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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Babylon 5: Season 3 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 4 November 2017
The tone darkens in series three of Babylon 5 as the Shadow War takes hold and Earth falls under tyranny. Yet against this background there are few interlude episodes, including the intriguing Passing Through Gethsemane which almost stands independently of the rest of the series as a story and could have featured in an anthology series such as The Twilight Zone with little adjustment.

The story arc retains the viewer's interest and the political paranoia which grips Earth has retained parallels with the present in the near quarter of a century since this series was first broadcast. However, as with series two, do not expect all out action and fast-paced drama from the outset, sustained in each episode. On occasions, the plot requires time to develop.
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on 17 November 2015
This is a review for Babylon 5: Season 3 [DVD].

It was this season that switched me on to Babylon 5.

The mysterious and very deadly Shadows (a race of creatures known as The First Ones) and their powerful, seemingly unstoppable vessels begin to attack the other races throughout the galaxy more openly than ever before. Our intrepid heroes, on the massive Babylon 5 station, are all that stand in the way of their nefarious plan for galactic dominion.

There are some fantastic action packed episodes in this thrilling and thought provoking season. If you are unsure about giving this tremendous epic series a try then start with this season and you might, just like I did, be tempted to see the rest.

An excellent season. Miss it at your peril. This show deserves a much wider audience and appreciation than it gets.
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on 26 June 2017
super box set
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on 15 May 2017
Starting to look a little dated; but still enjoyable. Good story line and a lot more imagination than some more modern series.
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on 27 May 2004
Since there are very few people in Poland interested in sci-fi movies and tv shows i had no such luck as most of you to see Babylon 5 on tv. But i was lucky to be told about this show by my cousin from Germany. As a big sci-fi fan, i was delighted to see such a great Space-based tv show was made. I always wanted to see this show but because of bad political and economic situation in Poland in the previous years it was almost impossible, and then came the better times and the DVD's! Listen people this Show is a must to be seen!! First season, second, third...and all to the end, rock! :) There are no crappy episodes in this show, every episode has something imortant in it and if you miss one, i dare to say you missed the entire show :) so dont wait anymore and order it now! You will not be dissapointed! if you didnt see it before and like me always wanted to get in hands some great sci-fi tv show, order Babylon 5 now! Write me and e-mail if you have ay more answers. jonsnow@boo.pl
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on 31 July 2011
I regard Babylon 5 as one of the all time great Sci-fi TV shows, which sadly the American TV studio Warner Bros decided to cancel. I first saw the show on TV, what seems years ago, and it really got my attention. It spoke to something in me. My late father was a great fan of Sci-fi and he gave me lots of novels to read. The main thing that made it a great show was the evolving story theme. Basically what happened in one episode had consequences in the following ones. I found myself wondering in some episodes what on Earth is going on, basically the episode left me confused and wondering what were the producers thinking. When the penny finally dropped in a later episode I was left with the thought 'Those sneaky blighters - they caught me. I have got all five seasons of Babylon 5. I think, this is just my opinion, that Babylon 5 together with StarGate SG1, StarGate Atlantis, BattleStar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Bionic Woman(2007), Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles speak to our adventurous side. For me they ask they the questions: where do we come from, where are we going, what will our future look like? I think it is very sad that the studios always can the the Sci-fi shows first when they have money problems yet they keep their very unfunny comedy shows. It defies logic. I have the whole series on DVD and I am enjoying every minute.

