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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£7.86+ £2.03 shipping

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on 29 July 2015
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on 12 March 2005
This is a good game. Hanging from apipe and shooting peole in the neck without making a sound is pretty cool. The Graphics are better the The First Splinter cellto be sure, however sometimes comparing the gameplay can be tricky. In Splinter cell one, The guards or civilians needed to reach an alarm to actully sound one, Whereas in Pandora Tomorrow, If they see you, they IMEDIETLY raise an alarm, so be careful! Also, I find it very fake the way how all the Indonesion Terrorists have cheesy American Accents! This Game has a few Flaws but is still quite good. If you have never played a Splinter cell game before then i adivsie you to buy The first one "Splinter cell". Thank you for reading!
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on 21 July 2004
I never bought the original game, however, i did play it. After just 5 minutes on the original i was hooked. I found i couldn't put the controller down. Even when i finished a level i had to carry on.
It was this aspect of the original that led me to buy the second in the series - Pandora Tomorrow.
Splinter Cell 2 is an awesome game!
A fantastic plot and fantastic game play makes this game a must have in your PS2 collection.
Once again you take on the role of Sam Fisher (who even looks slightly older and heavier in his middle age)
The graphics are fantastic and i really enjoyed playing the levels again and again.
This game is so realistic. A lone guard won't try and take you down himself, instead he calls for back-up on his radio and sounds the alarm. Also when an alarm is raised, guards "suit up" putting on Kevlar helmets and bulletproof armour, making it near impossible to kill them.
If you liked the original and are thinking of buying this one, then do so NOW!.
You will not be disappointed.
I would give it ten stars if i could!
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on 26 September 2004
"Pandora Tomorrow" is a really intriguing title and the official website makes it look fantastic.
For veterans of the first "Splinter Cell", like myself, there is no massive change in tactics. So, the best way to train to beat this game is to beat the original.
The graphics remain impressive; the jungle levels are noticeably cool, with very good water effects.
The sound is a bit worse this time with an irritating jingle when an enemy is alerted instead of something more subtle like the original. Probably because the Prague Orchestra wasn't involved.
The actual storyline kicks off well with the first cut scene, but later, unlike the original, doesn't have the feeling that a massive global event is taking place. It is a more compact affair overall. However, in one point in the game, the player has to commit murder which is particularly shocking. It is a bit like the Jack Ryan novels of Tom Clancy; the original is good, but the sequels can be a lesser affair.
Players of the original will welcome another chance to embrace the shadows, but if you have beaten the original then this shouldn't be too hard. Best to buy second hand, but not worth it's full asking price.
Trivia: the voice of Sam Fisher is Michael Ironside, one of tom Cruise's instructors in "Top Gun" and the voice of Lambert is Dennis Haysbert, who is President Palmer in the TV series "24"!
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on 10 February 2007
As a massive fan of Splinter Cell I really had an itch for more. First impressions look good, the first mission takes you straight into the storyline while incorperating a turtorial on Sam, the playable characters, moves. On the surface the graphics look more polished than in the first installment however, as the game progresses they become apparent as less practical. As a stealth action game, the use of shadows to avoid detection was one of the central elements of Splinter cell yet in Pandora Tommorow it is more difficult to judge Sam`s visibilty using the in-game lighting effects, with the player having to resort to the use of the photosensitve meter more often than previously. The level design is inconsistent, with badly positioned checkpoints leading to having to replay through certain sequences again and again resulting in frustrating trial and error gameplay. However, most frustrating of all are the bugs in the game design, leading to certain situations when despite having obviously completed a mission objective the game refususes to recognise it, in some extreme circumstances leading to the player having to restart a whole level.

I found the problems with the game highly frustrating as for extended periods this game is alot of fun. I find the overall premise of the game so appealing that the mistakes are highlight themselves far too prominenatly. Overall if you are a fan of Splinter Cell then the game is worth playing, and i intend to continue with the series by playing through Chaos Theory, the third installment. I just hope that it includes more of the strengths of the third game and less of the mistakes made in this one.
