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on 7 February 2014
Cracking compliation of gutquaking hard house numbers just made for pedal to the metal speeding down a long and winding empty road. Hard dance has come in for a lot of flak for being dumb, loud floor to the floor and unlistenable outside clubs. I disagree with the last bit but sure it isnt subtle and refined and that's why I like it. There's no concession to the charts with gentler numbers with lame girlie vocals pasted on top, which many trance producers succumbed to in the late 90s. The three CDs here are unapolegetically fast, fierce and dont let up. Viz quality it's a close call but the BK disc just edges it for me. I've about 60 plus hard dance compilations many from Tidy Trax, Nukleuz, Frantic and Trade etc. i play this one more than most and would recommend it to anyone interested in checking out why the 90s was the peak of the club scene.
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on 25 March 2004
When I first saw this album advertised I just thought WOW! Combining the energy of Lisa Lashes, the production prowess of BK and the cheeky fun side with the Tidy Boys was to me going to produce something out of the ordinary!
To cut to the chase Lisa Lashes' CD is what you would expect from her. It is unrelentless. The Dark by Design tune 'Severe Punishment' is a extremely hard start to proceedings and the following tunes are just as driving. The inclusion of 'new' classics such as Billy Daniel Bunter and DJ Roosta's 'Want My Lovin' and the Paul Glazby mix of '9mm Is A Classic' gives the set much more of an impact. There are examples of tunes from many different labels on this CD including Nukleuz, Tidy, Elasticman, Tripoli and Goodgreef. The mix benefits from this as it makes it more interesting. Sometimes there are CDs that only put on tracks from their own labels and they sound similar and repetitive. The mixing is also very seamless and again shows variety and innovation.
On to BK, who delivers a mix markedly different from the Nukleuz Hard House Anthems style. It is much more techy before it finally launches into full driving hard house. Many of his Klub Kollaborations tunes feature. They show what a remarkable producer he is! He is no slouch at DJing either, although a couple of mixes may have been better if done differently. He, like Lashes shows mixing variety and has some great tunes in his set. Again classics such as 'We Come 1', 'Baloney' and BKs new take on 'Revolution' surface. Slight disappointment that 'Accelerate' did not feature by BK and Andy Farley. A great alternative to the Lisa Lashes CD though.
The third is by the Tidy Boys who do not take themselves seriously. This has the best mixing of the lot. The tunes are many Tidy's back catalogue but there is enough variety to stop boredom setting in. It is fun and bouncy as befits the Tidy label. I am not sure about the end message at the end of the mix as it is a bit of a bizarre and morbid ending to such a good mix.
Overall the tunes are great, but a couple of really great tunes are missing. The mixing is fantastic on the whole but sometimes can be a little elaborate. The pitch of the CD is a little slow but is fast enough for most. I look forward to the next CD!
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on 28 February 2012
If you like hard dance music you need this CD all three cds are awesome especially the lisa lashes cd which is probably the best hard dance cd ive ever listened to, this is defianatly a must have for your cd collection!!
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on 23 May 2006
Ok maybe not as good as previous outings but this one is still a class act which is difficult to follow. Disc 1 is a lot harder and more hard house orientated. Doberman is a brilliant track along with the energy filled Hostile which is attacking you at every opportunity. King Of House and Irrational Impulses are also top tracks. However the stand out has to be Lisa Lashes - What Can You Do For Me? after four minutes of building and building you up taking you into one of the best break downs in hardhouse music ever. Disc 1 ends with the truely dirty and hard end of Hostile by Paul Glazby which just rocks you off your feet

As far as disc two goes it is slightly more trancy but again with that hard house edge. The first 3 tracks are outstanding gradually working you into the franticness to come. Im The One and Malice In Wonderland are other standouts that cut through you and make you move. The next tracks are good but nothing stands out extremely well again until Candy Man by Lab 4 which is a truelly fitting end
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on 25 July 2004
This album release should be added to the 'all time greats' list. Lisa Lashes offers a collaboration of brand new tracks as well as all time classics that have been resurrected, and mixed into an even more potent showcase. At times, the tunes almost border on HardStyle. As probably the top Hard Dance DJ of the last 3 years, Lisa shows the way forward for Hard House, which is for it to become even more energizing and thumping. The Tidy Boys stick to their classic Hard House style almost religiously reinforcing the coolness factor of the tried and tested, which is always handy to achieve the 'woo hoo' effect. BK sandwiches his contribution right down the middle. Although this effort may have a less 'hard' feel to it, it shines in the quality of the mixing skills, which are amongst the best in the scene. Each of these 3 CDs, could hold their own as top notch Hard House album, but put all 3 in the same funky box, priced at less than a fiver for each CD, and we have a landmark release.