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on 3 October 2003
Babylon 5 was always great, despite my insistence that the early seasons were plagued by poor episodes. JMS proved that he was capable of maintaining a story arc and doing great episodes. The key to the success of season 3 was one thing : consistency. You see, of the episodes contained on these discs, there's only really one that doesn't fit into the 'very good' category or above.
The rest are an exciting romp. Many shows raise questions about various mysteries in the show, but few actually answer them in a concise and meaningful manner. The X-Files comes to mind as a series which failed to do this, but here Babylon 5 proved once again that it was going to do it. Not one but two arcs culminate (the situation back on Earth and the growing threat of the Shadows) - the first in an outstanding sequence of episodes with breathtaking special effects in "Shattered Dreams". The second builds to the season finale, which isn't the strongest episode of the season, but you simply can't deny the storytelling quality there. The "War Without End" two-parter acts as a satisfying conclusion to one the most ambitious things attempted in sci-fi programming.
Add to that the continued character development of the characters - Londo slips further into darkness, G'Kar pretty much does a 180, and Sheridan builds in his role as leader. The actors are all pretty comfortable in their roles now, and the show has a bigger budget to cope with its ambition. This season is what Babylon 5 is all about, and it's the true highlight. I'd deem it as the best season of sci-fi programming ever.
The DVD set does disappoint, however. The picture quality still isn't what it should be, and while the extras are entertaining, they aren't what they should be. The commentaries are also a bit of a let down, the cast one not being as entertaining as the second season one and the JMS ones not being quite as informative. Still, it's a must-buy.
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on 27 April 2004
What a great show. Terrestial tv did this show a great disservice byslotting in late night slots. Thank goodness for DVD or I would havemissed all the good stuff.
Some of the commentaries are entertaining inthe sense that you get the casts's point of view but a great deal is madeof how different they looked 10 years ago!!!
Nonetheless a fabuloussci-fi show highly recommended for any sci-fi fan or anyone who enjoys aprogramme with plots within plots within plots!!!
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on 14 August 2011
Fascinating, sometimes maddening mix of wonderful and silly,
intelligent and dumb, insightful and obvious.

At it's best it's the 'Wire' of science fiction, challenging
'Battlestar Galactica' for intelligence and emotional depth.

This was an early case of a US series having a
pre-planned multi-year arc, so throughout there are sometimes intentionally
confusing or mysterious details that return to be finally explained as
having great importance a season or two or three later.

On the other hand, because this preceded the acceptance of truly serial dramatic shows in the US,
each episode is more self contained than more recent shows in a sometimes annoyingly
neat way.

The show is also full of allusions; Shakespeare, the Bible, Buddhism,
King Arthur, the Koran. Certainly the writing is grounded in pretty
heady stuff. Of course, sometimes it's dealt with in a pretty heavy
handed way.

Season 3 was a roller coaster of good and bad episodes, with the best
--suddenly making sense of obscure things from season 1 -- simply
brilliant, and other episodes just acting as filler.

And that may be
the series' biggest problem. If this show could have been 12 episodes
a year instead of 22, as is the case with most current serialized US series,
there would be a lot fewer episodes that felt lacking
in substance, as if the show were just marking time.

I wish it was even more consistently great, but - in the end - it was
more than good enough.

P.S. To echo what others have written here, be careful with the special
features. They sometimes have a nasty habit of acting as spoilers and
giving away plot twists to come.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 October 2003
Things are getting more complicated for the crew on Babylon 5 by the day. Not only must they start to figure out some way to defeat the Shadows when the time comes, but they must also deal with the growing threat back home. President Clark is becoming more paranoid and curtaining freedoms at an alarming rate. The crew finds evidence against him, but will it help? Meanwhile, Londo thinks he’s created a monster that has gotten out of hand. G’Kar looks for ways to help in the coming conflict. Franklin is facing a personal problem of his own. And a face from the past returns to the station, with surprising results.
Babylon 5 definitely hit its stride with the third season. Series Creator J. Michael Straczynski wrote the entire season, helping it hang together and tell the story. Bester begins to play more of a role and is fleshed out a little more as a character, and this season also introduces Marcus Cole, the Ranger. While many of the episodes contribute directly to the over all story line, there are still several stand alones, including a personal favorite, “Passing Through Gethsemane” and one I really dislike, “Grey 17 is Missing.” The arc episodes are all top notch. Highlights here include “Point of No Return,” Hugo winning “Severed Dreams,” “Interludes and Examinations,” both parts of “War Without End,” “And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place,” and the best season ending cliffhanger of the series, “Z’ha’dum.”
If you’ve been buying these sets, you know what to expect here. There’s the season intro, two audio commentaries by JMS and one by cast members Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle, Richard Biggs, and Ed Wasser. While JMS’s are good as always, the cast commentary is better this time around, with Jerry not sidetracking them as often. Either way, it’s a great listen. Disc six continues with more data and personnel files as well as documentaries on designing the world and aliens of the series. There’s a separate feature showing the make up process for getting a Narn ready for filming. The audio continues to sound great, and the video seems to be improving, although I do still notice the occasional flaw. Certainly not enough to really interfere with enjoying the show, however.
With the story kicking into high gear, the show just keeps getting better and better. I’m thrilled the series is being preserved on DVD since I watch it every couple of years.
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