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Customer reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
Top Spin (Xbox)
Price:£12.98+ £2.03 shipping

on 12 November 2003
There's little to complain about with this game:beautiful and intuitive gameplay, impressive graphics and what seems to be an involving and lengthy career mode. Prior to receiving the game I did have doubts that it wouldn't compare favourably with 'Virtua Tennis 1&2' on the Dreamcast, but I needn't have worried - this is a superior product in nearly every important repect. While not having played 'Live' yet (I want to get my own personalised player 'fully loaded' first!) I'm chomping at the bit to get stuck in! Meanwhile I have been more than content on working on improving my character stats and seeing what accessories I can buy (which is a neat and interesting diversion). Regardless of of its X-Box Live compatability (though on the whole great according to other reviewers) this is one of those games that just cries out to be played against your mates - it's ideal pre and post-pub material (or any time really as the phrase 'pick up and play' could have been invented for this game). This ease of use however belies the nuances and subtlety of the control system which, with practice, proves to be a deeply rewarding and satisfying experience.
Just don't be surprised when the swearing starts and the joypads start flyng!
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on 23 November 2003
This is easily the best sports sim available on any console. And yes that includes you Pro Evo soccer. The reason being that the control of the players is awesome and the range of shots available is true to life. It is easy to pick up and play but there is enough depth for those who like to truly master a game. The advantage over soccer games is that it can only ever really be your fault when you lose a point, no AI or computer team mates to blame.
The single player mode offers you a range of skills to learn, tournaments to win and sponsorship deals to earn as you progress towards the No1 status. The create a character mode is comprehensive and easy to use. you can recreate a fantasy tennis hottie to knock Anna K into a cocked hat or create a player in your own image (without the burger belly).
My only critiscism would be that the minor pro and pro-am tournaments are far too easy but that may be because of my over-indulgence in Super Tennis on the SNES as a youth. I mention this game because it was the finest example of a tennis game up until now. Top Spin seems to have taken many of it cues from this classic title and added a layer of graphical sheen that Virtua Tennis could only dream of. For those of you that have only played Virtua Tennis this game will make you realise what a limited game it really was.
I cannot recommend this game highly enough. It sits right up there with Halo & Project Gotham as the must haves on Xbox for players of any taste.
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on 18 August 2005
I have to say that I was a bit dissaopointed with this game.
The graphics are good as is the idea of the game but there are too many gizzmo's.
On first inspection i thought i had got the ultimate tennis game. What I found so disappointing was that it is way too easy to play. There really is no challenge to playing the game and I don't play computer games that often so i'm easily impressed. I actually completed the career mode of the game in one evening!
I'd love a really hard tennis game that is true to real tennis. In career mode the sets are played the best of 3 games. However, the matches were so easy to win that playing best of 6 would have resulted in the machine being switched off.
I can't fault the graphis and sound. For me this game was a big let down : - (
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on 16 December 2011
This xbox game is a must have for any sports gamer, it contains realistic tennis playing and movements. You can create a player and travel around the world defeating different players and tournaments on all continents across the globe. You can even improve your character by training him with the coaches in all countries and even get a company to sponser you. Or you could take a real life character and create your own tournament for them to compete in.

Good Points
The graphics are awesome (remember this was out in 2003)
Realistic movements
Different game modes, including doubles matches
Lots of maps

