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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Half-Life 2 (Xbox)
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on 23 June 2016
Love this game, got this on steam as well but loved the console version too.

I remember when I first saw this game on a demo disc and I couldn't stop playing it.

"We don't go to Ravenholm" - Best quote

This is the only game I have every played where I will happily play this game from the beginning no matter how many times I complete it.
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on 22 December 2014
best game
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on 1 December 2005
Well I've heard great things about Half Life 2 on the PC and when the reviews also credited the Xbox version as being a must buy, I thought that I had to buy it to see what all the fuss was about.
It seems that with the reviewers no game is allowed to be credited up there with the mighty Halo. I for one thought Halo was good, but for me it was surpassed by Doom 3. The major credit to Halo was that it was far more expansive than Doom in terms of the freedom to move and the size of the landscape, but Doom had for me greater variation, better graphics, storyline and a real intensity.
When I played Half Life 2 I have to say that I was completely blown away. Sure it doesn't have the intensity (so far) of Doom, but in a straight fight between Halo and Half Life, HL would be an easy winner.
The gameplay on HL is a blend of Halo style action but with a puzzle element similar to Tomb Raider - but only in style and not in complexity. Where HL takes gaming to a new level is the shere expanse of area to explore. On Halo when you drive a buggy you have a limited area to explore and in reality you are pretty much guided to following a route or playing within an area. This experience compared to HL seems massively limited.
In HL you have the ability to explore in vehicles massive areas which gives the illusion that you are in a real world and not the confines of a game. When in Halo you would storm a beach area, in HL you explore miles or terrain or follow miles of river in a jet ski/hover craft.
Another benefit to HL is the Doom style interaction with your surroundings, pick up a bottle and throw it and it will smash, throw a crate at an enemy and it will knock him down and smash into and disturb other objects. The whole environment seems alive at at your mercy to change and interact with.
When it comes to weapons, Halo has variations on a theme - Guns with different styles and powers - Half Life's weopans have a wonderful blend of power accuracy and usefulness. Withouth doubt the star of the show is the Gravity Gun which allows you to pick up objects such as explosive barrels and hurl them at your enemies, pick up and stack objects to access other levels, and fire sharp objects like saw blades that can leave multiple enemies cut in half bleeding where they once stood with a single throw.
The biggest asset to Half Life though is the variation to gameplay, one minute you are trying to get your hover bike over pool by raising the ramp with floating barrels, the next you are dodging bullets and hiding from an attack helicopter, the next you are hunting enemies in a spooky graveyard and avoiding traps. This variation in intensity and variation of game objectives gives the game a real sense of not knowing what is coming next, where with Halo and Doom you know that around the corner there will be with certainty a group on enemies for you to kill and get past.
The only downside to Half Life is that there are no multiplayer or live options, which lets the overall package down. At least some access to Live for future levels (as available on PC) would have been a major plus, because Half Life leaves you with a really wanting for more.
Overall if Halo was rated at 98% Half Life must be a 100% - in summary, BUY IT AS YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR LIFE'S BEEN MISSING
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on 29 November 2005
What a game this is. It is truly the best FPS ever to grace the xbox.
Nothing else touches this game with graphics, or gameplay or the size of the game, its huge.
The graphics are superb on this. Farcrys graphics were the best to date on the xbox but this game blows it away. Even from the openeing sequence to the game when the G man is talking, you are left in awe at how good it looks, and it never lets itself down anywhere during the game. There is some slight slow down, but I never noticed it until three quarters of the way through, and then it is normally just after a loading screen so it never affects the game so people kill you.
The controls are very easy to use and weapon selection is miles better than using a keyboard. There are a couple of chapters that include vehicles, and again these are easy to get the hang of, something farcry might have done well to do!
Enemy AI is very intelligent, from combine hiding behind objects when being shot at, to a squad of them using different tactics and weapons to fish you out of your hiding hole, it is very realistic. But the only qualm about the ai is the friendly ones. They tend to stand in your way in doorways and coridors, but this can be forgiven as they do help you out greatly in battles.
The variety in the chapters is huge. Every one is different and you very rarely do the same thing over and over unlike a certain bungie game where the levels were so monotonous. There are a lot of checkpoints so when you die you dont have to re-do difficult parts in the game, also you can save it whenever you like.
You really must buy this game. There is nothing better on the market. It has everything in one, driving parts, platform and jumping puzzles, stealth parts and all out blowing everything up levels.
As with all games though, they are never perfect. Although this is the closest to perfection I have played there are just a couple of thing that can be annoying, well for me anyway. When the ant lions and you squad stand in your way you cant get past then, and they wont move, and the only other thing is I seem to get stuck on door frames! When your trying to run away from someone shooting you cant get through the door and also trying to edge your way along a wall you get stuck on things like drain pipes and broken bricks, although I suppose this shows that everything in the game is real and is actually there and not just a painted bit of wall!
For some reason though, I cant help but think that this isnt as good as the original. Ofcourse it is graphically superior and runs a lot better and AI is better, but I found that the puzzles on this game werent as hard as Half Life 1. There were many times on that game where I would be truly stuck as of what to do, but this one just seems a bit easy, and everything is put on a plate for you. Nevertheless though, it still good!!!!!
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on 9 March 2006
Great game, it took me about 15 hours to complete. I have a few complaints about it, one the loading times, there are so many loading times and they really get in the way of the gameplay, to me this was a major let down. Graphically this game is very impressive, slow-down doesn't really happen that much and for me never got in the way. My second complain is about re-playability, once you finish this game, there's no incentive to go back, no multiplayer... And the end of the game seems rushed I was left wondering, all this for what? I was very disappointed, and also I felt that some of the checkpoints weren't placed in the best sections, as sometimes was left almost with no life and surrounded by a bunch of enemies, which meant I died and had to load from my last save, which could have been an hour back, so my advice save a lot :D. All in all a great game but not as great as some people make it, at least not the XBox version, maybe it should have been released on 360...
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on 21 November 2005
I have just finished this game (as it is actually out now!) And I can confirm that I have had one of the best gaming weekends of my life. Yes that sounds a little sad, but if you love your Xbox and a quality FPS, then you must own Half life 2.
From start to finish the experience is second to none, it’s a game world you feel fully immersed in from the moment you calmly step off the train in the first level through the unrelenting action that follows right up to some frantic battles in the later levels. Valve really have surpassed themselves in cramming this game onto the Xbox. Forget about what PC owners say, sure it does look noticeable that its inferior at times and you can actually hear your console whirr away attempting to load some screens, but that is missing the point because it more than stands up against other Xbox shooters such as Halo, albeit in the sense that it feels more ‘real’. It certainly beats everything else hands down for sheer size and looks – the corridor sections for example easily surpass Doom and the vast outside driving sections quite frankly embarrass the likes of Far cry and that is no easy feat.
So the aesthetics of HL2 are near perfect, what of the game play? You will not be disappointed. Fans of the first game will recognise many weapons from the trusty crowbar to the all powerful magnum, add to this some great new editions namely the gravity gun, which really shows off the games physics engine perfectly, and you have a varied arsenal at hand which is mostly great fun to use. Some old enemies return too – the head-crab zombies are a favourite (although its mainly the new humanoid Combine that die at your hands throughout) and there is the shady man in the black suit that you will catch the odd glimpse of from time to time. It all helps to keep the story flowing while you blaze or drive your way through set pieces aplenty and levels that really beggar belief at times due to the class of their layout. So what are the problems then? Well there really aren’t any. The occasional long loading screen may slightly annoy you and there is no multiplayer, but so what! Enjoy this game for what it is, an excellent one player experience, a classic first person shooter which at times has A.I. good enough to make you believe your fellow comrades are real people fighting with you. The variety of firepower, the differing human and alien enemies you face (with nods to Aliens, The matrix and War of the Worlds all thrown in the mixer), and the imaginative levels all add to the experience.
I think this may be the last and probably best game of its type to grace this generation of consoles. It really is worth the five stars and more for an outstanding achievement that proves games can live up to and exceed your expectations – you owe it to yourself to play this, go on…They’re waiting for you Gordon.
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on 2 March 2006
In a word - this game is PERFECT.
Just like the first Half-Life, this is a ground-breaking, stunning game. Few games live up to their hype, but despite the massive build-up surrounding HL2 this game even exceeded those high expectations.
This game plays like no other. The famous physics engine is so realistic it's almost frightening. This recreates real life physics such as buoyancy, leverage, mass etc. This is great fun and makes the maps incredibly interactive with some novel puzzles in there to really show off HL2's capabilities.
There are some great new additions to Gordon Freeman's arsenal including a gravity gun, which allows you to pick up and throw just about any object you can see, including grenades, the enemy etc.
There is a wide range of new vehicles as well, which really allow you to fully explore and admire the stunning, expansive maps. As you'd expect the story is immersive, fast-paced and addictive.
With the extras including Counter Strike: Source and Lost Coast this is great value for money and no other game comes close to matching this epic title.
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on 16 September 2008
OK, first things first, if you have an Xbox 360, get The Orange Box, or if you have a powerful enough PC, get the PC version, they're better and offer more.