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on 23 August 2003
3.5 stars. Overall i was slightly dissappointed with this album, mainly because i love Vol. 2 (the blue one) so much, this album didn't quite live up to my expectations. If, however u do not compare it to the other albums, you will find it is a good cd with a few excellent tunes and banging bass lines.
Best songs from cd 1: Ilogik - One Time
Knuckleheadz and J.L - Irrational Impulses
Nick Rafferty - Groovin'
Best songs from cd 2: Neon Lights - Not over Yet
Incisions - I'm The One
Stimulant DJ's - F*ck Da Beatz
CD2 is the better of the 2. overall i would only recommend this album to real hard house fans as it is definitely what it says on the cover, EXTREME! Well done Lisa Lashes on yet another great album, looking 4ward 2 volume 4!!!
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on 5 January 2004
First taste of euphoria by lisa lashes,bk and tidy boy ive be missing out on the extreme side of the euphorias.Full of extreme energy hardhouse and trance. what a well mixed album.Disc1 by lashes what a kicker severe punishement into drug sex machine nice start to the extreme.Favorites fake in it,war on drugs and realease the freak pumping tune nice one.
Lots more.
Disc 2 by BK mainly sort of adam white style of hard trance like tunes like no sleep,loops and rings and not forgetting bomb style serious stuff.
Finish with tidy boys is the same decent hard and pumping hard trance and hardhouse.If you like dave pearce taste of euphorias its a classic.
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on 21 December 2003
This is awesome. I realy liked the earlier Lisa Pin-Up and Tidy Boys 'Extreme Euphoria' and was disappointed by Ms Lashes last outing. Now, my faith is restored. This CD pushes the boundaries- not so much hard house as hard house, trance with techno and breaks elements. Ther scorchers here are Mr Tissera's new remix of 'The Day will come', with 'War on Drugs' not far behind. Just as your head is imploding BK comes in with his massive floor destoyers- his own 'Revolution' the pick of the crop. If you like your house big, pumping and sweaty, with break downs and dirty synths to die for... this is for you. Buy it!
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on 8 December 2003
Continuing with the legacy of fast paced high nrg music, Extreme Euphoria vol. 4 brings the latest banging tunes performed by my favourite DJ in the world: Miss Lisa Lashes. Since all UK releases take ages to come across the ocean to the USA, Lisa graced us with her presence, live in San Diego, California, on Friday December 5th, and previewed some of the songs in her set, such as "What can you do for me", "War on drugs" and some others. Not to mention BK from Nukleuz who is one of the best produces in the industry as well as the Tidy Boys. A must have!
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on 18 July 2003
Following on from the previous two Extreme Euphoria albums, both of which were massive with the hard house faithful, Lisa Lashes returns with a third installment which will undoubtedly be equally popular. As normal the tracklisting is superb, CD2 in particular with the fantastic 'Give Me A Reason' and the sublime mentalism of 'Accelerate' not to mention the suitably titled 'Fuck Da Beatz'. CD1 is no slouch either with equally good selections such as Lisa Lashes' own 'What Can You Do 4 Me' and the clubland anthem 'Hostile'. All in all this is yet another brilliant installment in what is increasingly proving to be an excellent series of hard house albums. Buy it now!
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