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on 23 December 2004
Explore manhatten like never before with spiderman 2. This game has taken a new approach for to super hero gaming, and they could't have got it more right! Spiderman 2 conbindes an exelent story line with fun free-roaming, you can totally ignore the missions an explore manhatten from the air! You can never get bored of this game, there are hundreds of secreats to be found! on the down side i dont think there are enough indoor missions, and altough there are shops and bars you can now enter when you like, the people inside tend to be just standing there doing nothing. As a whole the fight sequences and web swinging have greatly inmproved, with upgrades available on the game. i promise you will never tier from swinging around new york, leaping from roothtop to roothtop and proforming cool air tricks!
Its not just about been a hero though you can work delivering pizza and taking photos and lets not forget your private life with mary jane!
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on 21 July 2004
Finally we have a comic hero game with Polish, with gameplay, graphics , sound and vast area to play over. You have the entire map of New year, A collection of all of Spiderman foes. Will spiderman save NY and lose the Girl. This is a great game, all the reviews in the magerzines will second that. Its a steal at 29 notes. If you want something play with while Halo 2 is still microsoft's stockrooms, this is one for you.
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on 24 August 2004
when i first played this game i wasn't quite sure what to expect, but after i shot my very first web, i never looked back.
The graphics engine is stunning and allows you to see for miles into the glorious city of new york; as you progress through-out the game you'll gain abillities which allow you to kick some serious but! including some fantastic moves like catapuling yourself across the city, or cucooning your apponents with your web, and hurling them in circles around you untill they hit something (or you let go).
The best thing about the game however, is the fact that you have the freedom to swing yourself absolutely anywhere in new york, so if you fancied delivering pizzas like in the movie, then you can do, or swing around in central park; looking for crimes to solve-which eventually gets very repetative-you can.
All in all, it's certainly worth buying and playing to death, which i still haven't done. happy gaming!!!
ps i like milk.
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on 27 August 2004
New York is the hero of this game. I have spent hours web slinging across New York and diving of the empire state building however with great power comes great responsibility and this is where it gets boring. The graphics aren't great and the fighting is dull and repetitive. I have completed the game twice and still play it to travel around New York as spider-man but the moment I have to fight the game loses interest for you find yourself fighting of more villains with the same old moves. Hopefully by the time the third movie comes out they will have improved the fighting system and graphics to the game.
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on 16 July 2004
This is the best supe-hero game on the market. No Contest. I bought this a few days ago and have been playing it none stop. I wouln't say it is a particuarly challenging game, button bashing, but there is just so much to see and do. You can just jump straight off a building and rush through the air on a web, unlike previous versions the web slinging is great. No more holding a shoulder button and walking through the air, you actually fly on your web, around buildings, over skyscrapers, everything. You can run along the sides of buildings like in the film.
Content wise: the mini tasks do become repetitive. But stopping an old lady from getting mugged hasn't lost it's edge with me yet. The boss's are easy enough to defeat, and Mysterio in paricular is just downright silly. The script isn't too bad, not up to the film standard but worthy enough for a gane. Graphics are exceptional, apart from character models. When you talk to someone in the street, they don't move, they are almost flat.
Playability: There is so much to do in this game, challenges to complete, things to collect, people to save. Even after completion, just swinging around the city stopping crimes is still fun. It's like being a full time super-hero.....
I thought this would be a huge dissapointment, but it isn't. it is well worth adding to any gamers collection. with slick graphics and superb gameplay, this is the best game i own, and i own a few! And Black Cat is a babe!!!!
WARNING- Stay away from the PC version, it is totally different and very very pants.
Now i wish they would make a marvel super-hero world game, create your hero and protect the city, come on Treyarch make me proud.
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on 5 September 2004
I initially purchased this game expecting the same rigid environment in spiderman the movie game, but this game goes above and beyond previous titles, allowing you to explore the city at will. The graphics are flawless and the missions are never dull - Some of the missions I've done over and over again. Without a doubt, one of the must-have games for this year
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on 18 June 2004
The last comment made by someone who has only played the demo should be ignored...the demo released last month was the PC demo which is a totally different game than the console one.
The pc game is aimed at children 8+ obviously its spider-man but the console game is different.
Seein as its not even out yet no one can say how good it is .... but its looking sweet so ill put 5 stars to try cancel out the last post
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on 19 June 2004
Spiderman 2 is looking very good at the moment, it has been far more than upgraded from the first game, its a total change. They have now added free roaming (as seen in the GTA series) and it seems like a dream come true for any spiderman fan. They have also added new features such as spider sense when you use this it goes into a matrix style bullet time, and theres no more webbing meter so you dont need to look around for it any more.
But the most exciting thing that is making me look forward to this game is the exploring, you really have to see it in action to basically see what they have done with this game, you can swing on poles run along walls theres so much you can do in this game and it looks to be one of the hits this year, unless the original makes people sceptical on buying the sequal.
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on 2 August 2004
This game is real good! When I fisrt bought it I thought that it would be just like the 1st Spiderman so I was not looking forward to it!
But when I tried it! It was the BOMB! It was great! The graphics, the gameplay, multiplayer, the controlls, everything! The cool thing about it is that the gameplay is just like the movie with cool levels and cool everythin! Looks like this is your only chance to get spidy so go for it! Really, it worth it, its actually almost the best game I ever tried. My favorite shopping store Amazon is offering youy the best offer you can get anyware! If your interested in Spiderman and have an Xbox or a Gamecube or a PS2 trust me and go for this REALLY COOL GAME!
Vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 9 March 2005
Eversince the first spiderman game i've been a fan thespiderman the movie 1 was a flop i was so dissapointed in it i think that the Siny thought the movie was a sucess so the game will be well they were wrong very wrong but when spiderman the movie 2 came out i was suprised the game developers wordked hard it defiently the beskt on the xbox so all you xbox users sohuld be happy
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