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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£24.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 3 December 2004
i just wanna start by saying i played this game long enough to get 11000 kills and counting, which really shows how much replay value there is. and now its on platinum!
where to start? the levels and enemies are perfectly designed for a varying difficulty level and a enjoyable experience: the geo-mod feature (thats destroying the scenery for those of you who didnt already know) lets you blow walls out and collapse towers on top of enemies! the weapons are also cleverly created: you get the usual stuff like machine guns and the like, but then an 'anti-personnel' explosive gun and a railgun to shoot thru walls! awesome
as well as the single player missions, you get botmatches, which stand out from deathmatches in most other games because you can create your own bots and upgrade their stats - another good idea that increases replay value further.
yes, the single player may be a bit short as other reviewers have said, but you play through it several times anyway: its all explosive action with not a single boring bit.
the only complaint i really have is that while the developers claim to have improved the geo-mod, you can actually blow up less stuff than before, but this is hardly noticeable.
overall, a revolutionary game full of fresh ideas that make it better than the other 5 billion shooter games.
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on 13 November 2002
And here it is . RF2 is the same slick First - person shooter future shocker , with practically everything pumped up to bigger , better , faster and more explosive proportions . The emphasis is on a more interactive environment , with practically everything being smashable , breakable and dislodgeable . You can charge in head on or just play strategically . It also flows much better story-wise . Set back on earth , bad dictator Victor Spopot is weilding power like some madass . A crew of renegade nano-tech soldiers get together to stop the insanity - with only their sense of justice and lots of huge guns to help them .
Oh , and some extremly slinky vehicles . There's a chlastrophobic submarine level , a round of wanton destruction with a humongous tank and a fantastc nightime dogfight . best of all , there's a bit with a giant robot suit , where you get to be armed with dual mini-guns and lethal rocket launchers . Not bad Eh ?
There's still a slight stiffnes to the baddie , Al , but hell ,it's a game not a full on military trainer . Pure class all the way through .
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on 11 July 2005
Having only received this game two days ago I am surprised how addicted I have become. The single player game plunging you straight into the action is not as simple as it may seem. The enemies start off very easy to kill but get tougher from level to level. The multiplayer game has kept me up 'till the early hours every night so far and has some the best designed arenas to tootle around in.
Having not seen a decent fps since Goldeneye on the N64, I advise anyone with free time to pick up this game. You will not be disapointed!!!
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on 31 August 2004
Red Faction 2 is a very enjoyable game. The gameplay is sometimes 2 straight forward but the fact you can destroy your suroundings more than makes up for that. The Multiplayer aspect is better than most fps's with a wide range of levels to choose from, and when two people pick up anti-personel weapons it becomes a good blast-fest! Something you don't get very often anymore. A plot has been added but it's only there as a trasition from one level to another. One of my favourite things about this game is the missions based on vehicles, it adds abit more depth to the gameplay. Graphics are pretty good, sound is ok and playability is high, so overall a good alternative to Splinter Cell.
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on 18 November 2002
For a long time now, gamers have been blessed with amazing FPS titles such as Half-life and Time splitters, but have always been restriced with the lingering thought of blasting through that chosen wall to get to a secret area rather than taking the door. Not long ago, Red faction gave gamers this chance, destroying scenery around you within the game, using the revolutionary geo-mod technology. Whilst being a long enjoyable experience, the game suffered in the areas of graphics and multiplayer options. On the whole i thought that my well earned £40 had gone to good use.
Well its a few years on and we now have the sequel to one of the best selling PS2 titles today on our hands. To put it in short, Red Faction 2 is blinding, yet at the same time dissapointing.
You enter the role of Alias, a nano augmented warrior with inhuman capabilites. Alias is the demilitions expert within a elite team of other nano super people fighting along side the Red Faction.
The first few levels are goregeous in design, and highly enjoyable along with ear defening explotions brilliantly designed weapons and much improved AI. Unfortunatly, its came to a mere 4 hours until i find myself on the second from last level, shooting a ton of lead at annoying and unitelligent zombies time after time with boiling levels of frustration than enjoyment. Before i knew it, the game was over, fini, kaput, and i ended up hurling objects around the room in a blind rage. As soon you realise the shortness of the game, you hate to think what else you could have bought your money on than someting you could complete in 5 hours. Its just too damn short. Within that time i recall sucessfully shooting through a breakable wall few times - the geo-mod has not been used to its full use, but we were promised it would have to be used to continue in a level.
However much i moan at the geo-mod emptiness, The graphics lighten up my experience, having been significantly improved, showing off complex, colurful, beautiful scenery and interiors.
Im not going to slate RF2 for its length completly, though the single player has its high points, the real star of the show is the Multiplayer.
Suped up and highly configurable (changing things like induvidual bot config, weapons, and a ton of game types), the multiplayer just is too good to miss. Shooting freinds in a state of wild rage has never been so much fun.
On the whole, RF2 is highly addictive (until the robot zombies) and achives gold stars in graphics, sound and multiplayer, but all gets dragged down with the sheer poor length of the game and the enemies you come across. (i understand some players may enjoy shooting zombies who do nothing but shoot at you, but this is entirely my opinion) I just feel that all the good things of RF2 have been put to waste because of the premature length. If i had a second chance i would wait until it came down in price first.
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on 11 January 2008
Ahh, Red Faction II. The story mode I can take or leave- it feels and looks good, but there's no real plot to speak of. BUT:

