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on 3 April 2005
I remember very clearly the day that the Columbine massacre happened. I was delivering newspapers on my round (14 at the time) and stopped to read the first paper I delivered. I was totally stunned, just as much in shock as the 11th of September 2001.
This is a very powerful film to watch, and goes a long way in my view, to highlighting the issue and effects of bullying in schools today. Being a bit of a film critic, I wasn't sure what I would think of this film, but I would strongly reccommend to anybody that they see this.
Being a sufferer of depression, it probably wasn't wise for me to watch it, but I guarantee it is one of the most important pieces of film that you will ever watch in your life. Bullying can and likely will breed violence, as this film clearly demonstrates, and if this gets the viewer thinking, then the film has done its job.
Well done to the all the people around the world who have performed the play on which this film is based.
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on 16 September 2005
This movie saved my life. Depression almost got me, but then I watched this and I wanted to keep going.
An amazing performance by all involved. A must see, whether you are/were the bully or the bullied
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on 20 March 2006
although this is unavailable to buy over her in the uk, after seeing this on tv i had to get the dvd even though its region 1. It the kind of film that really makes you think about the kind of things teenagers go through in school life and how hard it is for some of them, i myself was bullied at school and this deffinatly helpped me through.
great film, great acting.
just four words to say. ADD TO CART NOW
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on 17 June 2012
for any educationalists who are dealing with the topic of bullying, this film is what you have been waiting for. I have shown this to year 10 and 11 students and it always has the desired effect. it shows bullying from both sides and the potential consequences aligned with the subject of a drama production.
the acting by ben foster shows his ability to become the character in a de niro style. its not been available in britain for ages so nows your chance to get a copy. fantastic film
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on 25 April 2006
DPT are an ace band with some clever, witty, and interesting tunes. Their lyrics are quite different, but still have a slight similarity to the Libs (as Gary and Carl are in DPT).

Despite the similarities, they are not an unfortunate piss take or anything of the sort. DPT have some class music that is worth a listen. Tbh DPT are slightly better than Babyshambles Imo, but each to their own I suppose.
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on 5 January 2009
I watched this today, unsure of what I'd be getting.

This is an extremely intelligent film which examines the penetrating effects that bullying can have on the mind. The villain / hero of the piece is Trevor. The previous summer he threatened (rather convincingly) to blow up the football team. This is his story, told through a combination of documentary style footage and classic filming, as he returns to school. Trevor spends most of his life being hounded by peers, staff, and his parents.

His drama teacher tries to help him examine his feelings by controversially casting him in a play ("Bang, Bang, You're Dead") similar in theme to the Columbine killings. Another useful suspense tactic is that the actual content of the play is largely kept from us the audience as well as the community in the film. When it is finally revealed, the looks on the faces of the town folk watching the play will mirror your own. Trevor keeps you guessing all the way through the film about whether he is going to come back from the brink or topple over it.

This is a superb film, Ben Foster is outstanding as Trevor and I don't think I will see such a poignant film for quite a while.
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on 21 March 2005
Being absaloutley fascinated by the columbine shootings as well as Peducah,i was curious as to see why perfect students begin to become both suicidal and homicidal.I had got bowling for clumbine and although a great film,didnt really scratch the surface enough for me,this film goes straight to the point.Being a teen myself i know what these things can bel ike though not so drastically.An amazing film,just buy it!
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on 24 February 2016
As a victim of bullying throughout a school life in the 80's I repressed what happened to me, and this eventually morphed into all the nastiness with depression.
I first saw this film halfway through late night Sky movies. I made it a mission tind this film and I was mortified to not be able to find it in the UK. I loved it so much and it had such an effect on me that I went and bought a multi region DVD player and ordered the DVD from the states!
This is one of the most powerful, emotional, and evocative films I have ever seen. In my opinion it should have mandatory screenings in schools every year.
Whilst I never had the urge to pull a gun, many years were spent alone planning vengeance on those who persecuted me.
I love this film because it doesn't sugar coat or shy away from the topics.
Buy this and you'll never regret it!
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on 15 February 2005
Wow! This film really graps the consequences of bullying for both sides and potrays how little it takes to truly change someone for the worse through bullying. The film questions why bullying happens and how easy it is for victims to consider drastic meansures.
If there was anything that should be shown in high schools regarding bullying it is this film.
It is a brilliant film to watch, truly grasping and well worth buying if you like to think. This film reaches into the mind and pull out a lot of dark stuff.
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on 3 June 2011
I bought this from America and watched it the other night. It is an intense film and acted very well, don't expect blood and guts shoot em up as it's not about that it's about feelings, tension, how souls get destroyed along the way to become monsters. Special interest to any QAF fans as Randy Harrison is in the film. Worth a watch very good film.
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