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on 15 June 2017
This edition on Blu-ray is loaded with extra fun stuff, a nice booklet and the video and sound are excellent
Disappointed in the overall art work for the case insert and the DVD says its "all" or region free but it was tried on multiple DVD/Blu-ray players in my home and said disc not supported. Blu-ray worked great and is region A, B, C.

The DVD will work in your PC in the US as long as you have a DVD software player that you set as region free
Hope this helps for all the American Fans
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on 4 May 2017
Great movie
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on 9 September 2012
Personally, not my favorite Carpenter films but very watchable none the less. The necessary presence of the truly awful Jason Statham in the Ghosts of Mars grates a little. Out of the two, I believe that Vampires is the better film (it also has some quality actors such as James Woods in the main role.)
The double package was a bargain and was delivered with uncanny speed.
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on 23 September 2012
Here we have two John Carpenter films thrown together in a quite nice gatefold dvd sleeve. The two movies come in a 2 dvd package as oppose to a doublesided dvd which I prefer.

Ghosts of Mars is known as the very low point of Carpenter's career- though I would have to partially disagree here.
The actual plot is superb. However the film is let down by the acting, which borders on so so to awful. The script is also poor. However if you can get over that then Ghosts of Mars is average at best.

Vampires at times is classic Carpenter. Starring James Woods, who is terrific here the movie runs along with a good pace. It isn't always great, but Vampires for the most part is a good old fashioned horror movie full of gore.
Here we have people that can act and a fairly decent script.

If you don't have these movies then at a good price, which this set is then this is an essential great value for money purchase.
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VINE VOICEon 30 August 2003
This is not so much a vampire film by John Carpenter as it is a John Carpenter film that just happens to have vampires in it. Carpenter returns to the vampire western setting immediately reminiscent of Near Dark, but this is a very different movie, not least because it focuses on the "other side".
Jack Crow [James Woods] is out for revenge after the vampire master Valek [Thomas Ian Griffith] kills off all but one of his slaying team (which was in itself an act of revenge...nevermind). To track him down, Woods uses a prostitute, Katrina [Sheryl Lee], who has developed a psychic link with Valek after being bitten. Also with him are his remaining slayer pal Montoya and naive priest Father Adam. Once Valek is revealed to be the first vampire on a mission for omnipotence, Crow certainly has his work cut out...
Crow is a standard hardened cynical hero, tough and efficient, happy to use threats to get results. He works for the establishment but plays by his own rules (becoming a habit with these modern slayers...). Much like all the major Carpenter leads, he finds himself set up and has a job to do. This flawed crusader role fits James Wood perfectly, and he delivers the cycnicism cuttingly, especially as regards the church he works for.
Valek is a scary presence, supremely powerful, ruthless and swift in his killings. In fact, he is much like an evil Crow. Griffith's presence resonates whenever he is onscreen, monstrously tall with faint veins running along his pale cheeks. However, after his initial attack upon the slayers, there is very little for him to do other than be chased down by Crow. What we do see is through his eyes as Katrina's psychic link develops, and while the attempt to focus on the slayer may be deliberate, it is somewhat self-defeating with such an impressive central vampire character.
Baldwin's Montoya seems to be lacking something, although perhaps it is just Woods' charisma as Crow, but Lee's Katrina is played well, evoking sympathy for the treatment she received from the cold slayers. Her fear is also clear as she feels herself slowly slipping away as Valek's bite seems to be taking hold.
There are some unusual methods of vampire slaying deployed in the early sequence: staking them, then winching them out with a truck into the sunlight where they burst into flame, writhing and screaming. These slayers are far more professional, and far less eccentric than the stereotypical breed, however. In short, they are more human. Carpenter's pacing is also careful after the opening sequence. Short bursts of violence serve to build up the tension towards the final confrontation that the audience knows must happen.
Vampires is quite simply stunningly beautiful. It is a visual feast, where rusted trucks and ramshackle buildings become abstract art. There is a great use of deep red lens filters, making the dusk scenes look much richer. The scene in which the vampires rise from their graves is truly amazing. This is all combined with a superb accompanying soundtrack by Carpenter himself.
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on 31 October 2016
for once its good to see james woods as the all out leading actor, usually hes just a supporting actor to others like de niro, stallone. mj fox etc, but hes great in this movie, it is good to see humans v vampires for once also, unlike hybrid/humans/vampires v vampires, their are no vampires or former vampires on their side in this 1, its all 100% humans v vampires, james woods & his crew have no special powers or special weaponry like silver bullets or ultra-violet light bombs, its all back to basics for vampire killing which is stakes to the heart & sunlight. this is a vampire movie with a believable story which isnt far fetched at all. this is a masterpiece by the master himself as in john carpenter, a real vampire movie before silver bullets garlic & ultra violet light bombs became standard vampire killing tools.
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on 30 October 2015
Well , oldish film BUT can watch over again , sometimes a laugh (witch is very funny ie have you got wood Wont spoil it )
Not for the under 16s (but on the net who knows these days )Would not let my 8 year old watch it ""
Lots of violence heads removed ect , suppose a Man City fan would feel at home HA!
just a laugh
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on 20 February 2015
Hilariously dated and under budget, yet somehow still quite good. Ghosts of Mars could have been epic, but falls short.
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on 4 September 2014
two great films in one set well i liked them
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 February 2017
JAMES WOODS!!! Enough said.

Ok, I should say some more. This is a classic John Carpenter 90's vampire fang-fest. Pretty cheesy, with quippy lines even when faced with certain death. But hey, we would expect nothing less from the man that gave us Snake Pliskin!!

The leather-clad vampire hunters, complete with token 'Padre' are travelling the country clearing out vampire 'nests'.

All the 'goons' are slaves to a master vampire that they have been unable to locate. After a stake-party at a nest the group is kicking back at a motel/brothel, when they have their first encounter with 'Valek'. A 600 year old vampire who was the first of his kind.

Thats pretty much when things go sideways............FAST!!!

Great movie and definitely one for the collection.
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