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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2003
Despite its similarities to the first album at the start of the cd, it does have a more mature sound but many resemblences to alanis morrisette in places.
Its still a great album and if you were a fan of the first i recommend that you buy it!
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on 7 February 2013
This review comes from an internet game. You buy an album you've never heard of from a shop. Then you write your impression of it before and after listening to it for the first time.


WHY DID YOU SELECT THIS ONE? I've seen it on shop shelves for years. It was never appealing enough to drop £3 on, but for £1 why not? It's obviously a pretty voiced girl singing a bunch of pop orientated love songs. How bad can it be?

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE COVER? It's a good looking girl in a standard close up headshot cover. No imagination to be found. The only slightly out of the ordinary thing is that it appears to have been photographed at magic hour when the sun is about to go under the horizon which creates golden, glowing light. The image, and the thinking behind it, stirs nothing in me and leads me to expect no surprises or any eccentricity from her.

WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC ARE YOU REALISTICALLY EXPECTING? Like Vanessa Carlton I expect a weak, tepid album but three to five solidly decent to very good songs. The Sheryl Crow duet hints that at least that song should be good. The song titles are bland. Only the title track piques my curiosity to any real extent. It makes me think of both toilet paper and Janet Leigh in Psycho (1960) writing in her room on the stationery. I expect she has a nice, if unremarkable voice, and that she plays the guitar. For some reason I doubt there are keyboards on more than a few songs. Also the songs are probably straightforward love songs with no distinct, quirky personality of their own that only she could have come up with. I think a third of it will be up-tempo pop songs, a third rockier songs and a third ballads.

BEST CASE SCENARIO IT WILL SOUND LIKE? Strong music and lyric writing and a strong, forceful voice on a set of consistently good guitar based songs.

WORST CASE SCENARIO IT WILL SOUND LIKE? Insipid, generic, immature female singer-songwriter music with nothing to say.

HIGH, LOW OR MIDDLING EXPECTATIONS? Low for the album, almost high for a few solid tracks.


WHAT DID IT SOUND LIKE? A thick, fully produced sounding guitar based singer-songwriter pop album. I only noticed piano on one song ('One of These Days') were it was the lead instrument. It was rockier than expected. She has a nice singing voice.

DID YOU LIKE IT? It started quite good. Then by about the fourth song I realised that the lyrics were vacuous. Sonically the songs sounded nice but there was no substance behind the noise. The words may appear to mean something, but on closer inspection they are meaningless. Before the end I had a sour taste in my mouth due to how empty feeling it was. It was all a facade to hide how little there was going on underneath the surface. The lyric, 'I've been driving for an hour just talking to the rain,' from the opening of 'Breathe' almost had me laughing at how poor it was.

DID IT SATISFY, SURPASS OR FAIL YOUR EXPECTATIONS? Met them in that the album was weak but there's about an EPs worth of okay songs.

WHAT ARE THE BEST SONGS? 'Are You Happy Now' (short and effective), 'Empty Handed' (nice orchestra on it), 'One of These Days,' 'Love Me Like That' (the duet with Sheryl Crow) and at a push 'Where Are You Now?' as it has some convincing loud rock moments on it.

WHAT ARE THE WEAKEST SONGS? 'Breathe,' 'Hotel Paper' (a dreary ballad), ''Til I Get Over You' and 'Everywhere.'


PLEASE DESCRIBE AND SUM IT UP IN ONE SENTENCE. Nice sounding guitar pop but hampered by very insubstantial lyrics.

ANY OTHER COMMENTS? I'm just going to put the songs I listed as the best on my iPod and not bother with the rest.



HAS THE ALBUM IMPROVED OR WORSENED WITH TIME? I ripped the CD to iTunes and listened to a few of the better songs again to see if they were really worth putting on my iPod. I decided they weren't. So the album is a massive dud in my opinion. I have no intention of listening to her ever again.
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on 4 July 2014
A singer songwriter than deserves more credit than the wanna-bee's in the music industry today would sum up Micelle Branch' talent.
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on 19 August 2006
... make room for a superior talent. Much as I love Avril, "Hotel Paper" is in a different league altogether. I cannot tell you how many times I've played this album in the last year, probably hundreds, literally, and I can tell you that familiarity doesn't dull it's shine one little bit. It's never far from my car CD player, iPod, computer, hi-fi, even on my phone. It's playing as I write this. I even catch myself subconsciously humming tracks when I wake up!

Both lyrically and musically, Michelle is at the top of her game, a fact very much in evidence on tracks such as "Empty Handed" (absolutely my favourite among favourites). There's a breadth of talent here that makes me wonder how it is that MB is not as much a household name (in the UK at least) as Avril, Alanis, et al.

Her collaborations with Sheryl Crow ("Love Me Like That") and the great man, Carlos Santana ("The Game of Love") are just two of the other highlights of this brilliant album. I've got pretty broad musical tastes, but not many albums work their way so far into my life as this one has. And to think it was a chance-find on Amazon!

If you buy only one album this year, make it this one. Sublime.
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on 22 September 2003
The honest truth is that is album is the best I have ever heard!!! Wouldn't say it is better than the first because for Michelle to have written an album like The Spirit Room when she was only 14 is amazing enough in its own right, but now Meech has come out with "Hotel Paper"! Which is absolutly magical! Every single track has it's own stunning uniqueiness, which only Meech can provide to a growning audience all around the globe. My personal favourites would have to be "Tuesday Morning", as it has a certain sense of a lost feeling about it. "One of these days" is more or less like the "Goodbye to You" of this album. Ending off this fantastic album is "its you", the perfect little love song, which needs no prise or jutisfaction as the song basically speaks for itself! On the whole "Hotel Paper" is the perfect album for people of all types of interest as every track touches a part of us which we may not admit, but can all relate to. Michelle is a wonderful writter and is definitally here to stay. Make sure you have this album in your CD collection!!! The must have album of the century!
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on 12 July 2003
this album is totally awesome such a contrast of all of her different music, best song being stranded.
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on 19 May 2015
enjoyed listening to this cd
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on 18 September 2003
I stumbled across the Sprit Room and loved it and so was really excited when I heard about the new album Hotel Paper. Unfortunatly it did not live up to my expectations. It is 'ok' and has a few good songs:
9. Breathe
14. The game of love
15. Its you
but one of those is a bonus track along with Everywhere which features on the first album.
You have to give her credit as Michelle has a great voice and huge talent. But the songs really let her down on this album. Lets hope it gets better.
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on 25 July 2016
Great album
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on 19 September 2003
This album contains 12 perfect songs(not counting "Intro"). I'm a huge fan of Michelle, so I can't really write about this album with clear mind. So, I'll keep it short: This album is flawless!!! Those intelligent lyrics are fitted with powerful, stylish and smooth melodies in a way that a mortal human couldn't even think of !!!
Just buy this album and see what I mean !!!
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