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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 May 2017
It's plays the prologue video at the beginning and that's it the game is broken when I got it I had to buy another copy
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on 16 August 2017
A classic computer game in metal gear solid series. A must buy for fans of stealth and fps/or third person shooter fans alike. Came within days of purchase can't fault the seller. 5/5
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on 3 July 2017
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on 6 March 2005
After the huge success of MGS2:sons of liberty, it seemed there was not much left to improve on. So, in the time in which we discovered that "Substance" was released instead of MGS3, Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) thought he could cash in on the stealth genre whilst snake was missing. It seemed that Fisher had claimed the crown of stealth, as MGS3 was still not being released, now, over a year later then expected, Snake is back and stealthily Snatches the crown right off the top of Sams head without him noticing, Chaos Theory will be great no doubt but it will have to do something pretty spectacular to top Snake Eater.
No new neswflash here that Snake Eater is in the jungle, but what a jungle! The graphics are nothing short of spectacular, and the gameplay is on top form, even though i was slightly concerened with the camera at the beginning but its all great really! I will not shock you with spoilers but the new characters are truly stunning, the cut scenes are back but dont be dissapointed if your not really a cut scene person because if you dont want to watch them you dont have to, however, if you choose to skip them its your loss because they too are stunning and action packed and contain seriously useful info so why play it if your just gonna skip the plot?
I strongly advise everyone who is a fan Of MGS and steakth games to get this because there has never been such an involving game like this! I definitly think this is the best in the series! It is so different from MGS2 but still seems somewhat familiar and its great! Snake is Back and ready to make all other games look dull.
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on 19 January 2017
Brilliant game that is massively let down by the awkward camera angles. Apparently they fixed this with the Subsistence release, but that version can cost an arm and a leg, as well as not many people being familiar with it.
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on 30 March 2005
I was so psyched when I got this game that my brother actually texted me to tell me that it had arrived! This game is truly (in my oppinion) the greatest ever! And I haven't even completed it yet!!!
Firstly it has resorted more to the stealthiness of the first game and the sense of satisfaction when you get past a hard bit is enormous! This game gives itself the edge over most other "Stealth 'em ups" with its new Camo index. this shows you weather you are concealed like a needle in a hay-stack or like a bull in a china store, adn if you want to beat this game the fun (stealthy) way then you're gonna have to pay attention to this. Also the enemies aren't as stupid as in the first two where they had a vision range of about 20 feet although hiding in an expert spot camoed half way to hell and having a guard walk straight past you can make them look a bit stupid!! But fear not, for all you people that just love a shoot-out there are excellent boss fights against the "Cobra Unit" these battles will not only test you're ability to play the game but also you're brain in the way that following them and shooting wildly will get you nowhere! Also it's always fun blasting a corpse 10 feet with a high powered Shotgun or a Grenade. So, if you want intricate gameplay, a tough challenge adn 20 or so hours of pure enjoyment then you will be urging yourself to get this game!!!
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on 2 August 2009
I can tell the game is vastly improved on earlier MGSs, the environment, the camouflage system etc.etc. I really want to enjoy it, but the camera system just does not work or suit the game. Usually looking down from a bird's eye view, you can only see a small area of the environment, you can only pan the camera a little way and this is the most frustrating, decrepit part of the game. Everything is off the camera! Out of sight! and the only way to get some environmental awareness is to use the awkward first person view.

In previous titles this camera system was fine or acceptable and the reason it worked was because you had a radar/map, that gave you awareness of everything off the camera, making it less frustrating. In Snake Eater you don't have anything as useful as that and it's something Kojima failed to to spot or resolve to the games detriment.

But you know what, after getting spotted on multiple occasions due to the camera, I never finished Snake Eater. I got fed up, ditched it and bought 'Subsistence'. I can confirm that the game is awesome. With the full 3D camera movements I can actually see what's up ahead! And I can actually appreciate how attractive the game is! Dear lord! If only Kojima could have done this sooner. But sadly, the camera makes Snake Eater obsolete.
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on 28 April 2005
By the time I finished this game, I realised that what I'd been doing wasn't "playing a game," in the conventional sense. I'd been playing a part in the most interactive movie I could ever imagine. The gameplay and everything else have been well described by other reviewers, but what was so amazing for me about this game is the deep sense of involvement you get with the characters and the storyline. You don't even realise how much, until the end arrives and the things you discover then are shattering. I felt like I'd been totally manipulated by Hideo Kojima and his band of geniuses, in the most satisfying way. When your finger is on the trigger in the field of white flowers, you'll know what I mean. Get this game.
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on 18 March 2005
If I was to say that this game is good then that would be the understatement of the century. This game is excellent and beats MGS1 and MGS2 by far.
Although there's no radar (meaning that you have to pay attention to your surroundings more) it gives a different angle on the game.
Instead of being in a linear, confined space it gives you an opportunaty to do things your way. Although its no GTA in terms of non-linear, it gives you a chance to choose what route you want to take, and how aggressivly you want to talkle the game. Do you opt for the grass, sneaking around, waiting for the guard to move and go for his walk; or do you down some pentazimin, pull out your sniper rifle and shoot out the enemies radios' before taking out the guards themselve; or do you just run through the scene, shooting everything in sight with your 12 gauge shotgun.
Whatever your style MGS3 is a game not to be missed. The grass moves when you brush past. Accidently step on a twig and the guards will hear. And you may see a snake slither past which, if you want pull out your hunting knife and kill it, using it to build up your stamina later. Change your camoflage to blend in with your surroundings. And with Hideo Kojima taking pops at Raiden (from MGS2) it can be quite humourous.