The multiplayer side makes this my favourite game ever. Excellently configurable, loads of well balanced weaponry, varied and interesting levels, blah, blah, blah. But nothing can describe the simple fun this game induces in you and a willing friend. It's so... Blasty. It's relentless, frenzied, and addictive. The graphics are not photo-realistic, but couldn't be more usefully representative of the carnage around you. The controls are just in a natural sweet-spot, rapidly becoming intuitive. The ongoing 'Dictator' theme generates an oppressive, somehow comic book atmosphere, but all of this is subservient to the stonking multiplayer gameplay. Get it for when your buddies are over.....

Only three things could make it better.

1) There could be a level editor (this is a function of its replay-ability. It only became apparent after around 2000 hours multiplayer action).

2) If it was to come with a free Moon.

3) If there was a bot-difficulty level between medium and hard. On medium bots are fodder, on hard you have to ban them from using sniper rifles/railguns. Unless you like dying. It doesn't matter though, the bots are more like environmental artifacts, enhancing the PvP matches.

Buy this game, rediscover fun.
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on 3 June 2003
I loved Red faction and couldn't wait to play the second installment. What a dissapointment. At first I couldn't put my finger on it but after thinking about, realise this was a rushed job. It is a short game ... and above all lost all the first game's realistic fuetures, including a realistic story that you can believe in. In Red faction 1 you felt part of the caracter, you really felt like you are escaping and fighting your way to victory, fighting for a cause. Not in this game. Here you are merely moving from one room to another in a turkey shoot killing endless bad guys. Lot of the times you have no way of knowing what to do next,the hints they give are vague. And the zombies, please fire the twit who added zombies. Realistic story ...??? Red faction 1 has you gripped and is much better and cheaper. Yes, graphically things are improved, but one feels short changed with the lack of believeable story, the " turkey shoot " feeling where you are playing an arcade game where you are merely just killing for killing's sake. Maybe the next game will be better ...let's pray !
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on 14 April 2008
well i came across red faction in early 2003 and bourght it and loved it and found it to be a great competitor against other game and eventually when my friends were playing halo i found this game to still be a great competitor against halo combat evolved and others like timepslitters, half life, doom, and so on, amazing geo mod can allow you to find hidden weapons, blow up bases, make quick exit through a wall or floor, the single player is very gripping a great story line, amazinf ingame movies, and awesom objectives, and then the multiplayers is soemthing else with customisable bots, and many levels to choose from id recomend this even after 6 years of its release, i sold mine a hwile ago regrettably but ive purchased the xbox version recently
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on 28 December 2009
This is my favourite game of the decade, Doom being the one of the last. Totally mind blowing, graphics are dated now, but the gameplay, powerups, plot weapons and geo-mod environment make this game a total winner for anyone's PS2.

And the multiplayer... wow, still better than Call of Duty's. On a boys evening in, a few beers and this game on multiplayer is just the ticket. Totally beats that of all these modern games. I just totally wish that they had made it online, because that would have been the cherry on the cake.

I fully recommend.
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on 15 February 2004
The return of red faction is here in red faction II.The success of the first red faction was huge.The story if a basic line not to complex not to easy.The graphics are super and the sound is great but theres always a bad point,its SO short so if you like a nice long game avioid this.Among the shortness the weapons in single player are nice.There are some weapons you might recognise from the first red faction.I like this mainly because of multiplayer.The action in multi player is great with bots and humans.Weapons are nice and spread out and some little suprises you may find.Overall this game is great all but the length.I recommend this game to all people looking for action more than length.
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