Bad Points
Enemy players are sometimes very hard
Controls take time to master

Can't wait to play the sequels and the other games in the XSN Sports series.
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on 11 November 2003
Great game. My first tennis game since "Match point" on the Spectrum.
Even if you have never played a Tennis game, I would recomend you try Top Spin. If you like building a character up in skills, and enjoy stratagy games this has both dressed up in tennis clothing.
I found that to start with I couldn't win a single point. As soon as I realised that my guy will go for the ball himself, while I aim and choose the type of swing. Then I suddenly worked out how to play.
The single player game builds your character up, Playing in tennis matches all over the world. Doing training with coaches, buying clothing and getting new haircuts. Then you can take this character Online with Xbox live.
Taking your single player character you developed, onto xbox live is good fun. The matches I playes were very close run things. The last one came down to the last point. Huge adrenaline rush, with such a close game.
I didnt notice any lag. As your guy sort of auto targets the ball, even if it does lag it doesnt seem to effect what turns out to be a very compelling stratagy game.
More than just a Tennis game.
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on 14 June 2004
Top Spin is a TOP Sale!!!
This is a great game and will keep you hooked.It includes real life players such as Lleyton Hewitt and Pete Sampras,with a good selection of top 20 women.If you find it doesn't have a player on the game that you want you can create them on career mode.You can follow their career to the top or you can use them in friendlies.
You can create custom tournaments and enter the players you want.
The graphics are ausome and the players look very realistic!
This is much better than pro smash court tennis on PS2!
If your not a fan of tennis this game will definately make you one!!
I love this game and i recomend it to everyone!
It is fun, realistic and provides hours of Tennis enjoyment!!!
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VINE VOICEon 28 January 2004
Ok if you don't have Xbox live I probably wouldn't give this game 5 stars...i'd give it 4. Let me explain myself. This as good, possilby better than the Virtua Tennis. It has small arcade elements (time your hits just right to get speed/drop shots), but the what really elevates this game into a great one is the way in which the developers have managed to capture the tactical nature of tennis and as a consequence it's probably the best game of its kind I've played, and easily the best sports release on any system this year (although pro evo3 does come close!). The options are staggering in single player, you can play as world famous players or build your own character (in the long run, the far better option) and when you've completed the single player online you can play your friends on screen or online if you have X box live. X box live makes this game....doubles are especially fun, equally mad and requiring a very tactical mind. Not wishing to gloat but we were for a while in the top 30 of the world, but we only got there through a LOT of play and a lot of thinking. The online aspect does have some problems - YOU WILL be played off the court in single player unless you have a strong built-up player, and in this way the pick up and play aspect in online as perhaps not so correct. the best way to play this game is to spend a little time in single player and once you feel confident go get 'em!
All in all this is a great game that I would reccomend to tennis lovers and non tennis lovers alike.
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on 31 December 2003
Since getting my xbox ive read reviews of this game and as a tennis enthusiast had been looking forward to seeing if it lived up to the hype.
Im not disappointed - fantastic game, the most realistic sports game ive seen on any platform.
Controls are intuitive for the beginner but as you develop your skills you adapt to the various styles of play adopted by the AI.
Ive now had about 2 months and am still enjoying it.
Only problem is load times (so slow... and so avoidable) but as the only bad point, really cant complain
I dont have live but I assume it can only add to the fun
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on 27 July 2006
I am a heavy gamer and a tennis player, so every time a tennis game is made i feel i have to try it. To be honest apart from Smash Court i have found them all very arcade-game like and no realism to the physics and feel to the game.

Top Spin was a pleasant surprise.

The graphics are not amazing but to be honest they dont need to be, how fluffy can a yellow ball be?? You start your career as a nobody, no skills, rubbish clothes etc. Your ambition is to become world number one.. After you create your custom character you start on the circuit. You have to train your character in areas you choose (serve, volley, forehand, backhand etc) and get to choose how good each part of your games gets. This ultimately affects how you play as a player with weak volleys can barely hit the ball at the net. From here you have to play through small tournaments, then majors and grand slams to gain money to buy equipment and gain sponsors and climb the rankings. There are a few pro's that you will know on the tour and they play very like the real things. Sampras for example is great serve and volleyer but from the back of the court fairly weak.

Trying to climb the rankings is not always hard or easy as the draw you get in the tournaments can help or hinder. Meeting a serve and volleyer of clay is going to be easy on clay, but on the grass of london a different match all together.

The main thing about this game is the movement of the players, how important timing is with shots and tactics. If you dont think and move like a player you will struggle in the matches against the top seeds.

The way the players move is the best i have found on any tennis game. Don't expect to serve many ace's though, the serves can open the court well for you, but actually getting the ace's you require are few and far between.

I recommend to any tennis fan but give it time to really get the feel for the game. This is not one to simply pick up and play, skill is required to get you through
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on 19 November 2003
It is clear that a significant amount of work has been put into this title in order to retain all the best features of Virtua Tennis. This means that the control method is simple and it is very easy to pick up, enabling great games of tennis against your friends with the minimum of training or practice.
But the very best thing that sets Top Spin apart from what has been before is the online gaming. Playing against a remote opponent is enormous fun, and there is nothing more satisfying than chalking up a win and moving up the world rankings. Wouldn't it be amazing to say that you are the world's number one Top Spin player....?
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