As with any Metal Gear game (Metal Gear[MSX/NES] Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake[MSX2] Metal Gear Solid[PS1/Gamecube{renamed Twin Snakes on Gamecube}] and Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons Of Liberty[PS2]) it has an amazing plot with some surprising twists
To sum up I would say that this is a game that should be on everyones Christmas list, Birthday list or any other present.
Whoops, time to get back to the jungle
Graphics-Amazing. Every detail to anything is there 10/10
Sound-Composed by Harry Gregson Williams (Enemy Of The State, The Rock) 10/10
Gameplay-Some veterans may find it different, otherwise easy to pick up and play 9/10
Lifespan-Multiple ways, extra corridors, secrets. Endless 10/10
Overall: It has the looks, the sound, the stle and replay value. go by a copy now.
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on 18 April 2005
Even as the worlds biggest Metal Gear fan, i still found myself approaching the release of Snake Eater with some skpetisism. After all, this was the first MGS game since the 'critaccly acclaimed', (and regularly abused) 'Sons Of Liberty', and again creator Hideo Kojima was introducing more radical ideas; 60's prequel setting, playing again as someone other than snake, and eating, yes eating animals in a jungle environment. People can be forgiving for the doubt that filled their minds.
Before i begin, i will firstly state that i am very fair-minded and honest when reviewing games. I am indeed a huge fan of Kojima and the MGS series but i am by no means a puppet to help their sales. This review is honest. If its bad, i'll say so and vice versa.
What the original had that everyone fell in love with (even if they cant quite put their finger on it) was an unrivalled atmosphere and emotional envolvement. This was as close to 'being there' as could ever be. MGS2 missed the mark slightly. The tanker environment was as engaging as MGS' Shadow Moses Island but as the story progressed, players found themselves distant from the game as they quite simply couldn't understand the too complex story line. Thankfully Snake Eater is a return to that atmosphere. It gives you goosebumps to simply look around in First-person View. From the opening cut scene, you know things are getting better. Superbly directed and Voice acted, the cut-scene haters are hard pushed to find fault here. In regards to the Radio, t'self-obsessed- drawn out codec calls DO return, but they are substantially less often and less lengthy.
The gameplay is staggeringly dtailed if not all the time necessary. The survival element of the game includes a 'Camo Index', 'Food Gathering and eating' and a 'Cure' system. The camo index works superbly making way for a setting where you can remain hidden even if the terrorist soldiers are looking your way. A percenatge lets you know how well your doing and there is no greater satisfaction than watching a guard walk blindly by, as your hidden against a tree with suitable camo and face paint on and slip gently back into the undergroth and proceed. The food gathering is well handled too. The forest is literally teeming with wildlife, flowers fruit etc (snake eater really has raised the bar for jungle settings) A 'stamina' meter now acompanies Snakes Life Bar, and it gradually decreases (faster if exerting yourself, slower if your are slower and well paced) To regenerate this you need to find food, hunt it and eat it. Of course, snake likes and dislikes food, some are poisonous, some can be used as weapons on guards (spiders and snakes) Some make snake sick if they go rotten and some even help you cure injuries....
This is the cure system. When snake is injured; bullet wounds, broken bones, leeches, cuts etc, the Survival Viewer ( a place where all food, camo and cure is done) lets you x-ray snake and cure his afflictions. The problem: Probably too many healing items to begin with means its not quite as daunting to risk getting injured as it probably should be. Also, whilst these are refreshing and sublime bouts of gameplay, it wouldn't be unreasonable for people to be slightly disheartened to have to leave gameplay and enter the 'Survival-Viewer' screen everytime they want to do something. Also, there is no skill to curing yourself. You are told how to heal a wound so you just use the requested items. It can sometimes make the process monotonous. It was a late addition in Snake Eaters development and you feel it needed a bit more work on it. A place it does come into its own though is the Boss fights. Boss fights are Ingenious with one sniper fight in particular capturing the essence of a tense duel to the death perfectly!! Everything you do effects the fight so the 'tactical' in 'Tactical Espionage Action' truly come sto light in Snake Eater.
The depth of gameplay is astounding and an innovative use of the 'PS2 clock' allows for complete strategy. If you save a game and turn of the PS2, snakes body will heal over time, as will his stamina as he's resting. This can help no end with boss fights and tricky situations and in some instances, trigger slightly different outcomes in sub-plots. Dont leave for too long though as food can go rotten!!!!
Its that 4th wall barrier broken again just like in MGS1 with the controll pad moving and searching for frequencies in the games packaging. Things you do outside of the game effect the inside of the game. Every action has a reaction. Blowing up enemy supplies makes them hungry and run out of ammo. Chuck them some rotten food, watch them eat it and run off sick...Excellent!! Theres too much interactivity to go into but a wealth of weapons, and stealth-helping low tech gadgets along with Superbly intellegent A.I make for an undeniably engrossing and engaging ride.
The story is subtle and sublime sitting perfectly next to hollywood music guru Harry Gregson-Williams's score and the best graphics to come from a PS2. Im not going to go into it as im obviously not trying to spoil the experience for anyone but its a major improvement over Sons Of Liberty. Theres still ahost of nutjob characters but the relationships between characters are handled beautifuly, reminiscent of the original. Just dont expect too many of those nagging questions left at the end of Sons of Liberty answered any time soon.
To sum up, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater really is one of the best games ever made and its mainly for that reason. Its a game! Hidden extras, boss fights, fantasy characters and unprecedented involvement. This will eat away at your life and quite rightly so. Its gameplay is honed to near perfection and its story as engrossing as any film your likely to see. Denying yourself this would be to deny yourself the greatest satisfaction you could get from your Playstation 2!
Graphics 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Sound 10/10
Longevity 9/10
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