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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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This is a film for those of you out there who like to sit down and watch films about alternate realities; the one that Don MacKellar (sp.?) takes his audience to in this film is a place where the end of the planet is just 12 hours away.
We follow different characters as they live their final few hours, and how they attempt to spend their time (one is played by David Cronenberg, who acts really brilliantly). As the final hour draws near society starts to unravel, and people's behaviour becomes panic-ridden; we see how the cast of characters learn to live as if every hour is their last.
Quality characterisations from little-known actors really allow MacKellar's script to shine, and his direction affords the acting a space not normally given in western cinema.
There's a love story, plenty of dark humour AND a great soundtrack... it's great. One of my all-time favourites, and the ending is just pure cinema magic ;)
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on 7 February 2003
Last night is a bittersweet film about the imminent destruction of the earth and how a small group of people decide to spend their last six hours on the planet. With only a small budget to suggest the end of the world the film concentrates less on any Hollywood style big budget destruction and focuses instead on the small details of several characters lives. So what we have is a beautifully observed, witty and poignant film that has more humanity and plausibility in it than most films could muster with millions more in the budget. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film about the apocalypse that is both intelligent and at the same time entertaining and moving as well.
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on 16 March 2000
Don McKellar is a genius! Everything about this film is wonderful. Very thought provocing film, makes you think how you would react to the film. Very moving but also some lovely funny observational bits. Both Don and Callum Keith Rennie are wonderful (and gorgeous!) A wonderful film
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on 2 March 2000
If you've ever sat around with your friends and discussed what you would do if you only had hours to live, this is a film that you should see. The last night of Earth's existance is just a few hours away and everyone's doing what means the most to them - or are they? If your millennium eve wasn't the best night of your life you will immediately identify with the woman who loses her car while stopping to pick up some wine and seems to have no way to get home to her husband. Or the guy who just wants to be alone but has to endure his parents nagging to stay with them while they re-enact the perfect Christmases of the past. My favourite, though, is the guy who wants to play out his sexual fantasies...I won't ruin it for you, but you can have a great laugh figuring out which of your friends would be doing the same thing. Bright, funny and original - this is armageddon as it would happen in real life.
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on 5 October 2009
Last Night is a Canadian film about what a group of people get up to on the last afternoon before the Earth is destroyed. (It's not a comedy, no, strangely enough, but it does have some amusing scenes and storylines in it.) This was a very moving film. It doesn't seem to make much sense at the beginning, but the longer it goes on the better it gets. It's the sort of film that isn't exactly depressing, but that slowly overwhelms you with the finality what's going on. The last few minutes are genuinely touching and the scene with the pistols provides a very powerful bit of cinema. There's no big special effects in it, no mention of what the rest of the world or Governments etc are doing, or any proper explanation of why the world is about to end (although it's sort of hinted at more and more as the film goes on). It's just a film about people. You get the feeling everyone had known the world was going to end for quite a while. Go watch; an essential film to see and experience. I'm actually considering that I ought to include it in my Top 50 films of all time.
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on 9 March 2001
Acutely observed and achingly poignant film. The level of detail and constant reference points make this one of the most breathtaking depictions of humanity I've ever seen.
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on 27 February 2014
If you want to see lots of action and heroes fighting to save earth from imminent doom, this isn't the film for you. This movie is understated but powerfully moving. Although it unflinchingly revolves around the inevitable demise of the world it is also life-affirming, particularly in the final sequence which is scored to Pete Seeger singing Guantanamera (if you have seen this film you will associate the song with it forever). Last Night was made on a tiny budget and eschews special effects. It doesn't need them. The gradually brightening light as the clock winds down to a final midnight is enough to emphasise the approaching end. A word on the acting: it is a little uneven at first but becomes uniformly excellent as the film hits its stride. In particular, Sandra Oh, is stunning as a woman trying to reach her husband in the few hours left to the world.

This film is sometimes criticised for not explaining how the world ends. However, this is the whole point. It is not the mechanics that matter. Instead it is the fate of the characters and how each one (some through sex, others through violence and yet others through religion) face the inevitable.
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2010
The world is ending, we never learn why, but I can't help thinking that Don McKellar saw that episode of the Goodies, where the governments of the world decide to just give up and blow the planet up, and a group of characters see out their last six hours on Earth. Sandra Oh is heading for a rendezvous with her lover. They've made a pact. But things keep her from making the rendezvous and drag her into Don McKellar's life. McKellar is alone and wants to be, because of a bereavement, having escaped spending the time with family, but finds himself drawn into other people's lives, including Callum Keith Rennie who has decided to fulfil his carnal fantasies.

Down to Earth, funny, slightly twisted and off-beat, Last Night is a wonderful film that celebrates life, by juxtaposing it with death. McKellar's mannered performance is perfect, as is pretty much every player's.
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on 25 January 2016
A film that really stays with you. The world will end at a specific time in a few hours - there's no question about it. So every person on earth is making the decision on how to end their lives. Very moving.
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on 9 February 2007
It was nice to watch a film that focused on how ordinary people spent their last hours instead of some jumped up american trying to prevent it being the last hours. Very refreshing
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