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on 26 June 2004
This game isthe best Splinter Cell game released.
The music in the old game was always calm and soothing with the occasional opratic touch to it, but in this one every time you kill someone lethally the calm mood changes to music that might be taken off the latest Busted album with the electric guitars going. As everyone says, the graphics are 5000 times better and enemies are alot smarter. You have a whistle command in the game where you can whistle to distract enemies without using the diversion camera. He can do new moves like SWAT turns and can shoot upside down from a zipline. If you played on the previous game and you were not very good at it, you start with your SC-20K earlier with lots of gadgets packed into it to make your mission alot easier!! In the last game you ran out of bullets in 2 seconds but in this game there are ammo caches and you start off with more ammo. So just buy this game off Amazon and you can really see what I am talking about!!!!
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on 19 June 2004
When I first played a demo of Splinter Cell 1. I couldn't believe how utterly rubbish it was. After all the hype around it I played it and discovered the truth. It was pants. When my friend bought the second game I told him he was making a mistake (going on what the first one was like). The day he got it, he invited me round to play on it. I said 'yeah, alright' not really wanting to have a go, but then, i played it, and discovered an amazing game. Brilliant stealth tactics, fantastic realism, great graphics. I couldn't get over the massive improvement on the first. I liked it so much that I considered buying it, but, being in debt i couldn't. It had just been my brothers birthday and he was loaded. I made a deel with him to let him use my memory card if he would let me have a file. Deel. Now I am deeply sub-merged into a stealth game that blows your brains out. Using tactics like shooting out lights, grabbing guards from behind and a new move from SWAT tactics which allows you to spin past an open door almost invisible, you sneek through bases and infiltrate bases to save hostages and complete other hard objectives. Not for the young gamer but if you like stealth, this is the game for you (although there is the small matter of Snake Eater which I have also written a review on). I reccomend this game!!!
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on 31 July 2009
After decideing to try chaos theory as my first Splinter Cell game from which I was impressed I decided to go back and try Pandora tommorrow as it had moves put in for Pandora tommorrow and taken out for chaos theory like the SWAT turn and firing from cover. The story is good as all splinter cell games are but the gameplay is a little dissapointing. The alarm limit is very annoying and if I get to a checkpoint with two alarms it makes it more difficult to continue if I am going into an unknown area. I also can't save my progress whenever I want which is also annoying if I am afraid of getting killed and have to go all the way back to the last checkpoint. Sam's hand to hand combat moves are dissapointing as well, nothing like chaos theory or double agent where you can stab someone in the back or punch them in the head. In pandora tommorrow he elbows them which is a bit underwhelming, it takes two elbows if Sam is in front or to the side of someone. I am sure that Pandora tommorrow is better than the first Splinter cell game but I can see Ubisoft made some big steps to make sure chaos theory is not as frustrating as Pandora tommorrow.
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on 30 May 2007
I found this game good to begin with and am a huge fan of splinter cell and the whole stelth game in genarl. However afetr a while you find that the game is not that good, its been rushed gards can somehow see you everywere,even walking down a river. If i was going to recommend a splinter cell game it woulg be Choasd Theroy, its much better the graphics are so good and you can become invisible ,more gagets and better wepons make it alot better. Thats what i wish i had done
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on 12 November 2003
early details:
a) online mode - co operative 2 player mode
b) more stealth moves - one of the impressive things about the original splinter cell is sam fisher's steath moves. one example of steath moves in pandora tommorow is when u can run up a wall (matrix style) and does a backward somersault and lands on top of an attacker
c) it will take place in various jungle locations
d) in offline mode it is less linear than the previous version and it will be more open ended , some parts will be set in a city. which adds tension as you must hide from the enemy but must avoid injuring or alerting civillians as well
e) there is still the thermal and night vision goggles in low light areas. but there will be a new set of visual modes. possibilities are x-ray goggles and a micro camera.
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