When you consider the system it's running on, this is an amazing achievement. Sure, the frame rate can drop, and it looks worse than the other versions I mentioned, but it still looks very nice, and plays incredibly well.

If you can only play this on the Xbox, please do yourself a favour and get it.
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on 13 August 2012
Basicly the next step in Half Life game you'll be overwhelmed by the powerful graphic's on it that Value has worked so hard to try and do over the years.

As the story unfolds you meet a lot of new people and oldies that you met in the other games of Half Life.

The story continues after Freeman escapes the hole thing in Half Life and send on a wild train with The G-man to try to stop things like he did in the other games.

is okay they mixed some sounds for this game that sound really smooth to the game

is great nice people that they created but Freeman rarely talks much anywhere in these's games always a slient man

it's kind of long takes hours to do the storylines is nice to get into too

What we hate mostly
is the long checkpoints when you die and starting at that long part again
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on 26 May 2007
Wow. How far has the xbox come. From Die Hard Vendetta to Half Life 2, its like a different console. The graphics are amazing, the interactive objects and environments straight off a PC.

Being only a second rate, pick up and play gamer who prefers not to spend more that an hour at a time at a game it is a rare occurance for me to be hooked, but hooked I am.

As a general rule I don't like having to think too much in my video gaming. A little point and shoot satisfaction and I am happy man. But here comes Half life 2. Run, drive, point, shoot, is intersperced with simple puzzles that even I am happy solving. At least you are guaranteed that a quick search in the area and a little lateral thinking will help you progress.

My one slight gripe is the constant loading breaks. But given what they have acheived and the convenient breaks in the action that allow this loading not in interfere with the action, even this is forgivable.

If you are still to go next gen because of the cost, if you dont have to have the latest and greatest simply to show off, then this two year old gem will keep you going for ages. Just dont expect to sleep if you play to late. The adrenaline pumps like mad. A feeling not enjoyed since the first Medal of Honor all those years ago on PS1.
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