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on 27 March 2015
This is a decent RPG, though it does feel a little easy and even a bit patronizing at times.

A standout point for me was how the battle system was a bit more involving than most turn based RPGs in the way that it allows you to jump or use your hammer while the enemy attacks which, if timed correctly, could dodge or counter the attack.

On the other hand, the battle system and several other aspects generally felt a bit over simplified, but then it is trying to appeal to a younger audience.

The world is fairly big and there is some freedom to explore when you're not busy working on the main story quests. Your options open up gradually as you acquire items and abilities which allow you to access more areas in the traditional fashion.

The game looks great, it has to be said. Everything is bursting with color, and the art style is very interesting to look look at.

I liked the way it incorporated several elements of past Mario games - characters, references etc - and it did keep me going for a good few hours, but I doubt I'll be rushing to replay it.
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on 27 March 2016
Me and my little brother are very pleased with the game. Collection for GBA games is now bigger! Thank you!
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on 3 February 2013
I order this product which turned up very quickly with now problems good value for money. would recommend to others
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on 28 December 2015
Amazing game.
Brings back good childhood memories.
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on 17 March 2015
At last I could play the game again, the save function works too.
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on 5 May 2016
Received today many thanks and I'm great condition ☺
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on 6 April 2014
I remember when I was younger, 11, back in '03. I had Super Mario World on my GBA but didn't feel like a real gamer. I loved Luigi and had beaten most of the game with him. One day I wandered around online and found Nintendo.com. I didn't understand much English at the time but explored anyway. Then I saw it, a fine trailer, then an awesome website!

It was a game Luigi also was a hero in! And not enough with that! They were going on an adventure! Weeks later I still visited the website every day! And then I found the release date! It was the day! I plead my mother to bring me to the mall, and I ran into the game store. There it was! Like a holy artifract! Decended from the heavens!

We bought it and I started to play as soon as I could get the box open and hands on my GBA. In the beginning, I understood only a few words, that Luigi could walk in front and... not much else. The more I played, the more fun I had and the more I understood! My English became better and better, and I felt proud to be a gamer! And it gave me a dream! That I want to be a game designer! Still one of my favorites! More than reccomended!
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on 1 December 2003
This is truly a turning point for Mario and RPG games (and gamers) everywhere! This game (as the title gives away) stars the infamous Mario and his ,also famous, brother Luigi as they fight across many land to find the criminal who stole Princess Peach's voice and replaced it (strangely) with explosives.
As the two brothers cross these lands, they meet new and old characters, many who have starred in previous Mario (or Luigi) games e.g.Goombas, Hammer Bros., etc. Like its two predeccessors ,Super Mario RPG (not released in Europe sadly) and Paper Mario, battles occur once you meet with an enemy in the field. However, there are slight differences in the battle system which sets this game apart from the rest, aside from the added vocal sounds from Mario and Luigi, battles become more active. Once you issue an attack you can increase the damage given by this attack by pressing the button at the correct time (as in its predecessors). This also works when Mario and Luigi team up for Bros. attacks. But what really sets it apart is during an enemies attack Mario and Luigi can dodge or counter attack it depending on the speed and timing of your reaction. For example, just before an enemy comes into contact with you, press A to jump and, depending on the speed and timing of your jump, you will counter attack.
If you are a fan of Mario or/and Luigi or Final Fantasy, then this is a game for you.
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on 20 January 2004
Honestly, when I first read about Superstar Saga, I never truely believed that a Mario RPG could ever be pulled off. The original Mario RPG (on SNES, if I remember correctly) was a bit of a flop.
But, with my strange fearless in Nintendo's work, I decided to buy it. Never looked back.
I've never really been an RPG fan; the furthest I've gone is FF Tactics Advance, and I enjoyed that, but not immensly. This changed my perspective.
Not only is it an incredibly huge story, with actual twists and turns, it features standard RPG options, such as items, upgrades, etc. If you're like me, and find turned-based fighting a slow and boring idea, Superstar Saga will help. It goes beyond the normal *defend* *attack* or *use item* ideas, but you can use items, and attack in one move. Also, you can increase chances of Critical hits in real time. Defending is also different. It's not an option as the standard rpgs would use, but you have to use the A/B buttons (A for mario, B for luigi) to use your jump or hammer to avoid attacks.
Music is as Mario should be, fantastic. But what strikes me, is that there's a lot of jokes in Superstar Saga, although naive; they're quite funny.
Puzzles in Superstar Saga are great. You manipulate each character's abilities for their completion. Also, you haveto come to cope with the fact one brother always follows the other.
In short, buy it. It's perhaps the BEST GBA game on the market; the only letdown is the lack of a Co-Op option. I was quite misled by the box in this one, as it said '2 Player Option', so me and my good friend bought it; only to find it was the old 'Mario Bros.' game Nintendo have smashed into every Mario game on the GBA. Don't buy it if you think its co-op. Still, we enjoyed it thoroughly.
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on 30 December 2003
Quite possibly. Unless you count the Zelda series. You may think I'm over-rating this little gem, but you're wrong beyond belief.
The majority of RPGs I've touched in my games playing life have bored the hell out of me, except the Final Fantasy series (which are all incredibly dull to replay) and the two Mario RPGs: Mario RPG and Paper Mario. When I heard about Mario & Luigi, I wasn't too extatic, I was more looking forward to replaying the re-release of Super Mario Bros. 3 for GBA, however, this little beauty of a game turned up on Christmas day and got me hooked instantly.
Graphically this game is amazing, yes, you might argue that bitmaps are unexciting, but on such a small console they impressed the hell out of me, simplistic, but not childish. Soundwise the use of real speech samples is superb (getting Luigi poisened makes an amusing sound), and the use of reworked old Mario game themes is brilliant.
The gameplay, however, is "where it's at," I have never been so engrossed in an RPG as this, rather than the boring static battle systems of your generic rpg, coming somewhere between platform and your generic RPG you get full interactivity with a semi-turn-based system. During battles attacks and defence revolve around use of timing, so you can, if you have the skill, avoid every single attack in this game. The battle system is wonderfully accessible, simple to learn with great depth for an experienced gamer. Wandering around performing quests and finding items isn't irritating, walking into random battles isn't irritating, it seems to lack everything that puts me off most RPGs. Despite this, you do get a "short" experience (speaking relatively) for an RPG, but then again 15 hours of gameplay for any game nowadays is bloody impressive... also, my final point, unlike other RPGs it's fun to replay.
Nintendo love gamers again. I love this game, so should you.
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