors it from the off with furious beats and nasty automotive tones abounding and the guitar poking through in all the right places. As other reviewers have noted, the guitar plays a more textural, organic role on many of the tracks: witness the tasty slide riffs on "Plan B" and the in-the-pocket, chicken-fried funk of "Pay Me No Mind". But just when you think you’ve got a handle on the man, Beck pulls out an ecstatic solo like those in "Seasons" or "Bulgaria" and clean takes your breath away! Have mercy!! Six strings speaking in tongues - Carlos himself would be proud!!
I defy any player of ANY generation to produce anything as cutting edge and totally genuine as this - make no mistake, this 59 year old rocker’s on a roll!
…so WHAT are you waiting for? One-Click-it!!
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on 7 November 2003
...the guitar will play it.
In the world of the anodyne, a few mavericks still exist, refusing to compromise, pushing at and warping the boundaries of music. Jeff Beck is one such, and Jeff is an example of his work.
Presumably it would be easy for a master craftsman such as he to ply a nostalgic trade under the legend monicker. Interviews with Jeff have revealed his disaffection with Western popular Music and its easy to hear underground and World music influences infused throughout Jeff, itself an obvious development from YHIC.
Jeff is probably not everyone's cup of tea, and many will probably lament its refusal to try and please everyone. It's loud, mainly dark, and occasionally padded. But in my opinion it's a masterpiece - Porc-u-pine I have to listen to sitting down - and I cant wait for the next challenge.
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on 8 September 2008
He may not like it himself, but I found this album really exciting. He plays like no other, but Jeff fans already know this. Whilst Ive not heard all his albums, I do own several, including There & Back, Wired, Guitar Shop & Who Else, & to me this is the best since There & Back (I must get a copy of You Had It Coming).

Frequently Ive felt his albums dont do justice to his talent & there was something missing. However, this maybe part of his appeal, he takes risks. This one works for me. Maybe the production influence of David Torn (also one of my favourite guitarists, he is an electronics genius who creates a massive range of sound, but who is perhaps a little avant-garde for most tastes) is what has increased the appeal to me.

All guitar fans should give this a listen. JB continues to prove that there is so much more to guitar playing than an ability to shred.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 October 2015
I was bought this album as a present. Let me start by saying that it isn't for everyone. It's remarkable and interesting though, that's for sure.

What Jeff Beck has done here is to put together a series of tracks, mainly instrumental, that say 'look what I can do with a guitar'. The noises he generates are weird, wonderful, unexpected and sometimes downright bizarre. If you're a Jeff Beck fan, it is going to be a thing of joy. If you're not, you are going to have to invest some effort in getting to know and understand what is going on here.

This was the ninth studio album released by Jeff Beck. He is recognised as one of the world's leading guitarists and he has been determined to push the boundaries of what a guitarist can do. The result is an album that is more atmospheric than melodic, more experimental than mainstream. But what Jeff Beck does with a guitar here is quite remarkable. And considering that it was released in 2003, it shows how adventurous he was, even then.

This will be a five star album for some and a one-star for those who find it 'inaccessible'.
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on 9 October 2014
Not one of Jeff's best. No other musicians are mentioned, so presumably the drums and bass etc came out of the recording console. I don't like Pro-tools " musicians", and although this method of getting a backing track is OK for prep work on a project, it is NOT acceptable for a finished album. It doesn't do Jeff much good either, I don't think, as he gets no feedback or interaction from other players. Vinnie Collaiuta versus a computer file? No contest!
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on 17 January 2017
What a shame.... brilliant guitar work ruined by awful vocals on so many tracks, absolutely dire. If we are lucky the re-release will be without any of the vocals, most of which sound as though they come either from a 70's porn video or third rate cop serial. Just cannot believe what the producer was thinking. Terrible

Do not buy without listening to the whole album.
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on 28 June 2005
this album jeffs latest seems to be underrated, but i still think its the best of the last three works he has done.its got some great tunes and fantastic guitar work(as always),but i think he achieves a greater and more consistent sound on this piece.he is without doubt the greatest guitarist out there by a long shot,their may not be loads of fast accurate picking(boring) but his sound and technic on the instrument is unmatched so go and buy it
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